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Dark Flame Chapter 13

This is the last chapter of Dark Flame.
A pack of wolves sat looking at the ocean. It was a magnificent sight. Before the wolves was a freshly killed moose.
I miss Silver and the others, Marigold said.
We are part of a strong coven now. Much stronger than if we had stayed with the others, Zachary said.
"We need to find a boat that will take us across," Azul spoke.
They all turned to look. He had resumed his human form.
Where are we going? Idris asked.
"Shadow Mountain." Azul answered.
"Why not just apparate?" Acorn said. He had also taken on his human form.
"I don't think that is wise. With Jasmine being turned, killing Light's fledglings, and the four newcomers..."
"Still it would be easier than taking a boat over. It would cut our journey in half," Acorn said.
"Well what does everybody think?" Azul asked.
It is the best thing for us. "Then we'll finish our meal and then leave."
Acorn and Azul once again resumed wolf form and they began tearing into the carcass. After an hour they apparated to Shadow Mountain. They went down the long tunnel that was hidden off a rocky pathway.
As they walked down the dark tunnel they heard laughter. It sounded like a party was going on. Their stomachs rumbled so they quickened their pace. After half an hour they arrived in the main entrance to Shadow Mountain.Within a few minutes they emerged into a large stone caravan with paintings mounted at various points along the room. A few vampires looked up but when they noticed Azul they went back to talking amongst themselves.
Azul led his family down through a twist of tunnels into the residence area of Shadow Mountain and led them to a medium size room, with plenty of space to accompany a family of Azul's size. They collapsed on the beds and laid there looking up at the stone ceiling above them. Idris and Christopher sifted restlessly.
We need to be sure that Elder's family isn't here. Idris said to his brother.
Yes otherwise we'll get killed for sure. Or they will tell Azul what we did.
But it was an accident!
That doesn't matter to elders and ancients. Plus the fact that we killed our sire...
He was a waste of a vampire! Idris snapped.
"How does everyone feel about food?" Acorn asked.
"Sounds good.  Blood or human food?" Marigold asked.
They got up and then went down a couple of tunnels into a cafeteria. Vampires were milling around eating and some were feeding on the bleeders, humans who offered their blood to the vampires when they couldn't hunt. There was also a strong supply of regular slaves who the vampires could feed off as well. The slaves were mainly homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes. The misfit underdogs of human society.They would never be missed.
Idris and Christopher stopped dead in their tracks. A few tables from them was the brother of the elder they had accidentally killed. And he was an Ancient.

Christopher's Proverb:

Shit. Who would have guessed that the Elder's brother would be here?
Idris and Christopher stopped dead in their tracks. They glanced at each other in fear.
Maybe he won't know who we are, Idris said.
No. I assume that the Elder told his brother about us. We don't stand a chance against an Ancient.
Then what should we do?
I don't know. Remember that our sire did not take us to Shadow Mountain. I have no idea who Ancients operate.
Maybe we should leave here.
And go where? Azul will wonder why we left his coven. We won't survive if that Ancient knows who we are. Knows that we murdered his brother.
His brother should have identified himself as an Elder before we attacked him.
Perhaps we can disappear somewhere. Live as wolves once more.
Ihated that kind of life. It was fun when we had our freedom but to live the rest of our days in hiding...

Azul's Proverb:

"Hey Idris!  Christopher!  What are you guys doing? The rest of the family is already getting in line for food. Aren't you guys hungry?"
The Ancient looked up at the mention of their names. He frowned and narrowed his eyes at them, trying to place their faces in his memory.
"Umm we'll eat later," Idris said quickly.
"Yeah I think I need some blood first after that long journey," Christopher said.
Azul shrugged and hurried after Jasmine. He growled at her and picked her up before moving in front of her. "What's up with Idris and Christopher?" Jasmine asked.
"No idea," Azul said shrugging his shoulders.
The Ancient followed the two vampires with his eyes. It was easy to break through their minds. Snarling he flinched as his brother's face surfaced. So these were the two vampires who had killed his brother Xavier. He would have to deal with them later. For now he wanted to finish his meal and have a word with Azul. The Old Blood who probably had no idea what Idris and Christopher had done.
He gulped down the Draker, an alcoholic drink made of a pint of vodka and three pints of human blood, and got up. He walked up to Azul and searched his mind searching... No the two killers had told him nothing. This Old Blood had no idea.
Azul turned at the cough and jerked back in surprise nearly knocking over the punch bowl. "Singing Arrow what a surprise to see you hear."
"You've heard of me?" Singing Arrow said, shock registering on his face.
"Who has not? You are a great leader, the killer of Iris, the rakjun."
"I see you picked up quite a following."He leaned toward Jasmine. "This Youngling is your mate?"
"Yes. Jasmine meet Singing Arrow. He is an Ancient, and part of a rakun. A rakjun is a small assassin team."
"Who was Iris?"
"Iris was a vampire who betrayed our kind to the musteer, half-breeds and rouge vampires.There was a huge war. The Ancients and Elders set up small rakjuns to infiltrate and kill the musteer swiftly from the inside.The few musteer who survived are now held prisoner in Siberia."
"I was surprised that you had picked up two rookies."
"They joined us and I did not sense anything wrong with them. But they do not seem to be telling me the truth," Azul said.
"You remember Xavier right?"
"Your brother."
"Yes. Those two rookies you picked up killed Xavier."
There was silence. Then Azul spoke. "I know the punishment for younglings killing an Elder or Ancient. And they will face punishment. I will not stop your family from punishing them for your brother's death. But Iask that you leave them in one piece. They helped me fight Light's fledglings and make for wonderful comrades in battle."
"We will take your request into consideration."
Singing Arrow turned and left. A couple of other vampires got up and followed him down the passage to the residence quarters. No doubt to go get Idris and Christopher. Jasmine turned toward Azul.
"What type of punishment will they face?"
"Death. But because I have spoken then perhaps they will be spared death and given a lighter punishment."
"What constitutes as a lighter punishment?"
"Transporters. Watchers. Slavery for seven months is the lightest punishment one can get for killing an Elder or Ancient."
"Can't you stop it?"
"No. It is up to Singing Arrow and his family to decide on the punishment. Singing Arrow happens to be one of the few royal families of our kind. I cannot go against a family of royal ancients."

Idris's Proverb:

Footsteps sounded and then stopped in front of their door. Idris and Christopher tensed waiting. They snarled as Singing Arrow and the two vampire guards came in. Vampire guards were Old Bloods who had spent their years on the fringes of normal vampire society. One might call them rogues, but unlike rogues, these Old Bloods followed the laws and rules set up for all their kind. And they also did not turn people. They were known for being incredibly loyal and fast.
"Take them."
"Who are you?" Idris shouted.
"I am Singing Arrow. Brother of Xavier Cross."
They flinched. "You are an Ancient?  From a royal family?" Christopher asked in disbelief.
"Azul will protect us."
"Azul knows now what you did to my brother.  He has consented to the punishment."
Christopher rounded on Idris. "I told you we should have told Azul about what we did before we joined his coven."
Singing Arrow sighed and shot lightning at them. They dodged away from it and the two vampire guards quickly shackled their hands and feet together. The five of them marched out and went deeper into Shadow Mountain. Down into the prison.

Their eyes adjusted to the darkness. Even though they didn't need light to see by, a guard carried a torch. The flickering light glanced off the earthen walls of the tunnels, casting a spooky glow. They were so far down now that they could no longer hear the laughter and chatter of the main area of Shadow Mountain.
Idris and Christopher were thrown into a cell and Singing Arrow and the guards left. Triestes had woven magic into the dungeon, making it impossible for vampires to escape their cells. Even apparition would not work down here. Long ago the Triestes and vampires had been friends.The vampires had allowed the Triestes to weave their magic in the dungeons but then vampires began being murdered by supporters of Triestes. So the vampires and triestes had become enemies. It had been sixty thousand years since the Triestes and vampires had become immortal enemies.
"What are we going to do?" Idris asked
"There is nothing we can do except await our punishment. Hopefully we will not be killed."
They sat there ashamed of what they had done. But it wasn't their fault for not knowing what Elders and Ancients looked like. They could not be found responsible for their actions. They were younglings who had just experienced freedom. Surely the Elders and Ancients would pity them.
A few days later they woke to the sound of their cage being opened.They had been denied food and blood so they were weak.It would make it less of a hassle then to restrain two full strength vampires up to the throne room where they would be tried and then sentenced. Idris and Christopher couldn't put up a fight at all.
It took only one hour to reach a decision. "Idris and Christopher. You are hereby sentenced to death for the murder of Elder Xavier Cross. The punishment is to be carried out immediately."
They looked at each other. Suddenly fire exploded in front of the Elders and Ancients sitting on the thrones. They transformed and ran after the pack of wolves fleeing the scene. "After them!"
Come on you two!  Hurry up or we will all be killed.
Yes. Shut up and come on.
They ran onward, fighting their way through the startled vampires. Down the tunnels and out into the open night. They were panting, a bedraggled pack of fifteen wolves. For it wasn't just the original group who had escaped; there were six other wolves who had taken that chance to escape with Azul's family. Six wolves who would become part of Azul's coven.

