Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moon Secret

Orion shifted nervously on his bed unable to sleep.  He pulled out the lunar chart that he had kept hidden from his friends and his dorm mates glad the curtains were drawn about his bed and he had cast the silencing charm around himself.  He knew very well how his kind were treated by wizards and witches and was lucky he hadn’t been forced into the master/slave bond that happened to many of his kind.  The problem was what if his friends found out about his secret and feared him so much that they stopped being his friends? Or worse what if he was expelled from Hogwarts for what he was?  He fingered the wolf pendant around his neck nervously, checked the lunar chart again to confirm his fate, and slipped it back in its hiding place before crying himself to sleep.
Ares too couldn’t sleep.  He was furious at Dumbledore for wanting to control him.  Fortunately there was no way the Blood Adoption Ritual could become void.  The Blood Adoption Ritual was an ancient ritual and how wizards and witches adopted children in the magical world.  However it had been banned by the Ministry in 1825 along with any other ritual that included the use of blood.  There was nothing dark about the Blood Adoption Ritual or any of the other blood rituals but because they involved the use of blood the Ministry considered them dangerous and therefore illegal. 
He and his father had been worried that Dumbledore would try to control him or even take him away from his father. That was why his father had given him consent to put the old fool in his place and inform them of the Blood Adoption Ritual he had undergone at six years old.  There was no legal way that Dumbledore could change his name back to his birth name or nullify the Blood Adoption Ritual.  His father also had been a step further saying that if anything happened to him he would go into the care of either Lucius or Bella, depending on which one was not in Azkaban at the time of his potential death and then upon his resurrection he’d go back rightfully to his father.
What’s wrong Ares?
I’m worried about father.  I know Dumbledore will try to do something to him in order to try to gain control over me. You know he actually thinks he can turn me over to the light and turn me away from my father?
Dumbledore seems like a stupid man.
He is.  I feel sorry that the light blindly follows him like a mindless bunch of sheep.  If Dumbledore told them to stand there while he threw the killing curse at them I doubt any of them would try to get out of the way.  They don’t seem to think for themselves.
If your father dies who takes care of Nagini?
Good question Iris.
I don’t know Iris.  I know that I will go into either the care of Lucius or Bella if father dies but am not sure what would happen to Nagini. 
Ares and his familiars fell silent and drifted into sleep. Both Shadow and Iris had grown to like Nagini and Tom Riddle.  They knew Ares would be pissed and worried if his father died.  They would protect their master and friend at any cost before they allowed him to be corrupted.  Ares had a hand clutching a hold of fur of Iris and Shadow was curled up on Ares’s chest.
Classes went well until they arrived at DADA.  Ares, Hermione, Draco, Indigo and Orion took their usual seats in the back and waited for Professor Bloomsdale to walk in.  “As you know in first year DADA we talk about werewolf bites,” Orion flinched at the look Professor Bloomsdale gave him, “Curse of the Bogies, the Knockback Jinx, Gnomes, Doxies, Verdimillious, Lumos which is the Wand Lighting Charm, and Snails.  Now what are the two most dangerous dark creatures?”
Orion knew that his kind were one of the dark creatures and vampires were the second but he wasn’t about to raise his hand and offer up that information.  Hermione raised her hand.  “Yes Miss Granger?”
“Vampires and werewolves sir.”
“That’s correct. Ten points to Ravenclaw.  Vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies.  There could even be one of them in this classroom right now and you’d never know it. There could be one eating at the same table as you, going to the same classes as you, or even sleeping the same dorm as you.  Werewolves and vampires simply can’t be trusted.  They would sooner slaughter their supposed friends and family.  They are not worthy of holding wands which is why we have the being division in the Ministry of Magic. They’re both highly dangerous. Now does anyone know what stops a werewolf?”
“Wolfsbane is toxic to werewolves and silver can burn them,” Hermione said.  “Wolfsbane is also known as Monkshood or Aconite.  There is also the Wolfsbane Potion which has to be taken by werewolves for the first three days before, on and after the full moon which allows them to keep their mind when they transform.”
