Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chamber of Secrets

Ares and Iris found themselves once again outside the burrow much to Ares’s displeasure.  Charon and Hedwig flew towards him and alighted on both his shoulders.  “Hello you two.  Has my trunk and belongings been secure from prying hands?”  Hedwig hooted and Charon gave a squawk which brought a smile to their master’s face.  “I was in Avalon with the four founders and met King Arthur and Merlin.  I have a decision to make about my future after talking with Salazar.”
“Hi Harry!”  Ginny Weasley shouted running towards him.
The smile immediately slipped from Ares’s face at the redheaded girl running towards him.  “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.  I’m starting Hogwarts this year as well!”
I wonder if I can imperious her and feed her to Sal’s basilisk?  “That’s great Ginny.  I’m sure you’ll like Hogwarts.”  At least as long as you stay away from me!
“Mom says if we don’t get to King’s Cross soon we’ll miss the train.  You better hurry and make sure you’re all packed.”
Ares nodded and vanished into the burrow and up the stairs to his room.  Placing his hand on the door the wards deactivated and allowed him entry.  He glanced around the room and checked to make sure everything was packed for a second term at Hogwarts.  On an afterthought he vanished his first year school books to his library at his home in Sweden.  Looking in the room he saw his new robes and second year textbooks lying on the bed.  Flipping through them he was disgusted to see most of them by some man named Gildeory Lockhart.  “Looks like another trip to Diagon Alley to get proper second year DADA textbooks. Incendio,” Ares said lighting the stack of Lockhart books on fire.  With that complete he stuffed his robes into his trunk along with One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi and Standard Book of Spells Grade 2.  “How pathetic that we have no textbooks for the rest of our subjects at Hogwarts for second year. What about Charms and History of Magic and Potions?  We’ve covered everything in our other textbooks last year.  Perhaps I may need to transfer and have my followers transfer to another school.”
Using his wand he levitated his two textbooks into his trunk and locked it.  Ares then put his wand in his wand holster that was on his right arm and dragged his trunk downstairs and to the Weasley’s Ford Angelia before getting into the backseat with Ron, the twins, and Percy.  Ginny sat up front between her parents.  Shadow was wrapped around Ares’s arm and Charon and Hedwig were set in the trunk with the luggage and Percy’s owl Hermes.  Iris had forced her way into the back seat to be with her bonded.  The trunk was shut and then they were off to King’s Cross for Hogwarts.
At the station were Draco, Hermione, Orion, Griffin, and Indigo who were waiting for Ares to arrive.  Ares came through the barrier and made his way over to his friends.  Ginny started following him.  “Hermione take care of her,” Ares commanded as he led the rest of his best friends onto the train and on their way to their compartment.  Hermione pointed her wand at Ginny and muttered “Stupefy” under her breath.  Smirking she turned on the balls of her feet and hurried to the compartment before sliding into a seat between Griffin and Draco. 
“My Lord how was your summer?” Griffin asked Dark Raven.
“Better than I expected it to be Nomad.  I went to Avalon with Iris here,” Dark Raven said stroking his wolf.  “We met the four founders, Merlin and King Arthur.  I am able to claim Godric’s vault and that I’m a pureblood and not a half blood like I thought.  I’ve been training for the past nine years in Avalon in potions, muggle fighting techniques, warding, healing, weapons making, and spell crafting. Hogwarts hasn’t kept the same subjects that the four founders taught when they were alive. They want me to teach them to my followers and the new generations of Hogwarts. I also found out a secret that I will tell everyone at a meeting tonight.”  Ares pulled out his necklace and spread the meeting time to all his followers.
“You have really been to Avalon and been training for nine years? How is that possible?” Hermione asked.  Ares could see the wonder and jealousy in her face and snorted.
“I found a note written to Salazar’s descendant that took me to Avalon with Iris.  Time passes slower here than it does in Avalon.  For every week that passes in this world a year goes by in Avalon.  The founders believe I’m now on a fifth year level in all my subjects.”
“That’s amazing!” Orion said. 
“Potions are easier with Salazar teaching it,” Dark Raven said.
“I wonder what Severus will think when at our first potions lesson for second year?” Draco asked. 
“He’ll probably be shocked,” Dark Raven said laughing.  “But I also have a decision to make regarding my future.”
“What decision is that master?” Indigo asked. 
“Everyone will learn of it tonight at the meeting place.  After the feast is over I will be going to Salazar’s secret chamber that I have inherited as descendant of Slytherin and retrieving something that Salazar has granted me.  This is not to leave this compartment. Do I make myself clear?” Dark Raven looked sternly at his friends who all nodded.
They changed into their robes and the other members of Spina Corvos stopped by the compartment to greet their master and ask how his summer had been.  After several hours the train finally pulled into Hogsmeade Station and the students clambered out of the train into the warm night.  The first years made their way over to Hagrid while the second through seventh years made their way over to the carriages.  Ares raised a hand and patted the Thestral that pulled the carriage his friends had climbed into before climbing in after them.  
