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Christmas dawned bright and early.  Dark Raven woke up after a restful night in his chambers.  He’d been sleeping there a lot lately after meetings. He was pleased that his badgers had caught three more badgers and his snakes had caught four more who didn’t believe in the pureblood bullshit.  Of course the ten he originally got were his inner circle. 
Ares you need to relax this Christmas, Shadow said to the wizard who was lying on his bed staring up at the ceiling.  Shadow had grown to five feet since Ares had first found him and made him his second familiar.  Master does too much.
I’m Dark Raven.  Dumbledore, the pureblood idiots in Slytherin, and the Weasleys are going to pay for what they have put me through.
Master what did the Slytherins do to you?
They don’t respect creatures’ rights and treat Muggles and first generation witches and wizards like scum.  It isn’t the first generation witches and wizards fault that they know nothing of wizarding culture and customs. There are no books in the Hogwarts library or in Flourish and Blotts as far as I’m aware.
It is true that that is perhaps the reason the first born witches and wizards don’t know anything about our culture. How can they if nobody will teach them?  I think that is something also that master needs to fix when he’s ready.
I plan on doing a lot of things Shadow but I need to graduate and gain more knowledge of spells and more followers.  My first thing is trying to figure out a way to resurrect father. There has to be some type of potion that will resurrect the dead.
Iris lay on the end of the bed sleeping.  “I should myself a girlfriend who hopefully will become my wife and the mother of my children.  Assuming I can find a pretty girl who is loyal to me and doesn’t mind being married to the dark prince of the Death Eaters and the Dark Raven.  I won’t be marrying anyone from Slytherin or Gryffindor.  Slytherins are too bigoted and Gryffindors are too rash for their own good.  That leaves me with Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw though there may be some good girls in Slytherin.  I’ll have to see.”
Dark Raven sat up, his bracelet shimmering in the light of his bedroom.  In addition to his meeting room and bedroom he also had a large bathroom, a storage space where he could stash stuff he wanted hidden, and a dueling area where his followers would practice the dark arts and anything else he thought they should know. 
“We need to go to Diagon Alley,” Dark Raven said.  “My followers need robes made for them.  Since they’re staying for Christmas I need to figure out how to get to Diagon Alley.”
What about getting their measurements and having them sent by Owl Post to Madam Malkins?
But then I would have to obivliate Madam Malkin and I can’t do that from in here.  Perhaps it is time to exercise my authority as the Dark Prince over my father’s Death Eaters. But in truth I don’t want them to know my plans either.
“Suppose I should get up to go to class not that I feel like it.”
Skip the day master.
“I wish.”  Dark Raven got up and stripped off his clothes as he headed to the bathroom.  Turning on the various faucets he let the tub fill up while he pulled out a toothbrush and toothpaste that he kept in the bathroom of his chambers and brushed his teeth.  Walking up the three steps to his bathtub he relaxed in the hot green water.  Fifteen minutes later he heard his wards go off that someone was trying to get into his chambers.  I’m going to torture the fool who is bothering me.
Yes master?
Go check on the entrance. 
Dark Raven rose in one fluid motion and summoned a towel which he quickly dried himself off with before walking to his room to change into some muggle clothing and a clean robe.  “Accio wand,” he said and his wand instantly zoomed to his hand from where he’d left it on his bedside table.  Iris jumped to the floor and walked beside her master up through the stone passage.  Opening the door his frosted eyes glared at the two Gryffindors standing there looking at him speechless.  Crucio!
One of the Gryffindors fell screaming to the floor as Dark Raven watched in amusement at the child.  He turned his wand on the other child who quickly prostrated before him.  “We want to join!”
He sighed and turned back into the passage that led to his chambers.  “Come on and don’t just stand there fools!”
The two Gryffindors quickly hurried in after him and the door slid shut allowing his wards to once more activate.  “CRUCIO!”
The child he hadn’t cursed fell to the stone passage screaming in pain as he kept the curse on the child.  “Who sent you?” Dark Raven hissed as Iris and Shadow stared at the two lion cubs wondering if they’d be allowed to eat them.
“Indigo Wildflower,” the boy said.
Shadow and Iris I’m sure you’re both hungry.
It’s hard to hunt here when Dumbledore protects the bigot children.  Can I eat Severus?
