Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blood Stone

Ares woke up to Charon and Hedwig at the window. He opened it and they flew in and perched on his bedside table.  “Hello you two.  How are you liking Hogwarts? Sorry I haven’t been to see you in months.  I’ve been busy planning.”
Hedwig gave a soft hoot and nipped his finger affectingly while Charon let out a squawk.  Both birds seemed to sigh as Ares began stroking their chests.  “I need you both to send letters for me.  Hedwig take this letter to Lucius. It will tell him to check the wards around my home.  Charon take this letter to Gringotts.  It will tell the Goblins to make sure that Dumbledore can’t get his fingers into my father’s vault.”
He tied the two letters to his birds and they flew for their destinations.  “Tulip!”
“Young Master!” Tulip said crying and bowing in front of Ares.  “We house elves is sorry that Master Riddle died and we couldn’t protect young master from being taken from home.  Master Riddle ordered us to go to basement and stay there until danger had passed.”
“It’s alright Tulip I’m not mad at you or the other house elves.”
“Thank you young master! Young Master Riddle is very kind and noble wizard like his father.”
“Father always said to treat house elves nicely because their magic is something we cannot understand and it is not our fault that they are forced into enslavement.”
 Lucius Malfoy looked up as he heard a tapping at the window.  He saw that the owl was from his Prince and hurried over to open the window before detaching the letter from Hedwig’s leg.  She sat there peering at him through her amber eyes as Lucius pulled out the letter and read it:
I want you to go to my home and check the wards around Riddle Manor.  I also order you to check on the Riddle House Elves and see how they are faring with the absence of my father and myself. Send a reply back with my owl when you have done as I asked.  Inform my father’s followers that it was Dumbledore who killed father and took me from my home as well as banishing Nagini.
Prince Ares
Lucius quickly apparated to the outside of Riddle Manor and began the process of checking the various wards around the home.  Nodding as he found that they were still intact even with the death of his Lord and the forced removal of his Prince he called for a house elf.
“Yes Lord Malfoy,” a house elf with blue eyes said bowing.
“Young Master Riddle wishes to know how the Riddle House Elves are faring.”
“We elves are sorry that our master died and young master was taken from us. We hope that Master and Young Master can return home one day and get revenge on those who harmed them.  Good day Lord Malfoy,” the house elf said before disapparting back inside Riddle Manor.
Dark Raven lay on his bed in his room with Draco and Orion sitting on the floor.  He looked up and waved his hand at the window as both Charon and Hedwig flew in.  Pulling off both letters he smiled to himself.  “It appears the wards around my home are still working and intact.  Congratulate your father for me Draco.”
“Yes My Lord,” Draco said with a nod. 
“What of the letter from Charon master?”
“The Gringotts goblins have given me access to father’s vault in the death of father and are more than happy to keep Dumbledore out of my vault. The Riddles are after all a highly respected family. Or at least father and I are and they will not want to risk my wrath or father’s when I figure out how to return him to power.  Now I plan on retrieving that Sorcerer’s Stone except I’m unaware of all the traps set in place to guard the stone other than the Mirror of Erisid.  Your job will be to find out these traps so I can figure out what needs to be done in order to take the stone for myself.”
Draco and Orion nodded and left their master to his own devices.  Skywing appeared and together the Animagus and his birds flew out of Ravenclaw tower to enjoy a nice day of flying. Skywing was happy that he got to stretch his wings.  Claw had arrived back at Hogwarts a few days ago much to the delight of Claw’s second pack.
The following week Dark Raven’s inner circle had all the information they needed on the traps lay out by Dumbledore and the light to protect the stone.  “Claw is it a full moon tonight?”
“No master.”
“Good. Claw, Dusk, Nocturne, Nomad, and Cloud come with me to the chambers so I can remove that stone.”
“Yes My Lord,” his friends said.
“The five of you don’t need to call me ‘my lord,” Ares said after some thought.  “You’re my friends and would never betray me.”
Bullshit, Edoc said in Griffin’s mind.  Griffin smiled at his dragon’s comment. 
My dragons come first as dragon mage but while I may leave Dark Raven I won’t betray him providing he doesn’t harm my dragons.
If you say so Griffin.
That night they made their way down to the third floor.  Griffin pulled out his dragon flute and put it to his lips.  The music put the Cerberus to sleep and they dropped into the underground chambers.  “Incendio!” Draco shouted causing the plant to catch on fire as they dropped to the ground below.  They made their way into a room that had a bunch of flying keys.  Hermione went over to the door and examined it.  “We’re looking for seven keys: a blue one, red one, green one, black one, silver one, yellow, and bronze.”
