Friday, August 9, 2013

Blood Adoption

Nagini slithered alongside Voldemort as he swept through the halls on his way to his meeting room where he knew the Muggles and his death eaters were waiting. Tom finally get a hatchling.  About time I get a nephew.
Nagini don’t pester me right now. I’m in too much of a foul mood after what those Muggles did to Harry. 
Dumbledore deserves to pay for hurting the hatchling. 
He will Nagini. I’ll make sure that meddling bastard pays for hurting Harry. 
Voldemort swept down the hall with Barty Jr. following in his wake before stopping at the door.  Nasty humans! I don’t understand how the hatchling could live with that stink. 
Yes they’re cruel and they will pay for what they did to Harry. Do you want to come in and watch?
No thanks. I’ll go check on the hatchling.
Suit yourself Nagini.
As Nagini slithered away she hissed to herself I hope Tom doesn’t make me clean up that mess.  She made her way to Tom’s room and raised her head to look at the sleeping hatchling and the wolf.  Hello wolf.  Tom says that you bonded with the hatchling?
Iris raised her head and looked at the snake.  Yes I did.  Who might you be?
Nagini.  I’m Tom’s familiar.  What’s your name?
Welcome to Riddle Manor Iris.  May I come up on the bed?
As long as you promise not to attack my master then yes.
Don’t worry. I won’t hurt hatchling.  I’m glad Tom rescued him. It’s about time I got to be an aunt.  And now I get a sister too.
Nagini slithered up on the bed and curled around her nephew hatchling.  The boy stirred and placed an arm on her body before settling back down. The healers finished tending to the boy and left the room quietly so as not to disturb the three sleepers.
Voldemort swept into his meeting room and went to sit on his throne glaring at the three Dursleys who had been gagged and were still bound with ropes lying on the floor with Death Eaters surrounding them. Lucius’s hand was gripping his cane tightly and Narcissa put her hand on her husband’s arm trying to control his anger.  Barty Jr. was shaking and had his wand out.  His magic was cracking around him and the other death eaters stood far away from him.  Some of the death eaters had tears in their eyes at the thought of what these Muggles had done to a magical child.
Voldemort waved his hand and a couple of death eaters dragged Vernon in front of their master’s throne while the others kept their wands on Petunia and Dudley who were cowering together.  Dudley was trying to hide behind his mother.  “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley you are being tried for harming a magical child.  This is a serious breach of our laws and is not taken lightly.  You have committed the worst sin a muggle can make on a magical child.  You beat and starved him. You locked him in a cupboard, told him nothing of his heritage or his parents, and attempted to take away his magic.”  He looked at his Death Eaters.  “What do you think should be done to them?”
“Skin him alive!”
“Burn him at the stake!”
“Cruciatris curse!”
“Feed them to Fenrir and his dogs!”
“Sever them limb from limb!”
“Cut him up and douse him in lemon juice!” Peter Pettigrew shouted. 
Voldemort rolled his eyes at Peter’s suggestion.  He pulled out his wand and pointed it at Vernon. Nodding to the death eaters who were holding Vernon they pulled out the gag from his mouth.  “Time to pay for what you have done to the boy.  Crucio!”
Vernon screamed as the Death Eaters laughed at the fat walrus withering on the ground.  They continued cheering their master on as they watched the spectacle.  The Muggles deserved everything their master gave them as punishment for hurting a magical child.  Voldemort’s rage and anger fueled the case prolonging the pain that Vernon was experiencing. He screamed until he couldn’t anymore and lay there on the floor whimpering.  “Accio tongue,” he said lazily and the walrus’s tongue ripped out of Vernon’s mouth.  Blood poured from his mouth and down his throat as he died.
Turning to Dudley he raised a hand and the Death Eaters who had been holding Vernon grabbed Dudley and dragged him forward.  “Accio gag.  Tell me why did you treat your cousin like an animal?”
“He’s a freak.”
“You think beating up on the poor boy is okay?  What did he ever do to be beat up and used as a punching bag by a spoiled brat?  I don’t condone killing children but you obviously don’t deserve to live.  Avada Kedvara!” The jet of green light burst from Voldemort’s wand and hit the boy between the eyes killing him instantly.  He repeated the same with Petunia.  “Clean this mess up and get these filthy things out of my sight.”
He got up and left the room leaving his house elves to clean up the blood on the stone floor before returning to his room.  One of his healers hurried to him. “Lord Voldemort the boy has been healed including the scars on his wrists from his attempted suicide.  I’m afraid we can do nothing about the scar the boy received on his first birthday but it appears to be fading.”
