Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chamber of Secrets

Ares and Iris found themselves once again outside the burrow much to Ares’s displeasure.  Charon and Hedwig flew towards him and alighted on both his shoulders.  “Hello you two.  Has my trunk and belongings been secure from prying hands?”  Hedwig hooted and Charon gave a squawk which brought a smile to their master’s face.  “I was in Avalon with the four founders and met King Arthur and Merlin.  I have a decision to make about my future after talking with Salazar.”
“Hi Harry!”  Ginny Weasley shouted running towards him.
The smile immediately slipped from Ares’s face at the redheaded girl running towards him.  “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.  I’m starting Hogwarts this year as well!”
I wonder if I can imperious her and feed her to Sal’s basilisk?  “That’s great Ginny.  I’m sure you’ll like Hogwarts.”  At least as long as you stay away from me!
“Mom says if we don’t get to King’s Cross soon we’ll miss the train.  You better hurry and make sure you’re all packed.”
Ares nodded and vanished into the burrow and up the stairs to his room.  Placing his hand on the door the wards deactivated and allowed him entry.  He glanced around the room and checked to make sure everything was packed for a second term at Hogwarts.  On an afterthought he vanished his first year school books to his library at his home in Sweden.  Looking in the room he saw his new robes and second year textbooks lying on the bed.  Flipping through them he was disgusted to see most of them by some man named Gildeory Lockhart.  “Looks like another trip to Diagon Alley to get proper second year DADA textbooks. Incendio,” Ares said lighting the stack of Lockhart books on fire.  With that complete he stuffed his robes into his trunk along with One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi and Standard Book of Spells Grade 2.  “How pathetic that we have no textbooks for the rest of our subjects at Hogwarts for second year. What about Charms and History of Magic and Potions?  We’ve covered everything in our other textbooks last year.  Perhaps I may need to transfer and have my followers transfer to another school.”
Using his wand he levitated his two textbooks into his trunk and locked it.  Ares then put his wand in his wand holster that was on his right arm and dragged his trunk downstairs and to the Weasley’s Ford Angelia before getting into the backseat with Ron, the twins, and Percy.  Ginny sat up front between her parents.  Shadow was wrapped around Ares’s arm and Charon and Hedwig were set in the trunk with the luggage and Percy’s owl Hermes.  Iris had forced her way into the back seat to be with her bonded.  The trunk was shut and then they were off to King’s Cross for Hogwarts.
At the station were Draco, Hermione, Orion, Griffin, and Indigo who were waiting for Ares to arrive.  Ares came through the barrier and made his way over to his friends.  Ginny started following him.  “Hermione take care of her,” Ares commanded as he led the rest of his best friends onto the train and on their way to their compartment.  Hermione pointed her wand at Ginny and muttered “Stupefy” under her breath.  Smirking she turned on the balls of her feet and hurried to the compartment before sliding into a seat between Griffin and Draco. 
“My Lord how was your summer?” Griffin asked Dark Raven.
“Better than I expected it to be Nomad.  I went to Avalon with Iris here,” Dark Raven said stroking his wolf.  “We met the four founders, Merlin and King Arthur.  I am able to claim Godric’s vault and that I’m a pureblood and not a half blood like I thought.  I’ve been training for the past nine years in Avalon in potions, muggle fighting techniques, warding, healing, weapons making, and spell crafting. Hogwarts hasn’t kept the same subjects that the four founders taught when they were alive. They want me to teach them to my followers and the new generations of Hogwarts. I also found out a secret that I will tell everyone at a meeting tonight.”  Ares pulled out his necklace and spread the meeting time to all his followers.
“You have really been to Avalon and been training for nine years? How is that possible?” Hermione asked.  Ares could see the wonder and jealousy in her face and snorted.
“I found a note written to Salazar’s descendant that took me to Avalon with Iris.  Time passes slower here than it does in Avalon.  For every week that passes in this world a year goes by in Avalon.  The founders believe I’m now on a fifth year level in all my subjects.”
“That’s amazing!” Orion said. 
“Potions are easier with Salazar teaching it,” Dark Raven said.
“I wonder what Severus will think when at our first potions lesson for second year?” Draco asked. 
