Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sea Wolves

Ares and Orion were in Ares’s meeting chambers. “Does your home have a fireplace?” Dark Raven asked Orion.
“Yes master.”
“Is it connected to the floo network?”
At Orion’s nod Dark Raven nodded.  Removing the pouch of floo powder from the mantel he took a pinch and slipped the pouch into his robes.  Throwing it in the fire they stepped in and Orion shouted ‘my pack” and the emerald flames consumed them.
They found themselves in a three story house.  Brushing themselves off Orion led the way down two flights of stairs to the living room where his little sister was sitting by the fire.  “You shouldn’t get close to the fire Rosie,” Orion said as he looked at her.
“Orion!” Rosie shouted running to her older brother.  Ares saw Rosie’s wolf pendant around her neck. 
The door opened and a sixteen year old boy into the room and looked at Ares with a frown on his face before turning his gaze on Orion.  Alpha.  Brother, Claw said in his head.
“Orion!  What are you doing away from school and who is this?”
“Master Riddle.  He’s going to take away the master/slave bond.”
“And you didn’t think to send word to us that you were coming?”
Orion whimpered at his brother’s and alpha’s growl.  “Sorry Romulus.”
“How is my brother in school?” Romulus asked gesturing for Ares to take on the couch by the fire before collapsing in a chair. 
“He seems to be doing well in his classes,” Ares said.  “There was an incident though with our DADA professor.”
“Oh? What was it Orion?”
“Professor Bloomsdale, our DADA professor, knows I’m a werewolf. He used Silvesco and Silvmay on me as well as the Cruciatris,” Orion said softly. 
“WHAT?!”  Romulus growled leaping to his feet and striding over to Orion who cowered on the floor in front of him.  “WHY DIDN’T YOU SEND WORD?!”
Romulus snarled and paced angrily in front of Orion.  “Your loyalty is to your PACK Orion!  Your pack and your family come before ANYTHING else!  You know the dangers our pack faces from both Fenrir and wizards and muggles alike. Remember what Fenrir did to our wolf mother.  I’m not going to lose my family or my pack to that monster and his dogs,” Romulus said before storming back outside. 
A fourteen year old girl came into the living room and stared at the two children before her.  “Orion!” She shouted running toward her younger brother and wrapping him in a hug.  “Why didn’t you tell Romulus you were coming home?”
“Romulus already bit my head off for not informing him of what happened to me at school Brook.” 
“What happened at school?”
Orion sighed and repeated his story to his sister whose smile slipped from her face. Her eyes flashed amber and she let out a growl at what had happened to her brother.  “Romulus will rip his throat out for harming you.”
Orion nodded his head again.  His brother and alpha was very protective over his pack and family.  Three more boys came into the house and looked at Brook, Ares, and Orion.  They instantly recognized the smell of another pack mate in Orion.  “What is a wizard doing here?!” The boy with jet back hair said.
“Shut up Shadow!” Brook snarled at him.  “As you can tell from his scent this is my younger brother, Orion. He’s at Hogwarts learning how to be a wizard.”
“Do you actually think our kind will be allowed to become wizards?  The Werewolf Registration Act would never allow it,” Shadow muttered.
“Who are you?” A boy with white hair asked Ares.
“My name is Ares Salazar Riddle and I’m here to sever the master/slave bond between Orion and myself.”
The girl who had red hair looked at Orion and Ares silently.  “Welcome brother,” the girl said in a melodious voice before falling silent again.  A three year old toddled into the room.  “Momma.  Dada. Who zat?”
Brooke went to scoop up her niece.  “This is your Uncle Orion Luna.  Orion this is Romulus and Amber’s daughter.”
“Hello Luna,” Orion said smiling at his niece. 
“The girl is Phoenix.  She’s ten as you can see and the  second boy is Frost.”
“Were they turned by mother?”
“No Orion.  You know mother died when you were nine. She never had made any more cubs.  No these three were turned by a wolf named Shade Light.  They joined our pack two months after you started at Hogwarts.”
“Why are none of you in school?” Ares asked the wolves.
“Romulus has a pack and a territory to guard,” Brook said looking at the wizard.  “Besides our parents cast us out when we were turned.  Only Orion’s parents accepted him and allowed him to stay which is why he is able to attend Hogwarts.”
“Many of our kind would be killed simply for being what we are,” Frost said.  “Wizards, witches and muggles would never allow us to be a part of their societies. It’s hard enough for dark creatures to get jobs let alone go to school.”
“We don’t want to be forced to register with the ministry either so we live here.  All countries have a werewolf department.  We’re not wanted anywhere which is why we live here away from both worlds.”
Ares nodded. Here was another thing to change at least in Magical Britain if he couldn’t change the world.  “Orion how do we break the master/slave bond?”
“We need to go to the cave in our territory that’s fifteen miles from here in order to undo the master/slave bond.  But tonight is a full moon master so you’ll have to wait a few days for the bond to be unbroken,” Orion said simply.  “You should stay here where you’ll be safe.”
“Are you talking back to me Orion?”
“No master.  It’s just not safe if you’re in your human form around werewolves.  But maybe Skywing would be safe as long as he was in the air or in a tree.”
