Monday, August 12, 2013

The Raven and the Lions

Ares woke up the next morning at seven along with his other Ravenclaw dorm mates and went downstairs with Iris following Ares. Since Ares and Iris had the ancient wolf bond the teachers couldn’t prevent Iris from following Ares to his classes.  They met the first year girls; Hermione, Indigo, Violet, Amber and Grace. 
“Good morning everyone.  This is Penny,” Harold said gesturing to the Asian girl beside him.  “The two of us are the Ravenclaw Prefects.  Please come to us for anything or go to our head of house, Professor Flitwick. Now before we go to breakfast Professor Flitwick would like to say a few words.”
A tiny old man who Ares thought probably had some goblin in him and wearing glasses stood up on the table in the common room so he could address the first years. They sat on the floor and watched their head of house.  “Greetings first years. I’m proud to have twenty new bright Claws in my house!  I hope you all slept well?” Looking at the first years they nodded in the affirmative.  “I myself find the wind wrapping around the tower to be quite soothing when trying to go to sleep just as I’m sure the Slytherins find it comforting to hear the water lapping against their house.  Not only am I your head of house but I am also the Charms Professor as well and was a dueling champion in my younger days.  I expect you all to be on your best behavior while at Hogwarts and be attentive in your studies.   If you ever are in trouble or have questions you are welcome to come to me and I will do my best to help you out.  Or you can go to Penny or Harold.  I don’t expect us to win the house cup; it’s either been Gryffindor or Slytherin that has won it but try not to lose us any house points all the same.  At breakfast I’ll hand you your class schedules.  I’ll see you then.”
Professor Flitwick hopped off the table and left the common room.  “Alright now everyone get your book bags because we’ll leaving for the Great Hall in five minutes,” Penny said and there was a running of feet as the first years rushed to their dorms to gather books, parchment, ink bottles and spare quills.  They then ran back down the stairs to the common room where Penny and Harold led them out of the common room and down to the Great Hall. Ares and his friends paid attention to the layout so they could easily get back to the common room later that day.
Professor Flitwick handed out class schedules to everyone. The five friends were looking forward to their first day of classes.  Their first class of the day was Charms with Gryffindor.  They quickly found seats in the back of the classroom.  Professor Flitwick stood in front of the class.  “Good morning.  I am Professor Filius Flitwick and Head of Ravenclaw House.  In this class we will be covering the levitation spell, the softening spell, the fire charm and your final exam will be making a pineapple dance across your desks known as the dancing feet spell.”
The day passed quickly.  Only the five friends had managed to transfigure the match into a needle that had been their first lesson in Transfiguration. History of Magic had been completely boring. The only interesting thing that had happened was at the beginning of class when their only ghost professor, who was known as Binns, had floated through the chalkboard at the beginning of class.  Herbology had been a bit dull but Ares thought it useful to learn about the different types of plants and could see how learning about healing plants could be useful.  Defense Against the Dark Arts was being taught by a man named Filibuster Davies who appeared prejudiced against dark creatures.   Potions was a bit dismal though Draco and Ares managed to brew successful potions thanks to being tutored by Lucius Malfoy and Hermione hadn’t been bad on her first try either though Snape seemed to ignore Hermione’s raised hand when he asked questions.  Everyone had heard that Snape favored Slytherin over the other houses.
They were in the Great Hall for dinner when the Head Master stopped by their table. “Ares I want a word with you in my office after dinner.”
Dumbledore stopped by the Gryffindor table and bent to speak quietly to the youngest Weasley boy before returning back to the staff table and resuming his dinner.  Draco hadn’t missed the undertone of the Head Master’s order.  “What do you think that’s about?”
“Father says that the old coot is up to something and will try to use me in whatever he is scheming.”
Draco nodded.  The Dark Lord would naturally be concerned for his son.  Draco, being Ares’s best friend, knew his master cared a lot for Ares.  If anything happened to Ares or the Dark Lord thought Ares was in any danger at Hogwarts he knew that a contingent of Death Eaters would be storming the castle with the Dark Lord in the front of the attack. “Be careful Ares.”
Ares nodded.  “Do you doubt I can take care of myself Dray?” There was a hint of amusement in the Prince’s voice.