“He’ll probably be shocked,” Dark Raven said laughing.  “But I also have a decision to make regarding my future.”
“What decision is that master?” Indigo asked. 
“Everyone will learn of it tonight at the meeting place.  After the feast is over I will be going to Salazar’s secret chamber that I have inherited as descendant of Slytherin and retrieving something that Salazar has granted me.  This is not to leave this compartment. Do I make myself clear?” Dark Raven looked sternly at his friends who all nodded.
They changed into their robes and the other members of Spina Corvos stopped by the compartment to greet their master and ask how his summer had been.  After several hours the train finally pulled into Hogsmeade Station and the students clambered out of the train into the warm night.  The first years made their way over to Hagrid while the second through seventh years made their way over to the carriages.  Ares raised a hand and patted the Thestral that pulled the carriage his friends had climbed into before climbing in after them.  
The carriages began moving in a long line up to the castle.  Ares checked his pockets to make sure he still had Salazar’s diary on him and breathed a sigh of relief when his fingers touched the leather.  The carriages pulled to a stop in front of the steps leading up to the entrance of Hogwarts and the students made their way to their tables in the Great Hall for the welcoming feast and the sorting of new first years. 
As expected Ginny Weasley ended up in Gryffindor which Ares thought was a relief.  He ate his food and then slipped into a shadowy alcove off of Entrance Hall.  Casting the disillusionment charm over himself he made his way silently up the stairs to the second floor before sneaking into Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom which Salazar had told him was built over the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Standing in front of the mirror he located the sink with the snake carved tap on the sink that had never worked and hissed Open.  Then making sure he had his sword secured to his waist he slid down the passage and landed in the tunnel that led to the Chamber of Secrets and the Basilisk within.
Ares walked along the tunnel with a hand over the pommel of his sword until he came to the doors marked with two serpents that Salazar had told him about.  Open, he hissed at the snakes and the doors slid into the wall on either side allowing him entry into Salazar’s chamber.  My chamber now thanks to my ancestor.
Ares noticed the snake statues on either side of the long walkway that led to a statue of Salazar Slytherin where he knew the Basilisk and its egg would be kept.  Withdrawing his sword Ares stood in front of the statue of Salazar and gazed up into the face.  Open Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four.  Salazar’s stone mouth slowly opened and Ares heard slithering from inside the statue as the basilisk uncurled its body and slithered out of the statue to land on the stone floor before him.
I sense you have the same blood as my master.  Do not be afraid young one for I will not hurt you. 
Ares opened his eyes and saw the giant green basilisk which looked to be thirty feet long staring at him and curled on the ground at his feet.  Its yellow eyes shone with sadness and pain which struck a chord in Ares’s heart to think of this misunderstood and great creature locked away for thousands of years.  Susanna I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
How do you know my name young speaker?
I have been to Avalon where I met the four founders.  Salazar told me where to find the Chamber of Secrets and said to kill you for he expects you to have been driven into madness and that your egg was for me as well as this chamber.  Tell me Susanna what were you brought to the castle for?
I was brought here by the master speaker to guard the castle and her inhabitants from harm.  Salazar sealed me up though before his death.  I did not know he had died at the time you see and I waited until his heir would come and release me.  But the descendent who released me made me attack Muggle born and half-bloods fifty years ago. He cared not for my real reason for Slytherin bringing me into the castle.  I was unable to disobey though I tried with all my being and then I was sealed up again after I killed that poor Muggle girl in the bathroom that resides above my chamber.
How is it that none of the other founders knew of you and that you weren’t found?
Salazar kept this chamber and myself a secret from the other founders for fear that they would try to slay me and destroy his chamber.  There is a potions lab, a storage room and private chambers to the left of this statue.  Salazar used to come down here to get away from the students and used this chamber to brew potions which he found relaxing as well as talk with me so I wouldn’t become lonely.  He was delighted when I laid a single egg which he left to the heir that would not betray his legacy.  The former master, Tom Riddle, was evil and I knew if he had found my egg he would have treated my little snake ling with contempt and used it for his evil purposes.  I sense that you are kind but also full of turmoil and pain which has decided your path into darkness.  It is a path I would not advise for one such as yourself master.  The path you have begun is a long and lonely word full of death and no happiness.
