Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gems of the Raven

Phoenix Storm had been watching Ares Riddle from the shadows for a couple of months. She was friends with a girl in Ravenclaw by the name of Luna Lovegood.  They were both second year students.  Phoenix had to admire Ares for standing up to Dumbledore when he kept trying to get the young Ravenclaw to go by his birth name when legally according to the Ministry of Magic; Harry James Potter no longer existed.  Because she was a half blood and was friends with a Claw then she was shunned by her dorm mates.  There was one friend she had in Ravenclaw and that was Daphne Greengrass, the Ice Queen of Slytherin and a third year.    
Daphne had confessed to Phoenix that she wouldn’t mind being the girlfriend of Lord Voldemort’s son even though her family had been neutral in the last war.  Like many Slytherins she didn’t care for Dumbledore and thought he was a horrible headmaster.  Phoenix had to admit to herself that she also liked the young and smart raven but why would he ever look at a half-blood like her?
Susan Bones had been surprised when Ares had let her sit with him and enjoyed the talk they had that day.  She hadn’t yet told her Aunt Amelia Bones about the conversation she had with Ares Riddle for fear that her aunt might forbid any relationship that might arise.  That is if Ares would even be interested in someone like me.  Ares seemed nice but she had to admit she didn’t know him too well.  He was secretive and that was one of the things she liked about him.  It can’t be easy losing the only father who ever cared for you.  He no longer has anyone.  At least I have my aunt.
“Hello Ares Riddle,” an airy melodious voice said. 
Ares turned his head and saw Luna Lovegood, a second year Ravenclaw standing next to him.  “Hello Luna. What brings you outside?”
“I was hoping to talk to the giant squid.”
“Oh okay.  Tell me Luna do you know why people pick on you?”
“I suspect they think I’m mad and that’s why they steal my things and call me names.”
“They steal your things?” Ares asked in disbelief. Stealing was something he didn’t go for and made sure his followers didn’t steal either.
“Luna you come to me when your stuff goes missing and I’ll make sure it’s returned to you.  Nobody deserves to have their stuff stolen from them or made fun of just because they’re different.  From now on you’re under my protection.  This I promise you as Godric and Salazar’s heir.”
Ares sat up as he heard footsteps and was surprised to see Daphne Greengrass, Phoenix Storm, and Susan Bones walking towards him and Luna. Luna took a seat next to him which surprised the third year raven.  The two snakes and the badger sat down around him and looked at each other before turning their gazes on Ares who shifted uncomfortably.   Dear Merlin what do they all want?
“What can I do for you three?”
“We have a problem,” Daphne said.
“What kind of problem and how am I supposed to help with this problem?”
“The three of us were talking and we realized we all like you Ares Riddle,” Daphne continued.  “Something needs to be done about this.”
Ares groaned as he heard more footsteps coming towards him and the group of girls around him.  A second year Gryffindor named Lily Moon walked past the group and made her way to the Qudditch Stadium.  She turned her head in Ares’s direction as she passed and gave him a small smile before continuing on her way.  Out of all the Gryffindors Lily was the only one Ares liked.  She wasn’t reckless like the rest of her house.  She was into her studies but also knew how to relax and have fun.  Beside her was Sophie Roper, a Hufflepuff like Susan.
“Lily!  Sophie! Come over here!” Ares called.  I guess now is the perfect time to tell them about what I learned at Gringotts and see if they are in agreement to be my future wives and mothers of my children for all six lines I own.
When Lily and Sophie came over and looked at the other girls curiously Ares sighed and motioned for them all to sit down.  He threw up privacy and silencing charms around the group.  There was no reason for Dumbledore to hear that he was the heir of the Naga line and that his mother was a pureblood witch who had been kidnapped from her family.  Though maybe Dumbledore knew that Lily had been kidnapped and kept that information from her. 
“When Peter Pettigrew sold James and Lily Potter to Lord Voldemort, he came to Godric’s Hollow and killed them before trying to kill me.  Dumbledore took me to the Dursleys and left me on their doorstep in the middle of the night with a ‘letter’ explaining everything.  I was treated like a house elf by the Dursleys until I turned six years old and the Dark Lord came and rescued me.  During the time I was at the Dursleys nobody from the magical world ever came to check on me at all.  Voldemort came to kill my birth parents and me on the word of Professor Snape about a prophecy.  A prophecy that Voldemort and I know to be fake.”
“What was the prophecy?”  Susan asked.
“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..."
“Why would the headmaster have someone create a fake prophecy?” Lily asked with a hand over her mouth.
“To kill me.  He wants power. He got a taste of power when he defeated his ex-lover, Grindelwald and threw him in Nuremburg Prison and wanted more power. He aimed to have me kill my father and then he was going to kill me if I didn’t die and take the glory of defeating Voldemort for himself. He would be seen as a hero to the Light again for defeating another dark lord.
“Voldemort performed the blood adoption ritual when I was six years old.  I became Tom Marvolo Riddle’s son in blood and magic that day.  The name ‘Harry James Potter’ no longer exists legally except in Dumbledore’s mind.  He refuses to acknowledge that I am the son of his hated enemy. I am the son of Dumbledore’s son.”
“Dumbledore’s son?”  Daphne asked in horror.
“Yes.  Dumbledore is my father’s father and I suppose that makes him my blood adopted uncle.”
“What does this have to do with us?”  Phoenix asked as the others nodded their heads in agreement.  They were all curious what this had to do with him.
“I’m getting there.  You remember that I was suspended for easily defeating Ronald Weasley in my first year don’t you?”  At their nods he continued.  “Dumbledore came to Riddle Manor and killed my father.  He wanted to get control of me.  Then he stunned me and forced me to go live with the Weasley family.  That’s where I was last summer as well.  Everyone thinks I’m the next ‘dark lord’ because Tom Riddle blood adopted me.  I control the death eaters in father’s absence.  I will get my father back.  I stole the sorcerer’s stone and created the Elixir of Life at the end of first year.  I killed the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets this year and have Susanna’s, that’s the basilisk I killed, egg.  I am responsible for the attacks on Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel, Molly Weasley, Ronald Weasley, a lady in Devon which is where the Flamels lived, Ginerva Weasley and ordered the death of Madam Malkin, the robe shop keeper in Diagon Alley.  I am the one who created the new group that has the Deathly Hallows as our symbol.  I am the dark prince of the death eaters, a pureblood wizard and the descendant of Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor through blood from both the Potter and Evans lines.”
There was silence as all six girls stated at Ares intently with shock in their eyes.  They couldn’t believe that a second year had killed seven people already and created a group almost as terrifying as the Death Eaters. They couldn’t believe that he was the descendant of Salazar Slytherin by blood through the Potter and Evans’ lines either.  “How did you kill three of the Weasels?”  Luna asked.