“Correct. Take another ten points to Ravenclaw.  Vampires have bat like wings that curl out of their backs on the full moon. They are most dangerous when they make the transition to become a fully born vampire.  If they do not drink human blood by the first full moon after they are turned they will die within five years. Like werewolves they can be bitten and even have their own offspring.  A female vampire can easily ensnare a male human and use her powers to make the victim come towards her before she tears out his throat with her fangs.  A male vampire has the same effect on a female victim.  Werewolves and vampires are not dangerous to animals however.”
“Sir how does a werewolf hand silver sickles if it burns him or her?” Indigo asked.
“They don’t get the chance to handle money Miss Wildflower.  In 1890 the Werewolf Registration Act was passed by the British Ministry of Magic when the Werewolf Division was created in the Department for Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures.  All werewolves, whether bitten or born, are forced to sign the Werewolf Registration Act and the majority is subject to the master/slave bond.  They cannot even hold a wand without the DRCMC permission and must apply for another permit if they want to continue having a wand. They are trained in one specialty to serve their wizard or witch master and it is impossible for them to gain many places of employment.  It is also legal to use the Cruciatris Curse on a werewolf or vampire as they are beings. Werewolves and vampires have no rights in magical society and that is as it should be.”
“Sir what happens when a werewolf couple has a child?” Hermione asked.
“The child is taken from its parents by the Ministry of Magic and taught its proper place in wizarding society. The parents are then slapped with a heavy fine and can face Azkaban.  It goes into the custody of the Ministry of Magic until it is sold to a master. If that master dies or ends up in Azkaban then the werewolf is then taken into the custody of the Ministry of Magic before being resold. I understand the werewolf transformation is horrible and very painful.  There are three spells that could stop a werewolf. One is the AK curse and two are silver spells invented by the people who work in the Werewolf Division of the DCRMC.  Now let’s see who I can use for my test subject.  Mr. Frost please approach me.”
Orion froze when the Professor’s eyes shined maliciously.  The Professor hadn’t let his eyes waver from Orion. Orion slowly stood up and walked over to stand in front of the professor.  All the staff at Hogwarts knew that he was a werewolf and he knew of the spell the professor was about to perform as it had been performed before on him when he had been taken by the Ministry of Magic for seven months when he was eight years old.  “Silvesco!”  A silver light shot out of his professor’s wand and burned his right hand. Orion bit his lip to keep from screaming as the silver burned his skin.  “Silvmay!” This time silver ropes shot out of his wand wrapping themselves around Orion who toppled to the floor and Orion bit straight through his lip causing blood to start dripping onto his robes and  the floor.  The ropes slashed through Orion’s robes and he struggled not to scream as his skin began to burn.  The bell rang then and Professor Bloomsdale lifted his wand allowing the silver ropes to disappear.  “Orion Frost stay after class.  Homework is to write a three foot long essay on werewolves, the Wolfsbane potion, how to recognize them, and research on the Werewolf Division Department.”
The rest of the class hurried out except for Orion’s friends. Orion tried not to let the pain show on his face. He couldn’t have his first true friends fear him and never talk to him again.  “Mr. Riddle, you and your friends should get on to your next class before you are late.”
“Orion is our friend as well,” Draco said. 
Professor Bloomsdale’s eyes flashed dangerously.  “He’ll be along as soon as I’ve had a word with him. Isn’t that right Mr. Frost?”
Gritting his teeth Orion turned to his friends.  “Professor Bloomsdale is right Draco.  I’ll see you in the next class.  I just have a question.”
Draco  looked at the others and they left but not before glancing back at Orion.  When Indigo shut the door and their footsteps had disappeared down the hall Professor Bloomsdale turned his gaze back to Orion.  “Silencio,” he muttered casting the silencing charm around the classroom.  “So those four think they’re your friends Mr. Frost.  Do they even know what you are or what you can do to them?”
“I haven’t told them what I am.”
“And why is that? Because you know you’re a beast who doesn’t deserve to be in a school for witches and wizards?”
Orion winched and looked at the floor.  He was unable as a werewolf to raise a hand to defend himself against an attack.  “I have no idea what has gotten into Dumbledore when he allows beasts into the castle around proper wizarding children.  None of the other head masters and head mistresses would have allowed such an abomination as yourself into the castle.  CRUCIO!”