Perhaps but I will have my revenge on Dumbledore and all those who have wronged me.  If it hadn’t been for Dumbledore leaving his son in an orphanage and then allowing him to be bullied at Hogwarts and killing his girlfriend Tom would never have become a dark lord.  Dumbledore just wants power.  I wonder if he was ever a good wizard who cared about his followers? If he isn’t stopped then he’ll be another dark lord and the wizarding and muggle worlds can’t deal with three dark lords.
Three dark lords speaker?  Do you mean to become a dark lord as well?
My adopted father became a dark lord after he left Hogwarts.  No he was already a dark lord by the time he left Hogwarts.  Everyone expects me to be a dark lord because I was blood adopted by Tom Riddle when I was six years old after he rescued me from a life of abuse at the hands of my Muggle relatives who used to beat and starve me.  They treat me with unkindness at Hogwarts and the only friends I seem to have are my followers though that is questionable.  If Dumbledore is not stopped then he will rule the wizarding world and bring both the wizarding and muggle worlds to their knees.  The sad thing is many of Dumbledore’s supporters are too stupid to realize that Dumbledore is a manipulative old fool who doesn’t care about them.  I’m sure he would willingly eliminate anyone he thought would try to take him down or question his authority.
I do not pretend to understand the ways of humans’ speaker but I know enough due to having lived for a thousand years that three dark lords would devastate the human species.  However I do not think becoming a dark lord is the answer to solving the problems the wizarding world faces.  Still I am old and perhaps the way I see things is not the way humans see things.  As for your unspoken question of if I wish to die-well I am old and I am tired of this life.  I do not want to be awoken by you if only to be sealed again when you leave this school in seven years.  I ask only that you do not use my hatchling for evil purposes and take care of him. 
It has been a pleasure to know you Susanna. Ares withdrew his sword and shoved his sword into the basilisk’s head and she crumpled to the ground dead.  “Well that was easy,” Ares muttered as he wiped his sword on his robes and then sheathed it before climbing up into the statue and retrieving the egg from the mouth.  Close.  Slytherin’s stone mouth closed and Ares cast an invisibility spell on the egg and went to his chambers.
Greetings young master.  Welcome back to Hogwarts.
Thank you snake.  Are my followers here?
They are waiting for you master. 
Thank you.  Open.
Ares pulled the door to his chambers open and made his way down the long tunnel to his bedroom where he set the basilisk egg on the bed and canceled the invisibility spell.  Then he closed his door to his bedroom and walked into the meeting room where he took his seat at the head of the table.
“Everyone have a good summer?”
Murmurs of “Yes master,” could be heard around the table as every member of Spina Corvos spoke.
“Good.  I have called you all here before you go back to your common rooms to tell you some important things about my summer.  They are things I find most… interesting.  But first I have a question.  Has anyone else mastered the Animagus transformation?”
Taylor spoke up. “I have my lord.  I’m a mouse.”
“You could be used to get into places that the bigger Animagi couldn’t get into,” Dark Raven said thinking before shaking his head.  “Very good Taylor.  Anyone else?”
Benjamin spoke up.  “I’m a snow leopard.”
Amber said, “I’m a fox.”
Emerald said, “I’m a wolf.”
 Adam said, “I’m also a wolf.”
“For those who have mastered their Animagus forms very good.  For those who haven’t continue working on it.  Those who have mastered their Animagus forms try to help those who haven’t yet managed this difficult form of magic.  I want all my followers to have Animagus forms and keep them unregistered.
“Now as for why I called you here.  I was in Avalon for the past nine years.”
“Nine years my Lord?” Jasper asked curiously.
“Yes Jasper.  Time passes differently between this world and Avalon.  For every week that passes here a year passes in Avalon.  There I met King Arthur and Merlin as well as the four founders of Hogwarts.  I learned some interesting information that I have decided to impart with you all.  First it appears I am a pureblood and not a half-blood like I had been taught.  My blood mother, Lily Evans, was the first witch in a line of squibs who are descended from Salazar’s daughter Emma Slytherin.  I am truly Salazar’s heir by blood and adoption.”