“One of my followers heard of some group called the Order of Chickens.  I’m an Animagus as are all my followers and I transformed into Skywing and pried the information out of Dumbledore’s mind one night before we attacked the Burrow.  Dumbledore had set up a marriage contract between me and Ginerva Weasley so they could steal the Potter fortune after James and Lily were killed.”
Daphne started laughing at that.  “You used Legilimency on the ‘leader of the light’ and attacked the Order of the Phoenix?  That’s amazing.  I doubt anyone has been able to do something like that before!”
The others started laughing as well as they realized that Ares had bested Albus Dumbledore at his own game.  “Does he know you were in his mind?”
“No.  I’m a natural Legilimens and Occulmens.  Both traits from Salazar Slytherin himself.  I’m also a parslemouth.  The last Potter who was a parslemouth died twenty years ago.  I went to Gringotts this past summer and learned some interesting information about myself.  Information that Dumbledore would have probably kept me from me.”
“Such as being the descendant of Salazar Slytherin by birth and being a natural parslemouth?”  Lily asked.
“Right.  Salazar had two children.  His son, Rial Slytherin, formed the Potter line with Godric’s daughter and Emma Slytherin formed the Evans line.  Lily Evans grandmother was a squib.  Our esteemed headmaster fathered the Dark Lord and then he placed memory charms on the Dark Lord’s mother to make her forget about the relationship she had had with Dumbledore. He allowed his son to be thrown in an orphanage and allowed him to be bullied there and at Hogwarts when he was in school for seven years in order to create another dark lord that he could defeat.  Father doesn’t even know that he is a pureblood and that Dumbledore is his father.  I plan on telling him that when I get him back.”
“How do you plan on doing that?”  Susan asked.
“I don’t know yet.  It’s hard to research when I’m being constantly followed by Dumbledore and his Chickens who teach at Hogwarts.  Well I went to Gringotts last summer as I received a letter from them informing me to come there to talk about my lineage.  I am apparently the heir of six houses: Riddle, Potter, Black, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Naga.  My mother was a descendant of the Naga line and I am the last remaining member of that line.  I also listened to my godfather’s will, a man named Sirius Black.  I was told that I can only become the head of the Naga line if I do not become a dark lord.  Even Salazar and Godric both told me that becoming a dark lord is not the way to go and a horrible path to take. 
“I also found out that in order to take up all six lines I need to marry six wives and produce a child to each line within two years after I graduate from Hogwarts.  Each wife will be the lady of her house and each set of children from each wife will carry the name of that house only.  I know which properties I have inherited from each line as well as the vaults.  I have already thought of hopefully having a relationship with Susan if her aunt doesn’t kill me first, but I like the rest of you as well. Luna is also under my protection already due to being mistreated by our fellow housemates. I was wondering if you would all consent to becoming my girlfriends and then the wives to each of the six titles I hold.   I was told that polygamy is not uncommon in the wizarding world.”
Ares waited as the girls looked at each other and walked out of the privacy wards so they could talk amongst themselves without Ares hearing anything.  Ares meanwhile was hoping they would all say yes and wouldn’t kill him for what he had just told them.  He really liked all six of them and couldn’t imagine being without any of them.  Finally they came back into the privacy wards and resumed their seats on the grass around Ares.  He couldn’t help but feel like a zebra that was being watched by a pride of lions.
“What will this entail besides having to produce an heir to each line within two years of graduation?  Will there be ‘relationships’ between us girls or you sleeping with two of us at the same time?” Susan asked with disgust on her face.
Ares was horrified that Susan had even voiced that suggestion. “NO!  That’s disgusting and I wouldn’t make you do that.  I want a relationship with each of you separately from the others.  The thought of you participating in sex with each other or me sleeping with two of you at the same time sickens and disgusts me.  That may be fine with some of the pureblood families and even muggles but that isn’t okay with me.  Father raised me right and I can’t imagine James ever cheating on Lily like that either.  From what Wormtail tells me about my birth parents, James respected Lily and worshipped the ground she walked on.  I promise to never talk about my other wives if that is what you each want when I am with one of my families and to never betray your trust by forcing you to do things that other purebloods would do to their wives.  I promise to support you all and be a good father and husband.  Even father disapproves of what some of his pureblood followers do to women they capture and kills anyone who participates in the rape of women and children.”
“Would the Dark Lord allow you to date me since I’m the niece of one of his feared enemies and Lily is a muggle?”  Susan asked with worry.
“I’m a half-blood,” Phoenix said with worry.  “That’s why I was afraid to approach you.  I thought you wouldn’t be interested in someone like me.”
“Phoenix I have no prejudices against half-bloods or muggle borns.  I admit I do have some issues with squibs but that’s due to my experiences with Argus Filch and Arabella Figg, a woman appointed by Dumbledore to ‘watch’ over me when I was still with the Dursleys.  I will talk to him when I have returned him to life dear Susan but I can’t see him objecting to it.  He knows that Hermione Granger is one of my followers and friends and has no issues with that.  My father doesn’t want to kill muggles or half-bloods.  He just wants our world and the muggle world to be separate for both our protections and safety.  I think as long as you promise not to betray me or have affairs with other men behind my back he will be okay with the marriages.”
Again the six girls looked at each other and as one seemed to decide for there was a chorus of “yes we accept Ares Salazar Riddle’s proposal.”  Ares breathed a sigh of relief.  “Do you know what lines you would like to be the ladies of?”
“Riddle,” Susan said immediately.
“Slytherin,” Daphne said.
“Potter,” Luna said.
“Gryffindor,” Phoenix said.
“Black,” Lily said.
“Naga,” Sophie said.
“I will visit Gringotts and search for rings in each of the six vaults to give to each of you.  But for now allow me to do this,” and he knelt in front of Susan.  “I, Ares Salazar Riddle, heir to House Potter, heir to House Riddle, heir to House Black, heir to House Gryffindor, heir to house Slytherin and heir to house Naga, hereby propose marriage and complete faithfulness to Susan Bones, daughter of the Ancient and Noble House of Bones and niece of Amelia Bones.” He repeated this statement with Daphne Greengrass, Lily Moon, Luna Lovegood, Phoenix Storm and Sophie Roper. 
“Please don’t let Dumbledore or anyone else know about this.  I don’t want harm to come to you without any rings on your fingers.  You can tell those friends you trust as long as you make them take an unbreakable vow.”
The six ladies of Houses Riddle, Potter, Black, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Naga nodded.  “My Lord do you also plan on taking up the inheritance titles?” Luna asked.
“Yes.  I’ll try to do that this summer when I get your rings.  They will be given to you all when we return to Hogwarts next year,” Ares said.
