Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Ares looked up to find himself on a grassy bank with Iris at his side.  Before him was a lake with a strange fog covering the middle part of the lake so that he couldn’t see anything.  Hearing the sound of oars in the water he noticed a boat appearing from the fog.  The boat continued coming through the water until it reached the bank where Ares and Iris were standing. 
“Greetings young traveler from the mortal plane.  Not many mortals manage to make their way to Avalon.  If you step inside this boat I can take you there.”
“Is this Avalon?” Ares asked looking around him. 
“You are on the border of Avalon.  This lake surrounds Avalon child from the mortal plane.  What you are standing on is the border between Avalon and the mortal plane.  How did you come to Avalon young traveler?”
“I found out that I am the descendant of Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin and I got Salazar’s diary that which had a paper telling me how to get to Avalon.”
“You must be the descendant of the lion and snake then.  Salazar and Godric have been waiting for you to arrive for centuries.”
“They have?” Ares asked as he and Iris stepped into the boat and the boatman began making their way back to Avalon. 
“Yes.  Many centuries have passed since Godric and Salazar heard of a child who would be born of both blood lines.  You are their descendant by blood you know.”
“Yes I found that out when I went to Gringotts,” Ares said.
They continued in silence as they rowed across the lake. The only sounds were the water lapping at the sides of the boat and oars dipping in and out of the water.  An hour passed as they sailed through the fog and they finally reached the shores of Avalon.  “Isn’t this the place where King Arthur was laid to rest?” Ares asked the boat man.
“So muggles have heard of that story have they?  Yes King Arthur came to Avalon to die and he also came here to recover from his wounds after fighting Mordred during the Battle of Camlann. It’s also the place where the legendary sword Excalibur was forged.”
Ares followed Iris out of the boat. He felt a surge of magic as they stepped through whatever barrier guarded the resting place of King Arthur and the four founders. Before him was a castle and fields of flowers with forests of all sorts of different trees imaginable.  Ares found the place beautiful.  He walked up to the castle and there standing in front of him was a red haired man and a black haired man who Ares recognized as Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin.  The only reason he recognized them is because he had seen a picture of Salazar and Gryffindor in Salazar’s vault when he was at Gringotts.
The two men turned and looked at Ares as he walked up to them.  “Harry James Potter,” Godric said.  “Or should I say Ares Salazar Riddle?”
“How has Hogwarts been in our absence Ares?” Salazar asked. 
“Gryffindor and Slytherin are divided Salazar,” Ares said.  “I believe it has been that way since at least Dumbledore became headmaster.”
“No sadly it has been that way since two centuries before but Dumbledore becoming headmaster has only worsened the strain between the two houses,” Godric said.  “What of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw? How does the house of the loyal and the house of wits fare in this little feud?”
“Nobody wants to be a Hufflepuff because they’re cowards.  The snakes seem to like the ravens and the badgers fear the snakes.  I’m not sure about the relation between the lions and badgers but they seem to get okay.”
“Hufflepuff is not a house of cowards,” a woman said coming to stand beside Salazar. “They are misunderstood by the rest of the houses.”
“Who are you my lady?”
“I am Salazar’s wife and Rowena is Godric’s wife young raven. Tell me how is that the descendant of Salazar and Godric became a raven?”
“Are you jealous Helga?” A woman with brown hair asked coming down the path to stand beside Godric. 
“At least he has manners Sal.  Unlike your other descendants.”
“Like Tom Riddle? He’s a disgrace to my line.  Harry or Ares or whatever he’s called now seems to the only decent descendant I have.  It’s a pity though that the child knew nothing about the Potter line or the Evans line.”
“Probably due to Dumbledore I bet,” Helga said darkly. Her red hair shone in the sunlight.
Ares looked at the Hufflepuff founder with surprise.  He hadn’t figured that she would be so angry at Dumbledore.  Helga seemed to notice his look for she laughed.  “What is it Harry?”
“I didn’t know that Godric and Salazar were such buddies or that Rowena and you married them.”
“Not surprising that you don’t know that,” Salazar said. “Just like the wizarding world has spread lies about me since my death.  But keep reading my journal and you’ll find out about how I died and why I left the school.”
“Now Harry why not answer my question about how you got into my house?” Rowena asked.
“I wanted to go into the house that Draco Malfoy went in.  I had to talk to Lucius and use my power as the Dark Prince to convince Lucius not to disown his son if he got put into another house other than Slytherin.”
“The Malfoys are a shame to Slytherin,” Salazar said.  “Actually all the snakes are a horrible example to Slytherin house.  If Dumbledore wouldn’t let the lions get away with everything and keep encouraging the war between the lions and snakes then perhaps things could go back to the way they were when we were alive.”
“That’s very noble of you Harry.  You should be proud that you have managed to change Draco’s outlook that Lucius has beaten into him all his life,” Rowena said smiling.  “I’m proud to have you in my house.”
“We would all be proud to have you in our house,” Godric said looking at his descendant.
Helga and Salazar nodded their heads in agreement at Godric’s words.  “I’m surprised that Dumbledore didn’t try to bewitch Alfaro into putting you into my house.”
“The sorting hat.  We named it after it was invented.”
“Why am I here?” Ares asked.
“To train you,” Helga said.   “We taught many subjects and it seems that Hogwarts no longer follows them.  It’s about time they were brought back to Hogwarts.”
“What about my schooling?”
“How many months do you have until you have to return to Hogwarts?”
“Two months.  Two months until I can finally go back to my second home and away from the Weasleys.”
“Time passes slowly here in Avalon.  For every day that passes in the mortal plane a year will pass here. During this time we will teach you not only the subjects you’ll learn at Hogwarts but also the subjects that we originally taught the first batch of students at Hogwarts.”
“Tell us Harry what is the reason you wish to become a Dark Lord?”
“I don’t want to be a dark lord but everyone at school says I am destined for it because my adopted father is Tom Riddle.   I shudder to think how they will think of me if they find out that I’m a parslemouth.”
“A parslemouth doesn’t mean you’re a dark wizard Ares.  It’s my ability and is passed onto my descendants. The Potters were in fact descendants from me through Rial.  Emma also inherited my gift as have all my descendants.  So you want to be a dark lord because everyone thinks you should be one?”
Ares nodded.  “That’s a stupid reason to be a dark lord Ares Salazar Riddle, aka Dark Raven, aka Harry James Potter,” Salazar said frowning at his descendant. “Every dark lord ever created has been born from hurt and abuse and they have all fallen.  That is a dark and lonely path to follow and one I wouldn’t recommend.”
“Hopefully in the time you are here in Avalon will be enough to change your mind about the path you want to follow. Even though you think you care for your friends now if you go down that path your humanity will slip from you.  Why the only reason your father became a dark lord is because his father murdered his girlfriend and allowed him to be raised in an orphanage?”
“Poor Tom didn’t know I take it.  Yes Ares, Dumbledore is Tom Riddle’s father.”

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