Sunday, December 29, 2013


A week had passed and the dark raven hadn’t awoken from the magical coma he was in.  The members of Spina Corvos had no idea what to do.  They knew they couldn’t take him to Dumbledore or Madam Pomfrey.  Madam Pomfrey would just inform Dumbledore and Dumbledore would use whatever he could against their master.   
“Draco isn’t your mom a healer?” the young werewolf asked.
“Mom took some classes as a healer.  Think I should notify her of Ares?”
“Might be a good idea.”
“Wait Draco!  How do we know that we can trust your mom?  Ares ordered us to tell nobody of Spina Corvos,” Hermione said.
“My father and mother like Ares.  Ares sees them as his uncle and aunt.  They won’t let any harm come to him and they don’t side with Dumbledore.”
“We can’t keep master here,” Orion spoke up.  “And we can’t get into his quarters either or the Chamber of Secrets.”
“Master’s wards won’t let your mom into Snow Ash Manor either,” Indigo said. 
Draco pursed his lips and tried to think of where they could take their master.  “Riddle Manor.  It’s where master and his dad lived before master was kidnapped by Dumbledore.  My mom will be able to go there as well me.  Even though master hasn’t woken he should still be able to pass through the wards surrounding Riddle Manor.”
“But how are we going to get him out Hogwarts without Dumbledore noticing anything?” Indigo asked.  “We can’t use master’s floo as none of us speak Parsletongue.”
Shadow, Hades and Iris listened to the conversation about their master.  They were worried about him. Perhaps Hades or I can open the door to master’s chambers so that he can be taken home to his father’s nest and get treatment.
That is better than any plan the humans have come up with, Iris said. 
 But how are we going to get the furless ones to come with us?  Hades asked.
The furless ones are humans Hades, Shadow said.  But that is a good question since we can’t communicate with anyone except master.
Would master’s chambers open if you or Hades hissed at the snake guarding master’s chambers?
It’s worth a shot.
Iris walked over to Draco and tugged on his robes with her teeth.  The four humans stared down at the wolf unable to understand what it wanted.  Growling Iris tugged harder and Draco slowly stepped forward.  Iris wagged her tail and continued pulling.
“I think Iris wants us to bring master and follow her,” Draco said. Hermione cast the disillusionment charm on the five of them so their presences would be concealed. Griffin picked up their master since he was strongest and the five ravens followed Iris, Shadow and Hades down the stairs to the common room, out of Ravenclaw tower and down the halls until they reached the door with the snake carved on it.
Shadow slithered up onto Griffin’s shoulder as he was closest to the door and looked at the snake carving. Open for master needs help that he cannot receive within these walls.
Enter and take care of the dark raven, the snake carving hissed and the door opened outward.  The ravens, Iris, Shadow and Hades hurried into the tunnel that led to their master’s private chambers and the door closed softly behind them.  Hurrying along the stone pathway, their faces cast in an eerie light from the torches in their brackets along the walls on either side of them, they made their way to their master’s private chambers where Indigo pushed the door open.  Draco grabbed a pinch of flew powder and threw it into the flames.  The flames changed from orange to green and he turned towards his fellow ravens.  “I don’t know how long master will be at Riddle Manor.  Someone should wait here and the rest should get back to Ravenclaw dorms before someone catches us out.”
“Nobody has caught us out of bed.  Why is that?” Hermione asked.
“Perhaps it has to do with master being the heir of both Gryffindor and Slytherin?  It could be that Hogwarts is helping master and us escape detection from Dumbledore and his minions,” Griffin said.  “I’ll wait here and the rest of you get back to bed.”
The others nodded but didn’t move.  Griffin handed Ares to Draco who stepped into the flames and shouted “Riddle Manor,” before they disappeared in swirling green flames.  Only when the flames had turned orange again did Hermione, Indigo, and Orion make their way back to Ravenclaw Tower.  Hades, Iris and Shadow stayed to wait for news about their master.