“Fading? How is that possible?”
“We aren’t sure master but it is.”
He nodded.  “Thank you April.  You and the other healers can go.”
April bowed before the Dark Lord and left.  Tom walked into his room and stared sadly at the sleeping boy.  Nagini how is he?
Sleeping comfortably Tom.  He didn’t even wake when I slid up into the bed.  The hatchling looks better than when you brought him here. Where are the Muggles?
Dead.  They won’t be hurting Harry again.  I had my Death Eaters take care of their bodies.
Good. Didn’t fancy cleaning up after you.
A house elf with violet eyes appeared.  “Yes Master Riddle?”
“Can you get my ceremonial robes and some robes for Harry here? I want do to the do Blood Adoption Ritual as soon as possible.”
“Of course Master Riddle.”
“Thank you Twinkie.”
Twinkie bowed and disappeared.  Tom sighed and dropped down into the chair across from Harry watching him sleep.  What did April mean by the scar I gave him is fading? That shouldn’t be possible with curse scars.  Tom got up and walked over to brush the locks of hair away from the boy’s face and looked at the scar.  It was starting to fade.  Interesting. Perhaps there is something in my library about this. Though I didn’t think this was possible.
Twinkie came back with Tom’s ceremonial robe and a ceremonial robe for Harry. She laid them on a spare chair. “Master Riddle need anything else?”
“No Twinkie. That will be all for now.”
Harry woke up shortly after Twinkie brought the ceremonial robes into Tom’s room.  “Where am I? Who are you?” Harry asked the man in front of him.
“Hello Harry. My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle.  I’m also known as Voldemort or the Dark Lord to many in the magical world.  I rescued you from your relatives and brought you and your wolf friend here to my home to live. The snake is Nagini.”
Hello hatchling.  Pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you too. Are you Nagini?
Yes.  What’s your name?
Harry. Harry Potter.
“Did I just talk to that snake?”
Tom laughed and the laugh was warm.  “Yes. You have the gift of Parsletongue. Parsletongue is ‘snake language’.  Do you know anything of your parents Harry?”
“No.  Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia wouldn’t tell me anything about them and I was forbidden from asking questions.  I do know that Aunt Petunia is my mother’s sister.”
“Your parents were James Potter and Lily Evans. They were in Hogwarts together and got married shortly after graduating before having you July 31st 1980.  You look like your father but have your mother’s eyes.  Killing curse eyes to be precise.  Your father was a wizard and your mother was a muggle-born witch making you a half-blood. I am also a half-blood.”
“What’s a muggle?”
“A muggle Harry is a person with no magical talent and a squib is a person with no magical talent born to magical parents.”
“Why are you called the Dark Lord sir?”
“Call me Tom Harry.  As for why I am called the Dark Lord… well that has to do with I practice the Dark Arts as do my death eaters. You see there are two sides to the war.  There is the light side, that’s the side your parents were on, and then there is the dark side which is my side.  A man named Albus Dumbledore spread a lot of lies about me to the wizarding community and now the Ministry of Magic wants my head because they believe I hate Muggles, Muggle born witches and wizards and squibs. I admit that I don’t like squibs but I don’t mind Muggles and Muggle born witches and wizards. I just believe and many of my followers agree with me that the wizarding world and the muggle world should be kept separate from each other.”
“Well if Muggles knew of our existence they’d try to kill us like they did in the past. They also would try to get us to do everything for them to make their lives easier. We would never be at peace. That’s why our world and the Muggle world should be separate for everyone’s well-being, both magical and muggle alike.”
“How can I talk to snakes?”
“Well that’s my fault really.  You see I found out about a prophecy that spoke of one of two boys born as July died who would defeat me.  I went to your house and killed your parents and tried to kill you as well but I can see you’re still alive for which I’m thankful for. I have recently found out that the prophecy is a fake created by Albus Dumbledore and I regret my actions that night and I don’t imagine you can understand this or forgive me.  But I would like to say that I am truly sorry Harry for what I put you through and the death of your parents. When I attempted to kill you it appears I unintentionally gave you some of my powers, one them being a parslemouth.”
“What’s going to happen to me? Where are my relatives?”
“They’re dead.  Harming a magical child is a horrible crime and the ultimate sin one can make in the wizarding world Harry.  They won’t be able to hurt you anymore. I was waiting for you to wake up so I could do the Blood Adoption Ritual making you my son.”