Orion screamed as he fell to the floor jerking and withering at Professor Bloomsdale’s feet as the professor towered over him.  Orion howled in pain as the curse only intensified.  “Why your kind and the other creatures are allowed to live I’ll never know. At least Goblins serve a purpose.  Your kind is good for nothing except your skins lining our floors as rugs!  If I ever find out there’s a werewolf attack on any student in Hogwarts I will personally kill you myself before the Werewolf Division can do the job for me.  And don’t get any ideas of running to that dog Fenrir Greyback either. Do I make myself clear beast?”
Orion whimpered and lowered his head in the submissive gesture the Ministry had taught him when before a wizard or witch.  “Good.  Now you don’t want to miss your next class do you? And remember I expect that essay on werewolves by Friday with the others.”
Orion quickly scrambled to his feet, shoved his book and supplies into his bag and hurried out of the classroom.  “Evanesco,” Professor Bloomsdale muttered and the blood on the floor disappeared before he canceled the silencing charm and got prepared for his next class.  Orion meanwhile ran straight back to his dormitory and ran into the bathroom where he threw up.  Orion hated being tortured. His parents never tortured him. They took care of him during his transformations and his mother always had a mug of hot cocoa and helped clean him up and put him to bed after his ordeal.  He washed his mouth out with water in an attempt to get rid of the bile and blood and turned on the water in the tub.  Whimpering in pain as the hot water touched his burns he then relaxed. 
The door pushed open and Iris walked into the bathroom.  She whimpered and wagged her tail tentatively.  How could I forget that a wolf would be able to tell I’m a werewolf?  “Iris do you know what I am?”
Of course.  I guessed what you were when I saw you enter with Ares and Draco and the other two first years. Wolves know all about werewolves and how they are treated. Even Fenrir Greyback doesn’t harm us or allow his dogs to do so either.
“Will you tell them? Will you tell Ares and the others?  I can’t bear to lose the friends I have Iris. They’re the first true friends I’ve ever had since I was turned.   I’m scared if they find out what I am then they’ll tell the whole school, though I wouldn’t put it past Professor Bloomsdale to do that either and then I’ll be kicked out for sure.  I’m happy with my parents but Hogwarts is like a second home to me.  I’m extremely lucky to be here and able to study even though I don’t know what to do with my life after Hogwarts since I won’t be able to get a job anywhere due to what I am.”
No I won’t tell Ares. That is your secret to tell if and when you want too little werewolf.  I cannot see my master forsaking a true friend nor can I see your other friends forsaking you either.
Orion nodded and slipped his head under the water.  The torture curse combined with being burned by two different silver spells had taken its toll on Orion. When he resurfaced Iris was still there looking at him.  “The full moon is in two nights.  If these burns aren’t healed my transformation is going to be even more painful than normal.  Stay here and guard Ares and the others Iris.”
Of course Orion Frost.  Shadow and I will protect our master with our lives.  You should get some sleep though.  Perhaps you should go see Madam Pomfrey.
“Probably should do that.  I just think I’m going to sleep for a little and then go see her.”
Iris turned and then left the bathroom.  Orion stayed in the tub for five more minutes before getting out and changing.  He left the bathroom and pulled the curtains around his bed before once more casting the silencing charm and crying himself to sleep.
Ares and the others were at lunch and worried. Orion hadn’t arrived in any of their other classes and wasn’t at lunch.  “I’m worried about Orion,” Indigo said.  “He hasn’t been in any of our other classes since Professor Bloomsdale told him to stay after class.”
“I wonder why he called on Orion for that demonstration?” Draco asked.
“Orion seemed in pain,” Hermione said thinking back to their DADA class. “I hope he’s okay.”
“We should check on him if he’s not down for dinner,” Ares said.  Ares snapped his fingers and a house elf appeared in front of him. “Please take some food to our friend Orion along with a jug of pumpkin juice.  Also if you could find something for my familiars I’d appreciate it,” Ares said to the house elf.
“Yes Master Riddle.  Flopsy get right on that.”