“What of your group?” Daphne asked.
“I don’t know.  Since accepting the Naga line means forsaking the path of a dark lord then I need to figure out what to do with them all.  I have plans for the wizarding world.  Perhaps some of them can help me with that when they graduate since I have some fourth and fifth years as part of my followers.  Let’s try to get a compartment on the train home together.”
The next couple of months flew by quickly.  Ares and his fiancĂ©es passed their second year and all of his followers passed their exams as well.  As they boarded the train, surrounded by a quarter of Ares’s followers who had been informed of their master’s decision to forsake being a dark lord in favor of finding other ways to shape the wizarding world,  they did not see the calculating look in the headmaster’s eyes as he surveyed the group of students before him.  “Fawkes I believe it is time to pay a visit to our prisoner,” Dumbledore said as he stroked his phoenix’s breast.  Fawkes looked at his master sadly and flamed away with Dumbledore clutching the tail feathers.
End Year 2

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Heir to Many

Ares Salazar Riddle was at breakfast the next morning when a Gringotts owl landed before him and held out its leg. Ares took the letter from the owl and handed it some pieces of bacon before untying the ribbon that held the letter in place and unrolled the parchment.  A ring fell out and he stared at it.  It was gold with silver threads mixed in and had a large “G” stamped into the sapphire.
Mr. Riddle,
Please come to Gringotts at your earliest convenience and make sure nobody knows of your absence.  It is important that we speak to you about issues concerning your family origins.  This ring is a port key.  Just say “Gringotts,” and it will activate and bring you here.  Again make sure you come alone and nobody sees you leave or know that you are gone.
Director of Gringotts Bank
London, England
“Incendio,” Ares said and the letter burned to ashes before floating down to the table.  Nodding his head in thanks to the owl he watched it flap its wings and began its journey back to Gringotts.   Slipping the ring into his pocket he finished his breakfast and made his way out of the Great Hall and to Salazar’s Chamber where he had slain Susanna and taken the basilisk egg earlier that year.  Nobody would know he was missing.  As owner of Hogwarts the castle wouldn’t inform the headmaster if he left. 
Once he was safely in the chamber he pulled out the ring and slipped it on his finger.  “Gringotts,” he said and there was the sharp pull at his naval that accompanied travel by port key.  Stumbling he caught himself just in time to prevent himself from falling onto his face on the floor of Gringotts. Making his way over to a teller he spoke.  “I have an appointment with Director Ironsteel.”
“And who might you be?”
“Ares Salazar Riddle,” Ares said narrowing his eyes at the goblin.  The goblin’s eyes widened and got down from his chair before leading Ares through a side door and into the tunnels that marked the entrance to the Goblin nation.  He followed the goblin along the twists and turns of the corridor until they arrived at Director Ironsteel’s door.  After knocking and speaking in Gobbledegook he bowed Ares in and shut the door.
“Good morning Mr. Riddle.  I trust you made sure to follow the directions in the letter I sent you?”
“Yes I did Director Ironsteel.  What is this about?”
“Mr. Riddle what do you know about a man named Sirius Black?”
“Sirius Black?  I’ve never heard of that name before.  Does he have something to do with me?”
“Sirius Black was your godfather.  It is believed he is dead as there has been no trace of him for the past twelve years.  Mr. Black made you his heir when you were born.  You are in fact the head of six noble houses Mr. Riddle.”
“Six?” Ares asked as his eyes widened in shock.
“That is correct Mr. Riddle.  Would you like to hear the houses you are head of?”
“You are the heir to House Riddle, heir to House Potter, heir to House Slytherin, heir to House Gryffindor, heir to House Black and heir to House Naga.”
 “What does this entail sir?”
“As the head of six houses, five being ancient and noble houses; Riddle is not counted among them as the only wizards to be born in that house have been your father Tom Riddle Jr. and yourself, you are the lord of all these house.  However due to being the head of six houses you are required to have six wives-one for each house.”
“Six wives?  Can’t I just have one wife?”
“Having multiple wives is not uncommon in the wizarding world. Many wizards have multiple mistresses on the side along with their wives which is sadly approved of.”
“What’s the difference between having mistresses and having multiple wives?  It’s the same thing is it not?”
“No Mr. Riddle it is not the same thing.  While mistresses are common mainly among muggle men who can’t keep their pants zipped up and are under the curse of their own lust which degrades both the man and the women he sleeps around with, the ladies who are multiple wives have the right to their honor and dignity.  Many cultures allow men to have multiple wives and some muggles even allow the use of multiple husbands but that is neither here nor there. If you were to have one wife and take up the lordship of all six houses as is your right then the lady would find it stressful to manage six households and six sets of children as she would need to produce a heir for each house.  Whereas having one wife for each house equals each wife bearing children for the house she is the lady of and each wife only need worry about producing heirs to the house that she is the lady of.  Do you understand my reasoning now?”
“I think so.  But how can I afford six households?”
“Mr. Riddle you are in fact one of the richest men alive with the combined vaults of all six lines you own.  Each house has their own vaults and own properties. Your correct name is Lord Ares Salazar Riddle-Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Naga.”
“What would my wives be required to do and how would the naming of children go?”
“Each wife would be responsible for her own home and producing you heirs to each home.  Any children you would have with your wives would have the name of the house they live in.  An example is if you had a wife who was of the Riddle name then all the children from that wife would automatically be Riddles only.  This would follow with your other five names and five other wives.  Now would you like to learn of the properties you have inherited from each line as well as their vaults?”
“Sure,” Ares said as he tried to process all the information he had just learned.
“Very well.  Please place three drops of blood on the parchment before you and it will show you your results.”
Ares took the knife that he just noticed on the desk and pricked his finger before letting three drops of blood drop onto the parchment below him.  It glowed white and suddenly there was writing.
Name: Ares Salazar Riddle-Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Naga
Age: 12
Potter Vaults: 687, 704, 206, 896
Black Vaults: 10, 150, 711, 850
Riddle Vaults: 4, 76, 100, 270
Gryffindor Vaults: 1, 3, 5, 18, 20, 456, 900
Slytherin Vaults: 2, 6, 8, 13, 23, 300, 400, 658, 700
Naga Vaults: 850, 98, 14, 19, 234, 800, 124, 562, 750, 973
Potter Properties:
Potter Cottage-Godric’s Hollow-Destroyed on October 31, 1981
Lily Manor-Scotland
Potter Manor-Wales
Potter Castle-Ireland
Black Properties:
Number 12 Grimmauld Place-London (currently headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix)
Black Manor-Florence, Italy
Midnight Emerald-Wales
Marauder Manor-Scotland
Grim Manor-Houston, Texas, USA
Riddle Properties:
Riddle Manor-Little Hangelton
Twilight Manor-California, USA
Gryffindor Properties:
Gryffindor Castle-Yorkshire, England
Godric’s Cove-Malmo, Sweden
Gryffindor Manor-London
Slytherin Properties:
Hogwarts Castle-Scotland
Slytherin Castle-China
Serpent Rock-Dublin, Ireland
Basilisk Manor-Southern Wales
Naga Properties:
Naga Manor-China
Naga Castle-Germany
Emerald Manor-Rome, Italy
Zodiac Castle-Scotland
“I own all of these properties?”
