Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lion and Snake Heir

Ares slipped away the next morning to go to Diagon Alley so he could visit Gringotts without the Weasleys following him.  He apparated to the Leaky Cauldron and then walked to the back of the pub and tapped the correct brick on the wall that hid Diagon Alley.  Making his way to Gringotts Ares was surprised to see Taylor in front of Quality Quidditch Supplies.
“Ares!” Taylor shouted quickly looking around before bowing.  “My Lord what are you doing here?”
“I might ask you the same thing Taylor.”  He looked behind Ares and saw the Nimbus 2001 sitting in the storefront window.  “Are you going to try out for your team?”
“I hope to try out for chaser,” Taylor said. “But I need a broom as I don’t have one.  However it looks like the Nimbus 2001 is out of my price range.”
Ares looked at the price of the broom.  “I have more than enough money in my vault.  I’ll buy it for you.  Think of it as your birthday gift.”
“Thank you my Lord,” Taylor said.  Ares nodded and walked into the store with Taylor following.  Ares went to where the Nimbus 2001s were stored and looked at Taylor.  “Will you be able to keep up with your studies and attend to your other duty in addition to playing Qudditch if you are given a spot on your house team?”
“I’ll do my best Ares.”
Ares nodded.  “I’ll hold you to your word Taylor.”  Ares grabbed the broom and walked up to the counter.  He pulled out a sack of money he kept on him and paid for the broom before handing it to Taylor.  “Do you best and don’t throw a fit if you don’t make your house team,” Ares said.  “There’s always next year if you don’t get on the team.”
Taylor nodded and watched his master make his way to Gringotts.  Ares nodded to the goblins and walked through the two sets of double doors into the wizard bank.  He made his way up to a teller and spoke.  “Hello Master Goblin.  I would like to speak to someone about my account.”
“Do you have a key sir?”
Ares pulled out his vault key to the Riddle Vault and slid it across the counter. The goblin examined it and nodded.  “Very well.   Sharptooth!”
A young goblin appeared.  “Please take Mr. Riddle to Director Ironsteel.”
Sharptooth took Ares through a side door into the tunnels. They turned left and walked through two tunnels before reaching a door that said ‘Director Ironsteel.’  Sharptooth knocked on the door and Ares went in.  “Mr. Riddle what a pleasure to see you again.”
“May gold always flow in the nation and may your enemies fall at your feet,” Ares said bowing his head to the aged goblin in front of him as he spoke the traditional greeting.
“And may the rivers run with your enemies blood young warrior,” Director Ironsteel said.  “Now what can I do for you?”
“I would like to know if I still have access to the Potter Vaults since I was born a Potter. I’m also interested in knowing if the Potters were heirs to Slytherin. I recently found out that there were some Parslemouths in the Potter family.”
“The Potters are direct descendants of Slytherin and Gryffindor.”
“How can they be descendants of two founders?”
“The Evans line came from Salazar and the Potters came from Gryffindor.  Your mother’s mother was a squib as were many of your ancestors on your mother’s side.  Salazar had two children.  A son named Rial and a daughter named Emma.  Rial went on to found the Riddle line and Emma went on to found the Evans line.  Rial married a woman named Doris Gaunt.  Their daughter married Augustus Riddle and that is how the Riddle line was formed.  Salazar’s great grandson, Godric Slytherin married Maria Potter, Godric’s great granddaughter, and that is how the Potter line inherited Parslemouths.  Godric Slytherin took the name Godric Slytherin-Potter when he married Maria.
“Your parents had a will that said if for some reason you were blood and magic adopted you would have access to the Potter vaults until you turned thirteen. Then the vaults would close forever.  As a descendant of Gryffindor you have access to his vault as well.  You also have access to the Riddle Vault and Slytherin vault.  However your father claimed the Riddle vault when he was sixteen so I recommend creating your own vault and we can transfer the Potter money into that vault.”
“Okay then let’s set up a new vault for me and transfer all the Potter money and artifacts into my new vault.  I would also like to request a dragon to guard my vault and have it blood sealed as well as any protection and wards you have to offer.  Just take the money out of the Riddle Vault.”
“Very well.  I will have a key made.”  Director Ironsteel called for a key to be made along with a new vault to be set up.  “What name do you want your vault to be under Mr. Riddle?
“Raven,” Ares replied.
Director Ironsteel made a note on a piece of parchment and it vanished.  A few minutes later a key appeared with the parchment with the number of Ares’s new vault on it.  “Your vault number is 1045.  The money and artifacts in the Potter vault are being transferred to your new vault as we speak.  I can also have some money from the Riddle, Gryffindor and Slytherin vaults transferred there as well if you like.”
“That would be great thank you,” Ares said.  “About 10,000 galleons, fifty silver sickles each and twenty bronze nuts each should be fine.”
Director Ironsteel made another note on the parchment and it vanished.  “Very well. What vaults would you like to see today?”
“Slytherin’s vault for now.”
Director Ironsteel called Griphook to take Ares to Slytherin’s vault.  They traveled deep underground and as they went the temperature got colder the farther down they went.  Finally the stopped and Ares got out.  He looked up and saw a dragon looking down at him as it clung to the stone wall above the vault. “Cut your hand and let the blood drip on the emerald in the center of the stone. If you are the heir of Slytherin you will be allowed entry. If not the dragon will attack.”
“What is the dragon here for?”
“It has guarded Lord Slytherin’s vault for centuries.”
Ares cut open his hand and pressed his bloody palm against the emerald which glowed red.  The snake outline surrounding the emerald came to life with his blood and it lifted its head to peer at Ares.  Who is it that disturbs my slumber?
I am Ares Salazar Riddle, heir to Gryffindor and Slytherin noble snake.  I seek passage into my vault.
The snake stared into Ares’s eyes and then sank back into the stone.  Enter snake speaker and descendant of my master.
Ares and Griphook entered Salazar’s vault and Ares looked around. There were potion books, books on the dark arts, rare potion ingredients, potion equipment, an emerald encrusted sword which Ares took along with an emerald green scabbard that had “S.S.” engraved on the scabbard with a silver serpent engraved on it.  Ares also found a diary belonging to Salazar along with an emerald amulet with a snake engraved in the emerald on a silver chain.  He hung the amulet around his neck, belted the sword to his waist and shrank the diary before putting it in his pocket.  He also pulled out a ruby and emerald dagger and tied it next to his right hip before nodding to Griphook and leaving the vault.
