Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vexed Weasel

Mrs. Weasley was not a patient woman even though she pretended to be to the general public eye.  When Ginny had been born a year after Harry’s birth Dumbledore had set up a marriage contract between the two children.  She was disappointed that young Harry had thwarted her plans to make Harry and Ginny fall in love with each other.  Somehow the young Ravenclaw had figured out that she had slipped a love potion into his goblet but she knew that shouldn’t have been possible.  He was supposed to be horrible at potions like his father James and a prankster.  What was worse that the boy wasn’t in Gryffindor where her daughter could easily seduce him and Ronald hadn’t managed to befriend him either.
The Weasleys were dirt poor.  There was no getting around that fact.  Mrs. Weasley would have gone to St. Mungo’s in order to be a healer if she hadn’t fallen in love with the Muggle loving idiot Arthur Weasley who insisted that his wife do nothing but bear him a brood of children and give up her job prospects.  She knew that anyone with access to the Potter fortune would be well off indeed so when Dumbledore had filled out that marriage contract between her only daughter and the Potter boy she had been delighted.  From the day of Ginny’s birth she had fed her stories of what Harry was supposed to be like, his feats in the stories she read to her daughter before bed, and filled her head that one day Ginny would be Mrs. Potter-Weasley.  Then they would have access to the Potter fortune and she would be the proud grandmother to a Potter!
The Weasley matriarch took a pinch of floo powder and threw it into the fire.  As the flames changed from orange to green Mrs. Weasley stepped into the fireplace and shouted “Diagon Alley.”  Then she was swept away and spinning past different grates and fireplaces until she stepped out of the fireplace in the Leaky Cauldron.  Taking out her wand she cast a quick cleaning charm on her clothing and then proceeded out the back of the inn/pub and into Diagon Alley before making her way to Gringotts. She would find a way to get her hands on some of the Potter gold now.  Gods knew that the Weasley family was strapped for money and needed it.  It was hard enough having to wait until Ginny and Harry graduated and got married. 
Mrs. Weasley stepped through the two double doors of Gringotts and into the main hallway that was lined with marble.  She walked up to a goblin teller who wasn’t busy and said “I would like to access Mr. Potter’s vault.”
“And do you have any relation to Mr. Potter?”
“No I don’t but Dumbledore promised I would be Mr. Potter’s mother-in-law,” Mrs. Weasley said beaming.  “He assured me that I would be able to access the Potter vaults.”
“Who would you be?” The goblin knew very well who the Weasleys were.  They looked down on goblins and thought they were better than Muggle born and half-blood witches and wizards.
“I am Mrs. Weasley goblin,” Mrs. Weasley said as her eyes narrowed at the creature before her. 
The goblin frowned at the witch’s temper.  “Well Mrs. Weasley you have no right to the Potter vaults or the Potter money.  You are not a blood relative to the boy or his magical guardian so you can leave now unless you want to get some money out of your own vault.  And the headmaster had no right to tell you that you could have ‘access’ to the Potter fortune either.  If that is all then good day.”
“Well I never,” Mrs. Weasley said huffing and storming out of the bank.
Ginny Weasley was upset that she wasn’t in Ravenclaw like Harry Potter.  It would have been so much easier to get him to like her if they had been in the same house.  Ginny had grown up on stories of Harry Potter all her life and couldn’t wait to be his wife and bear his children.  She was concerned that Harry had been brainwashed from living with You-Know-Who and also that he seemed to hate Dumbledore.  Ginny knew that her family were big supporters and followers of the noble leader of the light and vowed to change Harry Potter’s evil ways somehow.  The first thing she had to do was get Harry to quit using the name that You-Know-Who had given him and get him to accept his real and true name.  She hoped that she would be able to get him alone and talk to him.  Ron had screwed up badly so they weren’t getting as much money as they would if Harry had gone to Gryffindor like he was supposed to and been Ron’s friend. 
Ares couldn’t help himself from looking at Susan Bones.  He couldn’t help but like her.  She seemed to be the only one who wasn’t afraid of him having been blood adopted by the Dark Lord and made his son like so many of his followers and the majority of students.  On classes on Friday Ares got up the courage to go find Susan and perhaps talk to her.  Whenever he had tried to talk to her before his courage had failed and he’d made a fool of himself which embarrassed him. He found Susan sitting by the Black Lake.
“Hi Susan,” Ares said standing in front of her. 
Susan looked up and smiled when she saw who it was.  “Hi Ares!”  Susan was one of the few students in Hogwarts who understand what a Blood Adoption meant and knew that the name “Harry James Potter” no longer legally existed.  Even if it had she would still have called Ares by whatever name he wanted. 
“May I sit with you?”