Draco stumbled out of the fireplace in the living room of Riddle Manor.  Lucius and Narcissa were already there.  Lucius took his prince from his son’s arms and Narcissa caught Draco before he fell.  “What’s wrong with the prince?” Lucius asked.
“I don’t know father.  All we know is that he’s been in a magical coma for a week.”
“We?” Lucius asked.
“Not now Lucius.  Take him to the healing wing.”
“Tulip!” Narcissa called.
“Lady Malfoy called for Tulip?”  Tulip then noticed Young Master Riddle.  “Young Master! What has happened to young master?”
“He’s in a magical coma Tulip. Can you please get a bed clean in the hospital wing and alert the Dark Lord’s healers that they need to help the young prince?”
“Yes Lady Malfoy.  Tulip do that at once miss!”   With a pop the house elf was gone.
Tulip popped back a few minutes later.  “Bed is cleared off and master’s healers are standing by ready to help young master,” Tulip said with a bow. 
“Thank you Tulip.”
The Malfoys hurried to the hospital wing where the healers were waiting.  They gasped as they saw their young master and Lucius carefully and gently set him on the bed. The healers had remained at Riddle Manor with the Riddle house elves and making sure the house was kept up to their masters’ standards in the event that he and his son returned. 
“Alright what happened Draco?  And don’t lie to me,” Lucius said looking at his son as Narcissa and the Riddle healers set to work trying to bring their young master out of his magical coma.
“We’re under orders not to speak of it,” Draco said.
“I don’t care whose orders you’re under!  If we are going to help our prince then we need to know everything that may be of significance to finding out why the prince has been in a coma for so long and why I’m just now hearing about it.”
“Yes Draco I would like to hear this as well,” Narcissa said glancing at her son quickly before turning her attention back to their young prince.
“Ares ordered us not to betray the organization,” Draco finally said.  Ares is going to Crucio me for sure when he wakes up.
“What organization?” Lucius asked his son.
“You’ve seen the Daily Prophet right? About the mysterious group that has been going around killing people?”
“Yes but what does that have to do with… Oh no! You’re not telling me that a bunch of first years are going around killing people!”
“First to fifth year students of every house are part of master’s organization.”
“And who is your master?”
“Ares Salazar Riddle, heir to Slytherin and Gryffindor.  Our mark is the Deathly Hallows.”
Lucius looked at his son in shock. “Show me your mark,” Lucius ordered his son.  Draco pulled up the sleeve of his robe to reveal the Deathly Hallows branded on his arm. “We attacked the Order of the Chickens and killed the Flamels.  My Lord and Master stole the Sorcerer’s Stone. We also killed a few of the Blood Traitor Weasleys.  Master killed the Basilisk on his ancestor’s orders and has bonded with basilisk’s son. All of us have Animagus forms as well.  Master said that was an important lesson for his followers. Those who had achieved the Animagus form helped the younger ones until they learned it.  One of our organization is even a werewolf.”
Lucius collapsed in a chair in shock.  He couldn’t believe that a group of children had managed to attack the Order of the Phoenix when not even death eaters dared try.  “Have you ever lost anyone in a raid?”
“No.  Master trains us endlessly in light, grey and dark magic. Some of the group is starting to study Runes and others are studying Healing.  Master has had to use the Cruciatris on some of us as punishment and even forced us to practice on each other.  Not even Dumbledore has found out who we are,” Draco said proudly.
Narcissa let out a gasp and stumbled back from the hospital bed.  “Narcissa what is it?” Lucius asked springing out of his chair and going to his wife.
“I know why our prince is in a magical coma.”
“He… he has entered his creature inheritance.”

Monday, December 9, 2013

Brothers Reunite

A border collie, an Irish Wolfhound, a red fox and a shadow wolf with wings ran from Dumbledore’s home and into the night.   As they halted deep in the forest a howl pierced the air.  Padfoot jerked his head up in shock and threw back his head in an answering howl.  Through the trees a gray wolf appeared before the canines and stared at the animals before it.  Moony sniffed the air and his amber eyes widened in surprise.  He had found one of his pack mates.