“Yes you do.  However the Naga heritage has a catch.  If you become a dark wizard or a dark lord then you will not be able to inherit the Naga line even though it rightly belongs to you.  You will also be required to produce an heir for each line within two years of your graduation from Hogwarts at seventeen.  Your heirs will inherit only from the vaults their mothers are the ladies of.”
“Great,” Ares muttered. 
Ironsteel chuckled.  “Would you like to take up the lordships for the first five lines you have inherited or would you like to wait until you decide what to do about the Naga line?”
“I think I’ll wait for now.  Oh I also wanted to ask if there is any way I can restore Potter Cottage?  Money is of course no problem.”
“Of course. Do you want it the same way it was before its destruction?”
Ares thought about that for a few moments.  “Yes that will be fine.  Do you know how many bedrooms it had?”
“Potter Cottage is two floors with two bedrooms and a study room.  I can easily arrange for more bedrooms to be added but it will change the layout.”
“That’s fine.  When can I expect it to be completed?  And can you add wards to it upon completion?”
“Certainly Mr. Riddle.  It should be complete in about three months.”
“Thank you.  Now did Sirius Black leave a will?”
“Yes he did.  I can read it now if you like?”
“Yes thank you.”
“Very well.”  Ironsteel pulled out an envelope and opened it before removing a piece of parchment.
I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind and body declare this my final will and testament.
Greetings Prongslet and hello to the rest of you fools,
I name Harry James Potter my heir through blood and magic as I adopted you shortly after your birth.  Don’t worry Prongslet you are still a Potter. 
To Remus Lupin I leave Wolf Cottage in Northern Scotland for your furry little problem and 100,000 Galleons to be deposited into your vault every month.  Don’t spend it all in one place Moony.
To Narcissa Malfoy-nee Black I dissolve your marriage to Lucius Malfoy, take back the dowry of my family and banish you from the Black family.
To the Malfoy family I leave you 1 knut each and my curse that you never find happiness.
To Peter Pettigrew I leave you a one way ticket to the depths of Hell upon your demise.
To my dear cousin Bellatrix Lestrange-nee Black I dissolve your marriage to Rodolphus  Lestrange, remove you from the Black family, and take back the dowry my family gave to Rabastan.
To Albus Dumbledore if he didn’t follow the instructions in the Potter Will I leave you a one way ticket to Hell.  I hope you fry your manipulative old bastard!
To Andromeda Tonks and her daughter Nymphadora Tonks, I hereby reinstate you both back into the Black family and leave you each 20,000 Galleons each.
Kreacher, the house elf of 12 Grimmauld Place, I order your immediate beheading.
Prongslet as my heir you are entitled to my vaults and properties.  Don’t ever trust Albus Dumbledore or Peter Pettigrew.  Pettigrew’s a coward and Dumbledore is a fool who will use you to achieve his own ends.
Sirius Orion Black
“Who is this Remus Lupin fellow?”
“Remus Lupin was a friend of James and Lily Potter as well as Sirius Black.  He’s a werewolf and is currently in Azkaban Prison.”
“I am not sure why he is there Mr. Riddle.  Do you want to give him Wolf Cottage as well as 100,000 Galleons a month?”
“Yes.  Even though he’s in Azkaban doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be without money since it’s so hard for werewolves to live in the United Kingdom.”
Ares thanked Ironsteel and left Gringotts before apparating back to Hogwarts.  As the owner of Hogwarts, he smirked at this thought, he could easily bypass the wards and apparate and disapparate from the school.  Wonder what Dumbledore will think of that?  I suppose that means I can become Headmaster of Hogwarts and even kick the old fool out as well as kick all the students out.  Hmm perhaps I should think on this.
Ares chuckled to himself as he made his way up to Ravenclaw Tower.  He stopped in front of the eagle door knocker and waited patiently for the riddle.
What am I? I am the only thing that always tells the truth. I show off everything that I see. I come in all shapes and sizes. So tell me what I must be!
“A mirror” Ares said.
Good job young one.
Ares walked into the common room and made his way up his dorm where Draco and Orion were.  “I just learned something interesting at Gringotts.  It appears I am the owner of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I need to find six wives and produce heirs for all six lordships I own within the first two years after I graduate.
“Oh and Draco I’m head of House Black.  Your parents’ marriage is dissolved as is Bella’s marriage to Rodolphus and they’ve both been kicked out of the Black family.  Sirius Black is apparently my godfather and appointed me as his heir in magic and blood as he blood adopted me when I was born.  I just found a way to get rid of Dumbledore.”

Monday, October 14, 2013

Order of Chickens

“Master!  I have interesting news.”
Ares looked up as Taylor came running up to him when he was outside on Friday afternoon after classes.  Ares immediately put up privacy wards and silencing charms around them before turning his wand on Taylor.  Taylor immediately skidded to a halt realizing his slip up.  Luckily nobody was around them except for a few members of Spina Corvos. 
“Taylor explain to me why I shouldn’t curse you right now for daring to call me ‘master’ in public where enemies might hear that slip of the tongue,” Dark Raven said immediately letting go of his friendly disposition.
“Forgive me master but I was spying on Dumbledore and Snape and learned something that I think may help with defeating our enemies.”
At this the members of Spina Corvos who were with Dark Raven perked up.  Dark Raven leaned towards Taylor.  “Continue Taylor and it better be good news.”
“Of course my Lord.  It appears Snape is a spy for Dumbledore and that Dumbledore is the head of some secret order.”
“Father suspected that Snape wasn’t truly loyal to his side after he killed Lily Potter.  No doubt father will deal with him when he returns.  Or perhaps I will deal with him myself.  What of this ‘secret order’ that the foolish headmaster runs?”
“Dumbledore said it was the ‘Order of the Phoenix’ my Lord.  He said there is going to be a meeting in a week’s time at a place called the Burrow at 9PM.”
Dark Raven suddenly began laughing as his eyes shone with malicious delight.  His laugh was cold like Tom Riddle’s and it sparked fear in the members of his followers who were around him.  “Oh that is wonderful!  I know just where that place is too.  Spread the message among my followers that we will be apparating to the Burrow.  We attack in a week!  Time to show these goodie two shoes that there’s a new Dark Lord to fear.  Oh and Taylor?”
