Sunday, January 12, 2014

Forbidden Forest

Remus, Sirius, Regulus, Gemini and Raven turned in the direction of Hogwarts and made their way to the Shrieking Shack.  Moony slowly made his way back up to the room he used to stay in during his transformations as a child at Hogwarts.  “So who is the child Raven?” Sirius asked.
“Gemini Ezekiel Riddle.  He’s my son and Tom is his father,” Raven said putting a hand on her son’s shoulder. 
“This is the Dark Lord’s son?” Sirius asked looking from Raven to Regulus and back.
“Yes it is and this is really Raven Mallow,” Regulus said. 
“I can’t believe it.  We thought you were dead and here you are alive.  Not only that you have a son,” Sirius said shaking his head in disbelief even though the evidence was in front of him.  “But how do we know you aren’t a death eater in disguise?”
“Her scent,” Remus said coming back downstairs.  “Even if I’ve been in Azkaban I recognize her scent.  Polyjuice can’t fake a person’s scent.”
“How do you know that Remus?” Sirius asked.
“Because I actually paid attention in class when you and James were busy goofing off,” Remus said.  “Or did you forget all the detentions you and James got during our school years?”
“How are you sane after twelve years in Azkaban?”  Regulus asked looking at Remus.
“I’m a bit mad.  Nobody can last in Azkaban with their sanity intact,” Remus said and they saw the mad gleam in his eyes again.  “The moon collar that Dumbledore put around my neck after he cast stupefy at me didn’t help matters.  It was everything I could do to control the wolf.  At the same time I knew that I was innocent of what Dumbledore said. I would never betray Lily and James or my cub. Where is he anyway?”
“I don’t know Moony,” Sirius said sadly.  “I hope he didn’t get sent to the Dursleys.”
“If Dumbledore can kill you, throw me in Azkaban, turn Tom Riddle to the dark, and imprison Raven, her son and Regulus then I wouldn’t be surprised if he put our cub with Petunia and her walrus of a husband,” Remus said.  “We need to find our cub.”
“I agree Moony but we need to rest up first and prepare for a journey like that,” Sirius said.
Sirius went with Moony to the bedroom that Moony transformed in.  Regulus, Raven and Gemini made their way to the other two bedrooms in the shack.  When Sirius awoke he would figure out a way to get food for everyone as well as blankets. It would be a trying time for the group being so close to Hogwarts and so close to once again being in Dumbledore’s grasp.
Ares groaned and opened his eyes.  He blinked and looked around him.  “How did I get back home?”
“Master!  You’re awake!”
Ares turned his head and saw Draco sitting in a chair next to his bed. “Draco care to explain why I’m at Riddle Manor instead of at Hogwarts?” There was a hint of malice in the Dark Raven’s voice as he stared at his friend.
“Forgive me master but we had no idea what else to do. You were in a magical coma and…”
CRUCIO!  Draco screamed as he fell to the floor. Ares sat up and stared down at the Malfoy heir.  Ares summoned his wand from where it was lying on a table and canceled the spell.  Lucius and Narcissa came running into the infirmary and bowed before their young Lord.
“Young Master we are glad to see you are awake,” Narcissa said softly. 
“Draco?” Ares said not looking at Lucius and Narcissa.  “What are they doing here?”
“You know my mother is a healer.  We had no idea what else to do master when you didn’t wake.  We couldn’t risk leaving you at Hogwarts in case Dumbledore found you.  I decided to bring you here.  Father and Mother were waiting for us when we arrived…”
Draco screamed in agony as the second stage of the Cruciatris curse hit him.  “Lucius,” Ares said in a cold voice.  “What exactly did your son tell you about me?  And you better tell me everything he told you if you don’t want to share his fate.”
“Master,” Narcissa said.  “The reason for your magical coma is that you were coming into your creature inheritance.”
“Creature inheritance huh?  Tell me what creature am I Narcissa?”
“A Kitsune master.”
“Kitsune.  I’m a fox demon?  Where did this come from?”
“Most likely the Potter DNA in you master,” Narcissa replied.  “I’m not aware of the Slytherin line having creature blood in them.”
“Interesting.  Lucius you still haven’t answered my question.”
“Young Lord my son told me of your group and your deeds these past two years at Hogwarts.  I made him tell me.”
“So apparently the one who needs to be punished is yourself and your wife.  CRUCIO! CRUCIO!”
Lucius and Narcissa fell to the ground screaming in pain as the torture curse hit them both.  “And apparently I am going to have to punish my followers for their disobedience as well when I return to Hogwarts.  A pity.”  After ten minutes Ares canceled the spell on the Malfoys and walked over the full length mirror that was in the infirmary.  He wanted to see for himself how he had changed.
His human ears had melted into his head to be replaced by fox ears on top of his head.  He had a long tail that had a silver bushy tip and trailed down to the floor.  His pupils had turned into slits and he his nails had been replaced by claws on both hands and feet.  His chest had broadened to the size of a fox as well.  The fur on his ears and tail was black.  Taking a guess he changed his form and standing in the place of a boy was a black Kitsune and nine tails that had auburn stripes, silver bushy tips and frosted eyes. 
The Kitsune titled its head and walked over to the three Malfoys before changing back.  Ares stood there looking down at the three of them.  “Draco.”
“Yes my Lord?”
“Next time do not disobey me.  And thank you Lady Malfoy.”
“For what my young Lord?”
“For helping to heal me.  I want an unbreakable vow from the three of you that you will not reveal my Kistune Animagus form to anyone. Not even my father or to my followers.”
“My Lord that may not be your Animagus form.  It may be your true form,” Lucius said.
“True form? What do you mean by that Lucius?”
“Since you have creature blood in you from what we can assume is the Potter line, the Kitsune may be your true form.  The Blood Adoption your father did may have given you the blood of Salazar Slytherin but that wouldn’t wipe out the Potter DNA or the creature blood.  Blood adoptions don’t erase a creature inheritance.  The Kitsune is a magical creature in Japanese folklore.  But I have never met a Kitsune creature inheritance in my life so I'm not sure if it is your true form or not."
The Malfoy family readily took the unforgivable vow.  “I trust the three of you know the consequences of breaking an unforgivable vow?”
“Yes young master,” the Malfoys replied.
“Good.  Now let’s go see about getting something to eat and I want to see if I can find something to help resurrect father.  I think my house elves will be pleased to see me home.”
Claw, Nocturne, Dusk and Nomad had just snuck out of the castle to help Claw with his transformation like they did every month. Six other members of Spina Corvos were also with the usual group, happy to stretch their wings and legs.  As they were coming into the clearing where they played and kept Claw in check, Claw halted causing the others to stop.  They heard barking coming from the clearing and slowly advanced.  Standing before them were two dogs, a fox and a shadow wolf looked up.  The shadow wolf cowered behind the fox who bared its fangs.  Claw tensed and let out a howl before advancing in front of his pack and lowering his head.  Stepping out of the shadows was another werewolf who bared its fangs at Claw.

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