Harry nodded silently. He could see the tears in Tom’s eyes when he talked about being regretful for his actions towards his parents and Harry forgave him.  He was also glad that his relatives were dead and didn’t feel any loss towards losing them for he knew they had hated him as they often made clear.  This man, Tom, had rescued him from that type of environment and he was grateful.
“What’s the Blood Adoption Ritual?”
“It’s what wizards and witches use to adopt an orphan magical child.  Do you see the smaller of the two robes on the chair?”
Harry looked and nodded.  “Put that on and if you would like to become my son we’ll do the ritual. This will make you legally my adopted son and heir.  It will also allow me to protect you from that meddling old fool Dumbledore.” The name Dumbledore was said with disgust.
“Did Dumbledore have something to do with my parents’ deaths?”
“I believe so Harry. You’ll want to watch out for him at Hogwarts when you go.”
“I can actually go to Hogwarts?”
Tom smiled fondly.  “Yes when you’re eleven you should get an acceptance letter.  It’s the finest magical school for witches and wizards in the UK.”
“I don’t know anything about my parents. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to feel sorry for their deaths.  Does that mean I’m horrible?”
“No it doesn’t Harry.  It’s my fault and Dumbledore’s as well for you not knowing anything about your parents.  If I hadn’t listened the prophecy and gone to Godric’s Hollow that night,” here his voice cracked and it took a while for him to compose himself before he could continue, “then you’d still be raised with your parents.  If Dumbledore was the kind of man he pretends to be then he would never have had that seer create a fake prophecy.  I’m not sure what his plans are Harry but as I said before watch yourself. Dumbledore will try to use you to get what he wants.”
Tom got up, picked up the ceremonial robe from the chair and went into his bathroom to change.  Harry sat there thinking and gently stroking Iris.  What do you think about Tom and this place Iris?
Tom did a good thing by rescuing you and he seems to deeply regret his actions that led to your parents’ deaths and you being placed with muggles who abused you.  I say trust him Harry.
Harry nodded and pulled on his own ceremonial robe over his muggle clothes.  Tom came out then and nodded to Harry to follow him.  They walked through the halls and into a stone room with an altar covered in a green altar cloth that had a silver snake embroidered on it.  Tom waved his hand and green flames sprang into life in the torches.  On the altar were two goblets filled with a potion of some sort and a knife with a snake etched into the blade.
“Harry stand over on the other side of the altar in front of me please.”
Harry did as he was told.  “Now Harry the Blood Adoption Ritual is different from an adoption done in the regular world for it involves the transfer of blood from the adoptive parent and the adoptee.  I’m going to have to make a cut on your hand which I’ll heal afterwards of course and you’ll need to let your blood drop into the cup until it is one-third full.  I will also have to do the same.  Then we’ll each have to drink from the other’s goblet,” Harry frowned at that, “and I’ll chant some words in an ancient language and then we’ll be legally blood father and blood son.”
Harry nodded though he had to admit that drinking Tom’s blood was something he would get used to.    Tom swiftly drew the knife across Harry’s hand and motioned to the silver goblet with emeralds. Then he did the same with his hand and let it pour into the second silver goblet inlaid with sapphires.  “After I say the ancient words you’ll need to drink the contents in my goblet until it is empty.”
Harry again nodded and watched as Tom handed him his own goblet while picking up Harry’s before downing it in one gulp.  He chanted in an ancient language and the potion with his blood let out a green smoke before settling.  “Okay Harry.”
Harry tipped the goblet back and hurriedly drank it.  A parchment appeared in the air with the words “Tom Marvolo Riddle-blood father to one Ares Salazar Riddle-blood son.”
“I hope you don’t mind me changing your name to Ares.  It’s what I would have named my own son had my love been alive today.”
Ares nodded. He knew from reading a children’s book about Greek Mythology that Ares had been the Greek God of War.  “That parchment has legally recorded both the Blood Adoption Ritual and the legal change of your name. You are now my heir.”
Ares’s appearance had changed through the blood adoption. He still had his killing curse eyes but they now had flecks of ice blue in them making them appear frosted.  His hair had lengthened to his shoulders and was silky black with auburn streaks throughout.  He appeared to have grown a couple of inches taller and Tom was surprised to see that the curse scar he’d given him had completely vanished. 
“Come my little snake and let’s go show you to my followers.”
“Of course father.”

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