Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lion and Snake Heir

Ares slipped away the next morning to go to Diagon Alley so he could visit Gringotts without the Weasleys following him.  He apparated to the Leaky Cauldron and then walked to the back of the pub and tapped the correct brick on the wall that hid Diagon Alley.  Making his way to Gringotts Ares was surprised to see Taylor in front of Quality Quidditch Supplies.
“Ares!” Taylor shouted quickly looking around before bowing.  “My Lord what are you doing here?”
“I might ask you the same thing Taylor.”  He looked behind Ares and saw the Nimbus 2001 sitting in the storefront window.  “Are you going to try out for your team?”
“I hope to try out for chaser,” Taylor said. “But I need a broom as I don’t have one.  However it looks like the Nimbus 2001 is out of my price range.”
Ares looked at the price of the broom.  “I have more than enough money in my vault.  I’ll buy it for you.  Think of it as your birthday gift.”
“Thank you my Lord,” Taylor said.  Ares nodded and walked into the store with Taylor following.  Ares went to where the Nimbus 2001s were stored and looked at Taylor.  “Will you be able to keep up with your studies and attend to your other duty in addition to playing Qudditch if you are given a spot on your house team?”
“I’ll do my best Ares.”
Ares nodded.  “I’ll hold you to your word Taylor.”  Ares grabbed the broom and walked up to the counter.  He pulled out a sack of money he kept on him and paid for the broom before handing it to Taylor.  “Do you best and don’t throw a fit if you don’t make your house team,” Ares said.  “There’s always next year if you don’t get on the team.”
Taylor nodded and watched his master make his way to Gringotts.  Ares nodded to the goblins and walked through the two sets of double doors into the wizard bank.  He made his way up to a teller and spoke.  “Hello Master Goblin.  I would like to speak to someone about my account.”
“Do you have a key sir?”
Ares pulled out his vault key to the Riddle Vault and slid it across the counter. The goblin examined it and nodded.  “Very well.   Sharptooth!”
A young goblin appeared.  “Please take Mr. Riddle to Director Ironsteel.”
Sharptooth took Ares through a side door into the tunnels. They turned left and walked through two tunnels before reaching a door that said ‘Director Ironsteel.’  Sharptooth knocked on the door and Ares went in.  “Mr. Riddle what a pleasure to see you again.”
“May gold always flow in the nation and may your enemies fall at your feet,” Ares said bowing his head to the aged goblin in front of him as he spoke the traditional greeting.
“And may the rivers run with your enemies blood young warrior,” Director Ironsteel said.  “Now what can I do for you?”
“I would like to know if I still have access to the Potter Vaults since I was born a Potter. I’m also interested in knowing if the Potters were heirs to Slytherin. I recently found out that there were some Parslemouths in the Potter family.”
“The Potters are direct descendants of Slytherin and Gryffindor.”
“How can they be descendants of two founders?”
“The Evans line came from Salazar and the Potters came from Gryffindor.  Your mother’s mother was a squib as were many of your ancestors on your mother’s side.  Salazar had two children.  A son named Rial and a daughter named Emma.  Rial went on to found the Riddle line and Emma went on to found the Evans line.  Rial married a woman named Doris Gaunt.  Their daughter married Augustus Riddle and that is how the Riddle line was formed.  Salazar’s great grandson, Godric Slytherin married Maria Potter, Godric’s great granddaughter, and that is how the Potter line inherited Parslemouths.  Godric Slytherin took the name Godric Slytherin-Potter when he married Maria.
“Your parents had a will that said if for some reason you were blood and magic adopted you would have access to the Potter vaults until you turned thirteen. Then the vaults would close forever.  As a descendant of Gryffindor you have access to his vault as well.  You also have access to the Riddle Vault and Slytherin vault.  However your father claimed the Riddle vault when he was sixteen so I recommend creating your own vault and we can transfer the Potter money into that vault.”
“Okay then let’s set up a new vault for me and transfer all the Potter money and artifacts into my new vault.  I would also like to request a dragon to guard my vault and have it blood sealed as well as any protection and wards you have to offer.  Just take the money out of the Riddle Vault.”
