Monday, February 10, 2014

Golden Riddle

Ares stared at the egg.  He searched for a clasp and opened it only to drop it and howl in pain as the screeching filled the air.  Quickly he picked up the egg and shut it.  Draco and Odin came in and looked at their master.  He pulled out the chain he used for messaging his followers and sent a message to meet him in his quarters at midnight. Setting the egg on the bed he flopped down and stared at the canopy of his bed, his hands behind his head thinking.  There had to be some way to deal with the egg without it hurting his ears or bothering anyone else. 
Dark Raven’s Quarters, Midnight:
“You’re all here,” Dark Raven said taking a seat at the head of the table.  “I have come to a decision about the fate of Spina Corvos.”
The room was silent in respect for their master.  “If you do not know I’m the heir to Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor.  I found Salazar Slytherin’s diary and was transported to Avalon where I was advised to not stray down the path of a Dark Lord by my ancestors.  It is after much thought that I have decided they were right and from now on Spina Corvos is disbanded.  You are all free to do what you will but there will be no more killings or raids. Well there will be one more killing.  Albus Dumbledore will die at the hands of my father and I when I resurrect him but other than that nobody else will die.”
“What do we do?” Taylor asked.
“Whatever you want with your lives.  Continue to study hard and do your best at Hogwarts.  But I will no longer lead you in killing people or raids.  That is all.  Goodbye Spina Corvos,” Dark Raven said and the room became silent as people filed silently out.  They would obey their master-their former master now-and do what he said. 
“Wait,” Hermione said.  “Spina Corvos doesn’t need to be disbanded my Lord.”
“What would you have it become Hermione?”
“What if Spina Corvos became a symbol of justice?”
“Explain Hermione,” Dark Raven said as his people began filing back in the room.
“Instead of killing people how about we only go after bad people?  We can be a force for the magical creatures and the half-bloods and muggle borns who are discriminated against in Britain and around the world.”
Dark Raven nodded.  “I think that is good.  I want to change everything for the downtrodden beings of the magical world anyway.  Very well Spina Corvos will remain intact but from now on we work to help the magical beings, muggle born and half-bloods. Is this agreeable?”
“Yes master,” Spina Corvos said, happy to know they weren’t being booted after all.
“Don’t call me master.  I’m nobody’s master but I will be the head of this noble organization if you want it.”
“We do,” Spina Corvos said.
“Should we change our name and image?”
After quiet talking the group shook their heads.  “Very well. You will all be knights of Spina Corvos.”
Two weeks later:
“Hey Ares,” Cedric called.  “Can I talk to you a moment?”
Ares looked at the Hufflepuff and nodded. They went into an unused classroom and Cedric put up a silencing charm when the door was closed. “Have you figured out the Golden Egg yet?”
“No. I tried opening it in my dorm and…”
Cedric nodded to show he understood.  “Take a bath.”
“Take a bath. I recommend the Prefects bathroom. It’s on the fifth floor.  Password is Pine Fresh.”
Cedric lifted the silencing charm and left the room.  That night Ares snuck into the Prefects bathroom and began filling the tub with hot water.  He tried opening the egg again.  “Hello Ares,” a voice said and Ares looked to see Moaning Myrtle.
“Myrtle! What are you doing here?”
“I sometimes come to watch the Prefects.”
“That’s disgusting!”
“Put the egg under the water and then put your head under,” Myrtle said ignoring what had just been said.
“Come seek us where our voices sound
We cannot sing above the ground
An hour long you’ll have to look
To find out what we took.”
Ares listened to it two more times before finally realizing it was merpeople.  Those were the only beings he could come up with that lived permanently in water and so must have been able to speak underwater naturally.  But I have many precious things.  What will I lose?

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