“I’ll appreciate it if you not tell anyone about this Griphook,” Ares said.
“Not to worry Mr. Riddle.  I won’t tell a soul.”
Ares nodded and then left Diagon Alley before Apparating back to the Burrow.  He walked through the wards surrounding the home and upstairs to his room.  How was your trip to Gringotts Ares?
It went fine.  I bought one of my followers a Nimbus 2001 for his birthday since he plans as trying out for his house team as a chaser this year.  This sword and knife were in Salazar’s vault.  The sword is engraved with Salazar’s initials.  I’m not sure about the dagger though.  I transferred all the Potter money, artifacts and books into my vault along with some money from Salazar’s, Godric’s and Riddle’s vaults and got a new vault made. The Potter vaults are no more.
What is the book for?
The book appears to be Salazar’s diary and there was also this amulet in Salazar’s vault as well.  I’m going to look at the diary later. For now I’m going to cast wards over my sword and dagger and a charm to make them both invisible as well as a charm that only I and my heirs can take them off.
You have the diary of the snake speaker?  That’s wonderful. I would like to hear about Lord Snake tongue.
Of course Shadow.  I’ll read it so we can all learn about Salazar.  I’m interested in his life myself. 
Ares cast some spells over the sword and dagger and pulled the diary out of his pocket. He opened it to the front page and began reading.
September 1, 993 9PM:
After many years of planning with my three friends we are getting our first batch of students tonight.  My home has been protected with anti-muggle wards and many other spells and wards designed to protect the school and keep it and the students safe from muggles who would wish to see us all killed.  It is very hard being a wizard or witch in these times for we are feared for our magic.  Caretaker Hankerton Humble has been cleaning the entire castle along with the house elves to get it ready for the incoming first years.  It appears we have a poltergeist at Hogwarts.  I wasn’t aware of a poltergeist being in my home but I haven’t been here in ten years.  Perhaps he was somehow created when I allowed my home to become our school. 
The students have finally arrived at Hogwarts.  I can hear them in the Entrance Hall as they wait to be sorted into their houses.  I am the head of Slytherin House, Godric is the head of Gryffindor, Rowena is the head of Ravenclaw and Helga is the head of Hufflepuff.  Our house symbols are a snake, lion, badger and eagle.  Well it’s time for the sorting to begin so I’ll continue this later.
September 1, 993 10PM
We each have four students this year.  Two boys and two girls each.  I’m glad that father isn’t here to challenge the law I made allowing young witches to go to school.  We hope to have more students next year. As the prince of Scotland I grew up seeing girls as maids and servants while boys went to school.  Helga and Rowena wanted to learn magic but there were no schools for girls aside from basic spells that would help with cleaning a home and cooking.  Girls were supposed to only concern themselves with marriage and raising children while the men went out to work.  It made me sad but I could do nothing as my father was still the king and didn’t believe girls should be allowed to seek an education.
I saw how Helga and Rowena looked at my library whenever they came over with their parents. Because they were girls they weren’t allowed in the library without a male.  I wanted to help them so I began training them in secret. If anyone else had dared do what I did they would have been killed but because I am the prince and father’s only heir my people could do nothing to me. I fought for many years for girls to get an education like boys and was secretly glad when father died when I was fifteen so I could begin making plans with Godric, Rowena and Helga to form a school where young wizards and witches could attend school to learn magic.
I think our students were shocked to see how young we are.  Godric and I are best friends as we were born mere weeks apart from each other.  Rowena is sixteen, Godric and I are fifteen and Helga is fourteen. Helga is already a master apprentice in healing.  Godric is going to teach hand to hand combat, basics of weapon wielding and transfiguration to the younger students.  To the older students he is going to teach Animagus training and weapon crafting.  The two of us are going to teach dueling and Muggle fighting tactics, including swordsmanship and other weapon wielding tactics.  Rowena is going to teach Arithmancy, History of Magic, Charms, and Ancient Runes to students of all ages in addition to teaching warding, spell crafting and charms to those who wish to take masteries.  Helga is going to teach Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology to everyone, Divination to the gifted students, and provides healing courses with me for those who wish to do their masteries.  She also plans on helping Rowena teach spell crafting and charms.  I plan on teaching Potions to everyone along with Dark Arts.  For the older students I also will be teaching Occlumency, Legillimency, defensive magic, dueling magical spells and their tactics.  Along with Godric I will be teaching dueling and muggle fighting tactics including swordsmanship and other weapon wielding tactics along with Helga teach healing.  For those students who I get who my direct descendants I plan on teaching them private lessons in how to read, write and speak Parsletongue.  Well I think I will retire for the evening.  It’s getting late and there’s a big day tomorrow for all of us.
Just as Ares was about to close the diary he saw a note written in Salazar’s handwriting.  If you are reading this note then that means you are my descendant and a parslemouth like all my heirs.  The amulet around your neck will take you to Avalon where you will be able to speak the four founders of Hogwarts.  Please come to Avalon as soon as you discover this note so that we may speak to you.  To get to Avalon say these words: ‘Land of the dead and shadow hear my call.  Break down the barrier that protects your ancient land so that the child of night may enter.  Child of the night and descendant of the snake and lion calls for passage to speak to the four who can help it save thy mortal world.’
As Ares finished reading the words the amulet glowed.  Iris lunged at Ares and placed her paws on them and Shadow quickly slithered around Ares’s left arm. White flames erupted and the raven and his two familiars vanished from the Burrow.  Only one person saw them leave and shook his head.  “The lion snake has returned home.  May he find the peace he has been looking for and the happiness he never had.”

Friday, August 23, 2013


Year 2

Ares was pissed. He hated having to be back at the Weasleys for the entire summer.  I seriously need to figure out how to kill that fool and perhaps I should kill the Weasleys too for making my life miserable ever since father’s death.  Shadow was wrapped around his neck while Charon and Hedwig were perched on either shoulder. Iris was beside him and he had levitated his trunk so that it was in front of him instead of having to drag it into the house. 
“Now Harry you remember where you’ll be staying right?”  Mrs. Weasley asked Ares.  “Your ‘familiars’ will be forced to stay in the cages again.”
Crucio!  Ares watched with grim delight as Mrs. Weasley fell to the ground screaming in pain.  He stepped over her withering body and led his familiars back into the house.  “Use that name again and you’ll be sorry,” he growled back.  “My familiars will be coming with me into Ron’s room and that is final.”
