Monday, December 9, 2013

Brothers Reunite

A border collie, an Irish Wolfhound, a red fox and a shadow wolf with wings ran from Dumbledore’s home and into the night.   As they halted deep in the forest a howl pierced the air.  Padfoot jerked his head up in shock and threw back his head in an answering howl.  Through the trees a gray wolf appeared before the canines and stared at the animals before it.  Moony sniffed the air and his amber eyes widened in surprise.  He had found one of his pack mates.
Padfoot was happy to see his fellow pack mate. Together the five canines ran through the woods underneath the moonlight in sheer happiness at being free and being reunited again.  Brothers in blood and brothers in friendship were together again and would never be separated if they had anything to say about it.
Dawn appeared and Moony transformed back into Remus.  The others transformed as well.  “Sirius?” Remus asked.  His voice was hoarse from not talking in thirteen years. 
“Hi Moony.  It’s good to see you my friend,” Sirius said hugging his fellow pack mate.  “You remember Reggie don’t you?”
“Regulus? Regulus Black the death eater?  You’re alive?!”
Regulus let out a barking laugh, much like his brother.  “Shocker I know.  These two,” gesturing at the woman and child, “are my master’s girlfriend and son.  Raven Mallow and Gemini Riddle.”
“Rav is alive?!” Sirius and Remus shouted. 
“Hello Siri and Remmy,” Raven said.  “This is Tom’s son. Gemini Riddle.”
Raven Mallow’s eyes were haunted and filled with pain.  “Have you seen Tom?”
“No I’m sorry Rav,” Sirius said.  “I believe my godson, Harry James Potter, defeated him and he disappeared though they never found his body.  But how have you been alive for this long?  And Reggie I thought you had died at the hands of the Dark Lord.”
“No I didn’t.  I was a fool to join the Dark Lord, no offense Mistress Rav.”
“None taken Regulus,” Raven said.
“Continue Reggie,” Sirius said.
Regulus nodded as his eyes glazed over while slipping back into the memories.  “You know Siri that Mom always believed in that pureblood nonsense. After you ran away from home Mom put more pressure on me not to turn out like you.  She didn’t want another ‘blood traitor’ in the family and began using the Cruciatris on me.”  Sirius winched at the thought of his little brother getting tortured by their mother because he wasn’t there to protect him.  “Tom had great ideas before the ‘death’ of Raven.  He wanted Muggle born witches and wizards to be able to get jobs in the wizarding world instead of being pushed out upon graduating from Hogwarts. He wanted to protect our world from Muggle families because he knew with the influx of Muggle borns being invited and accepted to Hogwarts that people from the magical community would have to go and explain to the Muggle parents about their world which would risk our secret leaking out.  Salazar Slytherin also knew this and that is why he left Hogwarts.  Salazar had nothing against Muggle born witches and wizards like Dumbledore and history claims.  He wanted to protect our kind from persecution that was rampart in the medieval ages.   He wanted Muggle born witches and wizards to not be treated like third class citizens by the magical community.  But with Rav’s ‘death’… well that drove him deeper into the dark arts and turned him insane.  Dumbledore confessed to me when he captured me in the cave when I stole master’s horcrux that he was the one who had pushed Tom to begin that deadly research and turned him on the path of becoming a dark lord.  This all falls back onto Dumbledore’s head.”
“But why did he keep you prisoner?” Sirius asked his brother.
“He kept me prisoner because he knew that I knew his secret about my master. He couldn’t let that secret become public knowledge so he kept me in that dungeon and I was shocked to see my mistress and her son there as well.”
Sirius shook his head.  “I’m sorry Reggie.  I should have stayed with you or taken you with me when I ran to James’s parents.”
“I don’t blame you for wanting away from other mother.  She was a nut case.”
“Sirius how are you alive?” Remus asked.
“Dumbledore killed me but Fate brought me back.”
“HE DID WHAT?!” Remus and Regulus shouted. 
“Yes. I told him to give me Harry.  But he said that Harry had to go to Petunia.  You remember Lily’s sister don’t you Remus?”
Remus nodded.  “Well he fired the AK at me.  I tried to run but it struck me in the back and I fell.  The next thing I knew Fate was standing before me and sent me back to Earth.  Said my time wasn’t done and I had people who needed me.  I’ve been hiding ever since.  Then Fate came to me again.  Said I needed to find someone I thought I had lost.  I thought it was Harry that Fate was talking about.  So I made my way to Dumbledore’s and found Reggie here.  I helped Reggie, Rav and Gemini escape and then we met up with you.”
“Why were you in Azkaban?” Regulus asked Remus.  He and the werewolf had never been close. Regulus had been friends with Severus and Leon Wilkes when he was in school.
“Leon’s an Animagus as well,” Regulus said.  “So is Sev.  The Marauders weren’t the only illegal Animagi running around Hogwarts.”
“Leon’s alive?” Raven asked.
“I think he’s in hiding somewhere.  He went into hiding after he saved me from the Inferni.”
“So that’s why we caught you in the Forbidden Forest,” Sirius said laughing.  “Never thought my little brother would turn into an illegal Animagus like me.”
“Hey if my big brother could do it then so could I,” Regulus said laughing.  Sirius smiled as his brother’s eyes shown with mirth. 
Remus had a smile on his face but then sobered up.  “Dumbledore said that I betrayed the Potters and they sent me to Azkaban without a trial.  Not like I would have gotten one anyway since I’m a dark creature.  He said it was also to keep me from Harry.”
“Now the question is where is he?” Sirius asked.
The werewolf and four Animagi stood in the forest gazing into nothing before they began their trek again to find somewhere to hide. Somewhere to hide from the dementors that would surely be coming after Remus and somewhere for the three escaped prisoners to hide from Dumbledore.  “Tom’s going to kill Dumbledore when he finds out that Rav is alive and kept her and her son prisoner.”
“Bastard deserves death,” Sirius said.  “He screwed all of us over.  And for what?”
“Power,” Raven said.  “That’s all he’s interested in.  He just wants power.  He thinks that he is the greatest wizard since Merlin and his wife Le Fay.  He manipulates other and sacrifices them while he pretends to be the leader of the light.  I’d say he is the real dark lord and not my Tom.  Do you think Tom will go back to the way he was before I was taken prisoner by Dumbledore?”
“Master loves you Mistress Raven.  He always has and I know he would kill for you and Master Gemini,” Regulus said.  “I believe with my heart that you will be able to turn him back to the correct path once he returns.” 
“I hope so Regulus.  I’ve lost him once.  I don’t want to lose him again.”

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