Orion’s eyes flew open and he let out a snarl as his lips curled back showing his teeth before he realized a house elf was standing before him.  “Master Riddle wanted me to bring you lunch along with food for Master Riddle’s familiars.  Flopsy hopes you like it and if you want anything us just shout and I’ll help,” Flopsy said leaving the tray carrying the meals on the floor.
“Thank you Flopsy.  You won’t tell Ares or the others that I snarled at you will you?”
“No sir.  Do you want me to get Madam Pomfrey?”
“No I’ll go to her after I eat.”
Flopsy nodded and disappeared leaving Orion to pull himself out of bed and sit on the floor.  He levitated the plates containing the raw steak and rats over to Shadow and Iris before pouring himself a goblet of the pumpkin juice and digging into the food before him.  There was a treacle tart, chef’s salad, plum pudding, roast chicken and a baked potato.  When Orion finished he looked at Ares’s familiars.  “I’m going to the hospital wing.  Just tell Ares and Draco I’m ill.  Since the full moon is in two days I probably will be out of classes too.  Can you ask them to take notes for me?”
Certainly young one. 
“Thanks. Ares is really lucky to have you both and Hedwig too.”
Orion got up and left the common room.  He was shaking still from the torture he had endured at the hands of his DADA professor and made his way slowly to the hospital wing on the fourth floor.  Madam Pomfrey saw him and came over.  “Orion are you…” She stopped with a hand to her mouth as she saw the burn on his right hand.  “Come with me.” Madam Pomfrey led Orion to her room and sat him on the bed.  “Orion do you have any more burn marks?”
Orion hung his head and nodded.  Madam Pomfrey quickly went to get some healing salve.  “Orion you’ll need to get undressed for this so I can assess what’s wrong.”  Orion nodded meekly and removed his clothes.  Madam Pomfrey’s eyes flashed with concern and then anger as she stared at the burns and saw how he was shaking.  “What happened and who did this to you?” She recognized the burns from the silver rope spell.  Only a werewolf would be burned from the silver spells. 
“Professor Bloomsdale used me as a demonstration for Silvesco and Silvmay when he was talking about werewolves and vampires.  Our homework is a three foot essay about werewolves due on Friday. Then he ordered me to stay after class and used the Cruciatris Curse on me and saying I should never have been allowed at Hogwarts and that all werewolves deserve to be killed.  I just went back to my dorm room and went to sleep.  I’m sorry I didn’t go to class.  I was just…”
“It’s perfectly fine that you didn’t go to class and I can understand why you didn’t.  Professor Bloomsdale shouldn’t have fired those silver shots at you knowing you’re a werewolf. He had no right to torture you after class either.”
“Ma’am you know werewolves don’t have any rights. It was within his right to punish me like…”
“Mr. Frost I do not agree with werewolves having no rights.  Once before I treated a werewolf at Hogwarts.  A man named Remus Lupin who was the cub of Fenrir Greyback.  I take it you haven’t told your friends about your condition?”
“No. I don’t want to lose the only friends I’ve ever had.”
“If they are your friends they will accept you.  Remus also thought his friends wouldn’t accept him and they did.  But it is your secret to keep or tell if you wish and I won’t force you to do something you aren’t comfortable with.  Now an hour before sunset in two days I’ll take you to the place where you’ll be staying during your transformation.  Then I’ll come collect you in the morning and take you back to the castle. For now you’ll remain here for the next two days.”
“Thank you but why are you doing this for me?”
“Because it is my job as nurse at Hogwarts to take care of all my sick patients and I know your parents were worried about sending you off to Hogwarts if someone wasn’t here to take care of you while at Hogwarts.  Now did you get anything to eat?”
“Ares got a house elf to give me some food.”
“That’s nice of him.  Mr. Riddle sounds like a good friend.”
“They all are.  I’m just worried about if they find out that I’m a werewolf.”
“Well try not to let it trouble you and get some sleep.  I’ll give you a Sleeping Dreamless Potion.”
Orion nodded and sighed in relief as the salve Madam Pomfrey had put on him while they were talking began to sooth the burns on his back.  He downed the potion and lay back on the bed before his eyes fluttered shut.  Madam Pomfrey took the remaining salve back to her cabinet and quietly to sit in the main part of the ward leaving the injured werewolf cub to sleep.