Stupid human. They don’t understand that young master is a prince and could easily kill them.  They don’t understand that young master could easily kill them all where they stood if he so wanted.  Why do they try so hard to call master by his birth name?
Because they are fools Shadow.  They want me to defeat my father.  I have no doubts that if father hadn’t found out the prophecy wasn’t real then he would have left me with the Mudbloods to die and then Dumbledore would have killed me after I killed father.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he still aims to kill me to take control of the Gryffindor and Slytherin lines.  While doing some research I discovered that some of the Potters have been born Parslemouths. The last Potter who was a parslemouth was twenty years ago.
Does that mean that the Potters are heirs of Slytherin as well as your father?
Well Parsletongue is a trait of Salazar so I suppose there were some Slytherins who married into the Potter line. Whether that made the Potters descendants of Salazar I am not sure but it must be true so I am in fact the heir of Slytherin through blood and magic. 
Ares and Iris walked into the Burrow and upstairs until they got to Ron’s room.  He opened up the fifth compartment of his trunk which revealed his apartment. The apartment housed the master bedroom, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, potions lab, study, library, and a second bedroom as well as two perches for Hedwig and Charon to sleep on.  His library was stocked with dark arts and potions books.  The book shelf in the master bedroom was charmed so that if Ares wanted a book from his library all he had to do was write the title on a piece of parchment and the book would appear in his master bedroom. 
Ares slammed the door to Ron’s room and leaned it against it with his eyes closed.  Hedwig and Charon took flight and landed on the dresser while Shadow slithered down Ares’s arm. Iris merely walked away from Ares and sat there looking at her friend and master.  A scream caused Ares’s eyes to shoot open and a dangerous smile appear on his face as he looked to see Ron sitting on his bed. 
“What are you doing back here?!” Ron shouted.
Ares laughed as Iris turned her head to look at the annoying human before her.  “Dumbledore’s orders sadly.  If you have a problem with it then take it up with the headmaster but I’m sure it won’t matter much to you as long as you get money from him right?”
“I know all about how you are taking money from Dumbledore to be my friend and about your mother trying to arrange a marriage contract between myself and your sister Ginny. The marriage contract is only so your parents can get any money I have in my accounts.  I’m not looking to get married and there’s no way I would marry someone who prides herself on being a breeder for the rest of her life like your mother did for your father.”
“You take that back!”
“Why?  It’s the truth and we both know it.  Arthur Weasley had a marriage contract to Molly Prewitt.  Molly Weasley was going to be a healer but because of the marriage contract Arthur Weasley didn’t allow her to pursue her dreams of going to Saint Mungo’s for training after Hogwarts and instead forced her to give birth to his kids back to back every year for the rest of her life. Explains why she is so bitter and trying to get me to marry her daughter so that she can become rich and hopes that her daughter can pop out the next generation of Potters so she can be known as the mother-in-law to the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’.  I’d never waste my time with trash like that.”
“My sister isn’t trash!”
“Your sister lives in a fantasy world where she can’t tell myth from reality!  I see how she stutters and goes silent whenever I’m in a room.  It’d be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic.  Has your mom been feeding your sister love potions since she was in diapers Ronniekins? I already know about her growing up on fake stories about me all her life.  The kid needs to grow up and realize that I’ll never fall for her.  I have no interest in being married to someone who is obviously under the headmaster’s thumb and doesn’t have any ambition in life other than to be a breeder for the next generation.  Such a waste of a life and no point in learning magic at all if you’re not going to go on to do anything with your magical education.”
“You bastard!  I’ll kill you if you keep saying stuff about my family you death eater!”
Ares’s smirk fell and he narrowed his eyes at the boy in front of him. “You apparently don’t want to hear the truth about your pathetic excuse for a family weasel.  How you ever got into Gryffindor I have no idea.”  Ares pulled out his wand and pointed it at Ron.  “Locomotor Wibbly! Calvorio!”
Ares smiled as the two curses hit Ron causing his hair to immediately begin falling out and his legs to collapse. “Petrificus Totalus,” Ares said.   “I think it’s time to teach you why you don’t mess with me or my father Ronald.  Obscuro.”  Iris you all wait here.  I’ll be back tonight probably or tomorrow depending on how long it takes to get Spina Corvos into the wards surrounding my home.
Be safe Ares.
I will. You don’t need to worry about me.
Ares grabbed Ron and apparated to his home in Sweden.  He had bought the house with the money in his vault on his tenth birthday so he would have a place of his own that his father knew nothing about. Touching the pendant around his neck he sent a message to every member of Spina Corvos.  “May as well bring everyone into the wards now while I’m here.”
Within five minutes of receiving the message every member of Spina Corvos was standing outside the manor in front of Ares. Their masks and robes were on as they bowed before their master in the snow.  “Good evening my faithful followers.  How nice of you to answer my summons and come when I called.   At least you are more loyal so far than father’s death eaters.  Hopefully you will remain loyal to me in the coming years.  This is the home I bought at ten years old and will be headquarters for Spina Corvos.  Now can you guess who this fool is?” Ares asked gesturing towards a blindfolded and deaf Weasley.
Spina Corvos looked at the person in front of their master. Finally Benjamin cautiously spoke up.  “A Weasley my Lord?”
“Correct Benjamin but can any of you figure out which Weasley?”
At their silence Ares sighed.  “Ron Weasley.  He’s under a blind curse, the jelly leg curse and hair loss curse which explains why none of you recognized him.  I brought him here because he’s seriously annoying me already so I figured I may as well program you all into my wards before deciding what to do with this idiot.  Apparently this weasel doesn’t like hearing the truth about his mother or his family.  Do you know that Dumbledore set up a marriage contract between one Harry Potter and one Ginerva Weasley when Harry was born?”
Everyone stood there in shock at their master’s revelation.  “Money,” Draco finally said. “That’s the only reason I can think of that Mrs. Weasley would want to marry Harry Potter.”
“Money and the fame of being married to the ‘Boy-Who-Lived.’  The fame a girl would get for being the wife of the wizarding savior and the mother to his children would get her accepted into higher circles within the wizarding world.  What they don’t know is that I know that the prophecy is a fake. It’s really annoying having to pretend that I don’t know the truth about the prophecy.”
“Master is it right for you to be talking about the prophecy being fake when the young weasel is here with us?” April asked.
“He won’t be remembering any of this when I’m done with him.  Now as for programing everyone into my wards.  You’ll need to cut your hands and let your blood on the wards which are in front of you. The wards will glow purple and then you’ll be allowed through.”