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Dark Flame Chapter 12

"We are here to avenge Light," a vampire snarled at us.
"Get out of here!" Acorn spat. "Do you idiots really want to have a battle here with all these humans watching?"
"Doesn't matter to us," the vampire said shrugging his shoulders.
"I think we should find somewhere else," another vampire said.
"Silence Silver!"
"But Cassidy..."
Cassidy snarled at Silver and threw him back into the pack of Light's fledglings. Then he turned to Azul. "Are you going to fight us or not?"
"Fine. If that is what you want. But when these humans get killed and you get hunted down like rats then you'll regret not moving this battle."
They quickly apparated into the forest and Light's fledglings quickly fanned out around Azul's coven. They snarled at Azul's family but then five vampires stepped forward. It was Zachery followed by a young girl, a man who appeared thirty, and two women.
"Silver, Marigold, Daisy, Hannah what are you doing?!" Shouted Cassidy.
"We were forced to become vampires against our will Cassidy. We did not choose this life," Silver said.
"We ask you Azul, if you will take us into your coven," Hannah said.
"If you leave us then we will hunt you down and kill you!" Threatened Cassidy.
"And we will be waiting for you," Silver replied.
Three more vampires stepped forward and the forsakers bowed their heads to Azul. It was an ancient vampire custom. When vampires from another sire broke free and sought to join another vampire's coven they bowed their heads in allegiance to the head vampire. If the head vampire approved of the joining he dipped his head in return.
Azul studied the eight forsakers and then dipped his head. They quickly joined Azul and his coven. "So you would betray your sire?" Cassidy asked.
"Yes. Even if it meant death," Hannah said.
"Death it will be. Take them all!" Cassidy shouted.
Light's fledglings were Earth vampires. The forsakers who had joined Azul were a match for the other Earth vampires. They easily blocked their former comrades which gave Azul and his family easy access to kill Light's fledglings.
The battle raged on for an hour and at last it was over. Even Idris and Christopher did well at fighting. When it was over all the vampires on the other side were dead except for two children. They gazed at the forsakers and then dipped their heads to Azul. He quickly read their minds and then dipped his head in return. They transformed and ran off towards the direction of the Atlantic Ocean.

The forsakers turned to Azul.They didn't seem bothered by having helped kill their blood brothers and blood sisters. They were alive and that was all that mattered to them.
They chatted amongst themselves while two of them kept an eye on Azul and his family. They quit speaking as Acorn loped up to them, followed by Dusk and Christopher.
"Why did you join Azul's Coven?" Acorn asked.
"You heard our answer before we helped you kill our blood brothers and blood sisters," Marigold said.
"Peace Marigold," Zachary said. "He's only asking a legitimate question."
"Many of us were turned into vampires against our will. We never asked to become part of the undead. We lost our families and our entire lives when we died and became born again as vampires." Hannah said.
"So you turned on your sire because he turned you all against your will?"
"I have only seen vampire children. These two were turned?" Dusk asked.
"Yes they are brother and sister. Light thought it would be fun to turn children."
"They were considered his pets even as vampires," Zachary scoffed.
The forsakers startled and grouped together as Azul loped over. He sat down and then transformed into his human form before studying them. Then he nodded and went back over to his mate and Honey.
"Honey is my daughter," Acorn said to Zachary.
"A beauty."
"What can we do to convince Azul to like us?" Silver asked.
"Just be on your best behavior."
"Maybe it is because Azul's family is now too large."
"We have no problem making our own coven," Marigold said.
"Then if you want to make your own coven go ahead," Acorn said. "We already have seven vampires in our coven."
"Marigold and I will stay with you," Zachary said. "I know Silver and Hannah want to leave."
"Then who will be the one in charge of the new coven?" Acorn asked.
"I will," a vampire said stepping forward.
"We should elect on this issue." Silver said.
"Cain should be leader," Hannah said.
"I agree that Cain should be leader," the boy said
"What about you Silver?" Daisy asked.
"No I don't have the ability to be a leader," Silver said.
"Then Cain is the leader." Zachary said
The  eight forsakers shook hands with Zachary and Marigold and headed East. Zachary and Marigold watched them and then went back to Azul. As they crested the hill they saw the Atlantic Ocean in front of them and heard the howls of wolves, a goodbye farewell.

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Dark Flame Chapter 11

Idris's Proverb:

I watched Christopher talk the Old Blood. I knew instantly that the Old Blood's mate was a Youngling by the way the other three vampires stayed away from her. Idris they've accepted us. But they are wary of you. They sense that we are not telling them the truth.
I knew they wouldn't accept us right away. Do you think we should tell them the truth?
No. Not until we pass their tests and see how they operate.
Sure Christopher. You better know what you are doing. Remember the last time we tried to join a coven?
I remember Idris.
"Okay everyone let's go get something to eat." Azul said. We hung back behind the group so we could talk.
"What do you think they'll do to us when they find out why we ran?" I asked Christopher.
"No idea. The Old Blood wasn't happy when I probed his mind."
"As to be expected from an Old Blood."
"Well considering how we killed an Elder we're going to be dead soon anyway if they catch up with us. That is why we need a coven. We'll be safer from the Elders if we are in a coven."
"I sense the Youngling is troubled." I commented.
"Yes. I sensed that as well. I also smelled the faint scent of a Trieste upon her."
Christopher wrinkled his nose in disgust. "I wonder if it was the same Trieste who gave you that scar?"
"We'll have to question the Youngling but I don't think the Old Blood will allow us to be near his mate."
"That could be a problem. If we end up having a clan of Triestes and Elders after us..."
"We'll deal with that when the time comes."I said.

1673: Boston, MA

"Idris come to town with me." Christopher said.
"What for Christopher?"
"For a walk on the town."
As they walked along the street they whistled at the pretty girls and laughed with each other about their teacher Mr. Frances.
"Good evening gentlemen. Do you have the time?"
"It's 8:00 in the evening" Idris replied looking at his watch.
"Do you mind helping me with my horse? I'm afraid I've lamed the poor thing's leg."
"Right away." Idris said cheerfully.
"Idris I don't think..." Christopher started but Idris and the man had disappeared. Panicking he ran down the street calling his brother's name and then heard a scream. He ran to a shadowy alley and saw his brother Idris bleeding from the neck.
"Idris!" Christopher fell to his knees besides his brother and pressed his hand against the wound.
"Christopher... that man is a... v... vampire."
"Look out!" Idris screamed.
Christopher didn't have time to move as the vampire threw him into the wall and buried his fangs into the neck of Idris. Idris couldn't move due to blood loss and soon the light from his eyes faded. The vampire raised his head and lunged at Christopher. He screamed as the vampire slammed him hard against the wall and tore into his neck. He struggled as the vampire lapped up the meal and gradually he sank into death's embrace.
Christopher woke up. He turned his head and saw Idris sitting next to him.He tried to sit up but screamed as pain shot through his body. The door opened and the vampire came in dragging a young girl with him. She was gagged and had her hands tied behind her back.
"Hurts doesn't it?" The vampire said to him. "It will pass soon."
"What have you done to us?" Idris asked.
"Well I decided to make you into vampires. I was hungry and then decided I wouldn't mind having some friends to play with. We could make such a good team together."
"You bastard! I'll kill you!" Idris shouted running at the vampire.
He laughed and threw the girl at Idris. Idris jumped over the girl and she hit her head on the cement floor. Then the vampire slashed the girl's face with a knife and looked at Idris. Christopher had managed to sit up this time and was staring transfixed at the girl.
"I'll let you two feed. You'll feel so much better after your meal."
The vampire left and locked the door. Idris ran over to Christopher and helped him to stand. They turned and stared at the women, licking their fangs. Then they lunged at the poor women and began to feed...

