Monday, October 14, 2013

Order of Chickens

“Master!  I have interesting news.”
Ares looked up as Taylor came running up to him when he was outside on Friday afternoon after classes.  Ares immediately put up privacy wards and silencing charms around them before turning his wand on Taylor.  Taylor immediately skidded to a halt realizing his slip up.  Luckily nobody was around them except for a few members of Spina Corvos. 
“Taylor explain to me why I shouldn’t curse you right now for daring to call me ‘master’ in public where enemies might hear that slip of the tongue,” Dark Raven said immediately letting go of his friendly disposition.
“Forgive me master but I was spying on Dumbledore and Snape and learned something that I think may help with defeating our enemies.”
At this the members of Spina Corvos who were with Dark Raven perked up.  Dark Raven leaned towards Taylor.  “Continue Taylor and it better be good news.”
“Of course my Lord.  It appears Snape is a spy for Dumbledore and that Dumbledore is the head of some secret order.”
“Father suspected that Snape wasn’t truly loyal to his side after he killed Lily Potter.  No doubt father will deal with him when he returns.  Or perhaps I will deal with him myself.  What of this ‘secret order’ that the foolish headmaster runs?”
“Dumbledore said it was the ‘Order of the Phoenix’ my Lord.  He said there is going to be a meeting in a week’s time at a place called the Burrow at 9PM.”
Dark Raven suddenly began laughing as his eyes shone with malicious delight.  His laugh was cold like Tom Riddle’s and it sparked fear in the members of his followers who were around him.  “Oh that is wonderful!  I know just where that place is too.  Spread the message among my followers that we will be apparating to the Burrow.  We attack in a week!  Time to show these goodie two shoes that there’s a new Dark Lord to fear.  Oh and Taylor?”
Taylor turned to face his master and lord.  “CRUCIO!”
Ares had ordered some of his small Animagi followers to spy on the teachers to find out if any of them were in this ‘Order of the Phoenix’.  So far the only one they had been able to confirm besides Snape and Dumbledore was Professor McGonagall, the transfiguration professor and head of Gryffindor. Skywing had taken flight and landed on a ledge just beneath the headmaster’s open window and listened in on the conversations that followed to determine that Dumbledore hadn’t tricked Taylor.  Using Legilimency which he was a natural at, Skywing peered into Dumbledore’s mind one night when he was alone and discovered that Taylor had in fact heard the information correctly which pleased him.  Tucking his wings to his sides he plummeted to the ground before opening his wings and soaring back to Ravenclaw tower where he flew in through an open window and changed back into Ares before he slipped into bed.
With small pops all thirty-one members of Spina Corvos appeared out of the darkness with their leader and master in front of them.   Dark Raven had gained some fourth and fifth year students in the group of ten that had joined.  They were all clothed in their masks and robes with their pendants hidden beneath their robes.  Dark Raven motioned to his followers to have their wands drawn which they obediently did.  “Kill as many as you can but be careful because they have decades more experience than us.  We’re just going in there to show them that they have a new enemy to fear.  Before we do everyone disguise their voices and pick a partner.  Three to a group.  I want at least one younger year with each member of my inner circle.  Is that clear?”
“Yes master,” Spina Corvos said before as one they muttered “Voznovo.”
With their voices changed they split into groups of three as they followed their master’s instructions.  Walking up to the house the ten groups were watchful for their enemies as they advanced on the house.  Dark Raven was with April Bane and Amelia Wolf.  Amelia Wolf was a fourth year who had joined him the previous week along with Sally Fox, Pearl Flame, Jacob Jettison, Victor Lestrange, Faith Oakleaf, Sebastian Greystorm, Willow Yaxley, May Seawall, and Dan Tracker.  Willow Yaxley was the daughter of the Yaxley who served the Dark Lord and Victor Lestrange was Rabastan Lestrange’s son. 
Extending out his magic Dark Raven searched for any type of traps that may attack his followers or himself.  Nodding to himself he pointed his wand at the door and whispered to himself “Alohomora.”  The lock clicked and Dark Raven went inside followed by the rest of Spina Corvos.  Despite there being fourth and fifth years in his group Ares had learned quickly he easily had more power and magic then most of the student at Hogwarts. He suspected it was due to his nine years of training in Avalon or perhaps it had to do with him being the descendant of two of the four founders of Hogwarts.
Dark Raven listened as he entered the Burrow for voices.  He had found another location, a location that belonged to one Sirius Black and was surprised it hadn’t been used as a meeting place for the Order of Chickens which Ares found more appropriate than naming an order run by a manipulative bastard with a bunch of cowardly sheep after such a noble and majestic creature.  He would need to see about severing the poor bird’s forced enslavement to the headmaster.
Having found where the voices were coming from Dark Raven and his team led the nine other groups into the kitchen.  “Avada Kedavra,” Dark Raven said pointing his wand at Ginny Weasley.  Ginny slumped over the table. Four more spells erupted from the shadows which Dark Raven had used to hide his followers so they could form a circle around the table giving the Order of Chickens no escape.  Molly Weasley, Ronald Weasley, and two unknown order members slumped over dead. 
“Stupefy!” Arthur Weasley shouted aiming at Dark Raven.  Brian quickly got in the way of his master as the curse blasted him back against the wall.    The other members of Spina Corvos glared through their masks as two members quickly picked up Brian and disapparated away. 
“Who are you?” Moody asked staring at the people before them. 
