Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Student

Griffin woke up the next morning at dawn.  He stretched his arms above his head to get the stiffness out of them from sleeping next to Edoc last night.  In a pit in the floor Griffin held his hands over the pit and water flowed from his hands into the pit until it was full so his dragons could drink.  “Do any of you need me to go hunt for you?”
No.  We’ll be fine until nightfall, Glacier said.  Glacier was a white male dragon.  His dragons were half male and half female.
Griffin nodded and pulled his flute out of his robes and put it to his lips before playing.  The dragons’ eyes closed as the music filled the caves and hummed contentedly.  The flute was silver with a red dragon carved on the flute.  With this flute he could control his dragons that he wasn’t bonded to.  It had been passed down the Dragon Mage line and if he lived long enough to find a wife would hopefully pass down to his own son or daughter.  When he finished playing he put the flute back into his robes and took Edoc’s saddle off him. 
He smiled as they lowered their heads to the water and began drinking it in great mouthfuls.  “I won’t be able to get away until nightfall so don’t drink it all at once,” Griffin said and a couple dragons who were waiting to drink looked at him and nodded.  Go young one, Edoc said lowering his head until he butted Griffin in the back. We’ll be fine.  You need to continue your magical studies if you hope to be a great Dragon Mage.
Griffin nodded and placed a hand on Edoc before turning into Nomad and running out of the cave towards Hogwarts.  Stopping at the edge of the forest Nomad shifted once more and Griffin walked towards the castle.  Should he be in any danger all he had to do was call his dragons and they would come to defend their master.  Besides the Dark Raven would find that he couldn’t control Griffin.  He already had a lot of magic due to being born of the line and the brand on his arm wasn’t able to kill him if he had to betray the Dark Raven.  Not that he was going to bother telling the kid that of course. Should the Dark Raven attempt to harm his dragons then it would be a simple matter of killing the child.
Snapping his fingers the folder containing his transcripts appeared and he grabbed it before walking towards the castle.  He was proficient in wandless magic being an elemental and Dragon Mage but knew a wand would come in handy for better channeling his water elemental power.  Running into a stern looking witch with glasses he guessed this was a professor of some sort.  “Good morning,” Griffin said smiling at the professor.
Professor McGonagall looked at the boy in front of her not recognizing him as a student.  “Good morning.  Why are you not in your dorms?”
“Forgive me.  My name is Griffin Star.  I was hoping to transfer to Hogwarts. I just arrived in Scotland a couple of days ago.  These are my transcripts from my old school,” he said holding out the folder in his right hand.
Professor McGonagall took the folder and opened it up.  “So you are a third year student then?”
“It says your parents are dead.  How did you get here?”
“A teacher from my old school brought me here and put me into an orphanage before returning to Wisconsin.  I have no living relatives.”
“Do you have any school supplies?”
“No ma’am. As I said I just arrived two days ago and boarded the Hogwarts Express to come here.”
“Well then someone will have to take you to Diagon Alley to get your school supplies and we’ll get you sorted when you come back from your shopping trip.”
“Thank you professor.”
As soon as the professor left Griffin winched as the scar on his wrist began to burn.  It had been doing that since he had arrived in Scotland with his dragons.  “Glacius,” Griffin muttered holding his left hand over his wrist and letting ice form over the scar which began cooling the burn down. Closing his eyes in relief he removed his hand from his wrist.   Having eaten nothing for a few days he made his way to the kitchens. 
“What can Tipsy get for young master?”
“Something that will fill me up.  Also if you can take some meat to my dragons in the Forbidden Forest.  There’s fourteen dragons in the caves.  Give them enough for a week.  Shame to waste all this food when the school doesn’t hold as many people as it used to when it was built.”
“How does young master know about the history of Hogwarts?”
Griffin smiled at that.  “I’m a Dragon Mage Tipsy.  My library has books on all the magical schools in the world.”
Griffin was given a bottle of pumpkin juice and a tray that had two plates full of food on it.   Griffin waved his hand and a chair and table appeared before the fire where he sat down and began to eat.  “Thank you for the food Tipsy.  Have my dragons been fed?”