Padfoot was happy to see his fellow pack mate. Together the five canines ran through the woods underneath the moonlight in sheer happiness at being free and being reunited again.  Brothers in blood and brothers in friendship were together again and would never be separated if they had anything to say about it.
Dawn appeared and Moony transformed back into Remus.  The others transformed as well.  “Sirius?” Remus asked.  His voice was hoarse from not talking in thirteen years. 
“Hi Moony.  It’s good to see you my friend,” Sirius said hugging his fellow pack mate.  “You remember Reggie don’t you?”
“Regulus? Regulus Black the death eater?  You’re alive?!”
Regulus let out a barking laugh, much like his brother.  “Shocker I know.  These two,” gesturing at the woman and child, “are my master’s girlfriend and son.  Raven Mallow and Gemini Riddle.”
“Rav is alive?!” Sirius and Remus shouted. 
“Hello Siri and Remmy,” Raven said.  “This is Tom’s son. Gemini Riddle.”
Raven Mallow’s eyes were haunted and filled with pain.  “Have you seen Tom?”
“No I’m sorry Rav,” Sirius said.  “I believe my godson, Harry James Potter, defeated him and he disappeared though they never found his body.  But how have you been alive for this long?  And Reggie I thought you had died at the hands of the Dark Lord.”
“No I didn’t.  I was a fool to join the Dark Lord, no offense Mistress Rav.”
“None taken Regulus,” Raven said.
“Continue Reggie,” Sirius said.
Regulus nodded as his eyes glazed over while slipping back into the memories.  “You know Siri that Mom always believed in that pureblood nonsense. After you ran away from home Mom put more pressure on me not to turn out like you.  She didn’t want another ‘blood traitor’ in the family and began using the Cruciatris on me.”  Sirius winched at the thought of his little brother getting tortured by their mother because he wasn’t there to protect him.  “Tom had great ideas before the ‘death’ of Raven.  He wanted Muggle born witches and wizards to be able to get jobs in the wizarding world instead of being pushed out upon graduating from Hogwarts. He wanted to protect our world from Muggle families because he knew with the influx of Muggle borns being invited and accepted to Hogwarts that people from the magical community would have to go and explain to the Muggle parents about their world which would risk our secret leaking out.  Salazar Slytherin also knew this and that is why he left Hogwarts.  Salazar had nothing against Muggle born witches and wizards like Dumbledore and history claims.  He wanted to protect our kind from persecution that was rampart in the medieval ages.   He wanted Muggle born witches and wizards to not be treated like third class citizens by the magical community.  But with Rav’s ‘death’… well that drove him deeper into the dark arts and turned him insane.  Dumbledore confessed to me when he captured me in the cave when I stole master’s horcrux that he was the one who had pushed Tom to begin that deadly research and turned him on the path of becoming a dark lord.  This all falls back onto Dumbledore’s head.”
“But why did he keep you prisoner?” Sirius asked his brother.
“He kept me prisoner because he knew that I knew his secret about my master. He couldn’t let that secret become public knowledge so he kept me in that dungeon and I was shocked to see my mistress and her son there as well.”
Sirius shook his head.  “I’m sorry Reggie.  I should have stayed with you or taken you with me when I ran to James’s parents.”
“I don’t blame you for wanting away from other mother.  She was a nut case.”
“Sirius how are you alive?” Remus asked.
“Dumbledore killed me but Fate brought me back.”
“HE DID WHAT?!” Remus and Regulus shouted. 
“Yes. I told him to give me Harry.  But he said that Harry had to go to Petunia.  You remember Lily’s sister don’t you Remus?”
Remus nodded.  “Well he fired the AK at me.  I tried to run but it struck me in the back and I fell.  The next thing I knew Fate was standing before me and sent me back to Earth.  Said my time wasn’t done and I had people who needed me.  I’ve been hiding ever since.  Then Fate came to me again.  Said I needed to find someone I thought I had lost.  I thought it was Harry that Fate was talking about.  So I made my way to Dumbledore’s and found Reggie here.  I helped Reggie, Rav and Gemini escape and then we met up with you.”