“Blood wards?” Taylor asked.  “Aren’t those illegal?”
“Blood wards are only illegal because of the Ministry says so.  Anything to do with blood is ‘dark’ and therefore deemed ‘illegal’ by the Ministry.  By putting your blood into my wards you’ll be able to pass easily through them to get to headquarters.  Nobody else who is not a member of Spina Corvos will be able to enter.  Not even my father or any of the death eaters.”
Ares watched as his followers let their blood flow on the wards and watched as they glowed purple twenty times.  Finally the wards glowed a deep maroon and then the magic settled around the property. “I’m going into the house.  Providing you don’t kill the Weasel do whatever you want with him.”
“Why can’t we kill him?”
“Because if he dies then Dumbledore may suspect I did it and I’m not strong or powerful enough to defeat him yet.  Oh and take him away from here if you’re going to torture him.  I don’t need the Ministry trying to come to my home.  Come back here with him when you’re done. I want to have a meeting with you all.”
Spina Corvos nodded and two grabbed Ron before disapparting from Dark Raven’s manor. Dark Raven passed through the wards to his manor and made his way up the tree shrouded road to the manor.  Stepping in the front door he stopped as a house elf popped into existence wearing an emerald shirt with a snake and raven embroidered in silver on it.
“Welcome to Snow Ash Manor Master Raven.”
“Thank you Becky.  How are the house elves managing?”
“Very good Master Raven.”
“Becky my last name isn’t Raven.  It’s Riddle.”
“But we house elves know that master is leader of Thorn Ravens and calls himself ‘Dark Raven’.  However if Master doesn’t want to be called Master Raven we will call him Master Riddle instead.”
“If it will make you all happy to call me ‘Master Raven’ then you are free to do so.”
Becky smiled. “I will inform other elves Master Raven. We elves thank master.”
Ares ran his hand through his hair.  “Do you mind getting me something to eat and setting up my meeting room? I am to talk to with my followers when they come back.  Make enough food and drink for twenty people.”
“Would master like anything in particular?”
“No.  Whatever you can make is fine.”
Ares made his way through the manor checking that everything was okay.  He was pleased to see that his house elves had kept the house clean in his absence.  “Have you been keeping the grounds clean as well as the home?” Ares asked Becky.
“Yes Master Raven.  We make sure that everything is kept free of dust and cobwebs in the home and make sure the grounds are taken care of as well for master in case he ever visits.”
Ares finished his inspection of the house and smiled. He made his way to the living room and waved his hand at the fire which burst into flames.  Gemini, a male house elf with amber eyes, popped into the living room with a tray of sandwiches and pumpkin juice and set it on the table before bowing and disapparting.  Ares stared into the fire as he ate his meal lost in thought.  There had to be a way that he could get back to Riddle Manor if only to check on the Riddle elves and see how they were faring.
Spina Corvos had taken Ron and apparated to a forest and Benjamin and Taylor dropped Ron to the ground.  “Muffilato,” Roger said waving his wand around the forest so they wouldn’t be heard.  He cast a few other charms to conceal their existence from anyone who might happen to walk by.  Then he cast the counter spell and Ron realized he could suddenly see again.
“Where am I?  What happened? Who are you?”
The members of Spina Corvos were silent as they stared behind their masks at the idiot in front of them.  Silently they each muttered ‘Voznovo,” which changed their voices so they couldn’t be recognized and then Draco spoke.  “Hello Ronald Weasley.  You have angered and he has given us leave to play with you as we see fit.”
“Are you death eaters?”
Spina Corvos looked at each other and then laughed. “No.  We would never ally ourselves with death eaters.  We are different and yet stronger than that pathetic organization of lap dogs. Unlike the Dark Lord our master actually cares about our safety and wellbeing.”
“Crucio!” Twenty voices shouted and Ron’s body was lifted up off the ground and withered in the air before them as he screamed.  He fell to the ground and lay there gasping for breath when they released him from the Cruciatris spell.    April cast the hurling hex sending Ron into a tree where his body hit with a sickening crack. 
“Oh dear it appears you broke his legs,” Brian said laughing.
“Master didn’t say we couldn’t break every bone in his body,” April said shrugging.
“True.  We just can’t kill him sadly,” Roger said.
Ron’s eyes widened when he heard the group talking about killing him.  “Don’t kill me!”
“Now he begs for his life,” Orion scoffed.
“Are you daft? We were just discussing that we are under orders NOT to kill you,” Jasper said. “How did this fool get into Lord Godric’s house I have no clue.”  The others murmured their agreement at Jasper’s statement. 
“Probably Dumbledore’s doing,” Grace said.  “Or maybe the hat is just stupid after sorting five older Weasleys.”
There was laughter at that and then they went back to torturing Ron before Griffin knocked him out. They canceled the spells around the forest and apparated back to Snow Ash Manor.  Becky showed Spina Corvos into the meeting room where Dark Raven was waiting.  Two other house elves grabbed Ron and apparated him to the dungeons beneath the manor and threw him into a cell.  The cells were enforced against magic and Animagus transformations so prisoners wouldn’t be able to escape the dungeon. 
On the table was Rosemary Lemon Chicken, Grilled Vegetables, jugs of Pumpkin Juice, Cuban Chicken Salad, Iced Pumpkin Cookies, Orange Surprise, Meatball Soup, and Apple Cake.   Twenty plates were set around the long meeting table as they each took a seat.  “Help yourselves to the food and then we’ll begin the meeting before returning to our homes or in my case hell,” Dark Raven said with disgust in his voice.
There was a clatter of plates as everyone got what they wanted and began to eat.  “Becky where is the weasel?”
“In the dungeons Master Raven,” Becky said. 
“Good.  You are free to use your magic to destroy any memory of the dungeon he is in as well as the memory of torture that my followers inflicted upon him.  If you destroy his mind in the process then all the better.”
Becky smiled and disappeared.  “While doing some research this past year I found out that it appears some of the Potters were Parslemouths.  In fact the last parslemouth in the Potter family was twenty years ago. That woman died during the first war.  Whether that means that Potters are descended from both Slytherin and Gryffindor or some Slytherins married into Gryffindor I am not sure. I hope to be able to find out this information before returning to Hogwarts for our second year.”