“House elves were dispatched with food for young mage’s dragons,” Tipsy said. 
Griffin nodded and left the kitchens with another bottle of pumpkin juice in his left hand.  “Glacius,” he muttered and ice formed around the bottle keeping it cool.  Slipping the cold bottle of pumpkin juice into his robes he went outside to where he went to the Black Lake and sat down staring into the water.  “Waveror,” he muttered and a ball of water rose from the lake and hovered over him. Griffin opened his fist and the water fell on him soaking his skin through his robes but he didn’t mind.  Until he was sorted he couldn’t take a shower so this would have to do for now.
“Ah Mr. Star,” Professor McGonagall said having found the thirteen-year-old transfer student sitting by the lake.  “The headmaster would like to see you in his office.  Please follow me.”
The meddling fool Dumbledore who was responsible for driving the line out of Britain.  I’ll leave him to the young master to take care of.
Griffin smoothly rose from where he sat and quickly waved his hand over himself which dried his robes and hair. Inside his head Edoc snarled at the mention of Dumbledore.  Peace partner-of-my-heart.  None of you can come into Hogwarts or it will give me away and I don’t want to lose any of you.
Dragon Mage Griffin you are the last of the line.  We are your servants and friends.  If you fall then the wizards and witches around Britian and indeed the rest of the world will slay us. That is if the academy doesn’t capture us first and…
I know which is why I took you and left.  Try not to think about what was done to us Edoc.  You were only an egg then anyway.
I may have been an egg but don’t forget Dragon Mage that even as eggs we can hear what is going on and what is going on around us. 
“Mr. Star?” Professor McGonagall asked looking at Griffin.  Griffin quickly closed the connection to Edoc and threw up his occulumency shields.  His line had been drive out thirteen years ago when Dumbledore had tried gaining control of the line’s dragons for years so Dumbledore had no idea that Griffin Star was the last surviving Dragon Mage. His great great great great great great great great  great great great great great grandfather had changed his last name from Frostbane to Star to protect his line. “We’re at the Head Master’s office.”
Griffin frowned at the gargoyle.  “Chocolate Frogs,” Professor McGonagall said and the gargoyle sprang aside as they stepped onto the moving stairs that circled around a stone pillar before they stepped onto a landing in front of two heavy oak doors. “Head Master Mr. Star would like to transfer to Hogwarts.  He’s a third year student.”
“Thank you Minerva.  You may go.”
Griffin watched the stern woman leave with a smile on his face.  The woman reminded him of his great grandmother.  Machida Star hadn’t been a woman you wanted to cross either.  “Lemon drop?” Dumbledore asked gesturing at the bowl of yellow candy.
Griffin frowned as he detected the truth serum in them.  There was no way he’d be caught dead taking those. “No thank you headmaster.”
“Take a seat.”
Griffin sat on the edge of his seat not taking his eyes off the Head Master.  “Now I understand you are transferring from Fury Dragon Academy and you are living in an orphanage due to having no living relatives.  Is that correct?”
“Yes sir.”
“May I ask how long you have been in Scotland?”
“I took the Hogwarts Express here yesterday.  I live in a Muggle orphanage in London.”
“What made you decide to transfer to Hogwarts?”
“It’s the best school in the world.  I figure if I want to be a wizard then I have to go to the best school so I can learn from the best witches and wizards of the age.”
“That’s a good reason. Very well I’ll have Professor Sonnet take you to Diagon Alley and then we’ll have you sorted into your house when you come back.”
Griffin nodded and disappeared from the office to wait for Professor Sonnet. The Sonnets were friends with the line as they too loved dragons.  Professor Sonnet taught Ancient Runes.  She appeared surprised to see a Dragon Mage in her presence.  “Young master,” she breathed bowing.
“Hello Helena,” Griffin said smiling at the Professor.  “I’m surprised you recognize me since we haven’t seen each other since I was five.”
“The Sonnets are the servants of the line of Dragon Mages master.  The headmaster said you wanted to transfer here.  Why?”
“It’s best you not know those reasons for now Helena,” Griffin said.  “Have you kept my secrets?”
“Of course master.  The servants of the line know we’ll be fed to the dragons if we dare breathe a word of the line to anyone.”
