Saturday, October 19, 2013

Heir to Many

Ares Salazar Riddle was at breakfast the next morning when a Gringotts owl landed before him and held out its leg. Ares took the letter from the owl and handed it some pieces of bacon before untying the ribbon that held the letter in place and unrolled the parchment.  A ring fell out and he stared at it.  It was gold with silver threads mixed in and had a large “G” stamped into the sapphire.
Mr. Riddle,
Please come to Gringotts at your earliest convenience and make sure nobody knows of your absence.  It is important that we speak to you about issues concerning your family origins.  This ring is a port key.  Just say “Gringotts,” and it will activate and bring you here.  Again make sure you come alone and nobody sees you leave or know that you are gone.
Director of Gringotts Bank
London, England
“Incendio,” Ares said and the letter burned to ashes before floating down to the table.  Nodding his head in thanks to the owl he watched it flap its wings and began its journey back to Gringotts.   Slipping the ring into his pocket he finished his breakfast and made his way out of the Great Hall and to Salazar’s Chamber where he had slain Susanna and taken the basilisk egg earlier that year.  Nobody would know he was missing.  As owner of Hogwarts the castle wouldn’t inform the headmaster if he left. 
Once he was safely in the chamber he pulled out the ring and slipped it on his finger.  “Gringotts,” he said and there was the sharp pull at his naval that accompanied travel by port key.  Stumbling he caught himself just in time to prevent himself from falling onto his face on the floor of Gringotts. Making his way over to a teller he spoke.  “I have an appointment with Director Ironsteel.”
“And who might you be?”
“Ares Salazar Riddle,” Ares said narrowing his eyes at the goblin.  The goblin’s eyes widened and got down from his chair before leading Ares through a side door and into the tunnels that marked the entrance to the Goblin nation.  He followed the goblin along the twists and turns of the corridor until they arrived at Director Ironsteel’s door.  After knocking and speaking in Gobbledegook he bowed Ares in and shut the door.
“Good morning Mr. Riddle.  I trust you made sure to follow the directions in the letter I sent you?”
“Yes I did Director Ironsteel.  What is this about?”
“Mr. Riddle what do you know about a man named Sirius Black?”
“Sirius Black?  I’ve never heard of that name before.  Does he have something to do with me?”
“Sirius Black was your godfather.  It is believed he is dead as there has been no trace of him for the past twelve years.  Mr. Black made you his heir when you were born.  You are in fact the head of six noble houses Mr. Riddle.”
“Six?” Ares asked as his eyes widened in shock.
“That is correct Mr. Riddle.  Would you like to hear the houses you are head of?”
“You are the heir to House Riddle, heir to House Potter, heir to House Slytherin, heir to House Gryffindor, heir to House Black and heir to House Naga.”
 “What does this entail sir?”
“As the head of six houses, five being ancient and noble houses; Riddle is not counted among them as the only wizards to be born in that house have been your father Tom Riddle Jr. and yourself, you are the lord of all these house.  However due to being the head of six houses you are required to have six wives-one for each house.”
“Six wives?  Can’t I just have one wife?”
“Having multiple wives is not uncommon in the wizarding world. Many wizards have multiple mistresses on the side along with their wives which is sadly approved of.”
“What’s the difference between having mistresses and having multiple wives?  It’s the same thing is it not?”
“No Mr. Riddle it is not the same thing.  While mistresses are common mainly among muggle men who can’t keep their pants zipped up and are under the curse of their own lust which degrades both the man and the women he sleeps around with, the ladies who are multiple wives have the right to their honor and dignity.  Many cultures allow men to have multiple wives and some muggles even allow the use of multiple husbands but that is neither here nor there. If you were to have one wife and take up the lordship of all six houses as is your right then the lady would find it stressful to manage six households and six sets of children as she would need to produce a heir for each house.  Whereas having one wife for each house equals each wife bearing children for the house she is the lady of and each wife only need worry about producing heirs to the house that she is the lady of.  Do you understand my reasoning now?”
“I think so.  But how can I afford six households?”
“Mr. Riddle you are in fact one of the richest men alive with the combined vaults of all six lines you own.  Each house has their own vaults and own properties. Your correct name is Lord Ares Salazar Riddle-Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Naga.”
“What would my wives be required to do and how would the naming of children go?”
“Each wife would be responsible for her own home and producing you heirs to each home.  Any children you would have with your wives would have the name of the house they live in.  An example is if you had a wife who was of the Riddle name then all the children from that wife would automatically be Riddles only.  This would follow with your other five names and five other wives.  Now would you like to learn of the properties you have inherited from each line as well as their vaults?”
“Sure,” Ares said as he tried to process all the information he had just learned.
“Very well.  Please place three drops of blood on the parchment before you and it will show you your results.”
Ares took the knife that he just noticed on the desk and pricked his finger before letting three drops of blood drop onto the parchment below him.  It glowed white and suddenly there was writing.
Name: Ares Salazar Riddle-Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Naga
Age: 12
Potter Vaults: 687, 704, 206, 896
Black Vaults: 10, 150, 711, 850