“Does that mean you can talk to snakes?”  Tim asked.
Yes it does Tim.
The members of Spina Corvos flinched at their master’s sudden hissing.  Just like how the death eaters flinch when they see Nagini or see father, myself and Nagini talking to each other.  “Just because I’m a parslemouth doesn’t mean I’m an evil wizard.  Though with all the murders I’ve done so far in my life I suppose most people would consider me evil if they knew I was the one who was committing the murders.
“Apparently the Evans line is from an ancient line known as Naga.  It is mine to claim providing I do not go on to become a Dark Lord.  I don’t know what I will do concerning that but I have a while to decide what I want to do in terms of a career.  I also slayed a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets.”
“Chamber of Secrets?” Hermione asked.  “Basilisk?”
“A basilisk is a snake that can kill someone just by looking into the victim’s eyes.  However if you see it in a reflection of some sort then you’ll become paralyzed and only a potion made from fully matured mandrakes will be able to revive you.  The crow of the rooster is fatal to the basilisk and spiders flee from it.  Only a parslemouth can control it.”
“What was a basilisk doing inside the school?”
“Salazar brought Susanna, that’s the basilisk I killed, into the school in order to protect the students and school from harm.  However my idiot father, Tom Riddle, decided to use Susanna to purge the school of Mudbloods and half-bloods and that’s how Moaning Myrtle died.  I killed her and took the basilisk egg for myself. Assuming you remain loyal to me you won’t have to worry about being fed to it.”
Dark Raven smiled as shudders went around the table at the realization that a basilisk had lived in the school for thousands of years.  “I have yet to discover why Salazar was banished from the school but after talking with him I found out that he did not hate Muggles and half-bloods.  Actually Salazar Slytherin used to be a prince and then became King when his father died.  He forsook his throne in order to help turn his home, Hogwarts, into a school for magical children.  He made it a law that both girls and boys who were magical had to have an education. He is the one who taught Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff in secret.  So young ladies it is thanks to my ancestor that you are all able to attend Hogwarts.  Without Salazar’s belief that magical education should be available to all children and fighting tirelessly around the world girls would be nothing but domestic mares who would only learn enough magic in how to run a home.”
There was silence as everyone digested that bit of information.  Both the Slytherins and girl followers were shocked. The Slytherins who thought that Slytherin hated all Muggles and half-bloods and the girls because without Slytherin’s tireless fighting for their rights would never have been able to come to school at all.
“The most interesting thing I learned is something I want a wand oath that you won’t reveal to anyone.  I know you’ll be in for a shock when you all hear it.”
When everyone had given the wand oath Dark Raven smirked and leaned back in his chair.  “The most interesting information I learned is the truth about Tom Riddle.  Apparently he is a pureblood and not a half-blood like he believes.”
“Who is the Dark Lord’s father?” Draco asked.
Dark Raven’s smile deepened and his eyes sparkled with glee at this bit of information.  “Albus Dumbledore is Tom Riddle’s father.”

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


“How can father be your descendant if he’s the son of Dumbledore?” Ares asked.  I guess that means Dumbledore is my blood uncle?  Still not going to stop me from killing him though.
“Dumbledore didn’t marry into my line so he doesn’t have my gift.  You know that the Riddles were muggle yes?  Well Merope Gaunt, Tom’s mother, was a descendent of mine.  In truth you are not only the son of Tom Marvolo Riddle Ares. You are also a distant cousin through James Potter as was James.  I don’t think that James Potter knew he was Tom’s distant cousin.  You and your descendants are or will be distant cousins of Merope Gaunt.”
“So Tom Riddle is really a pureblood?”
“Yes he is.  He’d be happy to know that no doubt. The Evans family are also purebloods so you are not a half blood like you have been brought up to be. You are not only descended from myself but your mother is from the Naga line.  It’s an ancient and old pureblood family. You my child are the last remaining descendant of the Naga line. Everyone in the Naga line has Avada Kedavara eyes.  Though you’re the first with frosted eyes. This is due to your blood adoption.”
“Do I get any properties from the Naga line?”
