Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Year 3
Albus Dumbledore flashed into his home and made his way down to the dungeons.  In the dungeons were two special prisoners of his.  Fawkes let out a sad trill.  “Don’t look at me like that Fawkes.  Keeping the two prisoners here will help me with both of my pawns.  They would just get in the way of my plans which are why they have been here all this time.  This is for the great good.”
Fawkes just shook his head.  His master had gone far in his evil plans after he defeated his lover Grindelwald and the death of his sister Ariana.  His master had driven his own son into becoming a dark lord and was now trying to interfere in the poor powerful orphan’s life.  Slowly Fawkes broke the bond and disappeared from Albus Dumbledore’s home.  Dumbledore never noticed that Fawkes had broken the bond or disappeared from the Dumbledore home because he was so intent on going to see his prisoners.  After all a phoenix could only bond, if they chose to do so, with a human who was light. 
Albus Dumbledore proceeded down the stairs to the dungeons beneath his home.  The dungeons were cold and Dumbledore shivered as a cold draft blew along the stone staircase he was walking down.  At least he didn’t live down here and was never here except during the summer when Hogwarts let out.  But it was the perfect place to hold people who were supposed to be dead.
With that werewolf, Remus Lupin, in Azkaban nobody will be able to take my pawn from me.  Though Remus wouldn’t have been able to get custody of Harry since he’s a werewolf.  Still it was smart to have Remus chase after Peter and get thrown into Azkaban and attaching the Moon Collar to his neck.  He should be insane by now.  Putting Peter under the Imperious and forcing him to betray the Potters was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself.
Nobody knew except Dumbledore that Peter had been put under the Imperious to betray the Potters to Voldemort.  Nobody knew that Regulus Black and Peter Pettigrew had been forced to join the Dark Lord, one by the supposed leader of the light and the other by his fanatical pureblood mother.  Not even Tom knew that Peter had been under the Imperious Curse and his memory had been altered.
The man before him had greasy long black hair and his skin had a pallid look to it due to being underfed.  There was nothing in the cell except a toilet and a sink.  There was no bed and no blanket to cover up under from the cold.  None of the cells had windows so it was dark except for the lights in the hallway.  “Regulus Black what a pleasure to see you again.”
Regulus turned his head and gazed with hatred at Albus Dumbledore.  “What do you want Dumbledore?  When Sirius hears of this he’ll come looking for me!”
Dumbledore just smiled to himself.  “My dear boy do you honestly think that Sirius Black cares anything for you?”
“He does.  I know he does!”
“Well I’m sorry to say but Sirius is dead.  I killed him myself.”
“No.  Sirius wouldn’t die by your hand.  He trusted you!  Him, James, Remus and Peter all trusted you and you betrayed them all!”
“How dare you slave!  Perhaps it’s time to remind you of who your real master is! CRUCIO!”
Regulus screamed in pain as he clutched his stomach while he withered about on the floor.  Dumbledore held the curse for five minutes before lifting his wand and canceling the spell.  Regulus was left panting on the floor.  Smirking Dumbledore made his way down the hallway until he came to another cell.  This cell housed two interesting people as far he was concerned.  As he stared at the older occupant in the cell he felt sensations he hadn’t felt since the person before him had entered Hogwarts a decade ago.
The second occupant of the cell was younger than the first.  The child had the same violet eyes as the older occupant but its features and overall appearance disgusted the leader of the light.  Dumbledore opened the cell door and cast the Cruciatris curse on the child which left it screaming on the floor. All the cells in the dungeon were completely bare. “Hello my dear.  I think it’s time I reintroduced us to each other.” 
The first occupant stared with eyes full of horror at the leader of the light and tried desperately to crawl to the child but Dumbledore conjured chains out of the wall and shackled the woman to it.  He gazed at her with lust in his eyes and quickly cast Petrificus Totalus on the child he flicked his wand and removed the dirty garments from the woman chained in front of him.  Her eyes widened in fear knowing what was about to happen.  “No please headmaster…”
“Now let’s begin shall we Miss…”
Ares sat on his bed in Snow Ash Manor holding the basilisk egg in his hands.  He would be entering his third year of Hogwarts soon and knew that third years and up got to go to the village, Hogsmeade on the weekends as long as they had a parent or guardian sign the permission form.  He had received the permission form along with the supply list for third year course books a few days ago.   Ever since he had gotten out of Hogwarts he had been working extensively on finding a potion to bring his father back to life.  He wanted to get it done soon so he could return to Riddle Manor and with his father destroy Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix as well as the rest of the Weasley clan.  After that he would  finish school and figure out what he wanted to do with his life.  
Overhead the sky suddenly darkened and lightning flashed. Several things happened at once.  A large crack appeared on the egg and Ares set it down on his bed and watched as more cracks began to crack appear.  In a cell in Azkaban a gray furred werewolf threw its head up and let out a long mournful howl while its amber eyes flashed in the darkness and it began to gnaw on the bars of its cell in an effort to get out.
Ares fell back on his bed and screamed in pain. His magic began to react violently and he felt like his body was on fire.  He thought he knew what it was but surely he wouldn’t be coming into his magical inheritance this soon.  Oh hell…  Ares thought as he screamed in agony.  In a small belt of trees a hulking shadow ran through the trees and its yellow eyes flashed in pain before it collapsed to the ground with a whimper.

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