1683: Apache Land

"Idris come with me," the vampire said.
Idris snarled at his blood father and struggled against his grip.
But his blood father was too strong for him. He was after all an Old Blood.
"Idris!" Shouted Christopher.
The Old Blood snarled at Christopher and lashed his power out which sent the cage Christopher was in flying against the far wall. Then he turned and dragged a struggling Idris away.
Christopher snarled and wrenched the bars off his cage. He scrambled through the opening and lunged at his blood father.
The Old Blood and two Younglings snarled at each other. Idris and Christopher had often been sent out to hunt for their blood father and Idris was their blood father's slave. They hadn't had the opportunity to practice their powers or their fighting skills. Christopher lunged at his blood father's throat but he was thrown away like a rag doll. Idris snarled and jumped on their blood father, his weight knocking the older vampire to the ground. Christopher ran back and sank his fangs into the Old Blood's throat and used his teeth to tear off the flesh. The Old Blood snarled in anger and struggled to get the two Younglings off but he hadn't been out for five years so he was slow in his reflexes. Idris pulled out the knife that he had hidden in his boot and slammed it into the Old Blood's chest. There was a scream and then a pile of dust.
"Let's get out of here," Idris said. With a final look of disgust they stumbled out of the home and fled into the night...

1690: Yukon Territory, Canada

"Christopher let's go home and see our family," Idris said.
They were standing in the woods. The moon and stars were out. A dead deer lay in a small pool of blood. They hadn't had human blood for three weeks and were starving. Their powers and senses were weak from lack of human blood. A vampire could not go longer than a week without human blood. But it was hard to find any humans this far north.
"We need to feed first. We need to find a human to feed on before we go anywhere," Christopher said.
"Then we'll have to go south." Idris said.
Christopher's stomach grumbled. "And get some food in our bellies." They laughed.
For once they were two their normal selves again. Two young boys playing in the pond instead of going to school. Working hard on their father's farm to feed the family. Crying as they watched their father yell at their older brother for committing the ultimate act of betrayal and engaging in sexual relations with the Governor's daughter.
Their life as free vampires was still something they were getting used to. It seemed like they were trying to make up for the time they had lost in their blood father's home.
"Who knows if our family is still alive?" Idris said sadly. "I just want to see if they still are."
"As do I my brother. But we must be prepared for their death. And what if they are alive? Do you really think our father will allow us back into our old home? Don't you remember the stories our father used to tell us?"
"But we are not like the vampires of the Old World. We don't feed off of pregnant women and try not to feed on children under ten."
"Aye but you know our father. He won't care that we are not like those of our kind in the Old World."
They fell silent and then began journeying south. Days passed without any signs of humans and then one day they smelled the familiar bitter taste of fear. They listened and heard the panting of an animal and then tensed as they got wind of a new scent. It was of a powerful predator. They had only encountered Rookies and the occasional Old Blood in their time in the Yukon.
The prey screamed as it fell. They heard a snarl and ran towards the place where they had heard the prey falling. A chase by another predator was always exciting. Often they would try to track the prey and worry it until it stopped or fell down in exhaustion. Fighting with bears and mountain lions was a thrilling event for them and when they managed to kill one which was rare, it was a success.
They were so hungry that they did not realize the vampire was much older than an Old Blood. They had heard of the Elders and Ancients but had never seen any for themselves. They lunged at the vampire as he bent down to feed on the prey. He was caught off guard and the two brothers snarled as they tore into the other vampire. Idris snarled as the prey managed to get to his feet and quickly brought the prey down again with a sharp kick to the legs.
Idris grabbed a hatchet that the prey had been carrying and quickly hacked off the older vampire's head. Then they turned toward the prey and hungrily tore into it. For just a moment they were like the insane vampires they had been sixteen years ago.Then they searched through the vampire's pockets and found small card. It had a dagger in a bat under the moon and a few words underneath which read:
Xavier Cross. Turned: 800 AD. Blood father: Yak Underwood. Status: Elder.

"What are we going to do about the Old Blood?" Idris asked Christopher.
"Nothing. Just stay out of his way and we'll be fine."
"What about that Youngling? She reeks of Trieste."
Ignore her Idris."

Acorn's Proverb:

"Is there a problem Christopher?"
"No. My brother is just broody today."
"Okay. What can you two transform into?"
"That is good. I never paid attention to other blood lines. I know there are Earth vampires, Fire vampires and Water vampires."
"I don't understand the point of water vampires myself."
"What is your line?"
"Earth vampires."
"So who is the Youngling?"
"That is Azul's mate."
"And he's your father?"
"Yeah. He's a pretty good friend to have when you need him. He doesn't abandon his fledglings like the majority of our kind."
"How do you mean?"
"Unlike most of our kind Azul stays with all his fledglings until they turn five years old and regain their sanity."
"Sounds like a good guy. So what made Azul attracted to that Youngling?"
"You'll have to ask him."

Azul's Proverb:

"I need to do something about those two newcomers," I said to Jasmine.
"Like what?"
"I'm not sure yet. I believe Dusk. There is something they are not telling us."
"Well they bring the Elders upon us?"
"I'm not sure."
"What will we do if the Elders attack us?"
"Right now we need to worry about Christopher and Idris. And we also need to worry about Light's fledglings coming after us."
We apparated to a small restaurant and took a booth in the back. When around humans we had to be careful about revealing our true nature. It was annoying really having to walk as slow as a human or to try to be miserable. Since finding Jasmine and turning her into my mate, life was wonderful for me. I felt like I had something to live for.
"Honey you need to eat," Dusk said quietly to her daughter.
"But I'm not hungry for food."
Dusk growled low in her throat at the remark. "You know we need to be careful not to draw attention to ourselves."
"It's alright Dusk. She'll learn with time. Just be kind to her," Acorn said to his wife.
"I'll take you hunting myself later if you like," I said to Honey.
"Thanks Azul!"
Just then there was a sound outside. I looked up and my heart sank.Standing outside were twenty of Light's fledglings.

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Dark Flame Chapter 10

I gazed at Jasmine's limp form and looked up as Acorn came running into the room.
"Azul I'm so sorry. I tried to stop Light and the others from hurting Jasmine."
I picked her up and and carried her out of the room. Then I laid her on the ground and pulled the piece of sharp wood out of her stomach. The wound healed within seconds and I caressed her hair. As soon as she regained her senses I helped her stand up. "It's time to go away from here. Can you walk?"
"Yes. What happened?"
"You were attacked by Light. Don't worry," I said as I saw the fear in her eyes. "He's dead."
Looking at Acorn I shook his hand. "If you want to come with us feel free."
"I'd be glad to. If you are sure it will be alright with your mate."
"Well Jasmine?"
"I'd be happy if Acorn came with us."
"Then it is settled. Let's get going."

Acorn's Proverb:

I glanced at Azul and Jasmine. It was so nice how my blood father doted on my blood sister. I was only two hundred years old but I had fought Light to the best of my ability and Azul knew that. I gathered my mate Dusk from my room and our child Honey and together we left the mansion. The five of us were now a coven.
Dusk was of Mexican origin. She was only twenty years old in vampire years but appeared eighteen in human years.Our daughter Honey was a spitting image of her mother. We traveled at night and slept during the day in order to not draw attention to ourselves. We curled up together under the thick branches of the thicket where we were sheltered as the rain came down.
"Daddy I'm hungry," Honey said to me.
"We just fed a few hours ago. Go back to sleep. Tomorrow we'll catch you a fox."
"I want a friend to play with."
"We'll talk about this tomorrow."
"Someone a couple of years younger then me."
"Tomorrow Honey."
I kissed her softly and watched her fall back asleep. It wouldn't be long before we hopped a ship to China.Then we'd start a new life as a family.

Jasmine's Proverb:

The noon rays shone brightly into my face as I awoke from a deep sleep. My stomach grumbled and I shook Azul awake. He shut his eyes at the noon sun and jumped to his feet.
"I'm hungry."
"For food or do you want to feed?"
"Both," I admitted.
He nodded and then led me away from our family. I quickly picked up the scent of another vampire and snarled. Azul paused and sniffed the air.
"Rookies," He said to me. "I'll deal with them."
I caught the scent of a deer and ran after the animal. Azul easily ran past me in wolf form and bit into the animal's neck. He growled as the deer tried to throw him. But Azul hung on while I caught up and bit into the animal's haunch. Together we brought the animal down. Just then the two Rookies appeared.

Azul's Proverb:

"What do you two want?" I snarled at them. I got up and stood over my mate and prey with my teeth bared. I had resumed my human form in order to feed. Acorn bring your family here at once! We have company.The two vampires hesitated on the edge of the clearing and cringed as they sensed my aura. Acorn, Dusk, and Honey quickly appeared and stood off to the side waiting for my orders. They knew that since I was the oldest of the group and the father of Jasmine and Acorn that I was the leader of my coven.
The two Rookies glanced at each other. I could see that they were identical twins, but one of them had a scar on the right side of his face. That would make it easy to tell them apart.
"My name's Idris," the one with the scar said. "This is my brother Christopher."
"We saw you escaping from Rancor's." Christopher said. "We're sick of being on our own so we decided to follow you."
"Lucky I'm a tracker," Idris said. "It wasn't that difficult to figure out where you were."
"So will you let us join your family?" Christopher asked glancing around at my group.
"A tracker huh?" I asked. "I've only known a couple trackers in my life and they both died when they caught up to me."