Riddle Vaults: 4, 76, 100, 270
Gryffindor Vaults: 1, 3, 5, 18, 20, 456, 900
Slytherin Vaults: 2, 6, 8, 13, 23, 300, 400, 658, 700
Naga Vaults: 850, 98, 14, 19, 234, 800, 124, 562, 750, 973
Potter Properties:
Potter Cottage-Godric’s Hollow-Destroyed on October 31, 1981
Lily Manor-Scotland
Potter Manor-Wales
Potter Castle-Ireland
Black Properties:
Number 12 Grimmauld Place-London (currently headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix)
Black Manor-Florence, Italy
Midnight Emerald-Wales
Marauder Manor-Scotland
Grim Manor-Houston, Texas, USA
Riddle Properties:
Riddle Manor-Little Hangelton
Twilight Manor-California, USA
Gryffindor Properties:
Gryffindor Castle-Yorkshire, England
Godric’s Cove-Malmo, Sweden
Gryffindor Manor-London
Slytherin Properties:
Hogwarts Castle-Scotland
Slytherin Castle-China
Serpent Rock-Dublin, Ireland
Basilisk Manor-Southern Wales
Naga Properties:
Naga Manor-China
Naga Castle-Germany
Emerald Manor-Rome, Italy
Zodiac Castle-Scotland
“I own all of these properties?”
“Yes you do.  However the Naga heritage has a catch.  If you become a dark wizard or a dark lord then you will not be able to inherit the Naga line even though it rightly belongs to you.  You will also be required to produce an heir for each line within two years of your graduation from Hogwarts at seventeen.  Your heirs will inherit only from the vaults their mothers are the ladies of.”
“Great,” Ares muttered. 
Ironsteel chuckled.  “Would you like to take up the lordships for the first five lines you have inherited or would you like to wait until you decide what to do about the Naga line?”
“I think I’ll wait for now.  Oh I also wanted to ask if there is any way I can restore Potter Cottage?  Money is of course no problem.”
“Of course. Do you want it the same way it was before its destruction?”
Ares thought about that for a few moments.  “Yes that will be fine.  Do you know how many bedrooms it had?”
“Potter Cottage is two floors with two bedrooms and a study room.  I can easily arrange for more bedrooms to be added but it will change the layout.”
“That’s fine.  When can I expect it to be completed?  And can you add wards to it upon completion?”
“Certainly Mr. Riddle.  It should be complete in about three months.”
“Thank you.  Now did Sirius Black leave a will?”
“Yes he did.  I can read it now if you like?”
“Yes thank you.”
“Very well.”  Ironsteel pulled out an envelope and opened it before removing a piece of parchment.
I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind and body declare this my final will and testament.
Greetings Prongslet and hello to the rest of you fools,
I name Harry James Potter my heir through blood and magic as I adopted you shortly after your birth.  Don’t worry Prongslet you are still a Potter. 
To Remus Lupin I leave Wolf Cottage in Northern Scotland for your furry little problem and 100,000 Galleons to be deposited into your vault every month.  Don’t spend it all in one place Moony.
To Narcissa Malfoy-nee Black I dissolve your marriage to Lucius Malfoy, take back the dowry of my family and banish you from the Black family.
To the Malfoy family I leave you 1 knut each and my curse that you never find happiness.
To Peter Pettigrew I leave you a one way ticket to the depths of Hell upon your demise.
To my dear cousin Bellatrix Lestrange-nee Black I dissolve your marriage to Rodolphus  Lestrange, remove you from the Black family, and take back the dowry my family gave to Rabastan.
To Albus Dumbledore if he didn’t follow the instructions in the Potter Will I leave you a one way ticket to Hell.  I hope you fry your manipulative old bastard!
To Andromeda Tonks and her daughter Nymphadora Tonks, I hereby reinstate you both back into the Black family and leave you each 20,000 Galleons each.
Kreacher, the house elf of 12 Grimmauld Place, I order your immediate beheading.
Prongslet as my heir you are entitled to my vaults and properties.  Don’t ever trust Albus Dumbledore or Peter Pettigrew.  Pettigrew’s a coward and Dumbledore is a fool who will use you to achieve his own ends.
Sirius Orion Black
“Who is this Remus Lupin fellow?”
“Remus Lupin was a friend of James and Lily Potter as well as Sirius Black.  He’s a werewolf and is currently in Azkaban Prison.”
“I am not sure why he is there Mr. Riddle.  Do you want to give him Wolf Cottage as well as 100,000 Galleons a month?”
“Yes.  Even though he’s in Azkaban doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be without money since it’s so hard for werewolves to live in the United Kingdom.”
Ares thanked Ironsteel and left Gringotts before apparating back to Hogwarts.  As the owner of Hogwarts, he smirked at this thought, he could easily bypass the wards and apparate and disapparate from the school.  Wonder what Dumbledore will think of that?  I suppose that means I can become Headmaster of Hogwarts and even kick the old fool out as well as kick all the students out.  Hmm perhaps I should think on this.
Ares chuckled to himself as he made his way up to Ravenclaw Tower.  He stopped in front of the eagle door knocker and waited patiently for the riddle.
What am I? I am the only thing that always tells the truth. I show off everything that I see. I come in all shapes and sizes. So tell me what I must be!
“A mirror” Ares said.
Good job young one.
Ares walked into the common room and made his way up his dorm where Draco and Orion were.  “I just learned something interesting at Gringotts.  It appears I am the owner of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I need to find six wives and produce heirs for all six lordships I own within the first two years after I graduate.
“Oh and Draco I’m head of House Black.  Your parents’ marriage is dissolved as is Bella’s marriage to Rodolphus and they’ve both been kicked out of the Black family.  Sirius Black is apparently my godfather and appointed me as his heir in magic and blood as he blood adopted me when I was born.  I just found a way to get rid of Dumbledore.”

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