Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Return to the Alliance

Greystorm shifted on his paws as he dodged Shingetsu’s fireball.  They had been at this for the past week.  Shingetsu was trying to get Greystorm’s speed and powers back under control so he could face the mother and father.  “Good Greystorm.  Remember your training and another month of this and you should be back to your former self.”
“Thank you Shingetsu-rah.”
“Not a problem Greystorm.  How did it feel to be back in your old warren?”
“I was surprised I could remember where I was born and grew up.”
Shingetsu chuckled at that.  “You have the option of returning there you know.”
“Exactly what I just said Greystorm.  When you defeat the mother and father you have two options.  Return to Bright Star and bring the warren back to life with your mate or stay in Ether and rule there.  In addition to that you’ll also be granted immortality along with your mate.  Now you need to go back to the alliance Greystorm and inform them that Thanatos is still alive.  See if they will join Dusk Moon.  Dusk Moon is the second alliance between the warrens of Moonfell and Night Dusk.  Moneywort, Pumpkin and some other rabbits from Watership Down are now living at Moonfell. If they don’t then Dusk Moon will be on their own.”
“Do I tell them my real name?”
“No.  Trust me when I say you do not want to do that.”
Greystorm nodded.  “Congrats on your five kittens master.  I bet you and Kosetsu are proud.”
“We are and thank you Greystorm.”
Greystorm went and collected Ochiba before they left for Watership Down.  “Been a while since I’ve been back here,” Greystorm said to Ochiba as they sat at the bottom of the hill.  They climbed the hill and were surrounded by rabbits that Greystorm didn’t know. 
“What are you doing here?”
“We’ve come to speak to the chiefs of the alliance,” Fiver said.
“What’s your names?”
“Lightning and this is Ochiba,” Greystorm said.
Ochiba watched the rabbits warily.  “About what?”
“That is for your chiefs to know.”
A rabbit went down to get Oakleaf-rah and brought him back above ground.  “What are you doing here?”
“If you get the other three chiefs of the alliance then we’ll tell you,” Greystorm said.
Kehaar flew down. Scree was perched in the beech tree overhead.  “Fly to Vleflain, Efrafa, and Sunstone and get Campion, Groundsel and Lightstone and bring them here.”
Kehaar and Scree took off, Kehaar making his way to Efrafa and Vleflain while Scree went to Sunstone.  “What’s wrong Kehaar?” Groundsel asked when he was summoned above ground by Stonecrop.
“Oakleaf wants bunnies come to Watership Down.”
“Okay I’ll be there shortly.”
Kehaar turned south for Efrafa and passed the message onto Campion who set off at once.  Meanwhile Scree had reached Sunstone and passed the message onto Lightstone who also set off for Watership Down.  Kehaar and Scree went back home to Watership Down and watched the two bunnies for the three days it took the other chiefs to arrive at Watership Down.  Campion, Groundsel, Lightstone, Oakleaf, Fiver and Ochiba went down to the Honeycomb. 
“What do you have to tell us?”
“First that you were fools for getting rid of Hitsuki.  You were also fools for getting rid of your seers.  They were a gift from the Black Rabbit.  All seers are descended from the Black Rabbit for he is also a seer in addition to being the chief of Inle Warren and the one who takes your souls away to the Shadow Land when you die.
“Secondly Hazel realizes he made a mistake by banishing his brother and the other seers from the alliance.  It was a trick of Frith to make the warrens suffer and you fools bought it.  He realized this just before he died at the battle of Brimstone.  While Blizzard is dead his son, Thanatos, lives and is planning on killing you all. He is more powerful than before. You must align yourselves with the alliance called Dusk Moon in order to stand a chance of defeating him.”
“How can Thanatos be alive?” Groundsel asked.  “Fiver killed him.”
“He didn’t die. Apparently Frith kept him alive.”
“Nonsense. He died and you’re just trying to scare us. Get out before we kill you.”
“The Black Rabbit figured you’d say that.  Pity that now you won’t get any help.  All well you have sealed your own fate.”
A yellow flame consumed Fiver and Ochiba and when the rabbits opened their eyes they saw the two strangers were gone.  “Those rabbits are stupid master,” Ochiba said when they had appeared near Moonfell. 
“Indeed.  Apparently they’ve forgotten how the seers saved them before with Blizzard.”
They walked to Moonfell.  Zen and Fern were on sentry duty at the north point of the warren and appeared in front of them.  “Hello rabbits of Moonfell.  We mean you no harm.  Take us to Blackstone please,” Fiver said.
Zen and Fern looked at each other but did as the rabbits asked.  The four rabbits were silent as they made their way to the warren and stopped outside Blackstone’s burrow.  “Blackstone-rah there’s a couple of strange rabbits here,” Zen called.
Blackstone came out and stared in surprise. “FIVER!”

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