“How did an eighteen year old become the Professor of Ancient Runes?” 
“Ancient Runes was always my strongest subject master.  I knew if you came to Hogwarts you would need an ally.  Did you bring anyone with you?”
“Fourteen dragons comprising of seven male and seven female.  They’re in the Forbidden Forest where I’ve been living since we arrived here last summer.  Have you been to my home yet?”
“Yes master.  Because the Sonnets have remained loyal we can pass through the wards and charms around your home.  Everything is as it was left during Solar Frostbane’s escape from Britain thirteen years ago.”
“Good. I plan on returning home soon to check on the charms, spells and wards surrounding my home and grounds.  You’re welcome to accompany me if you so wish.”
“Thank you master.”
“It would be wise to refer to me as master in private Helena and I will do the same towards you in private.”
“Of course mas… Mr. Star.”
Griffin smiled at his servant and took her arm as they apparated to Diagon Alley.  “I think I need to get a wand first Helena,” Griffin said. 
“Of course master.  But we should go to your vault first.”
“Are the goblins who serve my line still alive?”
“Yes master.”
“Good then they should recognize a Frostbane when they see one.
“My sword if you please Helena.” 
Helena pulled out the scabbard which contained the Dragon Mage’s sword that had been handcrafted.  The scabbard was midnight blue with a black dragon with purple eyes carved into the scabbard with glittering sapphires and emeralds inlaid around the dragon carving and along both sides of the scabbard.  The sword was made of sterling seal with a ruby set in the pommel and a red dragon with red eyes etched into the sword.  Griffin tied his scabbard to his belt and they walked into Gringotts.  The Frostbanes had two vaults.  One in London and one in Switzerland where their home was.
“Yes?” A goblin asked looking at Griffin and Helena.
“Draco Magus de Hephaestus” Griffin said simply knowing the goblin would understand.  All the goblins turned to stare as Griffin muttered the words.  It had been thirteen years since the goblins had heard those words spoken in London.  The goblin quickly snapped to attention and called for a goblin named Ashflame.  “Take them to Director Ironstone.”
“Please follow me sir and ma’am,” Ashflame said bowing to them.  They followed the goblin through the doors that led to the vaults and then along a series of tunnels to Director Ironstone’s office.    The goblin said something in his language which Griffin smirked at.  “Helena allow me to answer anything he wants to know,” Griffin said.
“Yes master.”
“Young Master it’s a surprise to see you in London after thirteen years,” Director Ironsteel said bowing.
“It’s Master now as William and Amelia Frostbane died three years ago Ironsteel,” Griffin said.  “I’ve come to check on my vault and withdraw money for Hogwarts.  Is my vault secure?”
“Yes Master Frostbane.”
“Nobody has been stealing from it have they?  Because my dragons wouldn’t mind tasting goblin flesh.”
“There was one…” Noticing the Dragon Mage’s hand on the pommel of his sword Ironsteel quickly continued.  “The goblin who stole from your vault was killed!  All the gold he stole has been put back into your account!”
“That shouldn’t be possible unless it was a goblin working for the line,” Griffin said.  “I’ll need to speak to any goblins left alive who serve the line.”
“Of course master.”
Apparently I’m going to have to expend some energy to build up the wards around my vaults. 
Director Ironsteel summoned an elderly goblin who worked for the Frostbane line.  “This is Dragonbreath,” Ironsteel said to Griffin. “Dragonbreath Master Frostbane wants to speak to you about his vault.”
Dragonbreath paled as he looked at the Dragon Mage before him. “Ironsteel here tells me that a member of your family stole some gold from the Frostbane account.”
“Yes master.  My grandson Bloodguard somehow bypassed the wards on your vault and stole 10,000 galleons but I paid it all back.  He has been dealt with.”
Griffin sighed.  “Well at least you were honorable enough to pay back the money and deal with the traitor.  You’re free to go Dragonbreath and thank you for being honest with me.  Now can I have someone take me to my vault?”
“Of course Master Frostbane.”
Griffin and Helena got in a cart and went down to the deeper levels that were guarded by dragons.  Hello Draco of the Frostbanes.