Taylor turned to face his master and lord.  “CRUCIO!”
Ares had ordered some of his small Animagi followers to spy on the teachers to find out if any of them were in this ‘Order of the Phoenix’.  So far the only one they had been able to confirm besides Snape and Dumbledore was Professor McGonagall, the transfiguration professor and head of Gryffindor. Skywing had taken flight and landed on a ledge just beneath the headmaster’s open window and listened in on the conversations that followed to determine that Dumbledore hadn’t tricked Taylor.  Using Legilimency which he was a natural at, Skywing peered into Dumbledore’s mind one night when he was alone and discovered that Taylor had in fact heard the information correctly which pleased him.  Tucking his wings to his sides he plummeted to the ground before opening his wings and soaring back to Ravenclaw tower where he flew in through an open window and changed back into Ares before he slipped into bed.
With small pops all thirty-one members of Spina Corvos appeared out of the darkness with their leader and master in front of them.   Dark Raven had gained some fourth and fifth year students in the group of ten that had joined.  They were all clothed in their masks and robes with their pendants hidden beneath their robes.  Dark Raven motioned to his followers to have their wands drawn which they obediently did.  “Kill as many as you can but be careful because they have decades more experience than us.  We’re just going in there to show them that they have a new enemy to fear.  Before we do everyone disguise their voices and pick a partner.  Three to a group.  I want at least one younger year with each member of my inner circle.  Is that clear?”
“Yes master,” Spina Corvos said before as one they muttered “Voznovo.”
With their voices changed they split into groups of three as they followed their master’s instructions.  Walking up to the house the ten groups were watchful for their enemies as they advanced on the house.  Dark Raven was with April Bane and Amelia Wolf.  Amelia Wolf was a fourth year who had joined him the previous week along with Sally Fox, Pearl Flame, Jacob Jettison, Victor Lestrange, Faith Oakleaf, Sebastian Greystorm, Willow Yaxley, May Seawall, and Dan Tracker.  Willow Yaxley was the daughter of the Yaxley who served the Dark Lord and Victor Lestrange was Rabastan Lestrange’s son. 
Extending out his magic Dark Raven searched for any type of traps that may attack his followers or himself.  Nodding to himself he pointed his wand at the door and whispered to himself “Alohomora.”  The lock clicked and Dark Raven went inside followed by the rest of Spina Corvos.  Despite there being fourth and fifth years in his group Ares had learned quickly he easily had more power and magic then most of the student at Hogwarts. He suspected it was due to his nine years of training in Avalon or perhaps it had to do with him being the descendant of two of the four founders of Hogwarts.
Dark Raven listened as he entered the Burrow for voices.  He had found another location, a location that belonged to one Sirius Black and was surprised it hadn’t been used as a meeting place for the Order of Chickens which Ares found more appropriate than naming an order run by a manipulative bastard with a bunch of cowardly sheep after such a noble and majestic creature.  He would need to see about severing the poor bird’s forced enslavement to the headmaster.
Having found where the voices were coming from Dark Raven and his team led the nine other groups into the kitchen.  “Avada Kedavra,” Dark Raven said pointing his wand at Ginny Weasley.  Ginny slumped over the table. Four more spells erupted from the shadows which Dark Raven had used to hide his followers so they could form a circle around the table giving the Order of Chickens no escape.  Molly Weasley, Ronald Weasley, and two unknown order members slumped over dead. 
“Stupefy!” Arthur Weasley shouted aiming at Dark Raven.  Brian quickly got in the way of his master as the curse blasted him back against the wall.    The other members of Spina Corvos glared through their masks as two members quickly picked up Brian and disapparated away. 
“Who are you?” Moody asked staring at the people before them. 
“Who I am and who my followers are is none of your concern old man,” Dark Raven said.  “We have done what we came for.”  Dark Raven turned to leave and nodded to one of his followers when a Cruciatris was shot at him.  He smiled and waved his hand, absorbing the spell and turned to see the fool who had dared use an unforgivable against the dark prince.  CRUCIO ULTI!   The Order of Chickens screamed in pain as they felt a Cruciatris curse that felt worse than any regular Crucio or Crucio Maxima.  Incendio Wavo!  Bombardo!  Protego Maxima!    Dark Raven and Spina Corvos watched in sick pleasure as a wave of fire swept through the Burrow and spread out into the surrounding grounds.  The far wall exploded in a shower of splinters as it was hit with the spell.  Snapping his fingers Spina Corvos apparated outside the circle of fire and Roger raised his wand before shouting “Elhalsto!”  The members apparated away back to Dark Raven’s home.
“Albus!”  Minerva shouted as she rushed to her fellow colleague and leader. 
“Meet at Hogwarts.  My office!” Albus shouted. 
“Molly!”  Arthur shouted.  “Ron!  Ginny!”
“There’s nothing we can do for them Arthur. Get out now if you don’t want to be burned alive,” Mad-Eye said. 
When they got back to Hogwarts the members of the Order of Chickens bowed their heads in silence for the members who had been lost.  However to their horror they realized they were still suffering from the curse that had been shot at them internally.  The spell would not cancel until Dark Raven himself canceled it.  Of course the Order of Chickens didn’t know that and neither did Dark Raven’s followers except for his inner circle. 
“Those looked like kids Albus,” Minerva said.  “How the hell can kids become dark?  Do you think that You-Know-Who is behind this?”
“Voldemort is gone.  I don’t think he is behind this and I can’t imagine any of his death eaters being smart enough to think of something like this,” Albus said.  “It’s a shame we weren’t able to catch one of those brats.  Who knows where they are from or what school they go to?”
“Perhaps they are children of death eaters,” Arthur said. 
“I don’t think so Arthur.  They used-they used the Deathly Hallows as their mark!”
“How do you know this Minerva?”
“I saw it in the sky above the Burrow before I apparated away.  Whoever this group is I don’t think they are related to the Death Eaters or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.”
“The Deathly Hallows was in the village that the Flamels lived in as well,” Snape said as he thought back to that day last year news of the Flamels death along with a woman in the middle of the street had appeared in the Daily Prophet.  “Whoever we’re dealing with may be more dangerous than the Dark Lord and his followers.  We may have two dark lords to contend with.”
Finite, Dark Raven thought as he watched the meeting in the headmaster’s office through a holographic projector.  “How’s Brian?” He asked without turning to the young badger kneeling behind him.
“He’s still unconscious my Lord,” Grace said. 
“I see.  Have the house elves give you dinner and drink. You all did well for this mission and I’m proud of you.  Four people killed and everyone left alive affected by my new spell.  When will Brian come to?”