Christopher's Proverb:

Easy Idris. We want to join his coven and be a family. Not get killed, I said to my brother.
I just don't like how this Old Blood thinks he is better than us. And what does he mean he killed two trackers already?
If you stay cool and let me talk, I'll ask him about that.  Idris nodded and I turned to the vampire named Azul. "Forgive my brother. We've had a trying time lately. Anyway we were born in 1668 to poor farmers. Our childhood was hard and our eldest brother left our family once he turned fourteen."
"More like he got thrown out of the house." Idris put in.
"As I was saying, when we became teenagers a man came and asked us if we wanted to participate in a game. Being young and stupid we accepted.We lost and he turned us into vampires and then kept us locked up for ten years. We were responsible for hunting for him and gradually we plotted our escape.When he took Idris from me (he was rather fond of Idris) I killed him and we've been living on our own ever since."

Azul's Proverb:

What do you all think? I asked my family privately.
No doubt Light's fledglings will come after us. The more vampires we have in our family the better. Acorn said.
But we don't know anything about them. I get a bad vibe from the one named Idris. Christopher seems fine, but I sensed there was something they weren't telling us. Dusk said.
Jasmine? I asked my mate.
I don't know if I should have a say in this. I'm only a new vampire. But I think we should give them a chance. We can always kill them later if they turn against us.
Then it is settled. We'll let them in on a two month notice. If they pass they will be allowed to stay.

"We've discussed the matter and decided you will be able to join us on a probationary basis for two months. During that time you will be assigned tasks as a pair and separately and if you pass them all then we'll let you stay with us on a permanent basis. But if you turn against us then we won't hesitate to kill you."
"Agreed," Idris and Christopher said.
"Then let's go and find some real food to eat." I said.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 9

“It has been a long time since I have seen you. What brings you to my humble abode?”
“My mate was kidnapped by a Trieste. I killed a few of them and we had to leave. I thought I would ask you for your help.”
“I see.” Rancor got up and walked over to us. He lowered his head to Jasmine and stared at her. “This vampire mate of yours has been in contact with Triestes before?” He asked.
“Yes. There was a Trieste at her school.”
“And it was the Trieste’s family you killed?”
“I can’t believe you finally found a mate after a thousand years.”
“Well this human drew me to her. Though I am still not sure what attracted me to her. Darkling was hunting her.”
“Darkling was a mistake. Even I don’t appreciate Ruby making him. He is the kind of vampire who will get us all killed.”
“Then why don’t you kill him? I know Rancor you have the power to do that.”
“Because then Ruby would whine about it and never let me hear the end of it. I should never have turned her.”
I’m hungry. Jasmine said to me.
You just fed a few minutes ago. I told you it isn’t good for you to be feeding nonstop like that. You’ll make yourself sick.
No not blood. I want food.
You need to sleep.
“Rancor what do you say? Do you mind us staying here?”
“Fine with me. Just wash your mate in the cold spring to get rid of that Trieste scent.”
I led Jasmine up two flights of stairs and led her down the hallway to the fourth door on the left. I shut the door on Jasmine and then went back to Rancor. He was feeding on one of the bleeders. A bleeder was a human who offered their blood to the vampires if they couldn’t feed. A vampire would need to feed on fifteen bleeders if he couldn’t hunt in order to stay alive.
“Are you hungry?”
“I fed a while ago.”
Rancor nodded to himself and then released the bleeder. I ignored the human and sat down in a chair. “Your sister is here.”
“Where is she?”
“I think she’s outback using some slaves as target practice.”
“Are you having trouble with your slaves Rancor?”
“Some of them still don’t understand the point of being silent. I had one slave who actually thought it would be funny to try to kill me.”
“Well I’m going to find Maya.”
“Have fun.”
I located Maya and quickly found her outside. Maya. Quit playing with the humans and turn around.
Maya ran to me and hugged me. The humans took that moment to run back inside. She was my blood daughter and at the same time my sister. I had turned her into a vampire after I had killed her family after being turned by Ruby but I hadn’t been able to kill Maya. I sank my fangs into her neck and lapped up a little of her blood as she did the same to me. It was a common greeting among vampire siblings.
“Where have you been Azul?”
“I recently came back from Greece Maya. How are you?”
“Doing OK. Zachary is here. And so is Sebastian.”
“Is he treating you and Sebastian good? I won’t have any vampire harassing my sister.”
“Don’t worry Azul he treats us well. Sebastian will be happy to see you.”
“I have something to tell you. I finally found myself a mate. She was turned a couple days ago.”
Sebastian was my nephew and Zachary was my brother-in-law. He was a few years older than me. I followed Maya back inside and up the first flight of stairs to the first room on the right. She opened the door and stepped aside so I could enter. Then I was knocked off my feet by Sebastian as he ran to me. Vampire children are a little bit stronger than a full grown vampire.
“Azul you’re here!”
I pushed Sebastian off me and got to my feet. Looking past Sebastian I saw Zachary laying on the bed. “Hello Zachary.”
“Azul.” He nodded.
“How is the hunting?”
“Going well.”
“I see. Maya come with me.”
I led Maya to my room and she followed me inside. She stared at Jasmine who was sitting on the bed. “Jasmine this is my sister Maya. Maya meet Jasmine.”
Jasmine’s Proverb:
“So this is your mate?” Maya asked Azul.
“Yeah. She was human before.”
“Azul she stinks of Trieste.”
“A Trieste tried to kill her Maya. That is why we are here at Rancor’s. Hiding from the rest of the Trieste’s clan. Plus Jasmine has entered insanity.”
“Well that makes sense. The shock of being turned into a vampire and than almost getting killed by a Trieste is bound to make any newborn vampire insane. Where is your pet?”
“I set him and his mother free. He earned his freedom by watching Jasmine for me.”
“What do you want me to do with her?”
“Take her to the cold spring and push her under the water until she is washed of that Trieste. I need to go hunting.”
“Very well.”
Azul left me alone with Maya. She was about fourteen years old. I stared at her not knowing what to say. Maya tossed her hair about her shoulders as we continued to sit in silence for a while.
“So your name is Jasmine?”
She apparated before me and threw me into the wall. She bared her fangs at me and growled deep in her chest. “If you really loved my brother than why did you talk to a Trieste and let a Trieste enter his home?!”
“I didn’t know the girl was a Trieste until she told me at school! And I didn’t invite her into Azul’s house. I would never put Azul in danger. I love him.”
“Love him? A stupid human girl in love with a vampire?! What do you know about love? You know nothing about my brother or about vampires!”
She released me and then disappeared. Since my tolerance for pain was high my body was already healing. I got to my feet and walked out of the room. I kept walking down the hallway and turned right to go downstairs. Without warning another vampire appeared in front of me and threw me the rest of the way down the stairs. He bent his head toward me and sniffed my hair. With a disgusted look on his face he drew his head back and I could see his eyes had changed to the color of blood. He cuffed me across the face and then wrapped his hand around my throat and apparated us into the basement of the mansion.
“So you’re a new vampire?”
“You stink of Trieste! I hate Trieste’s.”
“Acorn come here.” He called to another vampire.
“What is it Light?”
“Come help me teach this Youngling a lesson.”
“What’s wrong with it?”
“It has associated with Triestes.”
The vampire named Acorn stepped into view and stared at me. He had tousled brown hair and black eyes like all vampires. He stared into my eyes and I felt him search through my mind.
“Light don’t be a fool! This is Azul’s mate and his blood daughter.”
“It’s Azul’s? Well then it is going to pay.”
“You idiot Azul will kill you if you touch her!”
“Then if you won’t help me I’ll find someone who will.”
“I’m not going to allow this Light. Leave her alone and go torture some slaves.”
“Cassidy, Shade, Marcus, Ronnel come here and help me!”
The four vampires quickly appeared and held me down. Light walked over to me and kicked me in the stomach. I cried out in pain and tried to jerk my arms out of Shade’s grasp but he was older than me and I hadn’t learned how to fight yet. Suddenly a tiger leaped at one of the vampires and savagely sank its teeth into the vampire. Two of the other vampires ran to help the vampire caught in the tiger’s bite while Shade continued to hold me down.
“AZUL!” I screamed.
Light knelt over me and buried his fangs into my neck. I let out another scream and somehow managed to kick him in the knees. He swore and yanked me off the ground before throwing me into a mirror. The mirror shattered and the pieces fell around me as I collapsed onto the ground.
The tiger cried out in pain as one of the vampires picked up a desk and threw it at the tiger. The injured vampire sat there and put his hands to his wound as it quickly healed. Light grabbed me and dragged me into another room. I heard a vampire yell in pain. Shade shut the door behind Light and stood there as Light rummaged through a chest. Then he held up a collar and quickly placed it around my neck.
“Do you know what this is?” He asked me.
I shook my head in response. Light started laughing and threw on a switch that was on the wall. I screamed in pain as electricity coursed through my body. Then Light lifted a panel and pressed his hand against it. I saw a flash of red light as his hand was scanned and then the floor opened beneath me. I fell through the floor and landed hard on the cement floor below. Light and Shade jumped down and started hitting me.
“This youngling will lead the Triestes right to us. Shade go help the others.”
“As you wish Light.”
I couldn’t see anything but blackness but I felt a cold breeze wafting through the tunnel. Light undid the collar and dragged me down the tunnel. It was freezing cold. There were some overhead fluorescent lights spaced two feet apart from each other. I could hear laughing on either side of me. So this tunnel must have rooms that led to other places throughout the mansion. But where was I being taken too? And why did I get the feeling that it wasn’t going to be good?
Acorn’s Proverb:
I resumed my human form and snarled as Cassidy and Marcus circled me. I had to help Azul’s mate. He was after all my blood father. I warily watched Shade approach me from the front. I wasn’t sure where Ronnel was. Growling I waited until Shade leaped at me and then dodged him. He slammed into Cassidy and Marcus and the three of them went flying through the air.
I glanced up just in time to see Ronnel jump down and slash at me with a knife. I staggered back and lashed out at Ronnel with my mind. He snarled and threw my power back at me. Azul I need your help. Light has your mate. I’m battling four of his minions.
“Why do you bother helping that stinking vampire Acorn? What is she to you?”
“She is my blood father’s mate and I will not allow you to destroy her!”
“What has Azul ever done for you?”
“He stayed me with to teach me my powers as a child of Rancor. No other vampire has done that before with their fledglings. He took me in when I was hiding from the Triestes. I owe it to him to protect his mate.”
I lunged at Ronnel and bit down on his throat. He snarled and quickly stabbed me again in the stomach. I managed to keep away from the others as Ronnel and I fought each other. But I was weakening. I hadn’t hunted for two weeks and wasn’t up to my usual strength. Suddenly the door blasted against the wall and slammed into us knocking us away from each other. I looked up and saw Azul standing there in a wall of fire, his eyes a cold steely gray.
“Fuck.” Ronnel muttered. He got to his feet and lunged at Azul but Azul shot a blast of fire at Ronnel and he screamed as the fire covered his body. I watched Ronnel burn to a pile of ash. Shade, Cassidy and Marcus suddenly froze in their tracks. They were afraid of Azul but more afraid of Light. They lunged at Azul and he quickly shot some lightning at Shade which knocked him to the ground. Marcus leapt at him and tried to stab him in the heart but Azul grabbed Marcus in mid-leap and twisted Marcus’s head off.
I turned to Cassidy and quickly buried my fangs into his throat. His blood would make me stronger but also drunk. Where is she? Azul asked me with his mind. I jerked my head towards the door behind me. Azul disappeared and ripped the door off its hinges and then jumped down into the tunnels below the mansion.
Azul’s Proverb:
I had heard Acorn’s thoughts in my head as I was feeding. I dropped my prey and ran back towards Rancor’s mansion. I focused my mind on Jasmine and followed her silent screams to the building behind the mansion. It was an escape route for the vampires in time of need and also led to the cold spring. What the hell had my sister been thinking leaving Jasmine by herself!
I finished off two of Light’s lackeys and ran into the room that led down to the tunnels. Once I got there I followed Jasmine’s scent down the tunnel and ran into the lounge area that led to a meadow a few yards away. The other vampires saw me and quickly left the room. They knew I was enraged and they were not stupid enough to tangle with me.
“WHERE IS LIGHT?!” I shouted to the vampires there.
“He took the side tunnel that leads to the training area.” A vampire named Skylia said.
I apparated and quickly found Light beating Jasmine. There was no way he would live through what I had planned for him. “LIGHT!”
“Oh Azul how nice of you to join us.” Light snapped his fingers and instantly a hundred vampires appeared between us. “You know what to do.”
As one the vampires lunged at me. “I don’t have time for this.” I closed my eyes and focused all of my powers together. Then I opened them and released my balled up powers at the vampires who were stupid enough to tangle with me. They screamed as they burst into ashes.
“Azul help me.” Jasmine sobbed.
“Light get away from her.”
“No. I think I’ll stay here and watch her get turned into food for the werewolf right here.”
“Werewolf?” I asked. Then “NO!”
If that werewolf bit Jasmine she would transform into a werewolf herself. And then she would be a slave of Light’s forever. I quickly generated some lightning and mixed that with a wave of fire and shot it at the werewolf. It howled in pain and then loped over to me. Snarling I kept out of range of its teeth and quickly tore into its flesh. Luckily werewolf blood did not turn a vampire into a werewolf. It was only the bite.
I made a sword out of fire and plunged it into the werewolf’s heart. It screamed as the fire swept through its body and burned its heart up. Then it lay there on the ground still. Light’s eyes widened in horror. Apparently he had forgotten how strong I was.
I threw him into the wall and quickly released Jasmine’s bonds. I used my mind to shield her from the battle that was to come and then turned to Light. He snarled at me and then we lunged at each other, parrying each other’s power.
I kept my mind focused and quickly drew Light’s blood. He tore into my flesh with his teeth and ripped a chunk away. My wound quickly healed and then I used the last of my energy to slay Light. His dying screams sounded in my ears as the room went up in flames and crumbled around us.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 8

