Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nicholas Flamel

Frost and Brook looked down at the werewolf and wizard who were still unconscious on the floor.  “Romulus is going to be pissed and probably kill the wizard,” Frost said sitting down.
“Romulus knows that they came here to break the master/slave bond imposed on them by our mother,” Brook said sitting down beside her younger brother.  “I didn’t think the ritual would wipe them both out like this.  Romulus will be worried if we’re not back home.  Come on and help me.”
The two werewolves picked up the wizard and their fellow pack mate and made the slow journey home.  The rest of the pack was standing outside when they finally came into view.  “What happened?!” Romulus shouted looking from the unconscious wizard to his brother.
“They severed the master/slave bond and then they both blacked out,” Frost said whimpering at the way Romulus’s eyes suddenly grew hard. 
Romulus grabbed his brother and left the wizard lying in the snow. As far as he was concerned the wizard could die.  “I knew I should have stepped in and kept Orion from going to that school!”
“Romulus you know the law,” Brook said sadly.  “It’s not the wizard’s fault.  I doubt either of them knew the ritual would cause them to black.  Hell I didn’t even know it would cost them that much energy.”
Brook picked up the wizard and carried him up to Shadow’s old room.  The pack gathered around Orion waiting for him to awaken.  An hour passed and he finally stirred.  “ORION!” Romulus shouted grabbing his brother in his arms. 
“Romulus,” Orion said weakly.  “What happened?  Where’s Ares?”
“Ares is upstairs in Shadow’s…” at a glare from Romulus Brook quickly amended her statement… “I mean his room.  He’s still unconscious.  You and Ares completed the ritual severing the master/slave bond and then you both passed out.  Frost and I had to bring you both back home.”
“I have a good mind to keep you here Orion.  I am well within my rights as alpha to do this,” Romulus said looking at his younger brother.  “However,” and he looked at his pack, “I suppose it would be useful having a wizard in the pack.  So you’re allowed to go back when your leg heals but you are to come home at the first sign of danger to yourself. If I find out that you’re in any danger of being captured by the Werewolf Capture Unit of Britain or captured by Death Eaters I will find you and then I will keep you here for the rest of your life.”
Orion quickly nodded in agreement.  Above them there was the sound of water running.  “Ares must be awake.  Romulus may I go see him?”
Romulus nodded and Orion quickly dashed up the stairs and waited for Orion to come out. “Master,” Orion said quickly prostrating before Dark Raven. 
“What happened Claw?”
“The ritual to break the master/slave bond cost us both a lot of energy and we blacked out.  Brook and Frost brought us home and I only woke an hour ago.  My alpha is furious and says if I come to any harm or get captured by Death Eaters or the Werewolf Capture Unit he’s bringing me home and I won’t be returning to Hogwarts.”
“Did you tell your alpha about being part of Spina Corvos Claw?” Dark Raven asked looking down at his werewolf.
“No master.”
“You can if you want.  Now I must return to Hogwarts before our absence is further missed.  You are to come back as soon as your leg is healed.”
Dark Raven walked downstairs and strode into the fireplace and threw a pinch of floo powder into the flames before handing Orion the pouch.  “Since I haven’t seen any floo powder you can use my pouch.  Make sure to bring it back with you to Hogwarts.”
“Yes My Lord.”
Dark Raven stepped easily into his room and brushed the soot off his robes.  Ares!  You’re finally back!
Hello Iris, Ares said as Iris knocked him to the ground. 
How was the ritual master?
Fine except we both blacked out due to the expense of energy it cast.  Orion’s family seems nice though I gather the alpha is protective of his younger brother along with the rest of his pack.  Orion got into a fight with another werewolf and appears to have found a mate.
Master should find a mate as well so he can be happy.
Perhaps I will.  However I have no desire to begin looking for a mate at eleven years old.  Did anyone miss me?
No.  We suspect Dumbledore may be suspicious but it’s the weekend.  Where is Orion?
Back home.  He got a broken leg in the fight for his mate so he’s staying at his home until he has healed and then will be back in Hogwarts. It will take two weeks for his leg to heal.
