Friday, July 5, 2013

Warrior's Past

“Fiver, Shingetsu-rah wants to speak to you,” Walnut said. 
Fiver got up from is burrow and ordered Ochiba to stay in the burrow while he went to see Shingetsu.  He wasn’t sure what his master wanted.  They hadn’t talked for a while.  Hoping he wasn’t in trouble he followed Walnut to his master’s burrow. 
“Shingetsu-rah you wished to speak to me?” Fiver asked bowing low before his master.
“Yes I did Greystorm. You have been awakened from a long slumber but I take it you know nothing of your past or why you were reawaken.  Am I correct in my assumption?”
“Yes my Lord,” Greystorm said.
Shingetsu nodded at Greystorm’s confirmation.  “Then your memories are blocked.”
“Why my Lord?”
“That I don’t know the answer to.  No doubt the mother and father have blocked them.  Though I’m going to probably suffer for this it is important that you know who you are Greystorm,” Shingetsu replied with a sigh.  “Follow me and call your servant.”
“Greystorm you have the ability to summon your servant here with your mind.  It is the mother and father said; once blood bonded a servant cannot disobey their master.”
Greystorm nodded.  Ochiba!
Come to Shingetsu-rah’s burrow.
Yes mas…master, Ochiba sighed in defeat and a few minutes later was standing at the entrance to the burrow cowering on the ground.
“Enter,” Shingetsu said. 
Ochiba crept into the burrow and stood a bit behind Greystorm.  “Ochiba how much do you know of your master?” Shingetsu asked the buck.
“I confess I don’t know a lot Shingetsu-rah.  The mother and father kept his past life secret from me.”
“That’s not surprising. The mother and father think they can do whatever they want and there has been nobody to challenge them since the world was created.”
“Why would they block my memories?”
“Because you can destroy them and by doing so you will take over Ether.”
As they were speaking Shingetsu led the two other rabbits out of his burrow and away from Inle Warren into the coldness of the Shadow Land.  “Greystorm you were a warrior.  You still are a warrior but your memories of your past were blocked,” Shingetsu said as he led them down the path the four seers had taken long ago to the meadow at the foot of the mountain. 
“Greystorm you used to live in a warren called Bright Star.  That warren was destroyed a long time ago.  You come from a long line of warriors and seers.  You were a true warrior and were a captain in the Bright Star Owsla.  Unlike many other warrens Bright Star valued seers and did not turn them away like so many warrens today.   Only you have the power to destroy the mother and father.  By destroying the mother and father you will not only save me a life of torture at their paws but you’ll also take over Ether and reside there permanently.”
“Does that mean I would die?”
“In a way yes and in a way no.  Yes when you defeat the mother and father you would die but you would also have eternal life in Ether. You would be reborn and become the new father of all rabbits.  Your servant, Ochiba here, would also go with you to serve you in Ether just as he serves you in the Shadow Land and on the mortal plane.”
“Can’t you, Shingetsu-rah, take over Ether?”
“No and even if I could I wouldn’t want to. My duty is to Inle Warren and collecting the souls of the dead.  You have died once before already.  When you die again it will be your second and last time you die.”
“Can I close Ether?”
Shingetsu looked surprised.  “Why would you close Ether?  Did you not like it there?”
“I think it nice how it is warmer than the Shadow Land”, Shingetsu laughed at that comment and nodded, “and there’s no elil to harm us but I wouldn’t fancy being there by myself with only Ochiba to talk to.  Shingetsu how did I die?”
Shingetsu sighed and shook his head sadly.  “Surrounding you Greystorm is a prophecy.  The prophecy is as follows: When the warrior seer is awoken all the elements shall be at his call.  The warrior who died at the hands of evil shall be reborn and when the moon turns red and blood rains from the sky will be the time of his greatest battle.  Born in an ancient warren who worshiped the stars the warrior seer will again rise and destroy the sun and the evil that plagues two planes. With their deaths the warrior seer can finally be reunited with his love and bring peace to the children.”
“True love?”
“Vilthuril is not your true mate Greystorm. Your true mate is locked away in Ether.  Her name is Coldstar.  She was taken from Bright Star before your death.  You came home to Bright Star and found Coldstar gone.  I tried to protect your mate from being taken but am unable to stop the mother and father. Only you Greystorm have the power to defeat them and bring peace to both the Shadow Land and mortal plane.”
“So you knew me before?”
“Indeed I did.  We were friends.  Close friends. Like myself and Prince Rainbow.  You were furious, not at me but at the mother and father for stealing Coldstar and vowed that you would destroy them. So you went away from Bright Star and shortly after you left it fell.  While it still stands all the rabbits died.  I’ve never seen something of that nature before.  If you want to bring up memories of your past then you must go to Bright Star and there you will find the answers you seek and will be truly awoken.”
“I can control the elements?”
“Yes.  The elements are as follows: Fire, Ice, Water, Air, Wood, Earth, Lightning, Darkness, and Light.  All those elements are at your command but they are locked until you have awakened fully.  If you like I can give you a few memories that I have stored in my mind.”
“I’d like that Shingetsu.”
“Very well.  This may hurt and you may collapse from the memory transfer.”
Shingetsu placed both paws on the sides of Greystorm’s head and his eyes became a dark crimson as the memories of Greystorm that he had stored in his mind copied and flew into Greystorm.  Shingetsu swayed on his paws as he removed his front paws from Greystorm’s head and fell onto his front paws breathing heavily and his eyes went back to their normal color.
Ochiba darted forward and pressed himself against his master to keep his master from falling onto the ground.  Greystorm’s eyes flashed dark gray as the memories assaulted him.