“Naga Manor which is located in Ireland.  Naga Manor’s crest is a purple background with a gold dragon on it. There should be several vaults that belong to the Naga line that you can claim as well.  However there’s a catch. No descendant of Naga may be a dark lord so if you want to claim your right to the manor and the vaults you have to turn away from the path you are treading that your father also tread.”
“If I don’t become a dark lord then what will I do with my life? How can I change the wizarding world for the better?”
“Politics,” Godric said.  “You can go into politics and work to change things there.  Isn’t there anything you want to do after graduating Hogwarts?”
“There aren’t a lot of jobs in the wizarding world. There’s Quidditch, an Auror, curse breaker for Gringotts, a warder, working as a teacher at any of the wizarding schools around the world, being on the Board of Governors for Hogwarts, working in dragon reserves, potion master, healer, working in Saint Mungo’s, being a politician of some sort, and working in one of the various departments in the Ministry of Magic.  The Muggles have plenty of jobs on the other hand.  We are so behind the Muggle world and are failing our children by not getting with the 20th century.”
“He has six years to figure out what he wants to do with his life. It’s not important until fifth year when he will take his OWLS,” Rowena said gazing at her friend’s and teacher’s descendant.  “I have a feeling this one will do what is right and won’t be an embarrassment to the Slytherin line Sal.”
“You’re usually right Ro. Well then young Ares we should begin training you.”
Ares followed the founders of Hogwarts into the castle and they showed him to a room where he would be staying.  It was across from Salazar and Helga’s room. Godric and Rowena’s room was down the hall.
Early the next morning there was a knock on Ares’s door.  Rowena popped her head in.  “Time for your training Ares.  Breakfast is waiting for you and then you are to meet Salazar and Godric in the training room.  I’ll show you where everything is.  You’ll also have lesson with myself, Helga, Godric and Salazar separately as well as combined classes.  Bring your sword with you.”
Ares nodded and made his way into the bathroom where he turned on the faucet and let the bathtub fill up.  Ares stepped into the hot water and dunked his head beneath the water.  The tub was magical so that the water did not overflow and splash onto the floor or walls.  He enjoyed being able to splash around in the tub even though he was no longer a little baby.  Outside in the hallway Rowena, Helga, Salazar and Godric were listening to Ares’s laughter and the splashing and smiled to each other.  “The poor child only had love when Tom rescued him from his Muggle relatives.  Hopefully he can get some love from us here so that he turns away from the darkness.”
“I hate to say it Rowena but it seems that dark magic comes easier for Ares then light magic,” Salazar said with a worried look on his face. 
“Sal we all know that just because you practice dark magic doesn’t make you evil.  Magic is neither good nor evil-it’s just magic.  Dark magic can heal same as light magic though in different ways.  Blood magic has nothing wrong with it other than that it uses blood so that makes it ‘dark’ and ‘illegal’ according to the various Ministries of Magic around the world,” Godric said to his friend. 
“Can we be good friends and surrogate parents for him Godric?” Helga asked.  She couldn’t bear to train Ares only to have him use that training for evil purposes. 
“If we show him love then I think he will turn out good.  He may wonder what to do with his little group if he goes to the light side.  Even if he turns to the light that doesn’t mean his followers will follow him to the light. The entire group will need watching,” Rowena said. 
Ares came out of his bathroom to see the four founders standing outside his door.  He tied his scabbard to his belt and his raven hair into a ponytail with a green ribbon.  He walked behind the founders as they led him to the dining room where breakfast was waiting.  They ate breakfast in silence and then when Ares had finished Godric and Salazar got up and led their pupil into the training area.  Salazar and Godric stood close to each other and withdrew their swords.
“Ares you will be learning how to wield and duel with a sword.  The four of us will teach you the subjects we originally brought to Hogwarts when we turned my home into a school for magical children of Britain,” Salazar said looking at his descendant.  “It is our hope that when you go back to school you will take with you what you learn, teach it to your followers and then pass it onto the future generations of Hogwarts as well as your own children.”
