Friday, October 4, 2013

Immortal Raven

Ares was in his chambers he had found in his first year trying to work on creating the Elixir of Life so that he could become immortal.  A month had passed since Ares had returned to Hogwarts for his second year.  The basilisk egg lay on the bed as he worked tirelessly on the Elixir. He had to find a way to use the stone to create the Elixir and how to safeguard the stone so that nobody would steal it and destroy it.  He knew that if he achieved his goal and he planned on achieving it that if the stone was broken then he would die. 
Ares sighed as he went to sit on his bed and took the Basilisk egg in his hands.  He’d have to catch a toad in order for the basilisk to hatch and even then it would be nine lunar months of waiting.  He had found this information out by reading one of Salazar’s journals when he had gone to the Chamber of Secrets shortly after killing Susanna to harvest some of her body parts for potion ingredients.  The rest of the snake had been given to Gringotts.
Deciding to take a break from his current project he set the basilisk egg in the cage he had owl ordered and set the cage on the bedside table.  Then he pulled out Salazar’s journal which he hadn’t gotten a chance to read since he had left it with the Weasley’s when he had been whisked away to Avalon to train for nine years and opened it up.
September 2, 993 5:30 PM
Our students were eager to begin their magical education today.  I’ve just been with a meeting with Godric, my dear Helga and Rowena.  I confess that I was nervous today as classes began and I know that my wife and our two friends were nervous as well as the students.  Well who wouldn’t be nervous being in a school with strangers?  Hopefully these ten years of studies these students will go through will be a time for them to make friends and become strong witches and wizards.
This morning before we went to the Great Hall for breakfast we each gave a speech welcoming the students who had been sorted into each of the four houses. I taught Potions with the badgers and ravens today.  Potions with my snakes and the lions is on Friday.  I think it is a shock for the female body to be attending Hogwarts. Hopefully the boys don’t give them too much trouble. 
I’ve found out that the poltergeist that has made an appearance is named Peeves.  In Potions today I went over the instructions for the class as well as the history of Potion making.  The students will have an essay due next week about the history of Potions and some common ingredients that are used in potions by young witches and wizards.  They seemed like a smart bunch of students and I hope they take my safety instructions into account.
September 3, 993 Lunch in the Great Hall
I am worried for the Muggleborn and half-bloods that haven’t come to Hogwarts yet.  Hogwarts was not set up to accommodate Muggle adults.  We are persecuted and I have seen how Muggles kill their children when they learn they have magic.  To religious Muggles magic is a sin and the mark of the devil.  It would be detrimental to our culture and society if the children are allowed to remain with their parents when their lives are in danger during the summer.  It is a shame there is nothing in place to help Muggle born witches and wizards or the half-bloods.  I believe it would be better if they were taken from their parents, the parents oblivated and the children put in foster families in the magical world for society’s safety and the children’s’ safety as well.
I hope there is a time when magic and wizards and witches are no longer persecuted and we can live in peace with each other.   I know though that my dream of magic and magical people being accepted by the non-magical world, especially by these religious Muggles, will be a long and hard process to achieve. Perhaps I will be dead along with my friends by the time that dream is achieved.  One can only hope.
Ares stared at the journal in his hands in shock.  He hadn’t expected there to be Muggle born and half-bloods already at the time of the founders.  He had figured that wizards and witches had only begun breeding with Muggles in the past century.  “Well this is a surprise,” Ares said to himself smiling. Sighing he put the journal on the bedside table and fell back on the bed to sleep. 
Three weeks passed.  Ares had no meetings during that time, focusing only on his classes and on his project.  “Finally!” Ares shouted as he sat back and stared at the red potion before him.  Pulling out a crystal vial Ares bottled a bit of the potion and swallowed it down.  Bottling up the rest of the Elixir into vials and slipping them in the shielded hole in the wall he breathed easily for the first time in years.  Ares Salazar Riddle was now immortal and the world had better watch out when he brought his father back.