Ares and his friends didn’t see Orion at dinner either.  They went up to their common room and trooped up to the boy’s dormitory.  Where is Orion?
He’s ill and went to see Madam Pomfrey.  He asked you take to take notes for him in the classes as he won’t be able to attend classes for two days.
Indigo looked around the dorm. It was exactly like the girls dorm.  Spotting a piece of paper on the floor she walked over before picking it up.  “What’s Orion doing with a lunar chart?”
“A lunar chart?” Hermione asked running over with Draco and Ares following behind her.  They arrived at Indigo’s side and she passed the lunar chart around the circle of friends.  Every full moon for the month was circled in red ink. 
“Why would Professor Bloomsdale go into a topic about dark creatures when we shouldn’t even be learning about them until third year?” Indigo asked. “And did you notice how he never took his eyes off Orion when he was talking about dark creatures?”
“Almost as if Professor Bloomsdale knows something about Orion that we don’t,” Draco mused.
“I noticed his hand was burned,” Ares said to his friends.  “Silver shouldn’t be burn humans.”
“The lunar chart says that a full moon is in two days,” Hermione said looking up at Ares, Draco and Indigo.  “You don’t think that Orion…”
“How else could he have been injured Hermione if he wasn’t a werewolf?  It probably explains the lesson today as well and why Professor Bloomsdale was being an ass to Orion during DADA.”
“Why wouldn’t he tell us he was a werewolf?”
“Werewolves are treated and seen as beasts by the Ministry of Magic and the wizarding world Hermione,” Draco said.  “They have no rights in wizarding society. Neither do any other creatures.  They’re forced to register on the Werewolf Registration Act with the Werewolf Division of the DRCMC. Do you know what the Werewolf Capture unit is for?”
“They maintain the Werewolf Registry and are sent out to capture any werewolf deemed a threat. They will not hesitate to use the Unforgivables and silver spells in order to capture the werewolf. If it doesn’t go with them they’ll kill it.  They can’t allow people to be bitten by a werewolf. That’s partly why Fenrir and his dogs are so angry at wizards and witches because we treat them horribly.  I bet you don’t know of the master/slave bond either. It’s a bond that the Ministry forced on the tenth generation of werewolves in existence.  A community of werewolves was slaughtered by some pure blood families.  When the other werewolves heard that a community had been killed they retaliated and protested what had been done to this community and retaliated.  The Ministry decided they had to take action and instigated the master/slave bond.  It allows all werewolves to be sold to a wizard or witch master, makes the Cruciatris Curse legal to cast on them as punishment. Their magic is restricted by their master and they have to get a permit from the Ministry of Magic and their master’s permission to have the wand.  If the owner dies or gets sent to Azkaban then the werewolf is taken into the custody of the Ministry and is sold to another master. ”
“How do you know about this?”
“Ares and I were taught this by Ares’s father.”
“Who is your father Are?” Hermione asked.
“My father is Voldemort. His real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. He was a student here at Hogwarts fifty years ago and is the direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin.”
Indigo and Hermione were shocked at this.  “Your father is the Dark Lord?” Indigo asked her voice shaking.
“Yes and there’s really nothing to be afraid of about my father.  My father is not the one that the wizarding world should be afraid of and watching out for.”
“But Ares doesn’t your father hate muggles?”
“I will tell you something only Draco knows.  I was born Harry James Potter, son of James Potter and Lily Evans. I’m a half-blood like my father and my biological mother.” There was a gasp from Hermione and Indigo at this revelation.  “Dumbledore invented a fake prophecy in order to take down my father.  This prophecy could have referred to one of two boys born as July 1980 ended-Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter.  My father believed the prophecy and came to Godric’s Hollow where he killed my parents and attempted to kill me but it was a decision he didn’t want to do. As any leader knows showing weakness means you will be overthrown and my father threw the killing cure at me.  I had a lightning bolt scar on my forehead. Dumbledore had Hagrid take me from my home and drop me off at my relatives who abused me for six years and starved me. I lived in a cupboard under the stairs for six years of my life, was beaten, starved, used as a punching bag for my cousin Dudley, and treated like a house elf!  Not once in those six years did Dumbledore come to check up on me.  It was my father who found out the prophecy was a fake after Draco’s father here investigated and it was my father who came to save me from that hell hole.  He had his healers treat me and they even managed to remove the scar from my forehead, something that Dumbledore didn’t bother to do.  I chose to do the Blood Adoption Ritual and legally became Ares Salazar Riddle, son of Tom Marvolo Riddle.  I am also a parslemouth like my father. When my father attempted to kill me I inherited some of his powers.  I have never been happier than when I was legally blood adopted by my father.”