He’s spying on my father for Dumbledore. But he may have some use to me so leave him for now.
The children whimpered at the hissing between Ares and the snake.  The wolf bared its fangs at them making them shiver.  “What do two lions want with Spina Corvos?”
“Ron Weasley is being a brat.  He’s acting like the king of the first years and keeps saying things about you needing to defeat the Dark Lord and how you shouldn’t be trusted.”
“Well he’s right about I shouldn’t be trusted,” Dark Raven said smiling. “That’s not a good enough reason to want to seek me out though.  Secondly father and I know the truth that only Dumbledore knows.”
“What is that?”
“Why would I tell two lions about what I know when I’m not even sure what they can do for me?  Lions are Dumbledore’s little ‘pets’ and he allows them to get away with everything and lets them control the school like they have been doing for the pasty fifty years. Slytherins are considered evil by Dumbledore and the lions. He is the one who encourages the hatred between the snakes and lions, something I will not allow if you join me.  Meanwhile Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are utterly pushed to the side.”
“That’s partly we sought you out,” the female lion cub said.
“Do tell.”
“You know a lot more about Hogwarts then most can even dream of.  You recognize how unfair it is for one house to be allowed to side while the other three should be pushed aside because the current headmaster’s is a former lion.  Most of the lions think they’re better than everyone else because Dumbledore lets them get away from punishment.  We want to help change that.”
Impressive.  I never would have thought that a couple of lion cubs would want to break from Dumbledore’s control.
“How did you find out about my organization?”
“We overheard Indigo talking about it with Hermione.  So we approached them and asked…”
“Legilimens!” Dark Raven said and forced his way into the first year male lion’s mind.
Hermione and Indigo were sitting on a bench in fifth floor corridor talking to themselves about their latest meeting with the Dark Raven. 
“Hermione, does it bother you that master has been spending a lot of time in his chambers?”
“Our Lord has a lot to plan while trying to recruit followers in secret and figuring out a way to keep Dumbledore from manipulating him anymore than he has already tried. I’m surprised master hasn’t killed the fool.  Though he is only eleven, master has proven to have far more cunning, wisdom and mastered more spells than the average first year.  Before I came to Hogwarts I was raised to respect authority and that teachers were always right. But since joining Spina Corvos and being at Hogwarts, I’ve seen how Dumbledore favors his lions over the rest of the houses.  If master wants to stay in his chambers then that is his right and it’s not our right to question our master Nocturne.”
“That’s true.  Should we try to recruit some lions?”
“I don’t see how we could.  The lions are too favored and too closely watched by Dumbledore.  How could we be sure that the lions we recruited wouldn’t turn spy on master and turn us over to Dumbledore.  He’d probably throw master and the rest of us in Azkaban.”
There was a crash and they suddenly fell silent.  The two raven females stood and drew their wands.  “Who’s there?” Hermione asked.  “Come out from where you’re hiding.”
Two other first years came out, dressed in red and gold robes.  “It… it isn’t right,” the boy stammered looking fearfully at the two ravens.
“What isn’t right and how much did you hear?” Indigo growled.
“Everything.  It isn’t right that the lions can get away with everything and think they own the school.”
“If we can be of any service to your master we want to join,” the girl said nodding.
“Master does need more followers,” Hermione muttered to Indigo.
“But how do we know we can trust them?”
“Draco said master knows Legilimency…”
Indigo sighed and gave them directions to their master’s chamber.  The two lions thank them and the memory ended.  Dark Raven pulled himself gently out of the lion’s mind and sighed.  “Apparently I’m going to need to punish those two.  Lions are brave and rash.  How do I know that you will obey me?”
“I, Celesta Jade Rockwood, swear on my magic and life never to betray Dark Raven known as Ares Salazar Riddle,” the girl said.
“I, Taylor Oliver Moor, swear on my magic and life to never betray Dark Raven known as Ares Salazar Riddle,” the boy said.
An orange light twirled around the children’s hands and then turned silver as the vow finished.  “Hold out your left arms,” Dark Raven ordered and the lions obeyed without question.  “Vinezay,” he said touching his wand to both the lions.  “The spell for this his Elhalsto. My other Thorn Ravens will inform you of your obligations.  Did anyone follow you here?”
“No master,” Taylor said.  “We know how to be careful.”
