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Year 2

Ares was pissed. He hated having to be back at the Weasleys for the entire summer.  I seriously need to figure out how to kill that fool and perhaps I should kill the Weasleys too for making my life miserable ever since father’s death.  Shadow was wrapped around his neck while Charon and Hedwig were perched on either shoulder. Iris was beside him and he had levitated his trunk so that it was in front of him instead of having to drag it into the house. 
“Now Harry you remember where you’ll be staying right?”  Mrs. Weasley asked Ares.  “Your ‘familiars’ will be forced to stay in the cages again.”
Crucio!  Ares watched with grim delight as Mrs. Weasley fell to the ground screaming in pain.  He stepped over her withering body and led his familiars back into the house.  “Use that name again and you’ll be sorry,” he growled back.  “My familiars will be coming with me into Ron’s room and that is final.”
Stupid human. They don’t understand that young master is a prince and could easily kill them.  They don’t understand that young master could easily kill them all where they stood if he so wanted.  Why do they try so hard to call master by his birth name?
Because they are fools Shadow.  They want me to defeat my father.  I have no doubts that if father hadn’t found out the prophecy wasn’t real then he would have left me with the Mudbloods to die and then Dumbledore would have killed me after I killed father.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he still aims to kill me to take control of the Gryffindor and Slytherin lines.  While doing some research I discovered that some of the Potters have been born Parslemouths. The last Potter who was a parslemouth was twenty years ago.
Does that mean that the Potters are heirs of Slytherin as well as your father?
Well Parsletongue is a trait of Salazar so I suppose there were some Slytherins who married into the Potter line. Whether that made the Potters descendants of Salazar I am not sure but it must be true so I am in fact the heir of Slytherin through blood and magic. 
Ares and Iris walked into the Burrow and upstairs until they got to Ron’s room.  He opened up the fifth compartment of his trunk which revealed his apartment. The apartment housed the master bedroom, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, potions lab, study, library, and a second bedroom as well as two perches for Hedwig and Charon to sleep on.  His library was stocked with dark arts and potions books.  The book shelf in the master bedroom was charmed so that if Ares wanted a book from his library all he had to do was write the title on a piece of parchment and the book would appear in his master bedroom. 
Ares slammed the door to Ron’s room and leaned it against it with his eyes closed.  Hedwig and Charon took flight and landed on the dresser while Shadow slithered down Ares’s arm. Iris merely walked away from Ares and sat there looking at her friend and master.  A scream caused Ares’s eyes to shoot open and a dangerous smile appear on his face as he looked to see Ron sitting on his bed. 
“What are you doing back here?!” Ron shouted.
Ares laughed as Iris turned her head to look at the annoying human before her.  “Dumbledore’s orders sadly.  If you have a problem with it then take it up with the headmaster but I’m sure it won’t matter much to you as long as you get money from him right?”
“I know all about how you are taking money from Dumbledore to be my friend and about your mother trying to arrange a marriage contract between myself and your sister Ginny. The marriage contract is only so your parents can get any money I have in my accounts.  I’m not looking to get married and there’s no way I would marry someone who prides herself on being a breeder for the rest of her life like your mother did for your father.”
“You take that back!”
“Why?  It’s the truth and we both know it.  Arthur Weasley had a marriage contract to Molly Prewitt.  Molly Weasley was going to be a healer but because of the marriage contract Arthur Weasley didn’t allow her to pursue her dreams of going to Saint Mungo’s for training after Hogwarts and instead forced her to give birth to his kids back to back every year for the rest of her life. Explains why she is so bitter and trying to get me to marry her daughter so that she can become rich and hopes that her daughter can pop out the next generation of Potters so she can be known as the mother-in-law to the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’.  I’d never waste my time with trash like that.”
“My sister isn’t trash!”
“Your sister lives in a fantasy world where she can’t tell myth from reality!  I see how she stutters and goes silent whenever I’m in a room.  It’d be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic.  Has your mom been feeding your sister love potions since she was in diapers Ronniekins? I already know about her growing up on fake stories about me all her life.  The kid needs to grow up and realize that I’ll never fall for her.  I have no interest in being married to someone who is obviously under the headmaster’s thumb and doesn’t have any ambition in life other than to be a breeder for the next generation.  Such a waste of a life and no point in learning magic at all if you’re not going to go on to do anything with your magical education.”
“You bastard!  I’ll kill you if you keep saying stuff about my family you death eater!”