“Sure,” Susan said moving her potions book to her lap so Ares could sit down next to her. “How have classes been Ares?  Are there any classes you like?  I like Herbology and Charms myself.”
Why is it so hard to talk to a girl?  Especially one as kind as Susan?  Ares knew that Susan Bones was the niece of Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and that death eaters had killed most of Amelia’s family including Susan’s parents.  If Susan and I got together would Madam Bones hex me?  Would father approve of a relationship between us? 
“Ares?” Susan asked turning to look at him with concern. “Are you alright?”
Ares shook his head to rid himself of his thoughts.  What am I thinking?  I don’t even know if Susan likes me and I know have I feelings for her but is it love or is it just loneliness?  Besides I’m too young to get into a relationship with anyone.  “Sorry Susan.  I got lost there for a bit.  What did you ask?”
Susan looked at Ares with concern.  She hated how the headmaster and others tried to keep telling him that he was ‘Harry Potter’.  He may have been born Harry Potter but the Blood Adoption had erased his birth name and he was now Ares S. Riddle.  People needed to learn to respect that and not fault him for what his adopted father had done in the past.  “I asked what your favorite classes were.”
“Oh sorry. I love Potions though Professor Snape can be a bit strict at times and I like Astronomy as well as DADA.   Herbology isn’t bad either.  It helps that some of the plants we use in Herbology can be used in Potions.”
“That’s true.  I think McGonagall is almost as bad as Professor Snape when it comes to Transfiguration.  Some of the lessons in Transfiguration don’t make sense to me though.  When are we ever going to need to turn a pair of rabbits into slippers or a match into a needle or a mouse into a snuff box?  How will those types of transfiguration help us in a war?”
“I know.  I think the Hogwarts curriculum needs to be updated.  I learned from my ancestor, Salazar Slytherin, that Hogwarts used to be ten years of schooling and they had  a lot more subjects that are no longer taught today.”
“Salazar Slytherin is your ancestor?”
So Ares told Susan about his trip to Gringotts and discovering that he was the heir of Slytherin and Gryffindor through his parents.  He told her that he was a parslemouth and of his trip to Avalon where he had trained with the four founders for nine years in addition to meeting Merlin and King Arthur and that he was now at fifth year level in all his classes as well as the Chamber of Secrets below Hogwarts and the basilisk egg he had been given by Salazar.  To Susan’s credit she didn’t shrink away from him as she found out this information or run away from him which pleased Ares. 
“So you’re a parslemouth then?”
“Yes.  It’s how I can talk to my pet snake Shadow.   You’re not afraid of me are you?”
“Well finding out that you’re the heir of Slytherin and Gryffindor as well as the fact that both the Potters and Evans are descendants from Slytherin is going to be hard to get used to but I won’t hold that against you like others would.  But I thought that the Potters were descended from Gryffindor?  How can you be the heir to both lines?”
“Well Salazar’s son, Rial Slytherin, married Emily Gryffindor.  Salazar’s daughter, Emma Slytherin, married into Evans line.  I’m actually a pureblood instead of a half-blood.  Lily Evans comes from a long line of squibs on her mother’s side of the family.  Oh and I found out that Albus Dumbledore is father’s real father and not Tom Riddle Senior like father was led to believe.”
“Dumbledore is the father of You-Know-Who?!  But how is that possible?”
“Apparently Dumbledore and Tom’s mother were in a relationship together and when she became pregnant the headmaster decided to erase the memories of his lover and put into her mind that Tom Riddle Senior was the father of her child.  Dumbledore let father grow up in an orphanage and be bullied at school in order to create a dark lord so he could get power after he defeated Grindelwald.  That’s another secret.  Grindelwald is in Nuremburg and was the lover of Dumbledore.  But these are secrets and you can’t tell anyone.  I plan on resurrecting father and defeating Dumbledore once and for all.”
Susan pulled out her wand.  “I swear on my life and magic that I, Susan Bones, will not reveal anything Ares Salazar Riddle has told me about his origins or the secrets of Dumbledore willingly or unwillingly so mote it be.”  There was a flash of light as the magic accepted the oath and Susan put her wand back into her wand holster that was attached to her right arm.  Ares was shocked that Susan would willingly take a wand oath.  
Ginny stood looking at Harry Potter, her Harry, talking with another girl.  She felt a flash of anger at seeing Harry with that lousy Hufflepuff girl.  Harry is mine!  Mine and nobody else’s!  I’ll make him love me and then I’ll have access to the Potter fortune and run in social circles that are better than the idiots my parents are friends with.  I’ll be able to leave the Weasley name behind!  How could she get Harry to be by her side and her side only?  What were the chances of her Harry falling in love with her when she was just a stupid first year?  There had to be a way to get Harry with her. She just had to figure it out.

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