Dark Raven summoned the package he had gotten from nobody and stared at the letter trying to piece it together. Annoyed he shouted for a house elf.  “Bring some food and pumpkin juice here and food for Iris and Shadow,” he commanded the elf that bowed and appeared moments later setting a tray of food on the table.  It vanished with another pop and he sat down in his chair in the meeting room.  Shadow slithered up onto the table and Iris curled at his feet under the table before they began eating.
His robes whipping around him Dark Raven, Iris and Shadow departed from his chambers and made their way back to Ravenclaw Tower.  His five ravens saw him and followed him up to the first year dorm before kneeling in front of their master.
Holding up his hands to stop the questions he knew was coming Dark Raven explained that Orion was back in his home with his pack, that he would not be returning for two weeks due to getting into a fight with another werewolf over Orion’s mate, and that the severing of the master/slave bond between him and Orion had gone well aside from costing them both a lot of energy and causing them to black out. 
“Any of you know who Nicholas Flamel is?” Dark Raven asked his ravens.
“Oh!” Hermione cried.  She pulled out a wizard card with the picture of Dumbledore on it. Turning it over she read: “Considered by many the greatest wizard of modern times, Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the Dark Wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragons blood, and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel. Professor Dumbeldore enjoys chamber music and ten-pin bowling."
“So Nicholas Flamel created the Sorcerer’s Stone that can turn any metal into pure gold and produce the Elixir of Life which will make the drinker immortal.  Gather Spina Corvos.  We’re going to pay a little visit.  Make sure to change into your robes and masks.”
“Yes master,” they said. The five ravens got their robes and masks and hurried to the other three houses to get the rest of their group.  Spina Corvos and Dark Raven went to Dark Raven’s chambers.  Open, Dark Raven hissed at the snake and they went through the passageway to the meeting room. 
“I have a second pouch of floo powder on the mantel,” Dark Raven said taking the pouch and passing it to his fifteen followers.  “We’re going to go see Nicholas Flamel and find out about the Sorcerer’s Stone and where it is hidden.”
“Master what do you want with the Sorcerer’s Stone?” Benjamin asked.
“I want to make myself immortal and I will not make the same mistake as father with Horcruxes.  Also being able to turn metal into pure gold sounds like it would be useful.  We’re going there to talk and not to kill if possible.  I’m not sure if you can die if you have the Elixir of Life. That’s partly what I intend to find out.”
One by one his followers followed him through the floo network until they arrived in the town of Devon.  Their robes rippled in the sharp winter wind that swirled around them as they made their way down the street. Spotting a woman standing in front of a fountain Dark Raven latched onto her mind and yanked out the information he was looking for. “Griffin take care of her,” Dark Raven ordered.
“Yes My Lord,” Griffin said and raised his wand to point at the unsuspecting woman.  “Avada Kedavara!”  The jet of green light hit the woman and her body crumpled to the ground.  “Elhalsto!” Griffin shouted and the Deathly Hallows appeared above the woman’s dead body. 
Dark Raven and Spina Corvos turned left and began walking through the narrow twisting streets until they arrived at a small cottage.  “Alohomora,” Dark Raven said and the door unlocked before Spina Corvos swept into the room after their Lord.  Noticing a light on in the living room Dark Raven motioned for half of his followers to search the rest of the house while the other half went with him.  There sat an old man by the fire with a book in his hands. 
“Nicholas Flamel is it?” Dark Raven asked lacing his voice with magic.
“Yes?” Nicholas jumped when he saw eight children in blue robes with black ravens on the front and silver masks that hid their faces standing in the living room.  Seven of the children waited for the leader’s instructions.  They looked to be a bunch of first years! 
“I am Dark Raven.  I’ve come to ask you about the Sorcerer’s Stone that you hid in Hogwarts.”
Nicholas Flamel paled at that.  “How do you know about the Sorcerer’s Stone?”
“Dumbledore’s wizard card mentioned you and that you created the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Imagine having a stone that can turn any metal into pure gold and give the drinker immortality. I assume that is how you and your dear wife haven’t died yet.  Am I correct?”
A scream sounded from upstairs.  “Perenelle!” Nicholas shouted leaping up from his chair.  Instantly seven wands were pointed at him. The leader calmly walked into the room and took a seat across from Nicholas while twirling his wand around in his pale spidery fingers.  “Don’t move Nicholas or it will be the last thing you ever do.  You wouldn’t want any harm to come to your dear wife now would you?”