The carriages began moving in a long line up to the castle.  Ares checked his pockets to make sure he still had Salazar’s diary on him and breathed a sigh of relief when his fingers touched the leather.  The carriages pulled to a stop in front of the steps leading up to the entrance of Hogwarts and the students made their way to their tables in the Great Hall for the welcoming feast and the sorting of new first years. 
As expected Ginny Weasley ended up in Gryffindor which Ares thought was a relief.  He ate his food and then slipped into a shadowy alcove off of Entrance Hall.  Casting the disillusionment charm over himself he made his way silently up the stairs to the second floor before sneaking into Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom which Salazar had told him was built over the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Standing in front of the mirror he located the sink with the snake carved tap on the sink that had never worked and hissed Open.  Then making sure he had his sword secured to his waist he slid down the passage and landed in the tunnel that led to the Chamber of Secrets and the Basilisk within.
Ares walked along the tunnel with a hand over the pommel of his sword until he came to the doors marked with two serpents that Salazar had told him about.  Open, he hissed at the snakes and the doors slid into the wall on either side allowing him entry into Salazar’s chamber.  My chamber now thanks to my ancestor.
Ares noticed the snake statues on either side of the long walkway that led to a statue of Salazar Slytherin where he knew the Basilisk and its egg would be kept.  Withdrawing his sword Ares stood in front of the statue of Salazar and gazed up into the face.  Open Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four.  Salazar’s stone mouth slowly opened and Ares heard slithering from inside the statue as the basilisk uncurled its body and slithered out of the statue to land on the stone floor before him.
I sense you have the same blood as my master.  Do not be afraid young one for I will not hurt you. 
Ares opened his eyes and saw the giant green basilisk which looked to be thirty feet long staring at him and curled on the ground at his feet.  Its yellow eyes shone with sadness and pain which struck a chord in Ares’s heart to think of this misunderstood and great creature locked away for thousands of years.  Susanna I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
How do you know my name young speaker?
I have been to Avalon where I met the four founders.  Salazar told me where to find the Chamber of Secrets and said to kill you for he expects you to have been driven into madness and that your egg was for me as well as this chamber.  Tell me Susanna what were you brought to the castle for?
I was brought here by the master speaker to guard the castle and her inhabitants from harm.  Salazar sealed me up though before his death.  I did not know he had died at the time you see and I waited until his heir would come and release me.  But the descendent who released me made me attack Muggle born and half-bloods fifty years ago. He cared not for my real reason for Slytherin bringing me into the castle.  I was unable to disobey though I tried with all my being and then I was sealed up again after I killed that poor Muggle girl in the bathroom that resides above my chamber.
How is it that none of the other founders knew of you and that you weren’t found?
Salazar kept this chamber and myself a secret from the other founders for fear that they would try to slay me and destroy his chamber.  There is a potions lab, a storage room and private chambers to the left of this statue.  Salazar used to come down here to get away from the students and used this chamber to brew potions which he found relaxing as well as talk with me so I wouldn’t become lonely.  He was delighted when I laid a single egg which he left to the heir that would not betray his legacy.  The former master, Tom Riddle, was evil and I knew if he had found my egg he would have treated my little snake ling with contempt and used it for his evil purposes.  I sense that you are kind but also full of turmoil and pain which has decided your path into darkness.  It is a path I would not advise for one such as yourself master.  The path you have begun is a long and lonely word full of death and no happiness.
Perhaps but I will have my revenge on Dumbledore and all those who have wronged me.  If it hadn’t been for Dumbledore leaving his son in an orphanage and then allowing him to be bullied at Hogwarts and killing his girlfriend Tom would never have become a dark lord.  Dumbledore just wants power.  I wonder if he was ever a good wizard who cared about his followers? If he isn’t stopped then he’ll be another dark lord and the wizarding and muggle worlds can’t deal with three dark lords.
Three dark lords speaker?  Do you mean to become a dark lord as well?
My adopted father became a dark lord after he left Hogwarts.  No he was already a dark lord by the time he left Hogwarts.  Everyone expects me to be a dark lord because I was blood adopted by Tom Riddle when I was six years old after he rescued me from a life of abuse at the hands of my Muggle relatives who used to beat and starve me.  They treat me with unkindness at Hogwarts and the only friends I seem to have are my followers though that is questionable.  If Dumbledore is not stopped then he will rule the wizarding world and bring both the wizarding and muggle worlds to their knees.  The sad thing is many of Dumbledore’s supporters are too stupid to realize that Dumbledore is a manipulative old fool who doesn’t care about them.  I’m sure he would willingly eliminate anyone he thought would try to take him down or question his authority.
I do not pretend to understand the ways of humans’ speaker but I know enough due to having lived for a thousand years that three dark lords would devastate the human species.  However I do not think becoming a dark lord is the answer to solving the problems the wizarding world faces.  Still I am old and perhaps the way I see things is not the way humans see things.  As for your unspoken question of if I wish to die-well I am old and I am tired of this life.  I do not want to be awoken by you if only to be sealed again when you leave this school in seven years.  I ask only that you do not use my hatchling for evil purposes and take care of him. 