A three month old kitten sat staring at a tree.  Raising its paws the roots erupted from the ground and darted forward before the kitten slammed its front paws back onto the ground causing the roots to shoot up in the air and wave before him before sliding back into the earth.  “Very good Greystorm,” a buck said. “Thank you parli,” the kitten said beaming up at its father.
The kitten was now a year old and had just been inducted into the Owsla.  “Officer Greystorm take a patrol out to Farthen Moor and check on their warren.  I fear something bad is going to happen.”
“Of course Glacius-rah,” Greystorm said and gathered three officers, a corporal, and a couple of promising bucks before beginning the journey to Farthen Moor.  Farthen Moor lay a week away from Bright Star to the East and was one of the warrens they got on with. They hurried through the snow as it was the dead of winter to Farthen Moor. Stopping at the two elm trees that marked the entrance to Farthen Moor they expected to see a couple of sentries standing guard but nothing. 
“What is going on Officer Greystorm?” Officer Linwood asked.
“I don’t know.  There should be sentries posted here. There are always sentries posted here,” Greystorm said beginning to be afraid.  He shook his head. He was a seer and a warrior. Owsla were supposed to be brave.
The patrol passed through the two elm trees and went along the path that led to Farthen Moor.  Stopping at the warren they looked around for rabbits but saw none.  They went down into the warren and through the runs looking and calling for any of the Farthen Moor rabbits.  They took an hour searching and double searching all the burrows and runs.
“Nobody here sir. No smell of death or disease either.  No smell of rabbits either.  It’s like they’ve all just vanished into thin air,” Auburn said. 
Greystorm paused at the entrance to a side run.  Changing his eyes to orange he peered into the darkness and shuddered.  “There’s a rabbit down this run. Wait here while I investigate.” The rest of the patrol nodded and waited while Greystorm went down the narrow run.  
Greystorm spotted a rabbit shaking in fear. Carefully Greystorm pressed a paw over the rabbit’s heart and his eyes flickered closed as the scared rabbit’s memories flew before his eyes.  The warren was asleep aside from the sentries who were above ground watching the warren and the Owsla who was on night duty.  Shadows padded forward softly and quickly killed the two sentries before they could raise the alarm.  Then they pounced on the Owsla who was on night duty and swept into the warren.  The rabbits were unable to cry out or run as the shadows mercilessly slaughtered them all. The strange thing was when the rabbits were destroyed they vanished into thin air and their scent vanished from the warren.  A young rabbit bolted down the narrow stone run and cowered against the wall of the run for it led to a dead end.  Then silence fell upon the warren as the last rabbits died and the shadows vanished. 
“It’s alright. What’s your name?”
“Wildflower sir.”
“Wildflower come with us and we’ll take you back to Bright Star.  You’ll be safe there,” Greystorm said gently as he ushered the rabbit in front of him.  Wildflower obediently obeyed Greystorm and led the way out of the run before they saw the shadows before them.  Greystorm’s patrol was gone.  Wildflower let out a squeal of fear and stopped dead in his tracks. 
“Who are you?” Greystorm asked. He grabbed Wildflower’s neck in his teeth and backed down the burrow taking the scared buck with him.
“Apparently we missed one,” one of the shadow said.
“Warrior seer do you know of the mother and father?”
“The mother and father are the parents of all rabbits. We were sent here on their orders to destroy this warren and the rabbits in it.”
“This warren forgot to serve the mother and father. For that they deserved to be destroyed.  The warren was created on the command that they would serve their parents and do their will. They failed and forgot the ways and the agreement.”
“Are you going to destroy all warrens that don’t follow the mother and father? Many rabbits have never heard of the mother and father.  We have heard of El-ahrairah and of course the Black Rabbit but there are no tales or legends of two mythical parents.”
“It is the rabbits’ fault for forgetting the mother and father.  They gave life to all rabbits and all rabbits come from the mother and father. They are even superior to Frith and Kuu.”
“Now you’re just being idiots.  How can a couple of mythical rabbits be higher than the Sun God and Moon Goddess?”
“You won’t harm this rabbit.”
“Oh? Are you going to stop us?” The shadows laughed.
Greystorm smiled and twisted all the elements together before the elemental twist was shot into the shadows and around them, closing them off so they were unable to escape. Their screams sounded as the elemental twist burned them and they vanished.  “Come on Wildflower,” Greystorm said gently and the two rabbits made their way out of that death trap and back to Bright Star where Greystorm reported what had happened to his Owsla  and the warren. 
The memories faded and Greystorm shook his head.  “Those shadows were servants of the mother and father?”
“Sadly yes. They were right. Farthen Moor was the warren that the mother and father lived in with their first children.  It is the first warren ever built until the shadows destroyed it.”
“What happened to Wildflower?”
“You took him in and he became a strong member of the Owsla under your guidance and teachings. Greystorm if you want to discover the truth and be fully awakened as well as gain your elemental powers then you must return to Bright Star.  Only there will you find your powers and the rest of your memories. Take Ochiba with you.”
“Thank you master.”
“Don’t thank me Greystorm.  If you can destroy the mother and father for good I’ll be happy.” Greystorm nodded to Shingetsu and together the warrior seer and his servant vanished from the Shadow Land. “Be careful my servant. Our lives depend on you defeating the mother and father.”

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