There was stomping down the stairs and the seven members parted to reveal eight more children which with the oldest being a third year.  In front of them was Perenelle bound and gagged as she was shoved before their master.  Two of the second years held her down in front of the first year.
“Now Nicholas are you going to talk or do I need to have my followers curse your wife?”
“Don’t hurt her!  I’ll tell you anything you want to know!”
“Good.  That wasn’t so hard was it?” Dark Raven waved a hand and Perenelle was dragged away in front of the waiting circle of Thorn Ravens.  “Where is the stone hidden?”
“I won’t tell you!”
Dark Raven sighed and looked towards his followers.  “CRUCIO!” Benjamin shouted pointing his wand at Perenelle whose muffled screams could barely be heard over the laughter of Spina Corvos as they watched the woman’s eyes roll into the back of her head and her body thrashed on the floor in front of them.
“Flamel?  Are you going to answer my questions now?”
Flamel picked up the book and tossed it at the child in front of him.  One of the others darted forward and slammed his fist into Flame’s face knocking his head back.  He was roughly grabbed and thrown onto the floor where a few of the group broke formation and began kicking the renowned alchemist for daring to harm their master.  “Enough,” Dark Raven said and the beating stopped. 
“Bad move,” Dark Raven said.  Looking at Spina Corvos he raised an eyebrow and they quickly scattered as he leveled his wand and pointed it at Perenelle.  “Avada Kedavara.”  Perenelle’s eyes widened in fear as the jet of green light hit her and she lay still unmoving.
“The sorcerer’s stone is in the mirror of Erisd!  Dumbledore put it in the mirror and it’s going to be moved down to some underground chambers at Hogwarts!”
“If you had told me that sooner than your wife needed haven’t died.  It’s your own fault for trying to harm me.  So it appears my answer to one of my unasked questions has proven correct. You can die even if you drink the Elixir of Life.  How do you get the stone from the mirror?”
“Only one who wants to get the stone, get it and not use it can remove it from the mirror.  But I didn’t tell Dumbledore the other way to get the stone.”
“There’s another way? Do tell,” Dark Raven said leaning back in the chair. 
“You just have to chant “Stone of power and forged from death hear my plea.  Color of blood come to me. Stone of blood, death and screams serve my will and you’ll be free.”
“Thank you.”
Dark Raven got up and stepped over the dead woman before walking through his followers.  Emerald raised her wand at Nicholas Flamel.  “No! Please!  I told you what you wanted to know!”
“True but we can’t risk having Dumbledore find out about us.  Besides I think you have lived long enough,” Dark Raven said stopping and turning back to look at Nicholas. “Goodbye Nicholas.”
“Avada Kedavara!” Emerald shouted.  Going outside Griffin cast the Deathly Hallows above the house and they left the street before returning to Hogwarts. 
“At least you all listen to me.  Father’s Death Eaters usually ignored the rule about raping female followers and innocent women,” Dark Raven said once they were all back in his meeting room.  “They experienced a long and painful death at the hands of father.  Another problem with my father’s Death Eaters is they would rather kill each other to rise higher in the ranks and people like the Malfoys will no doubt be trying to bribe the Ministry to stay out of prison while others who are loyal to father like the Lestranges will gladly go to Azkaban to await my father’s return to power.”
“Master will you be trying to resurrect your father?” Roger asked.
“Yes Roger.  That is my plan.  Now except for my inner circle leave and make sure you remove your robes and masks before leaving.”
Everyone left except for Dark Raven’s inner circle.  “Ravens how goes my disappearance from our common room?”
“Except for Professor Flitwick I suspect none of them care master,” Indigo said.  “Not many of the students care.  But Dumbledore… he has been questioning your absence from the common room. Of course we haven’t said anything to him and with your training our Occulumency shields are strong.”
“Well then I suppose I should get back to the common room then.  Come on let’s go.”
When they left Dark Raven’s chambers the inner circle split up to head to their respective common rooms.  Dark Raven and his fellow ravens went to their common room in the west tower on the fifth floor.
It lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, and is born in air. What is it?
“An echo,” Hermione said.
Good.  The door to their common room swung open and they split up to go to their separate dorms.  Sighing Ares fell into his bed with his thoughts swimming of how he could locate the Mirror of Erisid.

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