Ares’s smirk fell and he narrowed his eyes at the boy in front of him. “You apparently don’t want to hear the truth about your pathetic excuse for a family weasel.  How you ever got into Gryffindor I have no idea.”  Ares pulled out his wand and pointed it at Ron.  “Locomotor Wibbly! Calvorio!”
Ares smiled as the two curses hit Ron causing his hair to immediately begin falling out and his legs to collapse. “Petrificus Totalus,” Ares said.   “I think it’s time to teach you why you don’t mess with me or my father Ronald.  Obscuro.”  Iris you all wait here.  I’ll be back tonight probably or tomorrow depending on how long it takes to get Spina Corvos into the wards surrounding my home.
Be safe Ares.
I will. You don’t need to worry about me.
Ares grabbed Ron and apparated to his home in Sweden.  He had bought the house with the money in his vault on his tenth birthday so he would have a place of his own that his father knew nothing about. Touching the pendant around his neck he sent a message to every member of Spina Corvos.  “May as well bring everyone into the wards now while I’m here.”
Within five minutes of receiving the message every member of Spina Corvos was standing outside the manor in front of Ares. Their masks and robes were on as they bowed before their master in the snow.  “Good evening my faithful followers.  How nice of you to answer my summons and come when I called.   At least you are more loyal so far than father’s death eaters.  Hopefully you will remain loyal to me in the coming years.  This is the home I bought at ten years old and will be headquarters for Spina Corvos.  Now can you guess who this fool is?” Ares asked gesturing towards a blindfolded and deaf Weasley.
Spina Corvos looked at the person in front of their master. Finally Benjamin cautiously spoke up.  “A Weasley my Lord?”
“Correct Benjamin but can any of you figure out which Weasley?”
At their silence Ares sighed.  “Ron Weasley.  He’s under a blind curse, the jelly leg curse and hair loss curse which explains why none of you recognized him.  I brought him here because he’s seriously annoying me already so I figured I may as well program you all into my wards before deciding what to do with this idiot.  Apparently this weasel doesn’t like hearing the truth about his mother or his family.  Do you know that Dumbledore set up a marriage contract between one Harry Potter and one Ginerva Weasley when Harry was born?”
Everyone stood there in shock at their master’s revelation.  “Money,” Draco finally said. “That’s the only reason I can think of that Mrs. Weasley would want to marry Harry Potter.”
“Money and the fame of being married to the ‘Boy-Who-Lived.’  The fame a girl would get for being the wife of the wizarding savior and the mother to his children would get her accepted into higher circles within the wizarding world.  What they don’t know is that I know that the prophecy is a fake. It’s really annoying having to pretend that I don’t know the truth about the prophecy.”
“Master is it right for you to be talking about the prophecy being fake when the young weasel is here with us?” April asked.
“He won’t be remembering any of this when I’m done with him.  Now as for programing everyone into my wards.  You’ll need to cut your hands and let your blood on the wards which are in front of you. The wards will glow purple and then you’ll be allowed through.”
“Blood wards?” Taylor asked.  “Aren’t those illegal?”
“Blood wards are only illegal because of the Ministry says so.  Anything to do with blood is ‘dark’ and therefore deemed ‘illegal’ by the Ministry.  By putting your blood into my wards you’ll be able to pass easily through them to get to headquarters.  Nobody else who is not a member of Spina Corvos will be able to enter.  Not even my father or any of the death eaters.”
Ares watched as his followers let their blood flow on the wards and watched as they glowed purple twenty times.  Finally the wards glowed a deep maroon and then the magic settled around the property. “I’m going into the house.  Providing you don’t kill the Weasel do whatever you want with him.”
“Why can’t we kill him?”
“Because if he dies then Dumbledore may suspect I did it and I’m not strong or powerful enough to defeat him yet.  Oh and take him away from here if you’re going to torture him.  I don’t need the Ministry trying to come to my home.  Come back here with him when you’re done. I want to have a meeting with you all.”
Spina Corvos nodded and two grabbed Ron before disapparting from Dark Raven’s manor. Dark Raven passed through the wards to his manor and made his way up the tree shrouded road to the manor.  Stepping in the front door he stopped as a house elf popped into existence wearing an emerald shirt with a snake and raven embroidered in silver on it.
“Welcome to Snow Ash Manor Master Raven.”
“Thank you Becky.  How are the house elves managing?”