“Hopefully in the next couple of days master. But he appears to have a mild concussion as well.”
“Find Healer Caroline Meadow and have her tend to him.  We will need to be careful at the next mission.  It appears Dumbledore and his cooked chickens want to try capturing one of us.  Now leave my presence Grace.”
“Yes master,” Grace said softly before hurrying out of the room that Dark Raven was in with his four familiars.
Dark Raven waited until Grace’s footsteps had vanished down the hall and waved his hand along the control panel in front of him.  “Muggle technology is good for something after all.  It’s a shame that many witches and wizards do not accept the fact that Muggles could easily wipe us out with all the weapons they have.”  The holographic screen shut off and Dark Raven collapsed into the chair of his control room. 
Master how did you get this amazing screen?
I had Muggles install it for me before obviating them and dropping them off in Alexandria when I bought the home. There are also secret passages throughout and under my home that are all heavily warded that only I know about.  I got the idea for having one in my home when I watched the Star Wars series when I was living with the Dursleys.  Though Muggles may end up killing us it’s also the fact that without their blood we would die out.  Many of the noble and ancient pureblood families were hunted to extinction by Muggles in the dark ages and there are very few ancient families left.  Potter and Black being two of these noble families.  Then there are other ‘ancient’ families, like the Malfoys, who have no honor at all and aren’t as ancient as they claim to be. The Malfoy family didn’t come into existence until the 19th century.  Perhaps I should tell Draco that.  He deserves to know the truth about how long the Malfoy name has been around. 
Closing his eyes Ares warded his control room while at the same time strengthening the wards around the manor and grounds.  “Guards will be needed.  Guards I can trust and who will serve me without fail,” Ares said sleepily.  “Pupillis, et confirmate eu. Nemo servus meus mihi factum est inimicus. Corvus tenebris, heres multis, iubet.”  With those words spoken there was a tremor throughout the manor and grounds but the creatures both on the grounds and the inhabitants of Snow Ash Manor felt nothing more than a slight shaking as the wards began glowing blood red.
Note: Pupillis, et confirmate eu. Nemo servus meus mihi factum est inimicus. Corvus tenebris, heres multis, iubet means in English: Wards activate and strengthen.  Let none pass who is an enemy to me or my servants.  Dark Raven, heir to many, commands it.

Spell creation: Spell Creation: Crucio Ulti-Ultimate Crucio=causes extreme pain and burning in the victims which targets the muscle and bones.  Will continue until it is canceled by the caster.

Protego Maxima-stronger shield than the regular Protego spell; can cover a group of people or a single person from head to toe.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vexed Weasel

Mrs. Weasley was not a patient woman even though she pretended to be to the general public eye.  When Ginny had been born a year after Harry’s birth Dumbledore had set up a marriage contract between the two children.  She was disappointed that young Harry had thwarted her plans to make Harry and Ginny fall in love with each other.  Somehow the young Ravenclaw had figured out that she had slipped a love potion into his goblet but she knew that shouldn’t have been possible.  He was supposed to be horrible at potions like his father James and a prankster.  What was worse that the boy wasn’t in Gryffindor where her daughter could easily seduce him and Ronald hadn’t managed to befriend him either.
The Weasleys were dirt poor.  There was no getting around that fact.  Mrs. Weasley would have gone to St. Mungo’s in order to be a healer if she hadn’t fallen in love with the Muggle loving idiot Arthur Weasley who insisted that his wife do nothing but bear him a brood of children and give up her job prospects.  She knew that anyone with access to the Potter fortune would be well off indeed so when Dumbledore had filled out that marriage contract between her only daughter and the Potter boy she had been delighted.  From the day of Ginny’s birth she had fed her stories of what Harry was supposed to be like, his feats in the stories she read to her daughter before bed, and filled her head that one day Ginny would be Mrs. Potter-Weasley.  Then they would have access to the Potter fortune and she would be the proud grandmother to a Potter!
The Weasley matriarch took a pinch of floo powder and threw it into the fire.  As the flames changed from orange to green Mrs. Weasley stepped into the fireplace and shouted “Diagon Alley.”  Then she was swept away and spinning past different grates and fireplaces until she stepped out of the fireplace in the Leaky Cauldron.  Taking out her wand she cast a quick cleaning charm on her clothing and then proceeded out the back of the inn/pub and into Diagon Alley before making her way to Gringotts. She would find a way to get her hands on some of the Potter gold now.  Gods knew that the Weasley family was strapped for money and needed it.  It was hard enough having to wait until Ginny and Harry graduated and got married. 
Mrs. Weasley stepped through the two double doors of Gringotts and into the main hallway that was lined with marble.  She walked up to a goblin teller who wasn’t busy and said “I would like to access Mr. Potter’s vault.”
“And do you have any relation to Mr. Potter?”
“No I don’t but Dumbledore promised I would be Mr. Potter’s mother-in-law,” Mrs. Weasley said beaming.  “He assured me that I would be able to access the Potter vaults.”
“Who would you be?” The goblin knew very well who the Weasleys were.  They looked down on goblins and thought they were better than Muggle born and half-blood witches and wizards.
“I am Mrs. Weasley goblin,” Mrs. Weasley said as her eyes narrowed at the creature before her. 
The goblin frowned at the witch’s temper.  “Well Mrs. Weasley you have no right to the Potter vaults or the Potter money.  You are not a blood relative to the boy or his magical guardian so you can leave now unless you want to get some money out of your own vault.  And the headmaster had no right to tell you that you could have ‘access’ to the Potter fortune either.  If that is all then good day.”
“Well I never,” Mrs. Weasley said huffing and storming out of the bank.
Ginny Weasley was upset that she wasn’t in Ravenclaw like Harry Potter.  It would have been so much easier to get him to like her if they had been in the same house.  Ginny had grown up on stories of Harry Potter all her life and couldn’t wait to be his wife and bear his children.  She was concerned that Harry had been brainwashed from living with You-Know-Who and also that he seemed to hate Dumbledore.  Ginny knew that her family were big supporters and followers of the noble leader of the light and vowed to change Harry Potter’s evil ways somehow.  The first thing she had to do was get Harry to quit using the name that You-Know-Who had given him and get him to accept his real and true name.  She hoped that she would be able to get him alone and talk to him.  Ron had screwed up badly so they weren’t getting as much money as they would if Harry had gone to Gryffindor like he was supposed to and been Ron’s friend. 
Ares couldn’t help himself from looking at Susan Bones.  He couldn’t help but like her.  She seemed to be the only one who wasn’t afraid of him having been blood adopted by the Dark Lord and made his son like so many of his followers and the majority of students.  On classes on Friday Ares got up the courage to go find Susan and perhaps talk to her.  Whenever he had tried to talk to her before his courage had failed and he’d made a fool of himself which embarrassed him. He found Susan sitting by the Black Lake.