April ended up choking on her food and Brian had to smack her back a few times to keep her from dying.  Dark Raven raised an eyebrow and smiled.  “Yes I was shocked as well upon discovering this information.  It will be interesting to find out.  I know that the Potters are descended from Godric Gryffindor but I believe that title is no longer able to be claimed since father did the blood adoption ritual on me when he rescued me from the Durselys at six years old.”
“Who could claim that title now master?” Hermione asked.
“I believe Dumbledore can claim it if he is even aware of the Potters being the descendants of Gryffindor of which I believe he is.  He’s probably waiting to claim Gryffindor on the hope of killing me.  If he kills me and if I were to kill father which I have no plans on doing then he would gain two founder titles at the same time which I think has been his master plan all along.
“If you can try to continue recruiting followers to Spina Corvos and bring them to my chambers in Hogwarts so I can brand them.  I trust you all to keep the existence of this organization a secret from your parents, especially those of you who are the children of Death Eaters and keep a low profile at Hogwarts.  Finish up here and you’ll be free to return to your homes. Unless anyone has any business they wish to discuss?”
Dark Raven waited and when there was silence for five minutes he stood up.  “Then you are all dismissed.”  He walked out of the meeting room and down to the dungeons where he grabbed Ron and apparated back to the Burrow.  As he was linked to the wards surrounding Snow Ash Manor he felt the slight tingling as each member of Spina Corvos passed through and disapparated before the wards settled once more around the grounds.  Leaving Ron in his room and grabbing his trunk, he made his way to the room he had been kept prisoner in the previous summer and went to sleep. 
Waking up five hours later Ares scowled as he saw Ginny Weasley with her face in front of his.  “What the hell are you doing?” Ares asked young redhead as he sat up and shoved her away from him. 
“Mom said to come and tell you it’s time for dinner love,” Ginny said smiling at him.
Ares snorted.  Foolish girl.  Frowning he stared at her and shook his head.  The matriarch appeared to have slipped her daughter a love potion or put a compulsion charm on her to make her wake him up. Either that or she had come to wake him up of her own accord. 
“Next time knock before you enter someone’s room,” Ares said before grabbing her by the arm and shoving her out the door.  “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”
“Do you want me to wait for you d-”
“NO!” He shouted slamming the door in her face.  “If I’m going to be staying here against my will I think I need to put up locking charms and wards around this room so I’m not bothered by anybody in this family.” 
Iris followed him out into the hallway and down the stairs until he reached the dining room.  “That animal isn’t allowed in here,” Molly said.
“Iris is allowed wherever I am.  If you want me to eat with you then she will be allowed here or else I’ll just return to my room.”
Molly sat back with a furious look on her face but didn’t say anything.  Ares sat down with Iris under the table at his feet and calmly picked at the meal.  He entered the matriarch’s mind and scowled as he saw that she had slipped a love potion into his glass of pumpkin juice.  Delving further into her mind he discovered that she planned on poisoning the rest of his meals and drink with Amortentia the rest of the summer in the hopes of making him fall in love with Ginny.  Extending his magic out around him he discovered a cauldron of Amortentia brewing in the kitchen.  You have got to be fucking kidding me!  This woman is disgusting with the way she’ll do anything to get ahold of the Potter fortune.  Pretty sure I can’t access those vaults anymore anyway since the blood adoption.  I’ll have to speak to a goblin at Gringotts about that while I’m there.
Ares got immediately up from the table with Iris following and made his way back up to his room where he slammed the door and began casting complex charms and wards on the door.  “Apparently if I want something to eat I’m going to either return to Snow Ash Manor or go to Muggle London to get meals for the rest of the summer.  Now that I know to watch out for anything that Mrs. Weasley tries to force down my throat I have no choice unless I want to starve for two months.”  Ares threw the window open and sank to his knees staring out the window as the cool breeze swept across his face.  He needed to get to Gringotts as soon as possible.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blood Stone

Ares woke up to Charon and Hedwig at the window. He opened it and they flew in and perched on his bedside table.  “Hello you two.  How are you liking Hogwarts? Sorry I haven’t been to see you in months.  I’ve been busy planning.”
Hedwig gave a soft hoot and nipped his finger affectingly while Charon let out a squawk.  Both birds seemed to sigh as Ares began stroking their chests.  “I need you both to send letters for me.  Hedwig take this letter to Lucius. It will tell him to check the wards around my home.  Charon take this letter to Gringotts.  It will tell the Goblins to make sure that Dumbledore can’t get his fingers into my father’s vault.”
He tied the two letters to his birds and they flew for their destinations.  “Tulip!”
“Young Master!” Tulip said crying and bowing in front of Ares.  “We house elves is sorry that Master Riddle died and we couldn’t protect young master from being taken from home.  Master Riddle ordered us to go to basement and stay there until danger had passed.”
“It’s alright Tulip I’m not mad at you or the other house elves.”
“Thank you young master! Young Master Riddle is very kind and noble wizard like his father.”
“Father always said to treat house elves nicely because their magic is something we cannot understand and it is not our fault that they are forced into enslavement.”
 Lucius Malfoy looked up as he heard a tapping at the window.  He saw that the owl was from his Prince and hurried over to open the window before detaching the letter from Hedwig’s leg.  She sat there peering at him through her amber eyes as Lucius pulled out the letter and read it:
I want you to go to my home and check the wards around Riddle Manor.  I also order you to check on the Riddle House Elves and see how they are faring with the absence of my father and myself. Send a reply back with my owl when you have done as I asked.  Inform my father’s followers that it was Dumbledore who killed father and took me from my home as well as banishing Nagini.
Prince Ares
Lucius quickly apparated to the outside of Riddle Manor and began the process of checking the various wards around the home.  Nodding as he found that they were still intact even with the death of his Lord and the forced removal of his Prince he called for a house elf.
“Yes Lord Malfoy,” a house elf with blue eyes said bowing.
“Young Master Riddle wishes to know how the Riddle House Elves are faring.”
“We elves are sorry that our master died and young master was taken from us. We hope that Master and Young Master can return home one day and get revenge on those who harmed them.  Good day Lord Malfoy,” the house elf said before disapparting back inside Riddle Manor.
Dark Raven lay on his bed in his room with Draco and Orion sitting on the floor.  He looked up and waved his hand at the window as both Charon and Hedwig flew in.  Pulling off both letters he smiled to himself.  “It appears the wards around my home are still working and intact.  Congratulate your father for me Draco.”
“Yes My Lord,” Draco said with a nod. 
“What of the letter from Charon master?”