“Why were you in Azkaban?” Regulus asked Remus.  He and the werewolf had never been close. Regulus had been friends with Severus and Leon Wilkes when he was in school.
“Leon’s an Animagus as well,” Regulus said.  “So is Sev.  The Marauders weren’t the only illegal Animagi running around Hogwarts.”
“Leon’s alive?” Raven asked.
“I think he’s in hiding somewhere.  He went into hiding after he saved me from the Inferni.”
“So that’s why we caught you in the Forbidden Forest,” Sirius said laughing.  “Never thought my little brother would turn into an illegal Animagus like me.”
“Hey if my big brother could do it then so could I,” Regulus said laughing.  Sirius smiled as his brother’s eyes shown with mirth. 
Remus had a smile on his face but then sobered up.  “Dumbledore said that I betrayed the Potters and they sent me to Azkaban without a trial.  Not like I would have gotten one anyway since I’m a dark creature.  He said it was also to keep me from Harry.”
“Now the question is where is he?” Sirius asked.
The werewolf and four Animagi stood in the forest gazing into nothing before they began their trek again to find somewhere to hide. Somewhere to hide from the dementors that would surely be coming after Remus and somewhere for the three escaped prisoners to hide from Dumbledore.  “Tom’s going to kill Dumbledore when he finds out that Rav is alive and kept her and her son prisoner.”
“Bastard deserves death,” Sirius said.  “He screwed all of us over.  And for what?”
“Power,” Raven said.  “That’s all he’s interested in.  He just wants power.  He thinks that he is the greatest wizard since Merlin and his wife Le Fay.  He manipulates other and sacrifices them while he pretends to be the leader of the light.  I’d say he is the real dark lord and not my Tom.  Do you think Tom will go back to the way he was before I was taken prisoner by Dumbledore?”
“Master loves you Mistress Raven.  He always has and I know he would kill for you and Master Gemini,” Regulus said.  “I believe with my heart that you will be able to turn him back to the correct path once he returns.” 
“I hope so Regulus.  I’ve lost him once.  I don’t want to lose him again.”

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to Hogwarts

“Draco,” Ares called out as he came into the compartment the six claws sat in during their rides to and from Hogwarts. 
“Ares,” Draco said nodding to his best friend and master. 
“Indigo, Griffin, Orion, Hermione.”
The four others nodded to Ares.  “Orion how’s your mate?”
“She’s doing well Ares.  Thanks for asking.  I did have some problems this summer with fighting off a few more strange wolves who wanted to claim her as their own.”
“Are you healed?”
“Yeah.  We werewolves heal fast.  Besides Phoenix and my older sister as well as my alpha female took care of me while I was laid up.”
“That’s good.”
“Romulus gave his permission for you to come back to our territory for the holidays if you want.  Just to stay away from the pack on the full moons and know that he and his mate are the bosses while you’re in our territory.”
“Write to your alpha and tell him I accept.  I could do with getting away for a while.”
Orion nodded and pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill to begin composing his letter.  When it was done he gave it to his shadow owl, Nightshade, and opened the window.  Nightshade flew off to the territory of the Sea Wolves Pack and Orion replaced his quill and bottle of ink in his trunk before settling back in his seat to take a nap.
“Ares have you read the Daily Prophet recently?” Indigo asked pulling out the newspaper from a pocket in her robes.
“No.  Should I have?”
“There was a breakout from Azkaban.  Apparently a werewolf got out.”
“Werewolf huh?  Let me see the paper Indigo.”
Indigo handed Ares the paper and he saw the headline on the front page.  Glancing at Orion who had jerked awake at the word ‘werewolf’ he began to read the article aloud for the compartment to hear.
Werewolf Escapes Azkaban
By April Signet
Sometime last night a werewolf by the name of Remus John Lupin escaped from Azkaban.  Remus Lupin was turned by Fenrir Greyback as a child and was friends with the mass murderer Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and James and Lily Potter. He was sentenced to Azkaban shortly after the attack on Godric’s Hollow where James and Lily Potter lost their lives and You-Know-Who was defeated by Harry Potter. 
