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“What is the son of You-Know-Who doing in the house?”
“Hush Ron.  It’s not his fault he was corrupted by You-Know-Who.  The poor boy was probably under the Imperious curse the entire time he was living with the Dark Lord.”
“Oh Mom can I see him?”
“No Ginny.   He’s not an animal in a zoo.”
“May as well be.”
Ares’s eyes snapped open as he tried to move only to find himself tied to a chair.  Escargo.  The ropes caught on fire and burned away allowing him to get up much to the shock of the people in the room he was in.  Pushing himself up from his chair he snapped his fingers and his wand appeared in his hand before he pointed his wand at the other occupants of the room.  One glance and he knew he wasn’t in his home.
“Where am I?  And where are my familiars?”
“Hello Harry. I’m Mrs. Weasley.  We’re going to take care of you and take you to St. Mungo’s tomorrow to make sure that the healers there can cure you of the brainwashing when you were under the Dark Lord. You’ll be right as rain soon enough.”
“You didn’t answer my second question woman. Where are my familiars?”
“Harry that’s no way to talk to me.  Now I expect you to apologize.”
“First off Mrs. Weasley my name isn’t Harry. What do you people of the light NOT understand about that?!  Secondly you still haven’t answered my questions.”
“You’re in my home. Dumbledore brought you here with your trunk full of school supplies and uniforms so we could free you from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s control.  Thankfully Dumbledore got to your home in time when you were about to be killed.  The dark creatures you associated with are not here.  Your owl is outside.”
Ares looked furious.  “Impedimenta!!” He shouted and the Weasleys were thrown into the opposite wall. Ares touched the tattoo on his arm and Iris instantly appeared at his side with Charon perched on her shoulder and Shadow in her mouth.  What happened?
Dumbledore somehow choked you into unconsciousness and you blacked out.  Then he grabbed your trunk, Hedwig’s cage and tied up Iris. Hedwig and Charon were flying near your room when Dumbledore stunned them, scooped them up and dropped you off here with your trunk before taking off with us and leaving us in some forest.
He said he couldn’t allow you to associate with dark creatures.
WHAT!  Are you three alright?
We’re fine Ares.  There’s worse news though.
What can be worse than this?
Dumbledore is trying to get access to your vaults.  He said as much thinking we didn’t communicate with you.
That fool!  I bet he’s going to try to get custody of me too.
Shadow and Iris said nothing at that so Ares knew it was true.  “Figures the old man thinks he could get custody of me.  He needs to just give up and realize I’ll never go over to the light.”
Ares was suddenly hit with a stupefy before he could react.  Iris snarled and Charon took to the air as Ron kept his wand pointed at Iris.  “Get away from him you mutt!”
Get out of the way!  Ares hissed and Iris jumped to the side.  Ares focused on Ron’s image in his head. Crucio!  Ron screamed and dropped his wand.  Charon flew down and grabbed it before dropping it in front of Iris who bit through it easily.  “I suggest you get the hell out of my way before I get really pissed off,” Ares said in a cold tone not unlike his father which caused Ron and the other Weasleys who had by now gotten to their feet to flinch.
“You’re not going anywhere young man!” Mrs. Weasley shouted.  “Dumbledore trusts us to look after you and rid you of the Dark Lord’s influence…”
“So in other words you and the rest of the light side are too stupid to use your brains and see what a manipulative jackass Dumbledore is then?  I know you’re sneaking love potions into Ginny’s food.”
They stared at him in horror.  “Oh did you think I wouldn’t know about that? Well I also know that Dumbledore was planning on slipping love potions to Ginny when she enters Hogwarts next year. I have no intention of dating a Weasley or dating at all as a matter of fact.  My father and friends are the only ones who don’t stare at me and don’t see me as the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ nonsense. They just see a good friend.”
Mrs. Weasley pointed her wand at Ares and said “stupefy,” before Ares once more fell on his back.  She grabbed Ares and tied him to the bed in the room and then left.  Ares screamed and tried to get free but Mrs. Weasley had made the ropes holding him impervious to magic.  Iris, Shadow and Charon were thrown into a cage and locked in the shed which was also made impervious to magic.  “Now they won’t be able to escape and go to the Death Eaters.  I feel sorry for Harry.  I hate doing this to him but until we can free him of whatever power and brainwashing the Dark Lord has over him he can’t be trusted to be on his own so we’ll have to take turns watching him,” Mrs. Weasley said to Arthur who has just gotten home from work. He nodded. “We’ll take shifts and I’ll go to Gringotts to see if Bill can come home to also watch him.”