“The Gringotts goblins have given me access to father’s vault in the death of father and are more than happy to keep Dumbledore out of my vault. The Riddles are after all a highly respected family. Or at least father and I are and they will not want to risk my wrath or father’s when I figure out how to return him to power.  Now I plan on retrieving that Sorcerer’s Stone except I’m unaware of all the traps set in place to guard the stone other than the Mirror of Erisid.  Your job will be to find out these traps so I can figure out what needs to be done in order to take the stone for myself.”
Draco and Orion nodded and left their master to his own devices.  Skywing appeared and together the Animagus and his birds flew out of Ravenclaw tower to enjoy a nice day of flying. Skywing was happy that he got to stretch his wings.  Claw had arrived back at Hogwarts a few days ago much to the delight of Claw’s second pack.
The following week Dark Raven’s inner circle had all the information they needed on the traps lay out by Dumbledore and the light to protect the stone.  “Claw is it a full moon tonight?”
“No master.”
“Good. Claw, Dusk, Nocturne, Nomad, and Cloud come with me to the chambers so I can remove that stone.”
“Yes My Lord,” his friends said.
“The five of you don’t need to call me ‘my lord,” Ares said after some thought.  “You’re my friends and would never betray me.”
Bullshit, Edoc said in Griffin’s mind.  Griffin smiled at his dragon’s comment. 
My dragons come first as dragon mage but while I may leave Dark Raven I won’t betray him providing he doesn’t harm my dragons.
If you say so Griffin.
That night they made their way down to the third floor.  Griffin pulled out his dragon flute and put it to his lips.  The music put the Cerberus to sleep and they dropped into the underground chambers.  “Incendio!” Draco shouted causing the plant to catch on fire as they dropped to the ground below.  They made their way into a room that had a bunch of flying keys.  Hermione went over to the door and examined it.  “We’re looking for seven keys: a blue one, red one, green one, black one, silver one, yellow, and bronze.”
Claw stayed on the ground as none of his pack liked flying and put the keys as they were caught into the locks while the others got the keys. The next room had a troll in it.  “REDUCTO!” Six spells hit the troll causing it to explode.  After quick waves of their wands to clean themselves of the blood they disappeared into another room that held McGonagall’s chess set.  “I don’t have time for this,” Ares hissed and sent a dark curse at the two white pieces guarding the door before they dashed through.  Griffin held out his hand and a jet of water hit the fire. There was a sizzle as the fire died out and they dashed through to find themselves finally in front of the Mirror of Erisid.
“Stone of power and forged from death hear my plea.  Color of blood come to me. Stone of blood, death and screams serve my will and you’ll be free.”  Ares watched as his reflection took out the sorcerer’s stone and then put it back in his pocket. At that point Ares felt a lump drop into his pocket and smiling pulled out the stone.  “Bombarda,” he said lazily waving his wand at the mirror that exploded. 
“We’re leaving now,” Ares commanded and his inner circle instantly put their wands away before they made their way back to Ravenclaw tower. 
I am around long before dawn.  But by lunch I am usually gone. You can see me summer, fall, and spring.  I like to get on everything.  But when winter winds start to blow; Burr, then it's time for me to go!  What am I?
“The dew,” Griffin said.
Very good dragon mage.
“Ares what are you going to do this summer?” Griffin asked.
“Dumbledore will probably stick me back with the Weasleys in an attempt to ‘convert me’.  That will never happen.  He just wastes his time attempting that but he won’t give up sadly.”
“Couldn’t you just kill him?”
“I may know plenty of dark spells but I’m only a first year student. There’s no way I would be able to take him down on my own Indigo.”
“What of the stone Ares?” Draco asked. “You won’t be able to experiment on it at the Weasleys.”
“Yes I know that Draco.  I suppose I’ll have to keep it locked in my trunk but I wouldn’t put it past those fools to go riffling through my trunk so I’ll just keep it locked in my chambers at Hogwarts under a few shields that I invented during my time in my chambers this year.  I’ll do that tomorrow before we leave for the Hogwarts Express.”
The next morning Ares left the common room and made his way to his chambers. Open, he hissed.  Stepping into the passage the torches lit up and made his way to his chambers.  Passing into his storage room he grabbed his robe and mask and carried them to a small niche in the wall.  Placing his stone, robe and mask in it he quickly set to work activating the shields to cover his three most important objects.  The third shield would only open when he hissed Ares Salazar Riddle, son of Tom Marvolo Riddle, heir to Slytherin requests you to lower the shield, the second shield layered on top of that would only open when he hissed Dark Raven, and the first shield would dissolve when he let his blood touch it.  He left his chambers and made his way back to the Great Hall for breakfast where he would meet up with his friends. 
Ares internally groaned as he turned and saw Dumbledore making his way toward shim.  Only Dumbledore, and the Weasels would use that name with him.  “Can I talk to you for a minute?”
“What is it headmaster?” Ares asked struggling not to curse the bastard for everything that had been done to him so far.
“Harry you’ll be going with Ron and the rest of the Weasleys to spend the summer with them.  You’ll also go there on your Christmas and Easter breaks.  We can’t have you being picked up by death eaters or returning to the Dark Lord’s house.”
Ares silently counted to ten while inside he was seething in rage at not being allowed home.  “Fine but I want you tell that bitch not to lock my familiars up in a cage like she did last year.”
“Now Ares I’m sure she is doing it for your own good.  In fact I think I’d best get rid of that snake of yours since we can’t have a light wizard talking to dark creatures.”
Bombarda! Dumbledore was blasted off his feet and sent into the hall.  “I’ll be sure to remember that headmaster.  Have a nice year,” Ares said as Iris followed her bonded into the Great Hall.  Ares noticed some of his followers smirking at their master’s actions towards Dumbledore.  “Do not attract attention to yourselves this summer.  If you’re in danger then there’s a house I bought in Sweden.  I will have to key you into the wards but you’ll be safe there and I’ll deal with your parents later. Pass the message onto the rest of Thorn Raven,” Ares hissed under his breath.
“Yes master,” Roger said. They followed Ares and Iris into the Great Hall and split up to their tables.  Ares saw Benjamin activate the raven pendant and send the message to all of his followers. 
“What happened Ares?” Hermione asked.
“I sent Dumbledore into the stairs in the Entrance Hall,” Ares said to laughter from his friends.  “He was pissing me off and as I suspected said I would be going to the Weasleys this summer.  Then he tried saying that Iris, Hedwig, Charon and Shadow being locked up was a good thing for me and tried taking Shadow from me.  I can’t wait until I get father back.”