“We need to focus on Orion here not on Ares,” Draco said looking at Indigo and Hermione.  The two girls nodded.  “I wouldn’t be surprised if Orion didn’t tell us he was a werewolf was because he was afraid we would turn against him.”
“That’s preposterous!” Hermione immediately shouted and Indigo nodded her agreement.  “Friends stick together!  We just found out that Ares is the son of Voldemort and was born Harry James Potter.  If we can accept him then we can surely stay friends with a werewolf who is probably scared and alone right now.  But what can we do to help him? Werewolves are a danger to humans.”
“They’re only a danger to humans during the full moon Hermione,” Ares said.  “They aren’t however a danger to animals.”
“What are you saying?”
“I’m saying we should learn to become Animagi and then we can help Orion and provide him company during his transformations.”
“But the Animagus spell isn’t learned until third year!”
“Hermione the four of us are the brightest witches and wizards in our year and we’re not in Ravenclaw for nothing. Surely we should be able to read up on and complete our Animagi transformations with sheer will and determination in order to help our friend.”
“Does anyone else have any secrets?” Hermione asked.
“My father is a Death Eater and serves Ares’s father,” Draco said looking embarrassed.  “A lot of the Slytherins are the children of Death Eaters.”
“Draco your father being a Death Eater has no bearing on who you are.”
“Lots of people think already treat the Malfoy name with contempt.  It was Ares who got my father not to disown me if I got into Ravenclaw.  See all my family has been in Slytherin.  I wanted to be in whatever house Ares was in.  Ares told my father he was a fool for wanting to disown his only heir and child over something as stupid as Hogwarts Houses. My family may spout pureblood beliefs but that doesn’t mean I believe them. Being friend with Ares has made me see that pureblood is no better than half-blood or Muggles.”
“Well then they’re just fools,” Hermione said and placed a comforting hand on Draco’s shoulder. Draco looked surprised at the act and smiled.  “Thanks Hermione. Glad to know I have four friends who don’t see me as my father.  So should we go confront Orion?”
“No,” Ares said.  “Since he’s a werewolf we’ll leave him alone until after the full moon runs its course.  Let’s get started on that stupid essay for Professor Bloomsdale and our other homework so we can start researching how to become Animagi.”
The next two days were hell for Orion.  He whimpered in pain as the wolf in his head began to emerge and pester him.  The wolf was always present in his mind but got really active when it approached the full moon.  It was finally sunset of the full moon and Madam Pomfrey gave him an orange and a glass of milk to eat which he ate after thanking her.  Then Madam Pomfrey threw a cloak over his shoulders and hurried him out of the castle and across the grounds to the Whomping Willow.  She prodded the knot between the roots with a stick and the tree froze before a hole opened up to reveal a tunnel. 
They hurried along the tunnel and came to a trap door that opened up into the Shrieking Shack.  On the second floor they found a bedroom with an empty fireplace, a chair against one wall and a bed against the other with a blanket on it.  “Orion this is where you’ll be for your transformation. This house and tunnel were built for Remus and will be yours as well for your seven years at Hogwarts.  Now let’s get you changed and you can lie under the blanket until the full moon rises.  I have to go now but I’ll see you tomorrow when it’s safe.”
Orion nodded and changed out of his clothes before climbing into the bed and pulling the blanket over him.  Madam Pomfrey took one last look at him before slipping out of the room and hurrying back along the tunnel to the safety of Hogwarts.  Orion cast the tempus charm and watched the time tick down with fear in his eyes.  As night finally arrived Orion got out of bed not wanting to ruin the blanket that had been keeping him warm.  The wolf in his head sensed that it was time and began pacing at the front of his mind.  Orion whimpered as his bones began to break and black fur sprouted all over his body.  He let out a mournful howl at the transformation and felt his hands and feet change into paws, his muzzle began to lengthen and his tail sprouted out behind him. The wolf in his brain threw back its head and howled before the werewolf began pacing the room. The wolf in his head wanted out of this house and in a forest or meadow running beneath the moon and stars.  It hated being trapped like this.