“Hi Susan,” Ares said standing in front of her. 
Susan looked up and smiled when she saw who it was.  “Hi Ares!”  Susan was one of the few students in Hogwarts who understand what a Blood Adoption meant and knew that the name “Harry James Potter” no longer legally existed.  Even if it had she would still have called Ares by whatever name he wanted. 
“May I sit with you?”
“Sure,” Susan said moving her potions book to her lap so Ares could sit down next to her. “How have classes been Ares?  Are there any classes you like?  I like Herbology and Charms myself.”
Why is it so hard to talk to a girl?  Especially one as kind as Susan?  Ares knew that Susan Bones was the niece of Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and that death eaters had killed most of Amelia’s family including Susan’s parents.  If Susan and I got together would Madam Bones hex me?  Would father approve of a relationship between us? 
“Ares?” Susan asked turning to look at him with concern. “Are you alright?”
Ares shook his head to rid himself of his thoughts.  What am I thinking?  I don’t even know if Susan likes me and I know have I feelings for her but is it love or is it just loneliness?  Besides I’m too young to get into a relationship with anyone.  “Sorry Susan.  I got lost there for a bit.  What did you ask?”
Susan looked at Ares with concern.  She hated how the headmaster and others tried to keep telling him that he was ‘Harry Potter’.  He may have been born Harry Potter but the Blood Adoption had erased his birth name and he was now Ares S. Riddle.  People needed to learn to respect that and not fault him for what his adopted father had done in the past.  “I asked what your favorite classes were.”
“Oh sorry. I love Potions though Professor Snape can be a bit strict at times and I like Astronomy as well as DADA.   Herbology isn’t bad either.  It helps that some of the plants we use in Herbology can be used in Potions.”
“That’s true.  I think McGonagall is almost as bad as Professor Snape when it comes to Transfiguration.  Some of the lessons in Transfiguration don’t make sense to me though.  When are we ever going to need to turn a pair of rabbits into slippers or a match into a needle or a mouse into a snuff box?  How will those types of transfiguration help us in a war?”
“I know.  I think the Hogwarts curriculum needs to be updated.  I learned from my ancestor, Salazar Slytherin, that Hogwarts used to be ten years of schooling and they had  a lot more subjects that are no longer taught today.”
“Salazar Slytherin is your ancestor?”
So Ares told Susan about his trip to Gringotts and discovering that he was the heir of Slytherin and Gryffindor through his parents.  He told her that he was a parslemouth and of his trip to Avalon where he had trained with the four founders for nine years in addition to meeting Merlin and King Arthur and that he was now at fifth year level in all his classes as well as the Chamber of Secrets below Hogwarts and the basilisk egg he had been given by Salazar.  To Susan’s credit she didn’t shrink away from him as she found out this information or run away from him which pleased Ares. 
“So you’re a parslemouth then?”
“Yes.  It’s how I can talk to my pet snake Shadow.   You’re not afraid of me are you?”
“Well finding out that you’re the heir of Slytherin and Gryffindor as well as the fact that both the Potters and Evans are descendants from Slytherin is going to be hard to get used to but I won’t hold that against you like others would.  But I thought that the Potters were descended from Gryffindor?  How can you be the heir to both lines?”
“Well Salazar’s son, Rial Slytherin, married Emily Gryffindor.  Salazar’s daughter, Emma Slytherin, married into Evans line.  I’m actually a pureblood instead of a half-blood.  Lily Evans comes from a long line of squibs on her mother’s side of the family.  Oh and I found out that Albus Dumbledore is father’s real father and not Tom Riddle Senior like father was led to believe.”
“Dumbledore is the father of You-Know-Who?!  But how is that possible?”
“Apparently Dumbledore and Tom’s mother were in a relationship together and when she became pregnant the headmaster decided to erase the memories of his lover and put into her mind that Tom Riddle Senior was the father of her child.  Dumbledore let father grow up in an orphanage and be bullied at school in order to create a dark lord so he could get power after he defeated Grindelwald.  That’s another secret.  Grindelwald is in Nuremburg and was the lover of Dumbledore.  But these are secrets and you can’t tell anyone.  I plan on resurrecting father and defeating Dumbledore once and for all.”
Susan pulled out her wand.  “I swear on my life and magic that I, Susan Bones, will not reveal anything Ares Salazar Riddle has told me about his origins or the secrets of Dumbledore willingly or unwillingly so mote it be.”  There was a flash of light as the magic accepted the oath and Susan put her wand back into her wand holster that was attached to her right arm.  Ares was shocked that Susan would willingly take a wand oath.  
Ginny stood looking at Harry Potter, her Harry, talking with another girl.  She felt a flash of anger at seeing Harry with that lousy Hufflepuff girl.  Harry is mine!  Mine and nobody else’s!  I’ll make him love me and then I’ll have access to the Potter fortune and run in social circles that are better than the idiots my parents are friends with.  I’ll be able to leave the Weasley name behind!  How could she get Harry to be by her side and her side only?  What were the chances of her Harry falling in love with her when she was just a stupid first year?  There had to be a way to get Harry with her. She just had to figure it out.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Immortal Raven

Ares was in his chambers he had found in his first year trying to work on creating the Elixir of Life so that he could become immortal.  A month had passed since Ares had returned to Hogwarts for his second year.  The basilisk egg lay on the bed as he worked tirelessly on the Elixir. He had to find a way to use the stone to create the Elixir and how to safeguard the stone so that nobody would steal it and destroy it.  He knew that if he achieved his goal and he planned on achieving it that if the stone was broken then he would die. 
Ares sighed as he went to sit on his bed and took the Basilisk egg in his hands.  He’d have to catch a toad in order for the basilisk to hatch and even then it would be nine lunar months of waiting.  He had found this information out by reading one of Salazar’s journals when he had gone to the Chamber of Secrets shortly after killing Susanna to harvest some of her body parts for potion ingredients.  The rest of the snake had been given to Gringotts.
Deciding to take a break from his current project he set the basilisk egg in the cage he had owl ordered and set the cage on the bedside table.  Then he pulled out Salazar’s journal which he hadn’t gotten a chance to read since he had left it with the Weasley’s when he had been whisked away to Avalon to train for nine years and opened it up.
September 2, 993 5:30 PM
Our students were eager to begin their magical education today.  I’ve just been with a meeting with Godric, my dear Helga and Rowena.  I confess that I was nervous today as classes began and I know that my wife and our two friends were nervous as well as the students.  Well who wouldn’t be nervous being in a school with strangers?  Hopefully these ten years of studies these students will go through will be a time for them to make friends and become strong witches and wizards.