End of Year 1

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nicholas Flamel

Frost and Brook looked down at the werewolf and wizard who were still unconscious on the floor.  “Romulus is going to be pissed and probably kill the wizard,” Frost said sitting down.
“Romulus knows that they came here to break the master/slave bond imposed on them by our mother,” Brook said sitting down beside her younger brother.  “I didn’t think the ritual would wipe them both out like this.  Romulus will be worried if we’re not back home.  Come on and help me.”
The two werewolves picked up the wizard and their fellow pack mate and made the slow journey home.  The rest of the pack was standing outside when they finally came into view.  “What happened?!” Romulus shouted looking from the unconscious wizard to his brother.
“They severed the master/slave bond and then they both blacked out,” Frost said whimpering at the way Romulus’s eyes suddenly grew hard. 
Romulus grabbed his brother and left the wizard lying in the snow. As far as he was concerned the wizard could die.  “I knew I should have stepped in and kept Orion from going to that school!”
“Romulus you know the law,” Brook said sadly.  “It’s not the wizard’s fault.  I doubt either of them knew the ritual would cause them to black.  Hell I didn’t even know it would cost them that much energy.”
Brook picked up the wizard and carried him up to Shadow’s old room.  The pack gathered around Orion waiting for him to awaken.  An hour passed and he finally stirred.  “ORION!” Romulus shouted grabbing his brother in his arms. 
“Romulus,” Orion said weakly.  “What happened?  Where’s Ares?”
“Ares is upstairs in Shadow’s…” at a glare from Romulus Brook quickly amended her statement… “I mean his room.  He’s still unconscious.  You and Ares completed the ritual severing the master/slave bond and then you both passed out.  Frost and I had to bring you both back home.”
“I have a good mind to keep you here Orion.  I am well within my rights as alpha to do this,” Romulus said looking at his younger brother.  “However,” and he looked at his pack, “I suppose it would be useful having a wizard in the pack.  So you’re allowed to go back when your leg heals but you are to come home at the first sign of danger to yourself. If I find out that you’re in any danger of being captured by the Werewolf Capture Unit of Britain or captured by Death Eaters I will find you and then I will keep you here for the rest of your life.”
Orion quickly nodded in agreement.  Above them there was the sound of water running.  “Ares must be awake.  Romulus may I go see him?”
Romulus nodded and Orion quickly dashed up the stairs and waited for Orion to come out. “Master,” Orion said quickly prostrating before Dark Raven. 
“What happened Claw?”
“The ritual to break the master/slave bond cost us both a lot of energy and we blacked out.  Brook and Frost brought us home and I only woke an hour ago.  My alpha is furious and says if I come to any harm or get captured by Death Eaters or the Werewolf Capture Unit he’s bringing me home and I won’t be returning to Hogwarts.”
“Did you tell your alpha about being part of Spina Corvos Claw?” Dark Raven asked looking down at his werewolf.
“No master.”
“You can if you want.  Now I must return to Hogwarts before our absence is further missed.  You are to come back as soon as your leg is healed.”
Dark Raven walked downstairs and strode into the fireplace and threw a pinch of floo powder into the flames before handing Orion the pouch.  “Since I haven’t seen any floo powder you can use my pouch.  Make sure to bring it back with you to Hogwarts.”
“Yes My Lord.”
Dark Raven stepped easily into his room and brushed the soot off his robes.  Ares!  You’re finally back!
Hello Iris, Ares said as Iris knocked him to the ground. 
How was the ritual master?
Fine except we both blacked out due to the expense of energy it cast.  Orion’s family seems nice though I gather the alpha is protective of his younger brother along with the rest of his pack.  Orion got into a fight with another werewolf and appears to have found a mate.
Master should find a mate as well so he can be happy.
Perhaps I will.  However I have no desire to begin looking for a mate at eleven years old.  Did anyone miss me?
No.  We suspect Dumbledore may be suspicious but it’s the weekend.  Where is Orion?
Back home.  He got a broken leg in the fight for his mate so he’s staying at his home until he has healed and then will be back in Hogwarts. It will take two weeks for his leg to heal.
Dark Raven summoned the package he had gotten from nobody and stared at the letter trying to piece it together. Annoyed he shouted for a house elf.  “Bring some food and pumpkin juice here and food for Iris and Shadow,” he commanded the elf that bowed and appeared moments later setting a tray of food on the table.  It vanished with another pop and he sat down in his chair in the meeting room.  Shadow slithered up onto the table and Iris curled at his feet under the table before they began eating.
His robes whipping around him Dark Raven, Iris and Shadow departed from his chambers and made their way back to Ravenclaw Tower.  His five ravens saw him and followed him up to the first year dorm before kneeling in front of their master.
Holding up his hands to stop the questions he knew was coming Dark Raven explained that Orion was back in his home with his pack, that he would not be returning for two weeks due to getting into a fight with another werewolf over Orion’s mate, and that the severing of the master/slave bond between him and Orion had gone well aside from costing them both a lot of energy and causing them to black out. 
“Any of you know who Nicholas Flamel is?” Dark Raven asked his ravens.
“Oh!” Hermione cried.  She pulled out a wizard card with the picture of Dumbledore on it. Turning it over she read: “Considered by many the greatest wizard of modern times, Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the Dark Wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragons blood, and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel. Professor Dumbeldore enjoys chamber music and ten-pin bowling."
“So Nicholas Flamel created the Sorcerer’s Stone that can turn any metal into pure gold and produce the Elixir of Life which will make the drinker immortal.  Gather Spina Corvos.  We’re going to pay a little visit.  Make sure to change into your robes and masks.”
“Yes master,” they said. The five ravens got their robes and masks and hurried to the other three houses to get the rest of their group.  Spina Corvos and Dark Raven went to Dark Raven’s chambers.  Open, Dark Raven hissed at the snake and they went through the passageway to the meeting room. 
“I have a second pouch of floo powder on the mantel,” Dark Raven said taking the pouch and passing it to his fifteen followers.  “We’re going to go see Nicholas Flamel and find out about the Sorcerer’s Stone and where it is hidden.”
“Master what do you want with the Sorcerer’s Stone?” Benjamin asked.