Who are you? The dragon thrust his head forward and Griffin was shocked to see it was blind. 
Dragon Mage Griffin Frostbane. The last of the line elder one.  How did you come to be blind?
Goblin put my eyes out.  Many of my kind who guards the vaults are blinded.  The goblins use clankers to control us.  They inflict punishment on us. 
Will I be able to look into their minds elder?
No Dragon Mage.  They are too wild from being cooped up here. I wish…
What do you wish for my friend?
You probably would think it’s a stupid request but I wish I could be free again. It’s not that I don’t appreciate guarding your vault! I just miss being in the sky.
Griffin quickly sent mental images of his home along with the path from Hogwarts to his home in Switzerland.  My home and grounds are well protected by wards, spells and enchantments.  You are free to go live there until the day you die elder.
Thank you master!
“The dragon that guards my vault is going to be released from its bonds,” Griffin said looking at the goblin who had taken Helena and him to his vault.  The goblin gulped and nodded.  Griffin inspected the wards around his vault and sighed.  He placed his hand on the vault and pulled out a purple glass dragon figurine and pressed it into the stone where it was swallowed up.  He stepped back to watch the gems around the vault light up and the door slid open.  The dragon figurine once more appeared and Griffin placed it in the pocket of his robes.  This dragon figurine and the blood of the line were the only way you could get into the Frostbane account. 
Griffin pulled out an emerald pouch with a black “F” and a red dragon embroidered onto the pouch and put enough money third year term into the pouch before pocketing it and sweeping out of the vault.  Sighing he began chanting in an ancient language known only to his line and the entire vault glowed orange as he strengthened the wards around the vault. The colors around the vault continued changing as the wards were strengthened and new ones were added.  Then a neon green light covered the vault and settled into the vault causing the hidden dragon carving to appear on the stone.  Helena caught her master as he swayed from the depletion of his energy.
Using his water element he froze the chains and then pulling out his sword allowed a blue ball of magic to hover over his sword before slicing through the chains chaining the dragon to his vault.  The dragon hummed and Griffin blasted a hole through the cavern roof so the dragon could go to Frostbane Manor. He’ll be happy there.
Leaving Gringotts they made their way to Ollivanders.  Mr. Ollivander came out of the back of the shop to see Helena and Griffin.  “Professor Sonnet!  Is this a transfer student?”
“Yes.  His name is Griffin Star.”
“Ah Mr. Star!  Here for a wand are you?”
Obviously!  “Yes Mr. Ollivander,” Griffin said. 
Mr. Ollivander pulled a box off of the fifth shelf.  “Here we are.   Unicorn hair, Cherry, 10 ½ inches. Give it a wave.”
Griffin waved the wand but the only thing it did was cause a vase to explode.  Griffin then tried ten more wands before Mr. Ollivander caught sight of the rune on his hand.  “Ah you’re a water elemental!  I haven’t seen an elemental in years!”
Griffin scowled.  Probably because Dumbledore drove my line out of Britain!  “The only elementals I’m aware of are the Frostbane line.”  At Griffin’s raised eyebrows Mr. Ollivander clapped his hands.  Childish.  “Does that mean you’re…”
“Yes,” Griffin sighed.  “I’m Griffin Frostbane, last in the line and a Dragon Mage like my relatives before me.”
“Well you should have said that before!”
“I like to keep my identity a secret Mr. Ollivander since it puts myself and my dragons at risk being back here.”
“Of course.”  Mr. Ollivander went to a back room and came back with a red box.  “This is a water elemental wand and also has a dragon on it.  Hawthorn, Phoenix Feather, 15 inches.”  Griffin took the wand and felt it warm at his touch. 
He put the wand back in the box and Griffin slipped it into the bag.  “Helena your wand if you please,” Griffin said when they had left the shop. 
“What electives are you taking master?”
“Care of Magical Creatures.”
“Of course! All the line loves that class.”
“We’re Dragon Mages Helena. It’s good for us to learn about other creatures as well.  I’m also going to take Ancient Runes,” he said smiling at her.  “Which I expect you to help me with if I’m stuck.”
“Master shouldn’t need any help.”