“What’s the matter vampire? Scared that I’ll hurt her?” The Trieste spoke.
“Don’t touch her Trieste or I’ll kill you very slowly!” I growled.
“Don’t worry child. I’ll make sure the Old Blood doesn’t harass you.”
I turned and that was when something hit me. I fell to the ground and blinked my eyes to see another Trieste standing in front of me. “Tie him up with the other vampire. Good work daughter.” The woman said.
“So this is your clan is it Trieste?” I spat at her.
“Yes. I told my family that there were vampires here and then when the girl, Jasmine, disappeared I began to suspect a vampire had been at work though I wasn’t sure which one. I had a feeling it was you though so I brought the rest of my family here.”
“Typical. Too stupid to take me on by yourself.”
She nodded and then motioned to a couple of other Triestes who had appeared when I had been on the ground. I was angry now and was going to make sure these Triestes paid for stealing my Jasmine. I took the stance I used for directing lightning and then directed some at the stupid Trieste in front of me. She fell back on the ground stunned. Snarling I whirled to face the other two who were behind me and quickly ripped one’s throat out, being careful to not drink any of the blood and twisted the other one’s head off.
“Jaylee.” The young girl moaned.
I looked at the young Trieste and threw some lightning at her. She screamed and dropped the knife, her body shuddering from the blast. I transformed and flew at the girl and buried my beak into her eyes. She let out another scream and clawed at her face with her hands. Quickly I undid the rope that was bonding Jasmine’s hands behind her back.
“Come on let’s get out of here.” I grabbed her and apparated us away from there. A few minutes later we were in British Columbia. We were standing deep in a forest with trees all around us. I turned to Jasmine and helped her stand up.
“Are you alright?”
“I think so. How did that Trieste know I was a vampire?”
“They call tell who vampires are, just as we can tell the difference between a human and a Trieste.”
“Where are we?
“In Canada. I have a friend here who can help us for a while.”
“You’ll be starting to change soon. In a week you’ll become insane and it won’t be safe for you to be around people for four years. Since I just killed two Triestes and blinded the daughter of a very powerful clan of witches it is dangerous for us to be around humans. And they will make sure to hunt me down and kill me.”
Suddenly Jasmine screamed and fell to her knees. I knelt down and shook her. “What’s wrong Jasmine?”
“I feel strange.”
“You’re probably just hungry.”
“No it’s different. Ah!”
“It’ll be OK Jasmine. Just try to relax.”
“Azul help me!” She was crying.
“I think you’re going through the changing from sanity to insanity early. That is why you’re going through so much pain. Plus the trauma of being kidnapped and almost killed by a Trieste has your body under stress.”
I watched as the insanity took over her mind and body in silence. I had never had a fledgling turn insane so quickly. Could it be possible that she had never wanted to be a vampire in the first place? Had I made a mistake in wanting her to be my mate?
Jasmine’s Proverb:
Slowly but surely my body settled down but now I was afraid. I couldn’t remember anything but then I noticed Azul. He was kneeling over me with a worried expression in his eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that I was alright. Then he bent down and kissed my head. Then my vision and hearing faded.
“Azul? Azul where are you?”
“I’m right here Jasmine.”
“I can’t see or hear you. Azul!” She started crying.
“It’s OK sweet heart.”
I was scared. Somehow I managed to climb to my feet and turned my head left and right desperate to see Azul. The tears were flowing down my eyes and then I started running away.
I was frightened and kept running. I don’t know how long my vision and hearing were gone but slowly they came back. Then I heard the sound of footfalls in the distance. My stomach growled and I felt the strange taste that I had when I had been feeding on the human boy. A snarl escaped from my lips as I heard a gunshot and then ran towards it. Before I knew it I had ran into a hunter and knocked him to the ground.
My fangs were dripping with saliva and I bared my fangs at the man. Snarling I tore into his neck as he screamed in terror and tried to shove me off but my newfound strength held him down. I couldn’t stop myself as I tore open the jugular vein and then tore holes into his body with my long fingernails and teeth, sucking the blood from the man’s body. Azul came up to me at that moment in wolf form and stopped beside me.
“What are you doing?!” He screamed at me as he resumed his normal form.
He grabbed me and threw me away from the human. I flew through a tree and crashed to the forest floor. “Stupid Jasmine.” He muttered. He stared at the human and shook his head. Sighing he buried his fangs into the human’s neck and started to feed. He grunted as he tore off the flesh and swallowed it.
“Jasmine you made a mess of things. “ He sighed. “Still your insane now so I can’t be mad at you. I have no idea why this human was here. Usually they aren’t this far north.”
“No Azul humans have changed since you were mortal. They come into forests in Canada hunting grizzly bears and wolves.”
“Come on let’s go. Take my hand.”
I took his hand. Then I yanked it back. I was surprised that my hands were cold as ice but then I remembered that all vampires have hands as cold as ice. Suddenly we were in front of a mansion with trees all around us. Azul led me inside and nodded to someone sitting on the chair.
“Azul nice to see you again.”
“Hello Rancor.”

