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Screams sounded inside 4 Privet Drive as a large beefy man with no neck and little beady eyes brought the belt down with another swish through the air and brought it upon the little child’s back. Gripping the table in front of him as hard as he could as six year old Harry Potter screamed as the belt continued to leave welts on his back and blood flowed freely. 
His strength leaving him the child fell to the ground where his uncle proceeded to kick him mercilessly in the ribs and stomach.  “You’re nothing but a freak!  A good for nothing lazy brat who we took in out of the goodness of our hearts when nobody else was around to care for you and you betray us by practicing freakishness?!”
Harry was thrown into his cupboard and the door slammed shut before the lock clicked into place.  Crying pitifully Harry lay on the floor and curled up into a ball as pain began wracking his body and sobs wracked his throat.  He heard his uncle stomping up the stairs to the second floor.  His eyes fluttered closed and he drifted off to sleep.
A loud banging on the door woke Harry the next morning as his eyes flew open and he let out a groan.  “UP! GET UP! NOW!” Aunt Petunia was banging on the door of his cupboard.  Harry pushed himself to his feet and limped down the hallway to the kitchen.  “Watch the bacon and eggs!”
Cooking was one of Harry’s duties.  His relatives treated him like a slave. He was responsible for laundry, vacuuming, cooking, doing the dishes and getting the mail.  Sometimes Harry dreamed that he saw a motorcycle that was flying through the night sky but when he had mentioned this he’d been locked in his cupboard for a week.  He knew nothing of his parent as there were no pictures of them in the house and he was forbidden to ask questions.  He wished that someone would come and take him away from his relatives but he knew that was impossible as they were the only relatives he had that he knew of.
When his chores for the day were done Harry bolted out of the house and spent his time the rest of the day at the park.  Many kids left him alone because they didn’t want to deal with Dudley and his gang so Harry found himself alone and without friends.  He crawled into the tunnel near the slide and lay on his back looking up at the ceiling of the tunnel thinking.  He had thought of running away but he knew in his mind that was stupid since he had nowhere to go. All sorts of things could happen to him if he was on the streets and despite the abuse he suffered at the hands of his family he knew that at least he had a roof over his head and a bed even if it was in a cupboard.
Night had fallen by the time Harry’s eyes shot open and he sat up trying to run the sleep out of his eyes.  Must have fallen asleep. Uncle Vernon is going to kill me. Crawling out of the tunnel he stood up and stretched his aching limbs, doubling over in pain as he felt his ribs crack.  Probably shouldn’t have done that.
A piercing howl filled the air.  Trembling Harry ran towards the direction of the howling and saw a one month old wolf that had been tied with a rope to one of the jungle gym bars. Harry knew it was a wolf for he had read about wolves in a book he had found lying in the park a week ago.  The pup looked to be about a month old.  Harry marveled at its green eyes and light brown fur.  He had always loved wolves. 
“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you,” Harry said as he slowly walked towards the wolf and crouched down in front of it.  The wolf pup cowered in front of him.  Harry undid the knot tying the wolf to the jungle gym bar and then slipped the rope over the wolf’s head.  The wolf shook its head and then cautiously wagged its tail before licking Harry's fingers. 
“You seem lonely.  I know my uncle and aunt won’t let me have you but I’m lonely too. You see I have no friends and my relatives beat and starve me.  I don’t know anything about my parents other than that they died in a car crash.  Did someone abandon you as well?”
The wolf pup whined.  “Come on and follow me but you’ll have to be quiet okay?”  Again the wolf wagged its tail slowly and pressed its head against Harry’s hand demanding to be scratched.  Harry laughed as he scratched the wolf between the ears.  “I think I’ll call you Iris.  Do you like that?”  Iris began wagging her tail furiously and raised a paw.  As Harry moved his hand down to Iris’s neck a blue light suddenly appeared on Harry’s hand before fading. 
“What was that?”
Hello master.  What you experienced was the wolf and human bond.
Harry looked around for the voice that he had heard in his head.  “Who’s there?” Harry asked in a shaking voice.
Harry it’s the wolf. Iris.  Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.
“Iris?  Are you really speaking to me?”
Yes.  There should be a tattoo on your left arm.
Harry lifted up his sleeve and saw that on his arm was a stalking brown wolf with green eyes.  As he looked at Iris he saw a silver collar inlaid with sapphires and emeralds appear on Iris’s neck.  “What’s going on?”
I am able to communicate with you now in your head and you can also communicate with me in my head as well by focusing your thoughts to me.
You’re pretty.
Thank you Harry.  The collar that is on my neck now shows that I am bonded with a human.  It’s an ancient bond forged between the first wizards and wolves.  A bond like this is rare and only happens when a wizard who loves wolves saves a wolf from harm.  By saving me from death you have completed your fulfillment of the bond.  I also sensed how lonely you were as well which is partly why I bonded with you.