“You flatter me Helena but I’m thirteen.  I understand your subject is hard.”
“Then why are you taking it master?”
“Because Divination is stupid and I have no interest to take Muggle Studies.”
They continued to get all of Griffin’s supplies.  “I want to make a trip down Knockturn Alley Helena.”
Griffin went down the side alley with Helena following him.  Walking past the buildings Griffin finally stopped.  “Stay here.”  He went inside and blasted open the door to the back room.  “Accio dragon eggs,” he said pointing his wand at the eggs as they floated into a sack he had withdrew from a pocket.  “What are you doing?!”  A man shouted coming down the stairs. 
“You dare to steal dragon eggs from nests and slay dragons?!” Griffin shouted.  “AVADA KEDAVARA!” A jet of green light hit the man and he fell to the floor.  Griffin then went through the rest of the house and found five more dragon eggs upstairs.  He gently placed them in the sack along with the others and cast an invisibility spell on the bag before leaving the home. Turning he shouted “Incendo Flambur!” The house exploded into flames and he grabbed Helena and dragged her back into the crowd to watch it burn.  “Time to go Helena.  Apparate us to the Forbidden Forest.  My dragons can watch over the eggs for now.”
They apparated back to the Forbidden Forest and Griffin called his dragons.  “I have a surprise for everyone,” Griffin said making the sack of dragon eggs visible and gently taking the eggs out of the bag before setting them on the ground. 
DRAGON EGGS!   Fourteen voices sounded in his head, their happiness and shock evident in their voices. 
“Take the unborn back to the cave and guard them well my friends.  Edoc let me know if any of them hatch.”
Of course master and partner-of-our-hearts.  One by one the dragons gently picked up the eggs and flew back towards the caves.  They walked away from the Forbidden Forest and back to the castle.  “Master how is it we could apparate inside Hogwarts?”
“I’m a Dragon Mage Helena.  My magic is impervious to Hogwarts wards.”
They went inside Hogwarts and upstairs to the Head Master’s office.  “Ah I see you’re finally back,” Dumbledore said happily.  Griffin frowned at the man’s cheerfulness.  “Take a seat and the sorting hat will pick your house.”
“Lovely,” Griffin muttered under his breath.  He sat and Dumbledore placed the sorting hat on his head.
Welcome back Dragon Mage Frostbane.  I’m sorry that Dumbledore drove your line out of Britain.
Indeed hat.  Since you can read my thoughts you know my secrets I presume?
Yes but I can’t reveal them to anyone so don’t worry.  Not even the Head Master.
Let’s see here.  You’re cunning, wise, brave and loyal.  Traits from each house.  You also have a secret to keep and I see you’ve become a follower of Ares Riddle.  Thorn Ravens is an interesting and suitable name.  Where to put you?  Any preference?
My master and four followers are in Ravenclaw.  But I could work well from any house I suppose to recruit people.  That’s what Dark Raven wants. 
I can tell you want to get to know Ares more.  So you’re best suited for RAVENCLAW!
Griffin didn’t breathe until he got his course schedule and was allowed to leave the office.  How did the sorting go?
Fine Edoc. I’m in Ravenclaw like the Dark Raven and his four followers. Good night my friend.
Night Griffin.
Helena led him to Ravenclaw tower explaining how to get inside.  The eagle sprang to life when Helena knocked on the door.
What force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do, and many in the streets would stand, were I not as a friend in hand.
“A key.”
Good job Magus.
“Master do you need anything?”
“No Helena.  Thank you for taking me to get my school supplies and allowing me to go save the eggs.”
“You’re welcome.”
Griffin walked into the common where he saw Ares and the others.  “So you got into Ravenclaw?” Ares asked him.
“You’ll find the third year dorm up the stairs to your left.”
“Thanks Ares.”
Griffin went up the stairs on the left until he got to the third year dorms and went in.  Pulling his supplies out he enlarged his trunk and placed his school supplies in it and put his uniforms in the dresser beside his bed. Then he went downstairs to the common room.
“Have you found any more followers?”
“Two girls in Hufflepuff and a couple of people in Slytherin. They’ll be branded tonight. That gives me nine so far.”
“Are you going to try recruiting anyone from Gryffindor?”