“Very well.  I will have a key made.”  Director Ironsteel called for a key to be made along with a new vault to be set up.  “What name do you want your vault to be under Mr. Riddle?
“Raven,” Ares replied.
Director Ironsteel made a note on a piece of parchment and it vanished.  A few minutes later a key appeared with the parchment with the number of Ares’s new vault on it.  “Your vault number is 1045.  The money and artifacts in the Potter vault are being transferred to your new vault as we speak.  I can also have some money from the Riddle, Gryffindor and Slytherin vaults transferred there as well if you like.”
“That would be great thank you,” Ares said.  “About 10,000 galleons, fifty silver sickles each and twenty bronze nuts each should be fine.”
Director Ironsteel made another note on the parchment and it vanished.  “Very well. What vaults would you like to see today?”
“Slytherin’s vault for now.”
Director Ironsteel called Griphook to take Ares to Slytherin’s vault.  They traveled deep underground and as they went the temperature got colder the farther down they went.  Finally the stopped and Ares got out.  He looked up and saw a dragon looking down at him as it clung to the stone wall above the vault. “Cut your hand and let the blood drip on the emerald in the center of the stone. If you are the heir of Slytherin you will be allowed entry. If not the dragon will attack.”
“What is the dragon here for?”
“It has guarded Lord Slytherin’s vault for centuries.”
Ares cut open his hand and pressed his bloody palm against the emerald which glowed red.  The snake outline surrounding the emerald came to life with his blood and it lifted its head to peer at Ares.  Who is it that disturbs my slumber?
I am Ares Salazar Riddle, heir to Gryffindor and Slytherin noble snake.  I seek passage into my vault.
The snake stared into Ares’s eyes and then sank back into the stone.  Enter snake speaker and descendant of my master.
Ares and Griphook entered Salazar’s vault and Ares looked around. There were potion books, books on the dark arts, rare potion ingredients, potion equipment, an emerald encrusted sword which Ares took along with an emerald green scabbard that had “S.S.” engraved on the scabbard with a silver serpent engraved on it.  Ares also found a diary belonging to Salazar along with an emerald amulet with a snake engraved in the emerald on a silver chain.  He hung the amulet around his neck, belted the sword to his waist and shrank the diary before putting it in his pocket.  He also pulled out a ruby and emerald dagger and tied it next to his right hip before nodding to Griphook and leaving the vault.
“I’ll appreciate it if you not tell anyone about this Griphook,” Ares said.
“Not to worry Mr. Riddle.  I won’t tell a soul.”
Ares nodded and then left Diagon Alley before Apparating back to the Burrow.  He walked through the wards surrounding the home and upstairs to his room.  How was your trip to Gringotts Ares?
It went fine.  I bought one of my followers a Nimbus 2001 for his birthday since he plans as trying out for his house team as a chaser this year.  This sword and knife were in Salazar’s vault.  The sword is engraved with Salazar’s initials.  I’m not sure about the dagger though.  I transferred all the Potter money, artifacts and books into my vault along with some money from Salazar’s, Godric’s and Riddle’s vaults and got a new vault made. The Potter vaults are no more.
What is the book for?
The book appears to be Salazar’s diary and there was also this amulet in Salazar’s vault as well.  I’m going to look at the diary later. For now I’m going to cast wards over my sword and dagger and a charm to make them both invisible as well as a charm that only I and my heirs can take them off.
You have the diary of the snake speaker?  That’s wonderful. I would like to hear about Lord Snake tongue.
Of course Shadow.  I’ll read it so we can all learn about Salazar.  I’m interested in his life myself. 
Ares cast some spells over the sword and dagger and pulled the diary out of his pocket. He opened it to the front page and began reading.