What’s a wizard? Do you mean to say that magic exists?
Yes it does.  You see while I am a wolf I am not in fact a mindless beast like wolves in the Muggle word.  Muggles are non-magical people by the way. I am a guardian wolf.  When guardian wolves bond with a person they become that person’s faithful and loyal companion and friend and will help protect the human they are bonded to for life.  If you were ever in danger and I wasn’t with you all you would need to do would be to touch the tattoo on your arm and then I would be at your side in an instant.
Harry nodded but he wasn’t sure he understood any of this.  He was only six after all.  He was just happy that he was talking with a real wolf!  “Do you… do you want to come home with me?”
Yes of course. I can’t very well protect you if we aren’t together.
Harry and Iris walked back to the house.  Opening the door he let Iris in and then turned to shut it when he was grabbed from behind and had his face slammed into the floor.  He heard a crack and then felt a sticky gush of blood come out of his nose.  Crying out in pain Harry tried desperately to protect himself from the blows his uncle gave him.  Iris stood in front of Harry snarling at Vernon who aimed a kick at Iris.  Iris! Harry screamed and forced himself up onto his hands and knees and wrapped his arms around Iris’s neck protecting her as the beating continued before they were both grabbed and thrown down the steps into the damp basement.  “You won’t be coming out of there until school starts boy!” Vernon shouted before slamming and then locking the door behind him.
Dumbledore’s plans were working perfectly.  With the death of Harry’s only wizarding relative, Sirius Black, and Harry living with his muggle relatives who were abusing him he would be able to easily mold Harry into the shape he wanted when he entered the wizarding world at eleven years old. All he had to do was make sure that Harry got into Gryffindor House so he could keep a firm eye on the boy.   He had already offered the Weasley family a sack of 50,000 galleons a month for their youngest son to befriend the boy.  The Weasleys were so poor that they would gladly do what Dumbledore ordered them to and besides they were among one of his trusted followers. 
When Harry Potter entered Hogwarts Dumbledore would be ready for him. He would pretend to care about Harry and slowly guide and shape him into a weapon to be used against Voldemort.  Then when Voldemort killed Harry Dumbledore would become the heir to Godric Gryffindor and gain access to Harry’s personal vault, the Potter Family vault, and Godric’s vault in Gringotts which he knew would give him more wealth then he already had.  Upon Harry’s death Dumbledore would kill Voldemort thereby becoming the Heir of Slytherin and gaining access to Salazar’s vault as well.  He’d be the most powerful man in the world once he became the heir to two of the founders of Hogwarts. Nobody would be able to oppose him after that and if they did then they could always be thrown in Azkaban.  Yes it was a perfect plan and Dumbledore could see no reason why it wouldn’t go through perfectly.
Voldemort was sitting comfortably on his throne with Nagini curled up at his feet.  Ever since he had hit the boy and then vanished he couldn’t stop thinking of where the boy was and how he was faring. He wasn’t sure what had unnerved him so much about the child.  Nagini why do I keep thinking about that boy?   
I don’t know Tom.  Perhaps you have some affection for the little snakeling.  You must if you debated whether to kill him or not in Godric’s Hollow.
Even now I am not sure I did the right thing by leaving him there.  Perhaps I should have taken him with me.  I know my death eaters think I’m cold and heartless and that I could never love anyone but I feel… empty I guess.
Master must miss his mate. 
She wasn’t my mate but I did love her.  Until that meddling old fool killed her.  I adored Raven Mallow.  She was my only love. 
Voldemort looked up as the sound of the doors to his meeting room burst open and Lucius came running in.  “My Lord!”
“What is it Lucius?”
“My Lord… there is no prophecy!”
“What do you mean there is no prophecy Lucius?”  All the death eaters present looked at Lucius waiting for his answer.
“The prophecy is a fake created by Albus Dumbledore My Lord.  I looked in the Department of Mysteries and there is no record of a prophecy ever being made.”
The death eaters were silent at this revelation.  Cautiously they all looked at the Dark Lord to see how he would deal with the information.  “Really Lucius? Then what about the prophecy that Severus said he overheard in the Hogs Head in 1980?”
“Nott and I captured Sybill Trelawney, the woman who was meeting Dumbledore for the Divination position at Hogwarts, and we tortured her until she confessed that it was all made up by Dumbledore. But she wouldn’t tell us anything else before we killed her.”
Voldemort appeared alarmed.  So it was all a trick by Dumbledore?  He had to admit that man was cunning.  “Where’s the boy?”
“Dumbledore sent him to live with Muggles My Lord,” Barty Crouch Jr. said.  “I’ve been watching him unbeknownst to the boy or Dumbledore.  The boy’s malnourished and gets beaten and yelled at by his relatives.  The walrus says he needs to be beaten to get the magic out of him.” There was a collective gasp throughout the room at the thought of a magical child being set away to live with Muggles. One thing that the magical world didn’t put up with was magical children living with Muggles as they wouldn’t understand anything about the children.