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 7

Jasmine’s Proverb:
My body still hurt with pain from the transformation but at the same time my new senses were starting to take effect. Azul stopped the car in the parking lot and then we got out. I was starving though whether it was for blood or food I had no idea. Azul put his arm around my waist and walked with me into the entrance of the restaurant.
“Now that you are a vampire you should know what we keep in the back. There are humans in the back of the restaurant for us to feed on. I’ll take you back there so you can feed.”
“Do you feed them?”
“Yes. But they only get scraps. We feed them enough to keep them alive until a vampire needs to feed. They are kept in cages. It might be a bit of a shock for you. Are you sure you can handle it? If you’re not ready we can go home.”
“No I’ll be fine Azul.”
The dim lights made it easy on my sensitive eyesight. I was surprised that there were humans working in the restaurant. Azul must have read the look on my face because he shrugged and led me over to the bar. I recognized the human who had tried to date me when I had been mortal.
“Get Jasper.” Azul commanded.
The human broke his gaze with me and quickly left. In a few minutes the vampire who must have been Jasper appeared. He looked at me and then at Azul and nodded. I could feel him enter my head and I jerked back startled.
“Get out of her head Jasper.” Azul warned.
“You made her your mate and a vampire? No wonder my pet looked freaked out.” He turned to me. “I’m sorry Jasmine. I just didn’t believe my pet when he told me you were a vampire and that you belonged to my blood father Azul. Where do you want to sit?”
“In the back is fine. But Jasmine needs to feed.”
“Take your time.”
Azul led me to the back of the restaurant and through a metal door. As we stepped inside I could feel a strange taste on my mouth and saliva started dribbling down my chin. Azul started laughing and let me go. “If you need help getting a cage open just tell me. I could do for a drink myself.”
Azul walked away from me and easily unfastened a lock from a cage a few feet away. He pulled out a human girl and then locked the cage before tossing her into a wall. Then he picked her up and started drinking her blood. The blood made me dizzy. I wandered around for a few minutes looking at the cringing humans in the cages and then dragged out a young boy. I held him down on the floor and lowered my fangs to his neck as he let out a scream of terror.
The sweet taste of the blood was overpowering. It was like I couldn’t get enough of that taste. I needed more. I grabbed another human from the cage and hungrily lapped up its blood. Azul grabbed me and tossed the dying human back into the cage. He threw me into the wall and held me there.
“Enough Jasmine. I know the blood lust is overpowering in you but you can’t drink too much blood at once otherwise you’ll get sick. Come on wipe your face and let’s go back to the main part of the restaurant and order something to eat. You need some food in you as well.”
“But I’m hungry.” I whined.
Azul shook his head and growled a warning at me. “Don’t make me hurt you Jasmine. You are my mate but you are also my blood daughter. I won’t hesitate to hurt you if you defy me.”
I nodded and followed Azul back to the main area of the restaurant. We sat at our table and the young man who I had seen earlier took our order. I was tired. “Azul?”
“Am I supposed to feel tired?”
“Did you sleep at all today?”
“Then that is why you are tired. The transformation doesn’t make you tired. It will make you crazy though. Like I mentioned before, you won’t notice any changes at first. In a week you will start to notice the changes of becoming insane.”
We ate our food and then went home. Azul carried me to his room and laid me on his bed. He sat beside me and stroked my hair. I noticed that he seemed bothered about something. I sat up and rubbed my eyes to keep from falling asleep.
“What’s wrong Azul?”
“Nothing Jasmine. I’m thinking about something.”
“What is it? Please tell me.”
“I’ll tell you tomorrow. Now you need to sleep.”
“Sleep Jasmine. Tomorrow.”
Azul’s Proverb:
“Good morning my love.”
“Azul I had the most crazy dream. I dreamed that I was a vampire.”
“That wasn’t a dream. You really are a vampire. What you don’t remember that?”
“I guess not.” She licked her fangs and her eyes widened in surprise. I shrugged and walked into the kitchen. I started making lunch while Jasmine tried to deal with the realization that she was now no longer alive. A few minutes later she appeared dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. I growled low in my chest as Jasmine came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me. I shook her off and slammed her into the wall baring my fangs.
“Enough!” I screamed at her. “Do you want me to regret changing you and choosing you as my mate? You wanted this! I could see it in your mind when I first saw you in the office when I picked up my class schedule. I can still see it in your mind now.”
“I want to practice my powers.” She looked at me, begging me with her eyes.
“After we eat. You’re still tired from the change. Besides it will take a few days for your powers to start appearing anyway. It is one of the drawbacks about being a newborn vampire.”
I released her and then turned the stove off and served us lunch. I kept a wary eye on Jasmine in case she decided to attack me. It wasn’t unusual for a newborn vampire to attack their blood father or blood mother after being turned as a way to test their new found strength and powers. Thankfully I had never been attacked by any of my fledglings. I believed it was because I stayed with them all for the entire time they were insane which was four years to help guide them in the ways of our kind and teach them their new powers and how to tell who was a Trieste and who was human.
“Can new vampires get pregnant right away?”
“Why do you ask? Do you want to have children in your condition? We haven’t even had sex yet Jasmine. I let you sleep when we got home from Jasper’s last night.”
“I know. I just was wondering.”
“Wondering or thinking about having a baby with me?”
“Both.” She admitted.
“Well no I’m not going to get you pregnant right now. Soon you’ll become insane and then we’ll have to leave here. In fact I’ve stayed here too long already. That Trieste you talked to as a human will most likely investigate or go back to her clan to inform them of an Old Blood here and of the other vampires who are here. She will wonder why you are not in school and begin to suspect that I killed your or turned you into a vampire.”
“I can kill the Trieste easily.”
“I doubt that. You are young and would just get yourself killed. That Trieste is young but is older than you are Jasmine. No she needs to be dealt with by an Old Blood or even an Elder.”
“Won’t her clan attack the vampires who killed her?”
“Yes. But so far we haven’t been in a war with the Triestes yet. They don’t seem to care that we take on human slaves. They just hate vampires.”
“This story is best told to you by an Ancient. They are not fond of leaving their palace. I don’t know enough of the story to tell you.”
“How do you get to see an Ancient?”
“Just go to their palace and ask to see one of them.”
“Where is that?”
“About ten thousand miles away from here. It’s inside a mountain that is hidden in a forest in Romania.”
“Have you ever been there?”
“Yeah I’ve been there five times. It is very impressive.”
I took Jasmine back upstairs to bed and laid her on the blanket. “I should let you know Jasmine that when vampires have sex they bit each other.”
“It has to do with when we have sex we get thirsty and being close to another vampire or a slave as the case may be, our minds become unstable for a while. But if you don’t want me to bite you then I’ll just bite the pillow.”
“How much blood do you drink?”
“Not a lot. Enough to satisfy our blood lust.”
I kissed her and then lowered my fangs to her neck and sank them into her jugular vein. She let out a scream as my fangs pierced her vein and sank beneath the skin. I lapped up the blood and ripped the clothes from her body as I knelt over her and quickly undid my jeans. I was gentle as I entered her and took my time so she wouldn’t be in pain. As a new vampire she was going to be very sensitive to pain for a couple of weeks. Even if I tore her inside it would heal within a matter of minutes, however I didn’t want to hurt her anymore than was necessary.
After two hours I withdrew from her and went to hop in the shower. I licked the blood from my lips and swallowed it as I scrubbed myself with the soapy washcloth. I made sure to wipe myself clean of her blood and then wrapped a towel around myself. As I stepped out of the bathroom I froze. Something was wrong.
I ran upstairs to our bedroom and threw open the door. Jasmine wasn’t there but I could see the place was trashed. I threw some clothes on and then ran downstairs to look for her. Where is she? Frantic I transformed into a raven and flew from the open door searching for her. Where could she have gotten to? As a new vampire it was dangerous for her to be out alone without me. Her powers would take a month to surface and she was going to become insane in a week.
Within an hour I had found a trail and alighted on the ground. I resumed my human body and sniffed the air. Suddenly I jerked back and let out a howl of anger. There was the scent of Jasmine but there was also the scent of a Trieste close by. A Trieste had stolen my mate and been in my house?!
I ran along the path which I quickly realized was a maze of thick brush and trees. Focusing on her mind I quickly found the right way and ran towards her. Skidding to a stop I saw her bound and lying on the forest floor with the young Trieste I had seen at school. She had a knife in her hand and was standing over Jasmine.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 6