The werewolf had completely destroyed the chair in the room and there were gouge marks in the walls and floor.  Madam Pomfrey came into the room and looked at the bleeding and exhausted student before her.  Carefully she picked up Orion and carried him to the bed where he whimpered as he was set down on the mattress.  “Come on get dressed Orion and I’ll take you back up to the castle where I’ll order some house elves to get you breakfast and you can rest.”
Orion let out another whimper as he carefully pulled his pajamas on.  His ribs had cracked from the transformation back into his human form.  Madam Pomfrey gently took his shaking hands from the cloak fastening and fastened it before helping him back to the castle where she laid him on a bed in the main ward of the hospital wing and ordered a house elf to bring him something to eat.  After lunch Ares, Draco, Indigo and Hermione appeared and hurried over to Orion.  “So Orion how was your night?” Ares asked looking at the shaking werewolf.
“What are you talking about?”
“We figured out you’re a werewolf,” Draco said quietly. “Why didn’t you tell us?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
“We figured it out from the burn mark on your hand. Between the essay Professor Bloomsdale assigned us and the lunar chart we found by your bed we know you’re a werewolf,” Hermione said.
Orion paled at that revelation.  He felt tears falling onto the blanket.  “How did you find my lunar chart?”
“It was on the floor by your bed. We were worried when we didn’t see you at lunch or dinner so after dinner went back to the common room to look for you.  We went up to the boys dorm and you weren’t there.  After finding your lunar chart and discussing the facts of the day we came to the realization that you’re a werewolf.  Orion we’re your friends and won’t abandon you,” Ares said.
“Did you learn nothing of how wizards and witches treat my kind from Professor Bloomsdale’s essay? You should be afraid of me and yet you’re standing here with concern on your faces acting as if I’m your friend.”
“We are your friends Orion and we’ll help you no matter what.”
“You can’t help me when I’m transformed.  I’ll be a danger to you. I could bite you or another human. I’m just a cub and not powerful enough to fight off another werewolf or a vampire if I was to come across one and you were with me.”
“Are there other werewolves here?”
“No I would have sensed them.  I’m the only werewolf here at Hogwarts.  It’s best you pretend I didn’t exist and forget about me.”
“How can we forget about you when you are in our dorm?” Draco asked Orion.  “Like Ares said we’re your friends and will help you.  In fact Ares already has a plan of how to help you.”
“We’re going to become Animagi.”
Orion looked at them all in confusion.  “What are Animagi?”
“Wizards and witches who can transform into animals,” Hermione said.  “It’s not taught until third year but we’re willing to do it for you. Plus it could be useful in other ways as well.”
“How so?”
“We could go play in the Forbidden Forest or explore Hogsmeade at night.”
The wolf in his head woke from his slumber and perked his ears as he heard the Forbidden Forest being mentioned.  It whined at the mention of being able to run and not be confined in that house.  Freedom.
I know that some werewolves have access to a meadow or forest under the Fidelius Charm and makes it easier for their transformations. I wouldn’t mind running free as well.  Better than to be locked in that house.
“I don’t get why you aren’t afraid of me. Do you know the type of life for me if I get expelled from Hogwarts?  I could get you in trouble as well for becoming illegal Animagi since I don’t see you registering with the Ministry of Magic.”
“We don’t care about the Ministry of Magic and the law,” Ares said. “We care about helping a friend and that is what we intend to do .  You don’t have to worry about losing us Orion Frost and you don’t have to worry about being lonely anymore.”
Orion looked at them and they could all see the hope in his eyes at the thought that they wouldn’t leave him to his fate alone and that they’d still be his friends despite him being a werewolf.  Perhaps coming to Hogwarts was a good thing after all if I can have true friends like these who accept me for what I am and don’t run away from me.

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