“I don’t know yet.  They’re kind of rash and don’t think things through.”
“But they’re brave and you’ll need brave people to follow you,” Griffin said wisely.
“Perhaps you’re right.  My father told me of some room that only the descendants of Slytherin can open. They’re hidden from even Dumbledore,” he said chuckling.  “I want everyone present for the branding of my new followers,” Ares said looking at his five ravens who nodded.
That evening Ares, his five ravens, two badgers and two snakes made their way below the castle.  A serpent was carved into a stone door.  “I Ares Riddle, descendant of Salazar Slytherin, command you to open.”
“Well met heir of Slytherin.  You need not fear anyone entering this part of the castle for only a parslemouth and descendant of Slytherin can open me.”
The door slid into the wall and the eleven students filed inside.  Waving his hand Ares caused the torches to spring into life and they walked down the stone passage until they reached a cavernous room with a long table and chairs in the middle.  A fire sprang into life, the emerald flames flickering merrily in the fireplace.  “Badgers and Snakes you are here because you wish to join Spina Corvos which is Latin for ‘Thorn Ravens’.  Now snakes do you believe in that pureblood bigotry?”
“No,” the two snakes said.  “Our families may believe in that but we accept people no matter their blood.”
“Interesting.  Well I’m glad to have two snakes on my side.  Now do you all swear to follow and obey me on your magic and never betray me on pain of death?”
One by one the ten followers swore the oath that their master wanted.  “Snakes and Badgers hold out your left arms,” Ares said.  “Vinezay,” Ares said touching his new followers left arms and the Deathly Hallows was burned into their skin.  “The spell for this is Elhalsto.  ‘El’ for the Elder wand, ‘Hal’ for hallows, and ‘Sto’ for the Resurrection Stone.  I also plan on getting you all some robes.  They’re blue with a gold border and a black raven on the front along with full facial masks.  We’ll get those from Madam Malkins on Christmas.  I expect you all to tend to your studies and graduate from Hogwarts.  If you try to leave my service or betray me you will die a slow and painful death.  Am I clear?”
“Yes master,” they said in unison.
“I am now known as Dark Raven.  You can call me ‘master’ or ‘My Lord’ in my presence when we’re alone.  Continue trying to get me followers who will be of use to me. Nobody who is weak or a pureblood ass can join me. I won’t deal with such nonsense.  Your parents, the rest of the students and the staff are not to know of Spina Corvos.  If I find out that the name of my followers has been leaked I will kill the ones responsible.
“We will work on dueling and dark magic here.  Nothing that goes on here is to be talked about outside of these chambers.  Elhalsto is only to be used when you kill somebody so that is kind of like father’s death eaters.  Yes I am the son of Voldemort, a parslemouth, fire elemental, Animagus and descendant of Salazar Slytherin,” Dark Raven said in answer to the four new followers’ unspoken questions.  I won’t hesitate to use the unforgivables on anyone who displeases me.  Isn’t that right Dray?”
“Yes My Lord,” Draco said.
“You should know that Orion is a werewolf and Indigo and Hermione are first born witches.  I expect them to be treated with the same respect and courtesy as you would give the rest of your comrades.”
The badgers and snakes nodded.  “Now what are your names? I take it you’re all first years correct?”
“Yes,” a badger said.  “My name is Emily Dogwood.”
“I’m Roger Light,” the second badger said.
“Emerald Collins,” a girl with blond hair and blue eyes said.
“Benjamin Shadow,” the second snake answered.
Dark Raven nodded.  “Go back to the dorms and get some sleep.  Remember do not speak of this to anyone.  Do not call me ‘master’ or ‘My Lord’ except in private amongst yourselves and when we are gathered together.  Hermione you’re in charge of finding an untraceable way for us to communicate with each other.”
“Yes master,” Hermione said.

Dark Raven watched his followers leave and sealed the chamber behind him. He had brought his bag down with his school supplies and a uniform for the next day. He heard their footsteps go back up the stone passageway.  Then he went into a side room he’d found that had a king size four poster bed in it with a black comforter and drapes that he pulled shut around his bed before falling asleep with a smile on his face.  

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