Azul’s Proverb:
It was good to be home. I wiped the fresh blood from my lips and collapsed on the couch in the library. I had flown all the way instead of apparating. It was a stupid idea so I was exhausted. I had fed in New Jersey before continuing the rest of the way to Acadia, Washington. I wondered if Jasmine had finished reading my autobiography.
I was hungry so I got up and fixed myself something to eat. Breeze had apparently stocked up on food when he found out I was coming home. As I was cooking there was a knock on the door. Smiling to myself I waited until Breeze and Jasmine came in. Jasmine ran into me and almost knocked me down.
“Azul you’re back!”
“I take it you are happy to see me?”
“Yes! I have something to tell you.”
I glanced at Breeze and jerked my head. He quickly went to fix the food as Jasmine and I walked back to the library. I sat down and she pulled out my autobiography and handed it to me. I placed it back on the book shelf and returned to her.
“What do you have to tell me?”
“I want to become a vampire.”
“Are you sure? Is that really what you want?”
“What about the other thing that we talked about?”
“I would be happy to be your mate.”
“That is GREAT news!” I shouted and hugged her.
“Azul how do I become a vampire?”
“I’ll have to drink all your blood and then mix my blood with yours in your final minutes of life. Then I’ll drain the rest of your blood from your body. Your body will then go through changes. Your eyesight will be the first thing to go. You won’t be able to see for half an hour as your eyes turn to black and your eyesight becomes the sight of a vampire. Then your hearing will disappear for two hours. You won’t be able to hear me and your head will hurt like fire as your hearing adjusts. The last thing to change will be your body. It will feel like it is on fire. Your heart, breathing and pulse will stop. You’ll be in terrible pain and this lasts for three hours. After five and a half hours you’ll finally become a vampire.”
“Will I feel different?”
“Yes you will though you may not notice the changes right away.”
“When can I become a vampire?”
“You really want to become a vampire so soon?”
Jasmine nodded. Breeze get out of here! Matter of fact I’ll grant you your freedom now. You have earned it like I said. I can buy your mother and then sit her free. Just give me a few seconds.
“Jasmine I have something to take care of. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”
I pushed her away and went to get Breeze. Then we got in my car and drove for twenty miles until we got to a mansion sitting on the edge of a state park. “Wait here. After all according to this vampire you are still my slave.”
“I understand Azul. Is my mom still alive?”
“That is what I am going to find out.”
I walked into the mansion and noticed a couple of slave children playing in the hallway. When they saw me they immediately stopped and bowed low. I ignored them and continued walking down the hallway and up the stairs to a room in the West Wing. This was the home of a Youngling called Yeager. He was only two hundred years old, yet he had managed to gain a mansion by killing off the entire family.
“Azul what brings you here?”
“Hello Yeager. I have come to buy a slave woman from you.”
“What kind of a slave?”
“A breeder.”
“I thought you only had a ten year old human slave?”
“I do. But I want the boy’s mother.”
“So he can watch while I torture her. Sometimes he doesn’t obey me and if he saw his mom getting beaten then maybe that would make him mind.”
“Yes it is so much easier to control slave children when they watch their mothers get tortured or raped. Makes them think twice about running away.”
“What’s her name?”
“So where is she?”
“Down in the basement with the other breeders. I’ll have another slave bring her up.”
Yeager called one of the children I had seen earlier and told it to go get Breeze’s mother. Yeager offered me a bleeder while we waited and I accepted his offer. I would need all my self control and strength if I was going to turn my mate into a vampire. It wasn’t long before the child had come back with Rosaline. She glanced at me from the floor and then quickly dropped her head as Yeager growled at her.
“How much do you want for her?”
“40.00. She isn’t exactly doing her job.”
“What do you mean she isn’t doing her job?”
“She isn’t popping out as many slaves as she should.”
“You know humans can only have a baby every year.”
“Don’t forget Azul that we can decide how many children to impregnate our mates and slaves with.”
“How many kids are you expecting her to carry at a time Yeager?”
“Five. Means more money for me.”
“Well no wonder she isn’t doing her job. You’re pushing her body beyond its normal limits. Maybe if you only had her carry one child a year then she would bring more slaves into the world.”
“Get her out of my sight.”
I gave Yeager the money and then jerked my head to the door. Rosaline quickly went outside and followed me out to the car. I held up my hand and she bumped into me.
“You are Breeze’s mother correct?”
“Yes Master.”
“Don’t call me that. I have a present for you. Two actually. I have set Breeze free. He is in the car waiting for you. You are now free. I only bought you in order to set you free. Breeze would have been set free at thirteen but I am making my mate a vampire tonight so I decided to give Breeze his freedom three years early instead.
“I have a house I don’t use anymore. It’s in Athens, Greece. I fixed it up while I was living there.”
We climbed into the car and Rosaline grabbed Breeze. They hugged each other and cried as I drove the car to the airport. I had already bought their tickets and handed the tickets to Breeze. Then I got back in my car and drove home.
It was dark when I got home. Jasmine was asleep in the library. I watched her for a few minutes and then decided to clean up the house. I was tired so I carried Jasmine to my bed and covered her up. Then I lay down beside her and fell asleep.
It was nine in the evening when I woke up. Jasmine wasn’t in bed. I reached out to her with my mind and found that she was downstairs in the kitchen. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, transformed into my wolf form and ran down the stairs. I yipped a hello and then sat on the floor watching Jasmine.
“Azul you scared me.”
I whined and lowered my ears. I didn’t mean to scare you Jasmine.
“That’s OK. Where is Breeze?”
I set him free. Him and his mother. That was where I was today at the vampire who had Breeze’s mother. They are living in the house I was staying in while in Greece.
“I want to be a vampire.”
Very well. Are you sure you can handle the changes that will happen to your body?
She nodded with a smile on her face. I resumed my human form and walked over to her. I pressed her against the wall and sank my fangs into her neck. She let out a gasp of pain as my fangs pierced her skin but then wrapped her arms around me tightly. I lapped up the blood that was flowing from her veins and after several minutes quickly cut her along the collarbone and mixed my blood with hers.
As her blood flowed into me my body jerked back but I kept my wrist pressed against her. Then I removed it and lapped up the last traces of human blood from her veins. I carried her back upstairs and laid her on my bed and sat on top of her, holding her down. Some humans as they were being turned fought their blood mother or blood father as their body adjusted to the changes of death and coming back to life.
“It hurts Azul.”
“I know it hurts. But don’t worry this is just the first part. It will be over in a few hours.”
“Make it stop. Please.”
“I can’t make it stop.”
She screamed in pain as her eyesight diminished. I held her down as her body trashed under me. It will be OK. Everything will be better soon. You can do this Jasmine. I know you can. In a few hours her change was complete and she lay underneath me covered in sweat and panting.
I stared at her black eyes and gently kissed her. “How do you feel Jasmine?”
“We can to that vampire restaurant I told you about if you’d like.”
“Yeah that would be nice.”
I got up and went into the closet to get her a strapless dress that I had bought for her from Greece. It was made of lavender silk and came with a set of peach high heels. I held the dress out to her and went outside so she could change. A few minutes later she came out with her hair tied back into a ponytail.
“You may want to get a shower before we go.”
She nodded and hopped into the shower. After she had blow dried her hair and brushed it we got in the car and drove to the restaurant. I looked at her. Already her complexion had changed. There was a glow about her fair skin. Almost as if a light was shining through her. I could still taste her blood on my tongue. The memory of her blood flowing into my mouth made me grimace in pain. Would she hate me for what I had done to her? Would she try to kill me?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 5