September 1, 993 9PM:
After many years of planning with my three friends we are getting our first batch of students tonight.  My home has been protected with anti-muggle wards and many other spells and wards designed to protect the school and keep it and the students safe from muggles who would wish to see us all killed.  It is very hard being a wizard or witch in these times for we are feared for our magic.  Caretaker Hankerton Humble has been cleaning the entire castle along with the house elves to get it ready for the incoming first years.  It appears we have a poltergeist at Hogwarts.  I wasn’t aware of a poltergeist being in my home but I haven’t been here in ten years.  Perhaps he was somehow created when I allowed my home to become our school. 
The students have finally arrived at Hogwarts.  I can hear them in the Entrance Hall as they wait to be sorted into their houses.  I am the head of Slytherin House, Godric is the head of Gryffindor, Rowena is the head of Ravenclaw and Helga is the head of Hufflepuff.  Our house symbols are a snake, lion, badger and eagle.  Well it’s time for the sorting to begin so I’ll continue this later.
September 1, 993 10PM
We each have four students this year.  Two boys and two girls each.  I’m glad that father isn’t here to challenge the law I made allowing young witches to go to school.  We hope to have more students next year. As the prince of Scotland I grew up seeing girls as maids and servants while boys went to school.  Helga and Rowena wanted to learn magic but there were no schools for girls aside from basic spells that would help with cleaning a home and cooking.  Girls were supposed to only concern themselves with marriage and raising children while the men went out to work.  It made me sad but I could do nothing as my father was still the king and didn’t believe girls should be allowed to seek an education.
I saw how Helga and Rowena looked at my library whenever they came over with their parents. Because they were girls they weren’t allowed in the library without a male.  I wanted to help them so I began training them in secret. If anyone else had dared do what I did they would have been killed but because I am the prince and father’s only heir my people could do nothing to me. I fought for many years for girls to get an education like boys and was secretly glad when father died when I was fifteen so I could begin making plans with Godric, Rowena and Helga to form a school where young wizards and witches could attend school to learn magic.
I think our students were shocked to see how young we are.  Godric and I are best friends as we were born mere weeks apart from each other.  Rowena is sixteen, Godric and I are fifteen and Helga is fourteen. Helga is already a master apprentice in healing.  Godric is going to teach hand to hand combat, basics of weapon wielding and transfiguration to the younger students.  To the older students he is going to teach Animagus training and weapon crafting.  The two of us are going to teach dueling and Muggle fighting tactics, including swordsmanship and other weapon wielding tactics.  Rowena is going to teach Arithmancy, History of Magic, Charms, and Ancient Runes to students of all ages in addition to teaching warding, spell crafting and charms to those who wish to take masteries.  Helga is going to teach Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology to everyone, Divination to the gifted students, and provides healing courses with me for those who wish to do their masteries.  She also plans on helping Rowena teach spell crafting and charms.  I plan on teaching Potions to everyone along with Dark Arts.  For the older students I also will be teaching Occlumency, Legillimency, defensive magic, dueling magical spells and their tactics.  Along with Godric I will be teaching dueling and muggle fighting tactics including swordsmanship and other weapon wielding tactics along with Helga teach healing.  For those students who I get who my direct descendants I plan on teaching them private lessons in how to read, write and speak Parsletongue.  Well I think I will retire for the evening.  It’s getting late and there’s a big day tomorrow for all of us.
Just as Ares was about to close the diary he saw a note written in Salazar’s handwriting.  If you are reading this note then that means you are my descendant and a parslemouth like all my heirs.  The amulet around your neck will take you to Avalon where you will be able to speak the four founders of Hogwarts.  Please come to Avalon as soon as you discover this note so that we may speak to you.  To get to Avalon say these words: ‘Land of the dead and shadow hear my call.  Break down the barrier that protects your ancient land so that the child of night may enter.  Child of the night and descendant of the snake and lion calls for passage to speak to the four who can help it save thy mortal world.’
As Ares finished reading the words the amulet glowed.  Iris lunged at Ares and placed her paws on them and Shadow quickly slithered around Ares’s left arm. White flames erupted and the raven and his two familiars vanished from the Burrow.  Only one person saw them leave and shook his head.  “The lion snake has returned home.  May he find the peace he has been looking for and the happiness he never had.”

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