“I want ten death eaters to come with me to rescue the boy. That damn fool! There’s plenty of wizarding families who would have taken the boy in but he get sent to live with abusive muggles.”
“They’re the only family he has master,” a death eater said. 
“CRUCIO!”  The man fell to the ground screaming and withering in pain.  “Be that as it may Peter that doesn’t mean that a magical child should be sent to that type of environment to grow up in.” 
Voldemort sheathed his wand and began striding out of the meeting room.  “Everyone is dismissed.”  Barty Crouch Jr. and nine other death eaters got up to go with their master to the Dursleys.  “Oh and anyone who wants to stay when these Muggles are brought back for justice is welcome.  The house elves will serve you.”
Voldemort and his death eaters apparated just outside the Dursleys.  Voldemort raised his wand and silently began bringing down the wards surrounding the house.  It didn’t take long for the Dark Lord to destroy the wards and then a golden dome that had surrounded the house, only seen by wizards and witches, collapsed allowed the death eaters and their master entry.
Voldemort and his death eaters walked up the door, his death eaters fanning out behind him.  Voldemort raised his hand and knocked on the door.  The door was opened by a horse faced woman.  “Hello Mrs. Dursley.  We’ve come to collect your nephew.”
Voldemort pushed past the woman and his death eaters followed.  Inside Vernon and Dudley were standing there in shock, Dudley trying to hide behind his father.  “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley you are hereby under punishment for abusing a magical child and trying to stamp out their magic.” Voldemort snapped his fingers and ropes sprang in the air tying all three Dursleys and they toppled to the floor. Death eaters darted forward and grabbed the three Dusleys before looking to their Lord for instructions. “Take them back to the meeting room.  Barty stay with me.”
The death eaters apparated away except for Barty and another death eater who was named Alfred. Voldemort went to the cupboard and blasted the door away.  Inside he found a cot with a threadbare blanket on it.  Voldemort shook his head in disgust. Treating a magical child like a house elf!  Turning towards the basement Voldemort uttered Bombarda and the door blasted away. He lit his wand and proceeded down the steps until he came upon a small huddled form.  Voldemort could see the wounds on the child’s back and the scars on his wrists.  “Oh Harry,” Voldemort said softly. He looked up as he heard a snarl and saw a wolf pup lying next to the boy.  Bending over he saw the wolf tattoo on the boy’s shoulder and then noticed the collar around the wolf’s neck.  “So the child has performed the ancient bond?”
Voldemort picked up Harry in his arms and spoke softly to the wolf pup who whined as Harry was lifted.  “I mean your friend no harm.  I’ve come to rescue him and raise him as my own. You are of course welcome as well. I’d never harm a companion and friend of his.”  Getting to its paws the wolf pup followed Voldemort upstairs to where Barty Jr.  and Alfred were waiting. They stared in horror at the poor child in their master’s arms and then looked at the wolf.
“The wolf is bonded to Harry through the ancient moon bond. It is not to be harmed and is to be brought with us to Riddle Manor,” Voldemort said looking at his two followers.  They nodded and Barty Jr. carefully picked up the wolf before they disapparated to Riddle Manor.
Voldemort gently laid the boy on his bed and the wolf was laid next to him.  If the wolf would give Harry comfort then he didn’t care if he got fur on his blankets.  Barty Jr. had found the child’s broken glasses on the cupboard and stared at them in horror. They were thick glasses and tied with tape.  The poor child must have had his glasses broken a lot by that fat pig of a son the walrus and horse faced woman had created.  Voldemort carefully removed Harry’s clothes and the three stared in disgust and sadness at the scars lining the boy’s body.  “Fetch me my healers and have them work on the boy. There better not be any scars on him when I return.”
Alfred nodded and went to fetch his master’s healers.  “My Lord?” Barty Jr. asked tentatively.  “What do you mean to do with the boy?”
“I won’t allow him to be thrown in an orphanage like I was when my father gave me up after my mother died. I’ll blood adopt him and legally change his name and raise him myself. The boy deserves kindness and love and he hasn’t gotten that at all in his six years of life.  No doubt that is due to Dumbledore but also partly because of me for listening to some stupid fake prophecy.”
“My Lord it was not your fault.  You didn’t know that the prophecy was fake.  If anyone is at fault then it is that fool Dumbledore. He is the one who sent the child to live with Muggles knowing the child would be abused and starved.”  Only a few of Voldemort’s trusted followers knew that Voldemort was caring and gentle to children.  He never harmed a child or allowed his death eaters to harm children. 
“Harry I’m so sorry,” Voldemort said brushing the locks away from the boy’s face.  Then his eyes hardened.  “I think it’s time those Muggles get their own punishment.  Come Barty if you want to see this.”  Then the two swept out of the room.  

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