During the middle of a test for Physics the speaker came on. Everyone looked up from their tests. “All students please remain in your classes. We have just found a dead student in the hallway. The police have been called and the school is on lockdown.”
I glanced at the clock. 11:00 in the morning. It had taken three hours for anyone to find Jaguar’s body?
“All right class back to work.”
Everyone went back to work. I finished my exam in ten minutes and handed it into the teacher. Then I sat there until everyone else had finished. Half an hour later the school let out for the rest of the day. Our teacher handed us a notice saying school would be closed for two weeks due to an investigation into Jaguar’s death.
“Jasmine we’re leaving. Grab onto me.”
She grabbed my arm and I apparated us back to my home. “I killed Jaguar. He was a threat to you and I don’t take kindly to other vampires harassing my mate. I’ll be in trouble with this from the elders and possibly the ancients. So I have to leave for a while. I’ll leave Breeze with you. The elders and ancients won’t hesitate to kill him because he belongs to me. They will kill you as well.”
“But I’m not your mate. And why can’t I go with you?”
“Why would you want to go with me if you don’t consider yourself my mate?”
“Because I can be your eyes and ears during the day while you sleep.”
“Have you forgotten that I can come out during the daytime?”
“No I haven’t. But if you’re in trouble from the elders and ancients for killing another vampire then it would make sense for you to only come out at night and for me to be your eyes and ears during the day.”
“You’re right Jasmine. But I can’t take you with me. What would your parents think if you went missing? They would probably call the police and start looking for you.”
I went to get Breeze. “You’re going to live with Jasmine for a while. I want you to listen to her and do whatever she tells you. I don’t know when I’ll be back so if something happens to me you’ll pass into the ownership of Jasmine.”
“But she isn’t even a vampire Azul.”
“No but she will be eventually. I can tell she wants to be a vampire but she doesn’t know exactly how to tell me.”
“I’ll do whatever I can to make you happy Azul.”
I transported Breeze and Jasmine to her home and then disappeared. I appeared at sunset in Athens, Greece. This would be my home for the next few months until I got the elders and ancients off my back. Even though I was an Old Blood I was no match for an elder or an ancient. I might be able to beat a weak elder but could never beat an ancient until I became an elder.
I transformed into a raven and flew off searching for a home to live in for the next few months. Even though I hated coffins and didn’t need to sleep in one I figured it would do some good for me to start sleeping in a coffin. Hopefully that would deter the elders and ancients from harming me. Shortly before ten in the evening I found a home in the countryside and flew in through an open window. I could smell the stench of death here. No one had lived here for a while.
I flew back outside and looked for a funeral home. Spotting one I flew in and found a coffin I liked. It was made of cherry with white satin on the inside. I grabbed the coffin and apparated back to my home. As dawn appeared on the horizon I climbed inside the coffin and fell asleep.
Jasmine’s Proverb:
I figured I would ask Breeze more about the vampires and their world since he had grown up as a pet of Azul. I wondered if this was the first time Breeze had ever been away from Azul before. I knew I had to help Breeze and look after myself because there were vampires who wouldn’t hesitate to kill me or Breeze because of our connection to Azul.
“Breeze do you mind if I ask you a question?”
“Not at all. Azul says I have to obey you while he is away and that I will pass into your ownership if he dies.”
“Were you born into slavery?
“Yes. My mother was a breeder and my father was a slave. Breeders are women who the vampires keep to make more slaves. They aren’t really slaves but they aren’t free either. I don’t know how to describe breeders to you. They are just pieces of meat according to the vampires.”
“Did Azul ever talk about you being set free?”
“No. I don’t think he knows what he’s going to do with me when I become an adult.”
“Do you like being the slave of a vampire?”
“It’s not bad. Azul treats me better than most of his kind would. Most vampires beat their slaves for everything they do. For the female human slaves they get raped as well.”
“Did Azul have any slaves before you?”
“He’ll kill me if I tell you this but yes he did. A female human. She was only eleven when he got her. He liked her just the way she was and he enjoyed having her around. But one day Azul left her to fight another vampire who was harassing her. She died at the hands of a rogue vampire. Azul never got over it.”
“Has he ever allowed you to see your mother?”
“The last time I saw her was the night before Azul bought me.”
“Do you know if she is still alive?”
“No. Now can I ask you something?”
“Do you want to become Azul’s mate?”
“What makes you say that?”
“Azul thinks you want to become a vampire but you are afraid of dying.”
“Well I would love to become a vampire and be with Azul but I’m scared of dying. I’m afraid that he won’t like me anymore when I become a vampire and I don’t know anything about vampires.”
“Azul would still love you if you became a vampire. He would protect you and keep you safe from the other vampires but he would never force you into becoming one if he thought it would make you uncomfortable. I have seen the way Azul looks when he talks about you. He is in love with you. He has been since he first saw you.”
“Would you become a vampire if given the chance?”
“Slaves are not allowed to become vampires. It is against the vampire law. Even if I was free I wouldn’t want to become a vampire. I would rather die as a human than live forever without my mother.”
“Do you think Azul will come back?”
“He’ll come back eventually. He just has to stay away until the elders quit looking for him.”
“Who are the elders and ancients?”
“Elders are vampires who are five thousand years old or older. They are responsible for upholding the laws of the vampires and are responsible for killing off any rogue vampires or disobedient vampires from among the Younglings, Old Blood and Rookies. A bad slave goes to an Elder for punishment and a slave’s life depends on how merciful his master is and whether the Elder thinks the slave will not make trouble for the vampires. For example if a slave was considered a threat to the vampire existence and might expose the vampires to the humans or ally with the vampires’ enemy the Trieste, then he would face death immediately.
“Ancients are vampires who are ten thousand years old or older. There are only twenty ancients in the world. Ancients are like princes among the vampires. They are of royal blood and monitor the activities of all the vampires in the world. A vampire of a lower rank can become royal by marrying an ancient, however the vampire spouse of an ancient will not become an ancient themselves until they turn 10,000 years old. Once a year the vampires of all divisions get together to enjoy each other’s company and discuss important matters relating to the vampires secrecy.”
“It all sounds so confusing.”
“It will be easier if you decide to become a vampire and become Azul’s mate.”
“How do the Elders acquire slaves?”
“The Elders take humans from their families or they take runaway teenagers and prostitutes off the streets. The Elders make sure their slaves have no family to go back to when they take someone away from their family. Then the Elders train the slaves into serving the vampires and send them out to vampire slave markets where they are further trained and then eventually sold to a vampire.”
“What are slaves trained in?”
“We are trained to be loyal to our vampire master. We are expected to know how to shop for food, find wary humans and animals for our masters when they are sick, cook, clean the home, stay out of the way when a vampire invites other vampires over, not to spill the secrets of the vampires to anyone, how to spot a Trieste and make sure the Trieste doesn’t follow us home, close our mind with strong unbreakable walls that the Trieste can’t crack, have to refer to a vampire who is not our master as “My Lord” or “My Lady”, and how to come at our master’s beck and call.”
“Do vampires sleep with their female slaves?”
“Some do. A human slave is at the mercy of their vampire master. A female human slave is supposed to allow her vampire master to take her whenever he feels the need for her. There are some half vampires born that way. A half vampire is when a vampire has sex with his human slave and he doesn’t hold himself back so she gets pregnant. Male vampires can choose whether to get their slave or mate pregnant.”
“How are vampire babies born?”
“They are born the same way human babies are born.”
The sun was sinking beneath the clouds so Jasmine decided it would be a good idea to sleep. She lay down on her bed and fell asleep. Wondering what it would be like to be a vampire and the mate of Azul.
Four months later:
“Azul’s coming,” Breeze said when Jasmine opened her eyes.
“How do you know?”
“He sent me an e-mail. Come here and look.”
Jasmine opened her eyes and went over to the computer. Breeze moved aside so Jasmine could read the e-mail. It read:
Breeze. I am coming home from Greece. I explained to the elders why I killed Jaguar and they agreed that it was best for everyone that he died. I didn’t tell them about Jasmine but told them they were harassing my new slave girl instead and I felt it was necessary to defend my property. I’ll be back around 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time. I am glad you have been listening to Jasmine. I have decided when you reach thirteen I will set you free. You have earned your freedom by watching over my home and Jasmine for me.
Jasmine turned to Breeze and hugged him tight. “Breeze you must be so happy that you’re going to be set free in two more years.”
“Yes I am. Azul will be happy to hear that you are willing to become his mate.”
Jasmine nodded and her eyes with shining with happiness. Soon Azul would be back. The question was would she be ready for when the time came for her mortal life to end?