Over the next few years Ares trained in weapon making, healing, potions, spell crafting, muggle fighting techniques, warding, sword fighting, and his Hogwarts subjects.  Soon it was time for him to go back to Hogwarts for his second year.  “Ares you have done well in your subjects.  We believe you to be on a fifth year level with everything. I believe your professors will be impressed especially Severus,” Salazar said.
“Thanks Sal,” Ares said smiling at his ancestor.
“We have a surprise for you Ares,” Helga said.  “Two actually. First is a two way diary.”  She handed him a leather journal.  “If you write in this journal we will be able to communicate with each other.  We expect you to write to us once a week about how your schooling is going and expect you to keep up with your studies and the training you have gained here when you return to Hogwarts as well as pass on your training to Spina Corvos.  Keep this training away from your enemies and your father though.”
Ares nodded and hugged Helga and then Rowena.  “I promise to write at least once a week in this diary and to keep up with my studies and training.” There was a flash as the magical oath bonded with the five occupants in the courtyard.   “What’s the second surprise?”
“You can come out now,” Rowena said with a smirk on her face as she turned back to Ares. 
Out of the shadows appeared an elderly wizard dressed in blue robes and a blue pointed hat with stars and a man dressed in a red cloak and silver robes.  The man in the cloak had a sword by his side and the man in the blue pointed hat walked slightly behind the man in the red cloak. The elderly man carried a staff with several different runes carved in it and a sapphire held in place on the top in a three clawed owl foot. They bowed to Ares and smiled at the four founders.
“Greetings young snake. Can you guess who we are?” The man who appeared in his early thirties asked Ares. 
“I’m afraid not sir,” Ares replied after gazing at both men.
“My name is King Arthur,” the man with the red cape said, “and this is my friend and famous wizard Merlin,” gesturing at the elderly man who nodded to Ares.
“It’s an honor to meet you both,” Ares said bowing to them. 
“And it is a pleasure to meet you young wizard,” Merlin said.  “I was a Slytherin myself at Hogwarts.”
“You were?!”
Merlin chuckled at the young child’s question.  “Yes indeed I was Ares Salazar Riddle, aka Harry James Potter, aka Dark Raven.  Salazar and the others tell me you want to be a dark lord like your blood father?”
“I don’t want to be but everyone thinks I will be because I’m the son of Tom Riddle.  The light did nothing for me when I was left with my muggle relatives who beat and starved me.  Tom Riddle rescued me and gave me a home.  Dumbledore invented a fake prophecy that got James and Lily killed and wants me to kill my father which I refuse to do.  I will get my father back and I will kill Dumbledore and the Weasleys.”
“What purpose will it serve to kill those who have wronged you?” King Arthur asked.  He was dismayed to see a child so young who wanted to kill others who had wronged him though he understood the feeling.  This was part of why his father had killed all magic users in his time before he had become king of Camelot.
“It will avenge father for one thing.  Dumbledore killed him and then tortured me.  It will also make me glad to see them all dead. When I use dark magic I feel safe and powerful. Dark magic is as natural to me as breathing.  It’s powerful and at the same time strong.  Whereas light magic is good for healing but using light spells makes me feel wrong somehow.”
“Well that is nothing to be ashamed of Ares,” Merlin said in a soft voice. “All wizards and witches tend to have a preference for light or dark magic.  I am shocked that Dumbledore would willingly torture an innocent eleven year old and invent a prophecy just to have the boy kill his blood father.”
“It appears Dumbledore has become madden with power Merlin,” Godric said.  “He’s becoming another Dark Lord.”
Merlin closed his eyes as he considered Godric’s words.  “It appears you are right Godric.  Ares will need to protect himself so he can bring down this senile old fool of a wizard who manipulates others to get the power he so desperately wants.  Ares there is another magic we have not taught you. That is elemental magic. When you go to Hogwarts go to the standing circle of stones outside.  If you touch any of the stones you should be able to feel the magic there.   Harness the magic within you and the stones and the circle will complete itself once more.  The one who can complete and fix the stone circle shall have access to unbelievable power.”
“What type of power will it give me?”
“I cannot tell you that.  It is for you to find out Ares.”