“Who I am and who my followers are is none of your concern old man,” Dark Raven said.  “We have done what we came for.”  Dark Raven turned to leave and nodded to one of his followers when a Cruciatris was shot at him.  He smiled and waved his hand, absorbing the spell and turned to see the fool who had dared use an unforgivable against the dark prince.  CRUCIO ULTI!   The Order of Chickens screamed in pain as they felt a Cruciatris curse that felt worse than any regular Crucio or Crucio Maxima.  Incendio Wavo!  Bombardo!  Protego Maxima!    Dark Raven and Spina Corvos watched in sick pleasure as a wave of fire swept through the Burrow and spread out into the surrounding grounds.  The far wall exploded in a shower of splinters as it was hit with the spell.  Snapping his fingers Spina Corvos apparated outside the circle of fire and Roger raised his wand before shouting “Elhalsto!”  The members apparated away back to Dark Raven’s home.
“Albus!”  Minerva shouted as she rushed to her fellow colleague and leader. 
“Meet at Hogwarts.  My office!” Albus shouted. 
“Molly!”  Arthur shouted.  “Ron!  Ginny!”
“There’s nothing we can do for them Arthur. Get out now if you don’t want to be burned alive,” Mad-Eye said. 
When they got back to Hogwarts the members of the Order of Chickens bowed their heads in silence for the members who had been lost.  However to their horror they realized they were still suffering from the curse that had been shot at them internally.  The spell would not cancel until Dark Raven himself canceled it.  Of course the Order of Chickens didn’t know that and neither did Dark Raven’s followers except for his inner circle. 
“Those looked like kids Albus,” Minerva said.  “How the hell can kids become dark?  Do you think that You-Know-Who is behind this?”
“Voldemort is gone.  I don’t think he is behind this and I can’t imagine any of his death eaters being smart enough to think of something like this,” Albus said.  “It’s a shame we weren’t able to catch one of those brats.  Who knows where they are from or what school they go to?”
“Perhaps they are children of death eaters,” Arthur said. 
“I don’t think so Arthur.  They used-they used the Deathly Hallows as their mark!”
“How do you know this Minerva?”
“I saw it in the sky above the Burrow before I apparated away.  Whoever this group is I don’t think they are related to the Death Eaters or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.”
“The Deathly Hallows was in the village that the Flamels lived in as well,” Snape said as he thought back to that day last year news of the Flamels death along with a woman in the middle of the street had appeared in the Daily Prophet.  “Whoever we’re dealing with may be more dangerous than the Dark Lord and his followers.  We may have two dark lords to contend with.”
Finite, Dark Raven thought as he watched the meeting in the headmaster’s office through a holographic projector.  “How’s Brian?” He asked without turning to the young badger kneeling behind him.
“He’s still unconscious my Lord,” Grace said. 
“I see.  Have the house elves give you dinner and drink. You all did well for this mission and I’m proud of you.  Four people killed and everyone left alive affected by my new spell.  When will Brian come to?”
“Hopefully in the next couple of days master. But he appears to have a mild concussion as well.”
“Find Healer Caroline Meadow and have her tend to him.  We will need to be careful at the next mission.  It appears Dumbledore and his cooked chickens want to try capturing one of us.  Now leave my presence Grace.”
“Yes master,” Grace said softly before hurrying out of the room that Dark Raven was in with his four familiars.
Dark Raven waited until Grace’s footsteps had vanished down the hall and waved his hand along the control panel in front of him.  “Muggle technology is good for something after all.  It’s a shame that many witches and wizards do not accept the fact that Muggles could easily wipe us out with all the weapons they have.”  The holographic screen shut off and Dark Raven collapsed into the chair of his control room. 
Master how did you get this amazing screen?
I had Muggles install it for me before obviating them and dropping them off in Alexandria when I bought the home. There are also secret passages throughout and under my home that are all heavily warded that only I know about.  I got the idea for having one in my home when I watched the Star Wars series when I was living with the Dursleys.  Though Muggles may end up killing us it’s also the fact that without their blood we would die out.  Many of the noble and ancient pureblood families were hunted to extinction by Muggles in the dark ages and there are very few ancient families left.  Potter and Black being two of these noble families.  Then there are other ‘ancient’ families, like the Malfoys, who have no honor at all and aren’t as ancient as they claim to be. The Malfoy family didn’t come into existence until the 19th century.  Perhaps I should tell Draco that.  He deserves to know the truth about how long the Malfoy name has been around. 
Closing his eyes Ares warded his control room while at the same time strengthening the wards around the manor and grounds.  “Guards will be needed.  Guards I can trust and who will serve me without fail,” Ares said sleepily.  “Pupillis, et confirmate eu. Nemo servus meus mihi factum est inimicus. Corvus tenebris, heres multis, iubet.”  With those words spoken there was a tremor throughout the manor and grounds but the creatures both on the grounds and the inhabitants of Snow Ash Manor felt nothing more than a slight shaking as the wards began glowing blood red.
Note: Pupillis, et confirmate eu. Nemo servus meus mihi factum est inimicus. Corvus tenebris, heres multis, iubet means in English: Wards activate and strengthen.  Let none pass who is an enemy to me or my servants.  Dark Raven, heir to many, commands it.

Spell creation: Spell Creation: Crucio Ulti-Ultimate Crucio=causes extreme pain and burning in the victims which targets the muscle and bones.  Will continue until it is canceled by the caster.

Protego Maxima-stronger shield than the regular Protego spell; can cover a group of people or a single person from head to toe.

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