At Hogwarts the four friends were in boys dorm scowling.  “I can’t believe Dumbledore suspended Ares!” Indigo shouted.  “Right in the middle of the duel too!”
“Ron would have got his ass kicked,” Draco said sniggering.  “I think that Dumbledore just didn’t want to see the weasel lose at a duel.”
“Ron wouldn’t last in a real duel anyway.”
The friends laughed at Hermione’s comment.  “I never would have thought that the Weasleys wouldn’t like Muggles. I thought Mr. Weasley was supposed to be obsessed with them.”
“Ron’s just probably jealous that Hermione and Indigo beat him in all his classes.”
“I hope Ares is okay,” Orion said.
“He will be.  Master will be pleased he is home,” Draco said.
“Why do you call the Dark Lord ‘master’?”
“Because my father is a Death Eater and I’m expected to join the Dark Lord’s ranks when I’m old enough.”
“Will you?” Hermione asked.
“I don’t know.  I don’t want to but I may have to do so to avoid getting punished by my father. He’s obsessed with power you know.”
“Who? The Dark Lord?” Orion asked.
“No my father.  The Dark Lord wants to keep the muggle and wizarding worlds separate. It’s a lot better for both worlds if we’re separate.”
“What does Ares want? Will he become a Dark Lord?”
“Ares doesn’t want to be another Dark Lord. He wants to get into politics and change some things about our laws.  One thing that’s important to him is giving women and children rights instead of them being property of their husbands like under our current laws. Ares also believes the wizarding and muggle worlds need to be kept separated from each other.”
Hermione and Indigo nodded at that.  Growing up as first generation witches they knew how cruel muggles could be to people who were ‘different’.  It made perfect sense to them to keep the worlds separate.  Muggles would treat wizards and witches like freaks and expect them to do everything with magic so it would make their lives easier.  Wizards and witches on the other hand wouldn’t be able to cope with the muggle world and lack of magic and might use their powers to harm innocent people.
Dumbledore was in Gringotts speaking with Director Ironstone about getting access to Ares’s vaults.  Unfortunately for him the discussion wasn’t going the way he wanted.
“No Dumbledore you cannot have access the Potter or Riddle Vaults.”
“But Harry isn’t of sound mind to be able to make decisions for himself.  He’s been brainwashed!”
“No he hasn’t been brainwashed.  He’s perfectly sane and normal.  Unlike you who is obsessed with stealing his wealth for yourself and wants to use the poor boy. Besides that would be a violation of Gringotts policy to give the vaults to someone who doesn’t have custody of Ares Riddle.”
“His name is Harry Potter!”
“His name is Ares Riddle!  The Blood Adoption Ritual and name change are legal.  Ares Riddle is the heir to the Potters, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and the Dark Lord legally.  Only he can access all five vaults.  You have no claim to the boy or to any of the vaults under our protection.  Good day and get out of my office.”
“I will get into those vaults.”
“If you even try getting into those vaults we’ll throw you to the dragons.  Not even a wizard as powerful as yourself is a match for them.”
Armed goblins with battleaxes and swords appeared when Ironstone snapped his fingers and escorted Dumbledore out of Gringotts.  Dragonsteel looked at Director Ironstone and sighed. “What’s to be done about Dumbledore?  He’ll keep trying to gain custody of the Riddle boy and get access to the vaults.”
“I think it’s time we banned Dumbledore from Gringotts.  Mr. Riddle’s will says that Ares Riddle is to go to Mr. Malfoy or Mrs. Lestrange in the event of his death.  We know from the lockdown on the Riddle vault that Tom Riddle is dead but Ares should still be able to access his father’s vault.”
“Do you think that he’ll try to stop Ares going into the care of two Death Eaters?”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to get custody of the boy himself.  However he has forgotten that the Blood Adoption Ritual is legally binding and nothing can break it.  Send word to the account manager in charge of Dumbledore’s vault that we will no longer be doing business with Dumbledore.”
Dragonsteel nodded and left to go find Firetongue who was Dumbledore’s vault accountant and pass on the message from the Director. Dumbledore would find himself a very poor man soon and it made the goblin smile.  Dumbledore had been trying to use the boy for too long and thought himself invincible.  The fool would see just how wrong he was when he tried messing with friends of the Goblin Nation.
Outside Gringotts Dumbledore was angry that his plans hadn’t gone well. First he’d been unable to get custody of the boy and now he couldn’t even get into any of the boy’s vaults.  Perhaps I should put a compulsion charm on the boy to get him under my control.  Or maybe it would be best to modify his memories of Voldemort and put me as his savior and protector and Voldemort as the villain.  Yes that could work.  Chuckling to himself at his clever idea Dumbledore made his way back to the Burrow.

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