Remus Lupin was put into Azkaban for allegedly helping Sirius Black betray the Potters to Voldemort. Although he did not go with Sirius Black to kill young Peter Pettigrew, he was also a servant of the Dark Lord.  Remus Lupin is considered dangerous due to being a werewolf and being under the effects of the Moon Collar, a collar that forces a werewolf to stay in their wolf form.  Please notify Aurors immediately if he is spotted.  It is believed he is after Harry Potter.
Ares rolled his eyes and threw the paper on the floor.  “What nonsense is the Daily Prophet spewing now?  Remus Lupin was never a death eater and he didn’t betray James and Lily to the Dark Lord.  That was Peter Pettigrew.  Sirius Black was also innocent of his crimes and was also never a death eater.  Orion be careful at Hogwarts this year.”
“Of course Ares.  The rest of us will need to help watch Orion’s back on the full moon.  We don’t know if Remus will come to Hogwarts and how dangerous he is with being in Azkaban.  Orion what is a ‘moon collar’?”
“Moon collars are collars designed to control werewolves.  The creator harnesses the full moon’s power in the moon collar and puts the collar around the werewolves which force them to take on their wolf form even when it is not a full moon outside.  A werewolf can literally transform at will with the collar on.  It can drive a werewolf insane.”
“I wonder what Remus Lupin wants with me?  Or rather what he wants with Harry Potter?”
The train continued onto Hogwarts and finally at nine it pulled into Hogsmeade Station.  Ares swore as he felt the presence of Dementors around the castle.  “Dementors are here.  Probably because of Remus Lupin’s escape.  Do any of you know the Patronus spell?”
His followers shook their heads.  “That will be something you will be learning this year then. Foulest creatures on earth, dementors.  They suck the happiness right out of a person and can only be harmed via the Patronus spell.  To conjure the Patronus you need to focus on a happy memory and then say ‘Expecto Patronum’.   Let’s get inside quickly.  I can’t stand being around these disgusting creatures.”
They climbed into the carriage and headed to the doors of Hogwarts.  Ares breathed a sigh of relief when he entered the Entrance Hall.  Making their way to the Ravenclaw table the six friends sat down together.  The rest of Spina Corvos made their way to their own tables after greeting their master and fellow members. The sorting commenced.  Ravenclaw got six new members, Hufflepuff four, Gryffindor seven and Slytherin eight. Dinner was served and the hall was full of chatter as students began to talk about what they had done during the summer and speculating why dementors were at Hogwarts.  Ares groaned as Dumbledore made his speech.
“To our returning students welcome back to Hogwarts.  To our new students welcome!  You may have all noticed the dementors outside the school.  They are here to protect you all from the werewolf Remus Lupin.  Dementors show no mercy and do not care if you are innocent or guilty.  They cannot be fooled by invisibility cloaks or disguises.  Please give them no reason to harm you.  Due to the dangers of the rabid werewolf being loose, the Minister of Magic decided to place them here to search for the werewolf and guard the school from harm.  As our new DADA professor, we have Professor Thakur.  Now that everyone is fed off to your common rooms.”
Ares made his way to Ravenclaw Tower with the rest of the Claws and stopped before the eagle shaped knocker.
I can sizzle like bacon,
I am made with an egg,
I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg,
I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole,
I can be long, like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole,
What am I?
“A snake,” a first year girl named Jasmine Shelburne said. 
Very good young one.  Enter the wisest house of Hogwarts.
The first years were directed to their respective dorms.  Ares, Draco and Orion made their way up to the third year dorms. Griffin made his way to the fourth year dorms which were a floor above his.  Falling onto his bed Ares let Iris, Shadow and Hades out and fell asleep after changing into his pajamas and casting spells and wards on his curtains so that he wouldn’t be disturbed.  This might just be an interesting year.