“Ares,” Salazar said.  “There is a chamber I built known today as the ‘Chamber of Secrets.’  It is under the Girl’s Bathroom on the second floor. Only a parslemouth can open the chamber which lies beneath a sink that doesn’t work.  You can change the slide to stairs.  There you will find a basilisk and her egg.  The egg is yours to raise and you will also have access to all my potion equipment and ingredients that I kept hidden in my private chambers off of there. It is yours as my heir.”
“A basilisk? There really is one under the school?”
“Yes.  Susanna was hatched and born within the chamber though she is probably mad. Kill her and put her out of her misery.  She was born to protect Hogwarts from enemies but thousands of years without a master has got to have driven her insane I fear and that is not good for Hogwarts.  She will not harm you because you are my heir.”
“Thank you Salazar,” Ares said.  He was in shock at what he had discovered. “Will I be able to come back here?”
“In death you will,” Helga said. “You will be able to return when you reach seventeen as well but that will only be for a short time.  However if you need us just call for us and we will come to your aid. Good luck Dark Raven and fare thee well.”
“Nobody will know that you have been missing for two months,” Godric said. “So no need to worry about Mrs. Weasley telling Dumbledore anything about you missing.  Watch yourself at Hogwarts this year.  Good luck.”
Before Ares could say anything else a thick fog swirled around him and Iris and they vanished from Avalon and back to the Burrow.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Ares looked up to find himself on a grassy bank with Iris at his side.  Before him was a lake with a strange fog covering the middle part of the lake so that he couldn’t see anything.  Hearing the sound of oars in the water he noticed a boat appearing from the fog.  The boat continued coming through the water until it reached the bank where Ares and Iris were standing. 
“Greetings young traveler from the mortal plane.  Not many mortals manage to make their way to Avalon.  If you step inside this boat I can take you there.”
“Is this Avalon?” Ares asked looking around him. 
“You are on the border of Avalon.  This lake surrounds Avalon child from the mortal plane.  What you are standing on is the border between Avalon and the mortal plane.  How did you come to Avalon young traveler?”
“I found out that I am the descendant of Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin and I got Salazar’s diary that which had a paper telling me how to get to Avalon.”
“You must be the descendant of the lion and snake then.  Salazar and Godric have been waiting for you to arrive for centuries.”
“They have?” Ares asked as he and Iris stepped into the boat and the boatman began making their way back to Avalon. 
“Yes.  Many centuries have passed since Godric and Salazar heard of a child who would be born of both blood lines.  You are their descendant by blood you know.”
“Yes I found that out when I went to Gringotts,” Ares said.
They continued in silence as they rowed across the lake. The only sounds were the water lapping at the sides of the boat and oars dipping in and out of the water.  An hour passed as they sailed through the fog and they finally reached the shores of Avalon.  “Isn’t this the place where King Arthur was laid to rest?” Ares asked the boat man.
“So muggles have heard of that story have they?  Yes King Arthur came to Avalon to die and he also came here to recover from his wounds after fighting Mordred during the Battle of Camlann. It’s also the place where the legendary sword Excalibur was forged.”
Ares followed Iris out of the boat. He felt a surge of magic as they stepped through whatever barrier guarded the resting place of King Arthur and the four founders. Before him was a castle and fields of flowers with forests of all sorts of different trees imaginable.  Ares found the place beautiful.  He walked up to the castle and there standing in front of him was a red haired man and a black haired man who Ares recognized as Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin.  The only reason he recognized them is because he had seen a picture of Salazar and Gryffindor in Salazar’s vault when he was at Gringotts.
The two men turned and looked at Ares as he walked up to them.  “Harry James Potter,” Godric said.  “Or should I say Ares Salazar Riddle?”
“How has Hogwarts been in our absence Ares?” Salazar asked. 
“Gryffindor and Slytherin are divided Salazar,” Ares said.  “I believe it has been that way since at least Dumbledore became headmaster.”
“No sadly it has been that way since two centuries before but Dumbledore becoming headmaster has only worsened the strain between the two houses,” Godric said.  “What of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw? How does the house of the loyal and the house of wits fare in this little feud?”
“Nobody wants to be a Hufflepuff because they’re cowards.  The snakes seem to like the ravens and the badgers fear the snakes.  I’m not sure about the relation between the lions and badgers but they seem to get okay.”