Ares nodded. “Orion where’s your room?”
“Second floor, fourth bedroom on the right master.”
“I’m going to sleep.  Don’t bother me.”
The werewolves ate dinner. Orion scribbled a note for his master in case his master didn’t wake before the moon rose.  Then they went outside and stood in the snow watching the sky.  The Sea Wolves pack howled in pain as their bodies changed form and suddenly there were nine wolves standing in the snow.  Romulus snarled at Orion and leapt at him before biting into the younger wolf’s leg. Orion howled in pain and snapped his jaws at Romulus, their fangs flashing in the moonlight.  Romulus growled and bit down harder on Orion’s leg causing Orion to whimper and lay still under the alpha.  Romulus’s amber eyes had darkened with anger as he stared down at the younger wolf.  A quick conversation passed between the two brothers and when Romulus was satisfied that Orion had gotten the message loud and clear he let Orion up and then the pack began running away from the home.
Orion found himself next to Phoenix as they were running.  He was too busy staring at her  instead of paying attention to where he was going that he ran into a tree.  Behind him he heard Frost snicker in his head.  Romulus turned his head and shook his head at his brother before continuing on towards the lake that was in their territory. 
Looks like Orion found himself a mate, Romulus said to Amber as they lay on the ground. 
It appears so but the question is will Shadow and Frost accept it?
Frost is a good kid.  I’m sure he’ll have no issues as long as Orion swears to protect Phoenix.  Shadow on the other hand is a different story.
How is Orion supposed to protect Phoenix when he’s at Hogwarts?
Romulus and Amber looked up as Brook came up to them and lay down a respectable distance away from the two alphas.  Phoenix seems to like Orion.  I think he is enchanted with her.
Frost was watching his pack mate with his sister.  He was twelve while Shadow was fourteen.  Shadow meanwhile was pacing angrily in the snow beside Frost growling angrily.  What’s the matter Shadow?
That cub thinks he can come into this territory and take my sister from me!  Who the hell does he think he is?!
The younger brother of our alpha.  You know perfectly well that Phoenix would never mate with you and I have no interest in marking her as my mate.  Just because other werewolves do that doesn’t mean we have to.
She’s my sister and belongs to me! Not some mangy cub who thinks he can pass for a wizard!
Frost shook his head at his older brother’s jealousy.  Ignoring his older brother he went over to his pack mate and sister.  So how do you like being at Hogwarts Orion?
Fine.  I’m a Ravenclaw.  It’s one of the four houses at Hogwarts.  There’s Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.  The ceiling is enchanted to look like the sky. Each house has their own table.  The symbols are: Eagle for Ravenclaw, snake for Slytherin, badger for Hufflepuff, and lion for Gryffindor.
Sounds nice.  I wish I could attend Hogwarts but that isn’t possible with the werewolf law.
Orion nodded his head.  He also knew of the werewolf law. The law was an international law saying that if a child was bitten by a werewolf and cast out of their human family they couldn’t receive a magical education. It was a way for the ministries to keep werewolves as dumb beasts and forced into the master/slave bonds.  A werewolf couldn’t even defend themselves against their wizard or witch master when they were being punished.
Phoenix do you like Orion?
Will you be angry if I say yes?
No.  I just met him as well and I can already see he’s a good wolf to have around.  I actually like your family Orion.  Phoenix does as well.  But I would be careful around Shadow Orion.  You know the werewolf law?
Brothers can mate with their sisters yes.
Well Shadow wants Phoenix as his mate. I have no interest in that law and find it disgusting but we’re animals and there’s so few of us that I suppose it’s necessary.  Phoenix also has no desire to be her brother’s mate and she’s not ready for breeding anyway since she’s only ten.  Since she likes you and you like her that’s made Shadow furious. So watch yourself around Shadow.
Frost got up and left the black and red wolves to themselves and slammed his paws into the ice so he could take a drink of water. His white fur blended in perfectly with the surrounding snow.  As long as Orion treated his sister right he had no problems accepting the black wolf as his brother-in-law.  Jerking his head up at the sudden snarl he turned his head and curled his lips in disgust. Idiot brother! 
Shadow had grabbed Orion by the leg and was dragging him away from Phoenix.  The other wolves looked up and Frost ran over to his sister checking that she was alright.  Romulus got to his feet and shouted at his brother and Shadow. Shadow kept his jaws clamped on Orion’s leg who was trying to get free of the older wolf.
Phoenix looked helplessly at Orion as her older brother began shaking Orion’s leg back and forth causing Orion to howl in pain.  In a tree overhead Skywing stared at the scene in fascination and amusement.  Shadow’s furious that I’m not his mate Romulus.  He’s determined to kill Orion to prove a point.
Nobody is to interfere in this fight!  It’s between Shadow and Orion, Romulus ordered his pack who nodded and lay in a circle with Luna and Rosie between Romulus and Brook.  A law of the werewolves was that if two wolves were fighting over a potential mate then none of the other wolves could interfere. It was a fight to the death.