“Very good Master Raven.”
“Becky my last name isn’t Raven.  It’s Riddle.”
“But we house elves know that master is leader of Thorn Ravens and calls himself ‘Dark Raven’.  However if Master doesn’t want to be called Master Raven we will call him Master Riddle instead.”
“If it will make you all happy to call me ‘Master Raven’ then you are free to do so.”
Becky smiled. “I will inform other elves Master Raven. We elves thank master.”
Ares ran his hand through his hair.  “Do you mind getting me something to eat and setting up my meeting room? I am to talk to with my followers when they come back.  Make enough food and drink for twenty people.”
“Would master like anything in particular?”
“No.  Whatever you can make is fine.”
Ares made his way through the manor checking that everything was okay.  He was pleased to see that his house elves had kept the house clean in his absence.  “Have you been keeping the grounds clean as well as the home?” Ares asked Becky.
“Yes Master Raven.  We make sure that everything is kept free of dust and cobwebs in the home and make sure the grounds are taken care of as well for master in case he ever visits.”
Ares finished his inspection of the house and smiled. He made his way to the living room and waved his hand at the fire which burst into flames.  Gemini, a male house elf with amber eyes, popped into the living room with a tray of sandwiches and pumpkin juice and set it on the table before bowing and disapparting.  Ares stared into the fire as he ate his meal lost in thought.  There had to be a way that he could get back to Riddle Manor if only to check on the Riddle elves and see how they were faring.
Spina Corvos had taken Ron and apparated to a forest and Benjamin and Taylor dropped Ron to the ground.  “Muffilato,” Roger said waving his wand around the forest so they wouldn’t be heard.  He cast a few other charms to conceal their existence from anyone who might happen to walk by.  Then he cast the counter spell and Ron realized he could suddenly see again.
“Where am I?  What happened? Who are you?”
The members of Spina Corvos were silent as they stared behind their masks at the idiot in front of them.  Silently they each muttered ‘Voznovo,” which changed their voices so they couldn’t be recognized and then Draco spoke.  “Hello Ronald Weasley.  You have angered and he has given us leave to play with you as we see fit.”
“Are you death eaters?”
Spina Corvos looked at each other and then laughed. “No.  We would never ally ourselves with death eaters.  We are different and yet stronger than that pathetic organization of lap dogs. Unlike the Dark Lord our master actually cares about our safety and wellbeing.”
“Crucio!” Twenty voices shouted and Ron’s body was lifted up off the ground and withered in the air before them as he screamed.  He fell to the ground and lay there gasping for breath when they released him from the Cruciatris spell.    April cast the hurling hex sending Ron into a tree where his body hit with a sickening crack. 
“Oh dear it appears you broke his legs,” Brian said laughing.
“Master didn’t say we couldn’t break every bone in his body,” April said shrugging.
“True.  We just can’t kill him sadly,” Roger said.
Ron’s eyes widened when he heard the group talking about killing him.  “Don’t kill me!”
“Now he begs for his life,” Orion scoffed.
“Are you daft? We were just discussing that we are under orders NOT to kill you,” Jasper said. “How did this fool get into Lord Godric’s house I have no clue.”  The others murmured their agreement at Jasper’s statement. 
“Probably Dumbledore’s doing,” Grace said.  “Or maybe the hat is just stupid after sorting five older Weasleys.”
There was laughter at that and then they went back to torturing Ron before Griffin knocked him out. They canceled the spells around the forest and apparated back to Snow Ash Manor.  Becky showed Spina Corvos into the meeting room where Dark Raven was waiting.  Two other house elves grabbed Ron and apparated him to the dungeons beneath the manor and threw him into a cell.  The cells were enforced against magic and Animagus transformations so prisoners wouldn’t be able to escape the dungeon. 
On the table was Rosemary Lemon Chicken, Grilled Vegetables, jugs of Pumpkin Juice, Cuban Chicken Salad, Iced Pumpkin Cookies, Orange Surprise, Meatball Soup, and Apple Cake.   Twenty plates were set around the long meeting table as they each took a seat.  “Help yourselves to the food and then we’ll begin the meeting before returning to our homes or in my case hell,” Dark Raven said with disgust in his voice.
There was a clatter of plates as everyone got what they wanted and began to eat.  “Becky where is the weasel?”
“In the dungeons Master Raven,” Becky said. 