It has been a pleasure to know you Susanna. Ares withdrew his sword and shoved his sword into the basilisk’s head and she crumpled to the ground dead.  “Well that was easy,” Ares muttered as he wiped his sword on his robes and then sheathed it before climbing up into the statue and retrieving the egg from the mouth.  Close.  Slytherin’s stone mouth closed and Ares cast an invisibility spell on the egg and went to his chambers.
Greetings young master.  Welcome back to Hogwarts.
Thank you snake.  Are my followers here?
They are waiting for you master. 
Thank you.  Open.
Ares pulled the door to his chambers open and made his way down the long tunnel to his bedroom where he set the basilisk egg on the bed and canceled the invisibility spell.  Then he closed his door to his bedroom and walked into the meeting room where he took his seat at the head of the table.
“Everyone have a good summer?”
Murmurs of “Yes master,” could be heard around the table as every member of Spina Corvos spoke.
“Good.  I have called you all here before you go back to your common rooms to tell you some important things about my summer.  They are things I find most… interesting.  But first I have a question.  Has anyone else mastered the Animagus transformation?”
Taylor spoke up. “I have my lord.  I’m a mouse.”
“You could be used to get into places that the bigger Animagi couldn’t get into,” Dark Raven said thinking before shaking his head.  “Very good Taylor.  Anyone else?”
Benjamin spoke up.  “I’m a snow leopard.”
Amber said, “I’m a fox.”
Emerald said, “I’m a wolf.”
 Adam said, “I’m also a wolf.”
“For those who have mastered their Animagus forms very good.  For those who haven’t continue working on it.  Those who have mastered their Animagus forms try to help those who haven’t yet managed this difficult form of magic.  I want all my followers to have Animagus forms and keep them unregistered.
“Now as for why I called you here.  I was in Avalon for the past nine years.”
“Nine years my Lord?” Jasper asked curiously.
“Yes Jasper.  Time passes differently between this world and Avalon.  For every week that passes here a year passes in Avalon.  There I met King Arthur and Merlin as well as the four founders of Hogwarts.  I learned some interesting information that I have decided to impart with you all.  First it appears I am a pureblood and not a half-blood like I had been taught.  My blood mother, Lily Evans, was the first witch in a line of squibs who are descended from Salazar’s daughter Emma Slytherin.  I am truly Salazar’s heir by blood and adoption.”
“Does that mean you can talk to snakes?”  Tim asked.
Yes it does Tim.
The members of Spina Corvos flinched at their master’s sudden hissing.  Just like how the death eaters flinch when they see Nagini or see father, myself and Nagini talking to each other.  “Just because I’m a parslemouth doesn’t mean I’m an evil wizard.  Though with all the murders I’ve done so far in my life I suppose most people would consider me evil if they knew I was the one who was committing the murders.
“Apparently the Evans line is from an ancient line known as Naga.  It is mine to claim providing I do not go on to become a Dark Lord.  I don’t know what I will do concerning that but I have a while to decide what I want to do in terms of a career.  I also slayed a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets.”
“Chamber of Secrets?” Hermione asked.  “Basilisk?”
“A basilisk is a snake that can kill someone just by looking into the victim’s eyes.  However if you see it in a reflection of some sort then you’ll become paralyzed and only a potion made from fully matured mandrakes will be able to revive you.  The crow of the rooster is fatal to the basilisk and spiders flee from it.  Only a parslemouth can control it.”
“What was a basilisk doing inside the school?”
“Salazar brought Susanna, that’s the basilisk I killed, into the school in order to protect the students and school from harm.  However my idiot father, Tom Riddle, decided to use Susanna to purge the school of Mudbloods and half-bloods and that’s how Moaning Myrtle died.  I killed her and took the basilisk egg for myself. Assuming you remain loyal to me you won’t have to worry about being fed to it.”
Dark Raven smiled as shudders went around the table at the realization that a basilisk had lived in the school for thousands of years.  “I have yet to discover why Salazar was banished from the school but after talking with him I found out that he did not hate Muggles and half-bloods.  Actually Salazar Slytherin used to be a prince and then became King when his father died.  He forsook his throne in order to help turn his home, Hogwarts, into a school for magical children.  He made it a law that both girls and boys who were magical had to have an education. He is the one who taught Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff in secret.  So young ladies it is thanks to my ancestor that you are all able to attend Hogwarts.  Without Salazar’s belief that magical education should be available to all children and fighting tirelessly around the world girls would be nothing but domestic mares who would only learn enough magic in how to run a home.”
There was silence as everyone digested that bit of information.  Both the Slytherins and girl followers were shocked. The Slytherins who thought that Slytherin hated all Muggles and half-bloods and the girls because without Slytherin’s tireless fighting for their rights would never have been able to come to school at all.
“The most interesting thing I learned is something I want a wand oath that you won’t reveal to anyone.  I know you’ll be in for a shock when you all hear it.”
When everyone had given the wand oath Dark Raven smirked and leaned back in his chair.  “The most interesting information I learned is the truth about Tom Riddle.  Apparently he is a pureblood and not a half-blood like he believes.”
“Who is the Dark Lord’s father?” Draco asked.
Dark Raven’s smile deepened and his eyes sparkled with glee at this bit of information.  “Albus Dumbledore is Tom Riddle’s father.”

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