“Don’t get cocky.  You can never be too careful.  I won’t be in my classes today so go and inform my five ravens, two badgers and two snakes that I want a meeting with everyone here later tonight.”
“Yes master,” the two lions said and scurried back into the passage as the door slid shut behind them.  Dark Raven shook his head at their quick obedience. He had flipped through Taylor’s mind when he had been watching the memory and knew they could be trusted. Otherwise they would have been fed to Shadow and Iris. 
“Still need to punish Hermione and Indigo though for their disobedience even if they did gain me a couple lions.”
That night Dark Raven sat at the head of the table in his meeting room with his sixteen followers. One snake, two badgers, another lion and a raven had joined; the snake, one badger and the raven being second years while the second badger and lion were also first years.  Dark Raven was pleased with the progress rate at gaining followers.  Hermione and Indigo had been punished in front of the rest so they could see what would happen if they went against their master’s orders and he had ordered his followers to torture them as well so the screams had gone on for a while. His new followers had been branded and explained the rules of Spina Corvos. 
“I’m pleased with the recruitment so far of followers to my organization.  Hold off on the recruitments for now though.  I don’t want to risk the staff and Dumbledore finding out about us. Hermione and Indigo I take it you have thoroughly learned your lesson about talking about me and my organization in public without putting up the Notice-Me-Not spell and casting silencio?”
 “Yes master,” Hermione and Indigo said. 
“Good. Now for my new Thorn Ravens,” Dark Raven said looking at the new faces, “we will be learning occulumency, Animagus transformations, the dark arts, practice dueling, and potion making.  I expect you all to get along and not try killing each other like has happened with past Dark Lords.  You are to tell NOBODY about Spina Corvos or you’ll be fed to Shadow and Iris here.
“I will not allow for my male followers to rape the female followers or women.  You will be killed if you so much as even think of that.  You will also not harm children.  Children being those who do not fight in this war.  Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes master,” everyone chorused.
“Good.  Now I called you all here today to get robes and masks for everyone so we’ll be making a trip to Diagon Alley.  I believe Hermione has good news.” Dark Raven gestured for Hermione to speak.
“Thank you My Lord.  I have come up with a way for us to communicate,” she said holding up a vintage brass glass raven pendant of a raven sitting on a branch with a crescent moon behind it on a 24” inch chain.  “It will feel warm and glow emerald when there’s a meeting being held.”
She handed out the necklaces to the followers.  “I have made other ones just in case we get more recruits.”
“Good Hermione.  Keep them safe and on you at all times.”
“They are water resistant but not water proof so you have to take them off when taking a bath or in water,” Hermione added. 
Dark Raven nodded at Hermione’s idea.  “Now I’ve been thinking for a while that I should get robes for everyone including myself.  I already know the design they will have on them and the color.  We’ll need to leave for Diagon Alley tonight to get them made.”
Dark Raven went over to his fireplace and lifted a pouch off the mantel.  “Inside this is floo powder.  I have it connected to the Leaky Cauldron where we will enter Diagon Alley to get our robes.”
“Master won’t that raise suspicion?” Benjamin asked.
“Salazar himself put a spell on this fireplace so that it can’t be traced back to him and his descendants.  Not even the ‘leader of the light’ can break this spell for Salazar invented it himself.  If Tom tries to stop us we’ll just kill him after receiving our robes.  I left last night to get our masks,” he said chucking the sixteen masks to his followers before putting his own on.  “For those of you who have never traveled by floo powder go with someone who has. Keep your limbs inside the fire place and speak clearly or else you’ll end up coming out of the wrong fireplace and I will not waste my time looking for lost followers.”
“Diagon Alley!” Benjamin shouted holding onto Emerald.
Dark Raven watched his followers disappear and then he put the small pouch in a pocket of his robes before stepping into the fire place. With the words spoken he vanished in a swirl of green flames.  Dark Raven stepped out of the fireplace inside the Leaky Cauldron and drew his hood up.  His followers followed his example and doing a quick head count was pleased to see they had all made it.  They strode out of the back of the pub and Dark Raven touched the sequence of bricks to get into Diagon Alley.  Silently the Spina Corvos strode down the street with Dark Raven in front. Everyone had their wands out ready to protect their master. 