“I want to make myself immortal and I will not make the same mistake as father with Horcruxes.  Also being able to turn metal into pure gold sounds like it would be useful.  We’re going there to talk and not to kill if possible.  I’m not sure if you can die if you have the Elixir of Life. That’s partly what I intend to find out.”
One by one his followers followed him through the floo network until they arrived in the town of Devon.  Their robes rippled in the sharp winter wind that swirled around them as they made their way down the street. Spotting a woman standing in front of a fountain Dark Raven latched onto her mind and yanked out the information he was looking for. “Griffin take care of her,” Dark Raven ordered.
“Yes My Lord,” Griffin said and raised his wand to point at the unsuspecting woman.  “Avada Kedavara!”  The jet of green light hit the woman and her body crumpled to the ground.  “Elhalsto!” Griffin shouted and the Deathly Hallows appeared above the woman’s dead body. 
Dark Raven and Spina Corvos turned left and began walking through the narrow twisting streets until they arrived at a small cottage.  “Alohomora,” Dark Raven said and the door unlocked before Spina Corvos swept into the room after their Lord.  Noticing a light on in the living room Dark Raven motioned for half of his followers to search the rest of the house while the other half went with him.  There sat an old man by the fire with a book in his hands. 
“Nicholas Flamel is it?” Dark Raven asked lacing his voice with magic.
“Yes?” Nicholas jumped when he saw eight children in blue robes with black ravens on the front and silver masks that hid their faces standing in the living room.  Seven of the children waited for the leader’s instructions.  They looked to be a bunch of first years! 
“I am Dark Raven.  I’ve come to ask you about the Sorcerer’s Stone that you hid in Hogwarts.”
Nicholas Flamel paled at that.  “How do you know about the Sorcerer’s Stone?”
“Dumbledore’s wizard card mentioned you and that you created the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Imagine having a stone that can turn any metal into pure gold and give the drinker immortality. I assume that is how you and your dear wife haven’t died yet.  Am I correct?”
A scream sounded from upstairs.  “Perenelle!” Nicholas shouted leaping up from his chair.  Instantly seven wands were pointed at him. The leader calmly walked into the room and took a seat across from Nicholas while twirling his wand around in his pale spidery fingers.  “Don’t move Nicholas or it will be the last thing you ever do.  You wouldn’t want any harm to come to your dear wife now would you?”
There was stomping down the stairs and the seven members parted to reveal eight more children which with the oldest being a third year.  In front of them was Perenelle bound and gagged as she was shoved before their master.  Two of the second years held her down in front of the first year.
“Now Nicholas are you going to talk or do I need to have my followers curse your wife?”
“Don’t hurt her!  I’ll tell you anything you want to know!”
“Good.  That wasn’t so hard was it?” Dark Raven waved a hand and Perenelle was dragged away in front of the waiting circle of Thorn Ravens.  “Where is the stone hidden?”
“I won’t tell you!”
Dark Raven sighed and looked towards his followers.  “CRUCIO!” Benjamin shouted pointing his wand at Perenelle whose muffled screams could barely be heard over the laughter of Spina Corvos as they watched the woman’s eyes roll into the back of her head and her body thrashed on the floor in front of them.
“Flamel?  Are you going to answer my questions now?”
Flamel picked up the book and tossed it at the child in front of him.  One of the others darted forward and slammed his fist into Flame’s face knocking his head back.  He was roughly grabbed and thrown onto the floor where a few of the group broke formation and began kicking the renowned alchemist for daring to harm their master.  “Enough,” Dark Raven said and the beating stopped. 
“Bad move,” Dark Raven said.  Looking at Spina Corvos he raised an eyebrow and they quickly scattered as he leveled his wand and pointed it at Perenelle.  “Avada Kedavara.”  Perenelle’s eyes widened in fear as the jet of green light hit her and she lay still unmoving.
“The sorcerer’s stone is in the mirror of Erisd!  Dumbledore put it in the mirror and it’s going to be moved down to some underground chambers at Hogwarts!”
“If you had told me that sooner than your wife needed haven’t died.  It’s your own fault for trying to harm me.  So it appears my answer to one of my unasked questions has proven correct. You can die even if you drink the Elixir of Life.  How do you get the stone from the mirror?”
“Only one who wants to get the stone, get it and not use it can remove it from the mirror.  But I didn’t tell Dumbledore the other way to get the stone.”
“There’s another way? Do tell,” Dark Raven said leaning back in the chair. 
“You just have to chant “Stone of power and forged from death hear my plea.  Color of blood come to me. Stone of blood, death and screams serve my will and you’ll be free.”
“Thank you.”
Dark Raven got up and stepped over the dead woman before walking through his followers.  Emerald raised her wand at Nicholas Flamel.  “No! Please!  I told you what you wanted to know!”
“True but we can’t risk having Dumbledore find out about us.  Besides I think you have lived long enough,” Dark Raven said stopping and turning back to look at Nicholas. “Goodbye Nicholas.”
“Avada Kedavara!” Emerald shouted.  Going outside Griffin cast the Deathly Hallows above the house and they left the street before returning to Hogwarts. 
“At least you all listen to me.  Father’s Death Eaters usually ignored the rule about raping female followers and innocent women,” Dark Raven said once they were all back in his meeting room.  “They experienced a long and painful death at the hands of father.  Another problem with my father’s Death Eaters is they would rather kill each other to rise higher in the ranks and people like the Malfoys will no doubt be trying to bribe the Ministry to stay out of prison while others who are loyal to father like the Lestranges will gladly go to Azkaban to await my father’s return to power.”
“Master will you be trying to resurrect your father?” Roger asked.
“Yes Roger.  That is my plan.  Now except for my inner circle leave and make sure you remove your robes and masks before leaving.”
Everyone left except for Dark Raven’s inner circle.  “Ravens how goes my disappearance from our common room?”
“Except for Professor Flitwick I suspect none of them care master,” Indigo said.  “Not many of the students care.  But Dumbledore… he has been questioning your absence from the common room. Of course we haven’t said anything to him and with your training our Occulumency shields are strong.”
“Well then I suppose I should get back to the common room then.  Come on let’s go.”
When they left Dark Raven’s chambers the inner circle split up to head to their respective common rooms.  Dark Raven and his fellow ravens went to their common room in the west tower on the fifth floor.
It lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, and is born in air. What is it?
“An echo,” Hermione said.
Good.  The door to their common room swung open and they split up to go to their separate dorms.  Sighing Ares fell into his bed with his thoughts swimming of how he could locate the Mirror of Erisid.