Pulling out the necklace he sent a message to his inner circle. They were the only ones he would trust with this secret for they had all sworn their magic and lives to follow him.  There was no way they could betray the young dark prince.  Getting up he walked into the meeting room and summoned some house elves to bring food to his chambers. Plates, goblets and silver wear appeared for the inner circle as well as food.  He was respected by the house elves and knew they wouldn’t tell on him because he was the heir of two founders and thus the owner of Hogwarts.  Not even the Ministry or Dumbledore would be unable to contest that.
“My Lord?” Hermione asked bowing before she took a seat at the table.
“I have called you here because I have achieved what my father didn’t.  I have created the Elixir of Life and have taken a vial full of the potion.  I’m now immortal,” Ares said.
“Master is it wise to tell us this?” Orion asked.
“You have sworn your lives to me on your magic which means if you tell anyone you’ll die after you’re stripped of your magic.  Besides if I didn’t trust any of you you’d already be dead,” Ares said simply in response to Taylor’s question.
The inner circle nodded.  Their master spoke the truth and wouldn’t hesitate to kill betrayers.  The spell their master had infused into the Deathly Hallows that had been burned on their arms was proof enough that they couldn’t ever betray or leave their master’s service. “How are we doing with recruits?”
“We have ten people who have agreed to become fellow Spina Corvos,” Roger Light said. 
“Good.  I’ll brand them in two days’ time.  How are your Animagus transformations working out?”
“Going well Dark Raven,” Emily said softly.  “Half of Spina Corvos has achieved the Animagus transformation.”
“Good. Continue helping those who need the help and then I want all my ready Animagi Thorn Ravens here in my chambers in a week.  I plan on writing down their names and Animagi forms and locking it up so I have it for myself.  You know my rules and laws so get going.”
“Yes master,” the inner circle replied.  They took food with them and left the chamber to head back to their dorms. 
Once they were gone Ares put his head on the table.  “What am I going to do Iris?”
That is your choice alone to make Ares.  I will stick by you no matter what you decide but I think that you should take Salazar’s words into heart and consideration. He is your ancestor after all and I know you have read about past dark lords and how they were all defeated.  They never achieved their dreams by putting pain and suffering on the world.
How can I be sure that if I were to forsake being a dark lord that I could make a difference in the world? 
The wizarding world is corrupted and blind. They need a strong leader to guide them and shape them. 
But if I go into politics how can I stop myself from being like Minister Fudge?  Or worse like Dumbledore?  He believes that his way is the only way and uses people like chess pieces.  Is that not what I’m doing when I ask my followers to kill? Is it bad that dark magic comes easier to me than light magic and dark magic makes me feel at peace?
Dark magic, light magic or grey magic is nothing to be feared Ares. That is the wizarding world’s mistake when they fear dark magic. Every witch or wizard has a certain magical color that is natural to them. That doesn’t make them inherently evil if they prefer dark magic or borderline dark if they are grey like many in the wizard society like to think.  They don’t realize that by their prejudices and bullying that they are the ones who create dark lords.  I only know that if you go down the path to becoming another dark lord then you will be unhappy and miserable.  Think about your father.  Can you say he is honestly happy with how his life turned out?
No he isn’t.  I know he doesn’t like harming people.  If Dumbledore hadn’t manipulated him all his life and killed Raven then he could have done great things for the wizarding world.  Though I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t gone dark.  Would I have found out my heritage about being a parslemouth and about being Salazar’s descendant?  Would James and Lily have bothered to tell me that the Potters and Evans are descended from Salazar’s children?  Would my gift of Parsletongue have been shunned by my family?  What would I have been like if I had grown up in a world where James and Lily were alive and had raised me instead of the abuse I had gone through at the hands of the Dursleys? 
It does not do to dwell on what might have been?  We cannot mess with time nor can we change the past Ares. We can only learn from our mistakes and dreams to continue into the future and be what we want to be and not what someone expects us to be.  Come. We should head back to Ravenclaw Tower in case the old fool gets suspicious of your whereabouts.  It would not do to be hindered by the old man before you get your father back.
Ares nodded and wiped the tears that had been flowing from his eyes as he had talked with Iris.  He walked down the tunnel and out the door of his chambers, using the shadows to remain hidden from sight.  Ares knew he would have to make a choice soon.  Would he continue on the quest to be a dark lord or would he turn to the light and make a new life for himself and the world?

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