The shops were all closed.  Dark Raven had removed the tracers on all their wands so there was no way for the Ministry to pick up their magic.  They walked into Madam Malkins.  “Griffin and Taylor watch the door.  If anyone comes kill them.”
Griffin and Taylor nodded.  “Find Madam Malkin,” Dark Raven said to his second year followers. They instantly obeyed and went into the back of the store.  They brought Madam Malkin downstairs with their wands pointed at her.  “Who are you?”
“We request some special robes.  Blue robes with a gold border on them and a black raven on the front.”
“You’re just children.  What do you need special robes for? And what are you all doing out of Hogwarts?  Perhaps I should get a teacher or Dumble…”
“Obliviate!” Dark Raven shouted pointing his wand at the woman.  “Memory charm,” Dark Raven explained to some of the questioning glances.  “Imperio!  This is the first unforgivable curse.  It’s used to control someone.  The second is the Cruciatris Curse, also known as the torture curse that you practiced on Hermione and Indigo earlier tonight. The third is the Advada Kedavara curse and this is the most dangerous as it ends someone’s life.  None of these curses will work unless you mean it.  To use any of these three spells is to get a life sentence in Azkaban if you’re caught by the Ministry.”
They watched the woman measure each member of Spina Corvos and make the robes which took several hours.  Finally they each had their robes.  They slipped them on and Dark Raven looked at Spina Corvos with a smile on his face. The robes suited them perfectly.  “Avada Kedavara!” Dark Raven shouted while pointing his wand at Madam Malkin.  They left the shop quickly and Benjamin shouted “Elhalsto!”  The Deathly Hallows hovered over Madam Malkin’s shop and they made their way back to Hogwarts without further incident. 
“Hide your robes well.  You’re to wear them at meetings and when killing people out,” Dark Raven said.  “I’ll teach you how to cast the Disillusionment Charm over yourselves so you’ll be able to get around unseen.  If you manage to do it properly you’ll be invisible.  Get back to your dorms safely.”
He watched his students leave and put the pouch of floo powder back on the mantel before closing the flood network.  He stripped off his own robes and placed them in his bedroom where he fell on the bed with a sigh. “Well we got our robes and didn’t have any issues except with Madam Malkin. The Daily Prophet will get a nice surprise tomorrow when she’s found dead,” Ares said laughing. 
The next morning the Great Hall was silent when they got the Daily Prophet.
Madam Malkin Found Dead!
By James Boondock
Madam Malkin, dressmaker and owner of Madam Malkin’s in Diagon Alley, was found dead early this morning.  The Deathly Hallows was found above the shop.  Is this the work of Death Eaters or is it a new group of terrorists that are on the loose?  Or is this a new group of Death Eaters who split off from the main group after He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named died?  As readers are aware Albus Dumbldore, former transfiguration teacher and current headmaster of Hogwarts killed He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to rescue young Harry James Potter from his clutches.  Madam Malkin was responsible for making Hogwarts robes for students.  She is spoken of by friends and neighbors as really loving her job and a caring person who wouldn’t harm a soul.  Citizens of Wizarding Britain can only hope that this is not some new threat to the world.  The Ministry will be investigating.
Ares inwardly chuckled as he looked at his six ravens.  It was Christmas morning and not many people were in Hogwarts.  All of Spina Corvos were at Hogwarts for the holidays so they all sat together at one table.  Ares had to admit that the Great Hall was beautiful at this time of year. The ceiling was enchanted to look like the sky outside and right now snowflakes were gently falling around them.  There were wizarding crackers that had prizes inside them when they exploded.  All sorts of delicious food were on the table as well. 
Everyone was silent in the Great Hall at the news.  Then whispers started breaking out around the table among the students.  They went outside as the teachers went into the staff room to discuss what this meant. “Nice surprise isn’t it?” Ares said lazily as he relaxed against an English Oak by the Black Lake with some of his followers throwing snowballs at each other and others lounging around with him. They carried their wands everywhere at Ares’s insistence.  “I suppose you want presents?”  Ares snapped his fingers and a pile of presents appeared in the snow before them.  “Your names are on them.”
Ares picked up a present with no name on it.  He had presents from his father’s followers, his followers and now this strange present.  Tearing off the Christmas wrapping he found a note which he quickly scanned and then frowned.  Who the hell is Nicholas Flamel?  

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