Orion rolled halfway over and swiped a paw at Shadow clawing him across the muzzle. He let go and howled in pain and rage which gave Orion enough time to yank his leg away.  Damn that’s going to be a bitch to heal.  Holding his back right leg off the ground Orion stood on three paws and watched Shadow circle him with his fangs bared and ears flat against his head.  He snarled a warning as Shadow came closer but it didn’t deter the older wolf.  Shadow lunged at Orion knocking him to the ground.  Orion quickly scrambled to his feet and force himself to put his injured leg on the ground. 
Snarling the two werewolves circled each other while the rest of the pack was silent.  Overhead in the tree Skywing watched Claw and the other wolf and then ruffled his feathers.  He too had noticed the way Claw had behaved stupidly by crashing headlong into the tree because he was too busy staring at the pretty red wolf next to him.  Skywing chuckled at that image as he replayed it in his mind’s eye.
The two wolves watched each other as they both sought an opening. Making a quick and hasty decision Shadow lunged at Orion’s injured leg but Orion quickly stepped aside and fastened his teeth on Shadow’s front leg and began shaking his head back and forth determined to cause as much damage as Shadow had caused to Orion.  The two wolves claws and fangs tore at each other long into the night before Orion ducked using his shoulder to shove Shadow off balance having taken out another leg and tore out his throat.  The blood splattered the snow and his black fur as he snarled and watched the other wolves with his hackles raised. 
Enough Orion!  Romulus’s voice had taken on the commanding tone he used when he was angry or was issuing orders to his pack. Orion turned his head and took a step towards Romulus who just calmly stood there snarling at his younger brother.  Take Rosie and Luna back to the house and get some rest.  You did well little brother and I’m proud of you.
The wild animal rage that had consumed Orion allowing him to kill Shadow subsided at his brother’s words and he picked his leg up and turned towards the two pups.  Motioning with his head he led them back to the house while the rest of the pack looked from Shadow’s dead body to Romulus.  At a nod the wolves fell on their fallen comrade and began tearing into the flesh.  This was the way with werewolves, wolves and even dogs when they got hungry enough. 
As dawn approached the three wolves shifted back into their human forms and Orion took his sister’s and niece’s hands.  Blood stained his robes and he was exhausted not only from the transformation but from the fight as well.  However he still couldn’t claim Phoenix as his mate until she turned thirteen but as long as she and Frost stayed with the pack then she would be okay. Orion pushed open the door to their home and went up to his room leaving the two cubs in their room.  Skywing flew in through the open window and changed back into Ares.
“Nice fight Orion.  Will you have to do that often?”
“Until I am able to claim Phoenix yes.  Once I claim her no wolf will be able to take her from me. Then the only thing we’ll have to worry about are wizards, witches and muggles trying to kill us.  I may be part of Spina Corvos but my mate and pack come first before anything else.  If I have to leave Spina Corvos to protect my pack and mate I will.”
Ares nodded and grabbed Orion’s wrists.  Quickly muttering a spell he sat back and sighed.  “If you’re forced to leave me the mark won’t kill you like it will the others. Get yourself cleaned up and get some rest Orion. How long until that leg heals?”
“Two weeks.”
“Then stay here with your pack and family until you are able to return to Hogwarts.  Is there a room I can stay in?”
Orion nodded and limping out the door he led his master to a room across the hall.  “It’s Shadow’s.  Romulus showed me last night where everyone’s rooms were.”
Ares nodded his thanks and collapsed on the bed, flicking his wand so the door shut.  Orion shook his head and went down the hall to the bathroom before stepping into a hot shower.  He stayed there for an hour until the water ran cold and sent shivers down his back.  Getting out he grabbed a towel off the heating towel rack and wrapped it around his waist before limping back to his room and collapsing on his own bed. He was glad to be back home with his pack.  He was also grateful that Dark Raven was willing to give him permission to stay with his pack and mate while his leg healed. 
The next morning Brook and Frost took Orion between them with Ares following as the four made their way to the cave in their territory.  It wasn’t far from where the lake was.  “So how does this work?” Ares asked the three werewolves as they came to a stone table. 
“Master needs to cut my wrist and his wrist to sever the bond and chant in Greek.”
Ares nodded and followed Orion’s instructions.  “Wolf του αίματος και του πλοιάρχου της μαγείας διακόψει το δεσμό που διαμορφώθηκε κατά τη γέννηση. Απελευθερώστε τις σκιές που δεσμεύουν τα δύο. Φως και σκοτάδι ακούσει λόγο μου. Παρέδωσε το ομόλογο και αφήστε το συνδετικό είναι ελεύθερη.”
“Wolf of blood and master of magic sever the bond that was formed at birth.  Release the shadows that bind the two.  Light and darkness hear my plea.  Surrender the bond and let the bonded be free.”
Their blood splashed on the wolf image carved into the stone and as the words chanted the image shone red and a red light shot up into the sky and through a small hole in the ceiling of the cave.  It swirled around Orion and Ares blocking them from Frost and Brook’s view.  Finally the light cleared and shot back into the wolf carving and they both staggered from the energy.  
“The bond is broken,” Orion said simply before wolf and wizard collapsed to the stone floor.

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