Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Underwater Trial

“Ares,” Lily said coming towards him and giving him a hug.
“Hey Lily.  What’s wrong?” Ares asked seeing his girlfriend’s face.
“Susan is gone.  We were all hoping to support you in the coming task and Hannah said she was called to the Headmaster’s Office last night.”
“So Susan is the one I have to rescue at the bottom of the Black Lake,” Ares said as anger filled him. How dare Dumbledore use one of his girlfriends in the second task! He just hoped nothing bad happened to her.
Ares had stolen some Gillyweed for the second task from Severus Snape’s private stores during class.  Hermione had provided a distraction so he could sneak into the private stores and steal it.  He held it in his fist as he began walking towards the Black Lake. Helga had suggested it when he had written to the four founders.  They were upset that Ares was a part of the Triwizard Tournament though they knew he had nothing to do with entering.
Three tall wooden platforms were above the water with students on them.  Ares followed Cedric onto the third platform where they would start and end their race.  “Now in this tournament each champion had something stolen last night. You have an hour to rescue your champion and get back here. Those who don’t complete their mission will earn 0 points.  Get ready and begin!” Ares shoved the Gillyweed in his mouth and dived off the platform into the murky depths of the lake. 
Ares struggled in the water, choking until gills appeared on the sides of his neck and his fingers and toes webbed together.  With a shout he shot up into the air and back down into the water before beginning his search for Susan.  Ares saw something before a Grindylow attacked him.  “Stupefy!” Ares shouted pointing his wand at the creature that held him and was trying to drag him deeper.  The Grindylow let go and he heard a scream and saw a flash of blond hair.
Ares kept his eyes for danger as he kept swimming. Spotting the tail fin of a selkie Ares followed and saw the four hostages.  Susan was on the left end, a girl who looked to be around eight and appeared to be a younger version of Fleur was beside Susan, Cho Chang and Maria Weather.  He waited for the other contestants to arrive.  Cedric arrived. He had used a bubble head charm and cut Cho loose before taking her back to the surface.  Victor arrived moments later. He had done a partial transformation by turning his head into a shark’s head and Ares had to move out of the way, watching as he sliced through the ropes binding Maria.  Ares waited for Fleur to come but she didn’t show up.  He undid Susan and then began to cut the ropes around the little girl only for the selkies to get in his way and poke their tridents at him. 
“Only one,” a male selkie hissed.
“But the other constant isn’t coming!” Ares protested.
“Only one,” the selkie said.  This upset Ares and he shouted a spell at the group of selkies before grabbing the little girl in the other arm and swimming towards the surface of the lake. He shoved Susan and the girl up to the surface of the lake as he began to sink, clutching his throat as the gills disappeared and he lost the webbing between his fingers and toes.  Susan grabbed the girl and began swimming to the platforms where they were pulled up and given blankets to wrap in.  Fleur clutched her sister to her. 
With a gasp Ares hauled himself out of the water and struggled toward the platform where Draco and Odin pulled him out.  “Thank you Monsieur,” Fleur said hugging Ares.  “I was attacked by the Grindylows and unable to help her.”
“You’re welcome,” Ares said.
“Mr. Potter you receive 0 points,” Dumbledore said coming over. 
“I had a reason for getting back late headmaster. Miss Delacour was intercepted by Grindylows and unable to rescue her sister. I couldn’t just leave her there.”
“Miss Delacour would have been perfectly safe there until someone was sent to rescue her.”
“So you are willing to leave foreign born guests in the bottom of the Black Lake with people who hate us?” Ares said raising an eyebrow. 
Dumbledore’s faced turned red which caused Ares to smirk.  “If you don’t believe me Dumbledore then ask the selkies.”
Dumbledore turned and began talking with the selkies who had popped out of the water.  He turned and chatted with the other judges before sighing.  “Very well Mr. Potter you will be given 50 points. Miss Delacour you receive 0 for failing to retrieve your hostage.  Mr. Krum you receive 20 points for rescuing your hostage and a partial transfiguration.  Mr. Diggory you receive 50 points for successful use of a Bubblehead charm and being the first one to come back with your hostage. This means that Mr. Diggory and Mr. Potter are tied for first place in this task, Mr. Krum is second and Miss Delacour third.  Total points so far for each of our champions are: Mr. Diggory in first place with 315 points, Mr. Krum and Miss Delacour tied at second place with 110 points each and Mr. Potter in third place with 95 points.  There will be two weeks respite and then the third task will begin.  Good luck champions.” 

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