This morning before we went to the Great Hall for breakfast we each gave a speech welcoming the students who had been sorted into each of the four houses. I taught Potions with the badgers and ravens today.  Potions with my snakes and the lions is on Friday.  I think it is a shock for the female body to be attending Hogwarts. Hopefully the boys don’t give them too much trouble. 
I’ve found out that the poltergeist that has made an appearance is named Peeves.  In Potions today I went over the instructions for the class as well as the history of Potion making.  The students will have an essay due next week about the history of Potions and some common ingredients that are used in potions by young witches and wizards.  They seemed like a smart bunch of students and I hope they take my safety instructions into account.
September 3, 993 Lunch in the Great Hall
I am worried for the Muggleborn and half-bloods that haven’t come to Hogwarts yet.  Hogwarts was not set up to accommodate Muggle adults.  We are persecuted and I have seen how Muggles kill their children when they learn they have magic.  To religious Muggles magic is a sin and the mark of the devil.  It would be detrimental to our culture and society if the children are allowed to remain with their parents when their lives are in danger during the summer.  It is a shame there is nothing in place to help Muggle born witches and wizards or the half-bloods.  I believe it would be better if they were taken from their parents, the parents oblivated and the children put in foster families in the magical world for society’s safety and the children’s’ safety as well.
I hope there is a time when magic and wizards and witches are no longer persecuted and we can live in peace with each other.   I know though that my dream of magic and magical people being accepted by the non-magical world, especially by these religious Muggles, will be a long and hard process to achieve. Perhaps I will be dead along with my friends by the time that dream is achieved.  One can only hope.
Ares stared at the journal in his hands in shock.  He hadn’t expected there to be Muggle born and half-bloods already at the time of the founders.  He had figured that wizards and witches had only begun breeding with Muggles in the past century.  “Well this is a surprise,” Ares said to himself smiling. Sighing he put the journal on the bedside table and fell back on the bed to sleep. 
Three weeks passed.  Ares had no meetings during that time, focusing only on his classes and on his project.  “Finally!” Ares shouted as he sat back and stared at the red potion before him.  Pulling out a crystal vial Ares bottled a bit of the potion and swallowed it down.  Bottling up the rest of the Elixir into vials and slipping them in the shielded hole in the wall he breathed easily for the first time in years.  Ares Salazar Riddle was now immortal and the world had better watch out when he brought his father back.
Pulling out the necklace he sent a message to his inner circle. They were the only ones he would trust with this secret for they had all sworn their magic and lives to follow him.  There was no way they could betray the young dark prince.  Getting up he walked into the meeting room and summoned some house elves to bring food to his chambers. Plates, goblets and silver wear appeared for the inner circle as well as food.  He was respected by the house elves and knew they wouldn’t tell on him because he was the heir of two founders and thus the owner of Hogwarts.  Not even the Ministry or Dumbledore would be unable to contest that.
“My Lord?” Hermione asked bowing before she took a seat at the table.
“I have called you here because I have achieved what my father didn’t.  I have created the Elixir of Life and have taken a vial full of the potion.  I’m now immortal,” Ares said.
“Master is it wise to tell us this?” Orion asked.
“You have sworn your lives to me on your magic which means if you tell anyone you’ll die after you’re stripped of your magic.  Besides if I didn’t trust any of you you’d already be dead,” Ares said simply in response to Taylor’s question.
The inner circle nodded.  Their master spoke the truth and wouldn’t hesitate to kill betrayers.  The spell their master had infused into the Deathly Hallows that had been burned on their arms was proof enough that they couldn’t ever betray or leave their master’s service. “How are we doing with recruits?”
“We have ten people who have agreed to become fellow Spina Corvos,” Roger Light said. 
“Good.  I’ll brand them in two days’ time.  How are your Animagus transformations working out?”
“Going well Dark Raven,” Emily said softly.  “Half of Spina Corvos has achieved the Animagus transformation.”
“Good. Continue helping those who need the help and then I want all my ready Animagi Thorn Ravens here in my chambers in a week.  I plan on writing down their names and Animagi forms and locking it up so I have it for myself.  You know my rules and laws so get going.”
“Yes master,” the inner circle replied.  They took food with them and left the chamber to head back to their dorms. 
Once they were gone Ares put his head on the table.  “What am I going to do Iris?”
That is your choice alone to make Ares.  I will stick by you no matter what you decide but I think that you should take Salazar’s words into heart and consideration. He is your ancestor after all and I know you have read about past dark lords and how they were all defeated.  They never achieved their dreams by putting pain and suffering on the world.
How can I be sure that if I were to forsake being a dark lord that I could make a difference in the world? 
The wizarding world is corrupted and blind. They need a strong leader to guide them and shape them. 
But if I go into politics how can I stop myself from being like Minister Fudge?  Or worse like Dumbledore?  He believes that his way is the only way and uses people like chess pieces.  Is that not what I’m doing when I ask my followers to kill? Is it bad that dark magic comes easier to me than light magic and dark magic makes me feel at peace?
Dark magic, light magic or grey magic is nothing to be feared Ares. That is the wizarding world’s mistake when they fear dark magic. Every witch or wizard has a certain magical color that is natural to them. That doesn’t make them inherently evil if they prefer dark magic or borderline dark if they are grey like many in the wizard society like to think.  They don’t realize that by their prejudices and bullying that they are the ones who create dark lords.  I only know that if you go down the path to becoming another dark lord then you will be unhappy and miserable.  Think about your father.  Can you say he is honestly happy with how his life turned out?
No he isn’t.  I know he doesn’t like harming people.  If Dumbledore hadn’t manipulated him all his life and killed Raven then he could have done great things for the wizarding world.  Though I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t gone dark.  Would I have found out my heritage about being a parslemouth and about being Salazar’s descendant?  Would James and Lily have bothered to tell me that the Potters and Evans are descended from Salazar’s children?  Would my gift of Parsletongue have been shunned by my family?  What would I have been like if I had grown up in a world where James and Lily were alive and had raised me instead of the abuse I had gone through at the hands of the Dursleys? 
It does not do to dwell on what might have been?  We cannot mess with time nor can we change the past Ares. We can only learn from our mistakes and dreams to continue into the future and be what we want to be and not what someone expects us to be.  Come. We should head back to Ravenclaw Tower in case the old fool gets suspicious of your whereabouts.  It would not do to be hindered by the old man before you get your father back.
Ares nodded and wiped the tears that had been flowing from his eyes as he had talked with Iris.  He walked down the tunnel and out the door of his chambers, using the shadows to remain hidden from sight.  Ares knew he would have to make a choice soon.  Would he continue on the quest to be a dark lord or would he turn to the light and make a new life for himself and the world?