“Not at all Ares.  I just don’t want to see anything bad happen to you.”
“Thanks for your concern Dray.”
They continued eating dinner and then Ares waited for the redhead to get up and leave before following.  The Head Master was waiting for them in the entrance hall.  “Follow me boys.” Dumbledore led them up several flights of stairs until they reached a stone gargoyle.  “Chocolate,” he said and the gargoyle sprang to the side revealing a spiral staircase. The three stepped on it and then stepped out on a small landing at the top of the stairs before Dumbledore pushed open the door to his office.
“Please have a seat.  Lemon drop?”
“No thank you,” Ron and Ares said together. They all took seats and then Dumbledore smiled at Ron and Ares. 
“Now Ares, Ron do you know why I wished to speak to you?”
“No,” Ares said. “Though I can guess why if Weasel is here.”
“I’m not a weasel Death Eater,” Ron shot back. 
“Calm yourself Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley. I didn’t bring you in here to fight.”
“Head Master I’m Mr. Riddle.  I may have been born ‘Harry James Potter’ but I do not legally have that name anymore.”
“You were born under that name and your parents were James and Lily Potter.  You should honor your parents by going by your name.”
“Head Master I freely and willingly did the Blood Adoption Ritual with my father at six years old when he rescued me from that hell hole you put me into as a baby and my name legally changed then to Ares Salazar Riddle and I expect to be called by my rightful name. I am rightfully my father’s heir and probably richer than you’ll ever hope to be.”
Dumbledore appeared dumbstruck at that revelation though whether it was that he was the heir of Lord Voldemort or the fact that an illegal blood ceremony had taken place Ares had no idea but he bet it was a combination of both.  He smirked and sat back watching the Head Master open and close his mouth like a dying fish. 
“I am grateful to James Potter and Lily Evans for giving me life. My father has hid nothing from me about my biological parents but Tom is the one who rescued me from a lifetime of abuse and gave me for the first time in my life all the food I could eat, a father figure, a home where I was loved and a childhood that I wouldn’t have had had I been left under the Muggles care.  I will not betray my father and if you think you can get me to betray my father you are sorely mistaken.
“I also know of the lies you are spreading about my father and I will not stand for it.  My father and I suspected that you would try to put me into Gryffindor to gain control over me.  In fact I’m surprised you didn’t try to stop it at the sorting but my name being legally changed no doubt helped.  You sir are a meddling old fool and I feel sorry for the wizarding world who don’t realize the game you are trying to play here.”
“Who is Tom Riddle?” Ron asked.
“My father is the Dark Lord Weasel.”
“You’re the son of You-Know-Who?”
“Yes and I am proud to be labeled and legally his son. Perhaps if the people of the light got to know my father then you’d see he isn’t the one who needs to be feared,” Ares said looking pointedly at Dumbledore with a smirk on his face.
“I should have guessed who you were with hanging around that Malfoy scum.  And hanging with a Mudblood too,” Ron said.
Ares rose at this and pulled out his wand before pointing it at Ron’s chest.  “Don’t you dare insult my friends Ron Weasley.  I expect you were brought in the Head Master’s office in an attempt to become my friend and sway me over to the light side. I would never be friends with a spoiled pig who says shit about my father and friends.  I have nothing more to say on this matter.”
Ares slid his wand back into his wand holster on his right arm and stormed out of Dumbledore’s office.  The slam of the door brought Dumbledore out of his stupor and he turned to Ron.  “Ronald your family’s money they are getting every month depends on you befriending the Boy-Who-Lived. He is our only hope of defeating the Dark Lord and as you can see he has obviously been brainwashed.  Harry was never in any danger at his relatives.  Once Ginny comes to Hogwarts I can slip her love potions to make her fall in love with Harry.”
“Head Master she is already well on her way to worshiping Harry Potter. The trick will be getting her away from that Mudblood Granger and into the arms of my sister.  My sister has a fiery temper like all the Weasley Clan. I’m sure she’d do anything she had to in order to ensnare Boy Wonder.”
“Good.  You’re dismissed Ron.”
Ron left the office and when he did Albus began to think of how to get the boy out from Tom’s clutches and under his control.  There was only one thing for it. Tom would need to die and he’d need to die soon.  It was the only way that Dumbledore could gain custody of Harry Potter.

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