Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Seer of Nightdusk

Elrond woke up the next morning and went above ground to silflay.  He noticed Shizun and went over to him.  “How long have you been a seer?”
Shizun looked at him and chuckled.  “All my life of course.  We seers are born.”
“You’re the first seer I met in my life.”
“Is that so?  You did not have any seers at your old warren?”
“Blizzard-rah didn’t believe in seers. He wanted breeders and warriors-not rabbits that could see the future.”
“He sounds mad.”
“Thankfully he’s dead.”
“Wonderful.  Do you mean to tell Kaolin-rah of why you are truly here rabbit of Moonfell?”
“Depends on if I can trust him and the rabbits of Nightdusk.  After being taken by Blizzard and put into Brimstone and then the alliance threatening to kill my chief and the other changed rabbits we are very careful of aligning ourselves with anyone who could mean us harm.  Also…”
Also what Elrond?
It’s a secret that I promised to keep and isn’t mine to tell. Not even my chief will know unless I have permission of the two.
I see.  Well then hold your secret true and don’t betray their trust. They need all the help they can get.
I’m a seer.  I saw them in your mind so I know that you mean that your former master’s son is alive.  Quite the little evil prick he is.  May Kuu and the Black Rabbit protect us from Frith and Thanatos.
Shizun smiled at Elrond.  “When the clouds cover the stars tonight is the best time to go to those you have befriended and promised to protect.  Help yourself to the flayrah in my burrow.”
Elrond stared at Shizun as he hopped away and shook his head.  What an interesting rabbit.  I think I might just be able to become friends with him.
Shingetsu appeared before Shizun.  “My Lord,” Shizun said bowing before his master.
“Nice to see you Shizun.  Looking well and I see you haven’t bothered divulging Elrond’s little secret.”
“Of course not master.  It’s not my secret to tell.”
“The alliance will be formed between Nightdusk and Moonfell.  Give it a couple of weeks.”
“Master you don’t appear well,” Shizun said looking in shock at Shingetsu.
“I had a bit of an issue with the mother and father.  But on the bright side I got my servant back.”
“You must be happy master.”
“Indeed.  It’s been a long time since I have had my blood bonded servant.  I have yet to heal from the torture of the mother and father but enough of that.  How is Kaolin as chief?”
“He’s fair and just master.  Though nobody would ever be as just as you are.”
Shingetsu laughed at that. “Nobody knows you serve me do they?”
“No master.  Every seer keeps quiet about you.”
“Good.  My servants are sadly driven out of their warrens by their chiefs who are too stupid and fearful to accept the gifted rabbits I give them. Perhaps it is time for the seers to form their own warren. I will need to think on that.”
“Master… is there anything I can do to help with the mother and father? I don’t want to see you get hurt again.”
Shingetsu sighed.  “Hopefully once Greystorm is fully awakened he will be able to stop the mother and father while the little seer born near Watership Down will be able to stop Thanatos.”
“Greystorm has awakened?!”
“Yes.  But he isn’t fully aware of who he is.  I’m afraid I must get going. There’s a couple dead kittens in Nightdusk that I need to go visit.  I merely stopped to chat with you as I haven’t talked to you in quite some time.”
“I understand master.  You were trapped in Brimstone and that damn rabbit was draining you of your powers.”
“True but that was no reason for me to neglect my other servants.”
“Master I believe that your servants would understand that you were unable to speak to them.  Besides the four had to be trained and turned into their true selves.”
Shingetsu smiled.  “One thing I like about my servants is that they are so loyal and dedicated to me.  I trust you will follow my orders and keep this conversation to yourself unless another seer asks you of my welfare?”
“Yes of course master Shingetsu.”
“Good.  Get some rest Shizun.”
“I will master and be careful.”
Shingetsu nodded to Shizun and left the burrow to go collect the two kittens.  Shizun sighed and lay his head on his paws.  He was pleased to see his master.  His master had sent out a distress call to all his seers on the mortal plane telling them that he had been captured by Blizzard and that he may not be able to contact them for a while.  Shizun knew that his master would spend the next few weeks checking on his seers on earth which would weaken his master in addition to his other duties at Inle Warren and collecting dead rabbits.  But now that Greystorm had been awakened… Shizun shook his head.  He feared for his master.

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