Claw stayed on the ground as none of his pack liked flying and put the keys as they were caught into the locks while the others got the keys. The next room had a troll in it.  “REDUCTO!” Six spells hit the troll causing it to explode.  After quick waves of their wands to clean themselves of the blood they disappeared into another room that held McGonagall’s chess set.  “I don’t have time for this,” Ares hissed and sent a dark curse at the two white pieces guarding the door before they dashed through.  Griffin held out his hand and a jet of water hit the fire. There was a sizzle as the fire died out and they dashed through to find themselves finally in front of the Mirror of Erisid.
“Stone of power and forged from death hear my plea.  Color of blood come to me. Stone of blood, death and screams serve my will and you’ll be free.”  Ares watched as his reflection took out the sorcerer’s stone and then put it back in his pocket. At that point Ares felt a lump drop into his pocket and smiling pulled out the stone.  “Bombarda,” he said lazily waving his wand at the mirror that exploded. 
“We’re leaving now,” Ares commanded and his inner circle instantly put their wands away before they made their way back to Ravenclaw tower. 
I am around long before dawn.  But by lunch I am usually gone. You can see me summer, fall, and spring.  I like to get on everything.  But when winter winds start to blow; Burr, then it's time for me to go!  What am I?
“The dew,” Griffin said.
Very good dragon mage.
“Ares what are you going to do this summer?” Griffin asked.
“Dumbledore will probably stick me back with the Weasleys in an attempt to ‘convert me’.  That will never happen.  He just wastes his time attempting that but he won’t give up sadly.”
“Couldn’t you just kill him?”
“I may know plenty of dark spells but I’m only a first year student. There’s no way I would be able to take him down on my own Indigo.”
“What of the stone Ares?” Draco asked. “You won’t be able to experiment on it at the Weasleys.”
“Yes I know that Draco.  I suppose I’ll have to keep it locked in my trunk but I wouldn’t put it past those fools to go riffling through my trunk so I’ll just keep it locked in my chambers at Hogwarts under a few shields that I invented during my time in my chambers this year.  I’ll do that tomorrow before we leave for the Hogwarts Express.”
The next morning Ares left the common room and made his way to his chambers. Open, he hissed.  Stepping into the passage the torches lit up and made his way to his chambers.  Passing into his storage room he grabbed his robe and mask and carried them to a small niche in the wall.  Placing his stone, robe and mask in it he quickly set to work activating the shields to cover his three most important objects.  The third shield would only open when he hissed Ares Salazar Riddle, son of Tom Marvolo Riddle, heir to Slytherin requests you to lower the shield, the second shield layered on top of that would only open when he hissed Dark Raven, and the first shield would dissolve when he let his blood touch it.  He left his chambers and made his way back to the Great Hall for breakfast where he would meet up with his friends. 
Ares internally groaned as he turned and saw Dumbledore making his way toward shim.  Only Dumbledore, and the Weasels would use that name with him.  “Can I talk to you for a minute?”
“What is it headmaster?” Ares asked struggling not to curse the bastard for everything that had been done to him so far.
“Harry you’ll be going with Ron and the rest of the Weasleys to spend the summer with them.  You’ll also go there on your Christmas and Easter breaks.  We can’t have you being picked up by death eaters or returning to the Dark Lord’s house.”
Ares silently counted to ten while inside he was seething in rage at not being allowed home.  “Fine but I want you tell that bitch not to lock my familiars up in a cage like she did last year.”
“Now Ares I’m sure she is doing it for your own good.  In fact I think I’d best get rid of that snake of yours since we can’t have a light wizard talking to dark creatures.”
Bombarda! Dumbledore was blasted off his feet and sent into the hall.  “I’ll be sure to remember that headmaster.  Have a nice year,” Ares said as Iris followed her bonded into the Great Hall.  Ares noticed some of his followers smirking at their master’s actions towards Dumbledore.  “Do not attract attention to yourselves this summer.  If you’re in danger then there’s a house I bought in Sweden.  I will have to key you into the wards but you’ll be safe there and I’ll deal with your parents later. Pass the message onto the rest of Thorn Raven,” Ares hissed under his breath.
“Yes master,” Roger said. They followed Ares and Iris into the Great Hall and split up to their tables.  Ares saw Benjamin activate the raven pendant and send the message to all of his followers. 
“What happened Ares?” Hermione asked.
“I sent Dumbledore into the stairs in the Entrance Hall,” Ares said to laughter from his friends.  “He was pissing me off and as I suspected said I would be going to the Weasleys this summer.  Then he tried saying that Iris, Hedwig, Charon and Shadow being locked up was a good thing for me and tried taking Shadow from me.  I can’t wait until I get father back.”

End of Year 1

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