“Good.  You are free to use your magic to destroy any memory of the dungeon he is in as well as the memory of torture that my followers inflicted upon him.  If you destroy his mind in the process then all the better.”
Becky smiled and disappeared.  “While doing some research this past year I found out that it appears some of the Potters were Parslemouths.  In fact the last parslemouth in the Potter family was twenty years ago. That woman died during the first war.  Whether that means that Potters are descended from both Slytherin and Gryffindor or some Slytherins married into Gryffindor I am not sure. I hope to be able to find out this information before returning to Hogwarts for our second year.”
April ended up choking on her food and Brian had to smack her back a few times to keep her from dying.  Dark Raven raised an eyebrow and smiled.  “Yes I was shocked as well upon discovering this information.  It will be interesting to find out.  I know that the Potters are descended from Godric Gryffindor but I believe that title is no longer able to be claimed since father did the blood adoption ritual on me when he rescued me from the Durselys at six years old.”
“Who could claim that title now master?” Hermione asked.
“I believe Dumbledore can claim it if he is even aware of the Potters being the descendants of Gryffindor of which I believe he is.  He’s probably waiting to claim Gryffindor on the hope of killing me.  If he kills me and if I were to kill father which I have no plans on doing then he would gain two founder titles at the same time which I think has been his master plan all along.
“If you can try to continue recruiting followers to Spina Corvos and bring them to my chambers in Hogwarts so I can brand them.  I trust you all to keep the existence of this organization a secret from your parents, especially those of you who are the children of Death Eaters and keep a low profile at Hogwarts.  Finish up here and you’ll be free to return to your homes. Unless anyone has any business they wish to discuss?”
Dark Raven waited and when there was silence for five minutes he stood up.  “Then you are all dismissed.”  He walked out of the meeting room and down to the dungeons where he grabbed Ron and apparated back to the Burrow.  As he was linked to the wards surrounding Snow Ash Manor he felt the slight tingling as each member of Spina Corvos passed through and disapparated before the wards settled once more around the grounds.  Leaving Ron in his room and grabbing his trunk, he made his way to the room he had been kept prisoner in the previous summer and went to sleep. 
Waking up five hours later Ares scowled as he saw Ginny Weasley with her face in front of his.  “What the hell are you doing?” Ares asked young redhead as he sat up and shoved her away from him. 
“Mom said to come and tell you it’s time for dinner love,” Ginny said smiling at him.
Ares snorted.  Foolish girl.  Frowning he stared at her and shook his head.  The matriarch appeared to have slipped her daughter a love potion or put a compulsion charm on her to make her wake him up. Either that or she had come to wake him up of her own accord. 
“Next time knock before you enter someone’s room,” Ares said before grabbing her by the arm and shoving her out the door.  “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”
“Do you want me to wait for you d-”
“NO!” He shouted slamming the door in her face.  “If I’m going to be staying here against my will I think I need to put up locking charms and wards around this room so I’m not bothered by anybody in this family.” 
Iris followed him out into the hallway and down the stairs until he reached the dining room.  “That animal isn’t allowed in here,” Molly said.
“Iris is allowed wherever I am.  If you want me to eat with you then she will be allowed here or else I’ll just return to my room.”
Molly sat back with a furious look on her face but didn’t say anything.  Ares sat down with Iris under the table at his feet and calmly picked at the meal.  He entered the matriarch’s mind and scowled as he saw that she had slipped a love potion into his glass of pumpkin juice.  Delving further into her mind he discovered that she planned on poisoning the rest of his meals and drink with Amortentia the rest of the summer in the hopes of making him fall in love with Ginny.  Extending his magic out around him he discovered a cauldron of Amortentia brewing in the kitchen.  You have got to be fucking kidding me!  This woman is disgusting with the way she’ll do anything to get ahold of the Potter fortune.  Pretty sure I can’t access those vaults anymore anyway since the blood adoption.  I’ll have to speak to a goblin at Gringotts about that while I’m there.
Ares got immediately up from the table with Iris following and made his way back up to his room where he slammed the door and began casting complex charms and wards on the door.  “Apparently if I want something to eat I’m going to either return to Snow Ash Manor or go to Muggle London to get meals for the rest of the summer.  Now that I know to watch out for anything that Mrs. Weasley tries to force down my throat I have no choice unless I want to starve for two months.”  Ares threw the window open and sank to his knees staring out the window as the cool breeze swept across his face.  He needed to get to Gringotts as soon as possible.

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