“Hufflepuff is not a house of cowards,” a woman said coming to stand beside Salazar. “They are misunderstood by the rest of the houses.”
“Who are you my lady?”
“I am Salazar’s wife and Rowena is Godric’s wife young raven. Tell me how is that the descendant of Salazar and Godric became a raven?”
“Are you jealous Helga?” A woman with brown hair asked coming down the path to stand beside Godric. 
“At least he has manners Sal.  Unlike your other descendants.”
“Like Tom Riddle? He’s a disgrace to my line.  Harry or Ares or whatever he’s called now seems to the only decent descendant I have.  It’s a pity though that the child knew nothing about the Potter line or the Evans line.”
“Probably due to Dumbledore I bet,” Helga said darkly. Her red hair shone in the sunlight.
Ares looked at the Hufflepuff founder with surprise.  He hadn’t figured that she would be so angry at Dumbledore.  Helga seemed to notice his look for she laughed.  “What is it Harry?”
“I didn’t know that Godric and Salazar were such buddies or that Rowena and you married them.”
“Not surprising that you don’t know that,” Salazar said. “Just like the wizarding world has spread lies about me since my death.  But keep reading my journal and you’ll find out about how I died and why I left the school.”
“Now Harry why not answer my question about how you got into my house?” Rowena asked.
“I wanted to go into the house that Draco Malfoy went in.  I had to talk to Lucius and use my power as the Dark Prince to convince Lucius not to disown his son if he got put into another house other than Slytherin.”
“The Malfoys are a shame to Slytherin,” Salazar said.  “Actually all the snakes are a horrible example to Slytherin house.  If Dumbledore wouldn’t let the lions get away with everything and keep encouraging the war between the lions and snakes then perhaps things could go back to the way they were when we were alive.”
“That’s very noble of you Harry.  You should be proud that you have managed to change Draco’s outlook that Lucius has beaten into him all his life,” Rowena said smiling.  “I’m proud to have you in my house.”
“We would all be proud to have you in our house,” Godric said looking at his descendant.
Helga and Salazar nodded their heads in agreement at Godric’s words.  “I’m surprised that Dumbledore didn’t try to bewitch Alfaro into putting you into my house.”
“The sorting hat.  We named it after it was invented.”
“Why am I here?” Ares asked.
“To train you,” Helga said.   “We taught many subjects and it seems that Hogwarts no longer follows them.  It’s about time they were brought back to Hogwarts.”
“What about my schooling?”
“How many months do you have until you have to return to Hogwarts?”
“Two months.  Two months until I can finally go back to my second home and away from the Weasleys.”
“Time passes slowly here in Avalon.  For every day that passes in the mortal plane a year will pass here. During this time we will teach you not only the subjects you’ll learn at Hogwarts but also the subjects that we originally taught the first batch of students at Hogwarts.”
“Tell us Harry what is the reason you wish to become a Dark Lord?”
“I don’t want to be a dark lord but everyone at school says I am destined for it because my adopted father is Tom Riddle.   I shudder to think how they will think of me if they find out that I’m a parslemouth.”
“A parslemouth doesn’t mean you’re a dark wizard Ares.  It’s my ability and is passed onto my descendants. The Potters were in fact descendants from me through Rial.  Emma also inherited my gift as have all my descendants.  So you want to be a dark lord because everyone thinks you should be one?”
Ares nodded.  “That’s a stupid reason to be a dark lord Ares Salazar Riddle, aka Dark Raven, aka Harry James Potter,” Salazar said frowning at his descendant. “Every dark lord ever created has been born from hurt and abuse and they have all fallen.  That is a dark and lonely path to follow and one I wouldn’t recommend.”
“Hopefully in the time you are here in Avalon will be enough to change your mind about the path you want to follow. Even though you think you care for your friends now if you go down that path your humanity will slip from you.  Why the only reason your father became a dark lord is because his father murdered his girlfriend and allowed him to be raised in an orphanage?”
“Poor Tom didn’t know I take it.  Yes Ares, Dumbledore is Tom Riddle’s father.”