Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Night Warning

“Fiver is that really you?” Blackstone asked.
“It is Blackstone.  This is my servant Ochiba.”
“Welcome to Moonfell Ochiba,” Blackstone said.
Ochiba just nodded keeping an eye on his master.  “I thought you should know Shingetsu sent me to Watership Down to inform them of Thanatos being alive and request to join Dusk Moon.”
“How did it go?”
“They’ve sealed their own fates.”
“Then they will be on their own and we will fight Thanatos together.  My decision is final. They will get no help from Moonfell.  Now I figure you must be tired.  Pecan will show you to a burrow and then later you can go see the rabbits that came here from Watership Down.”
“Thank you Blackstone-rah.  How many are here?”
“Pipkin, Sunset, Burdock, Kori, Vine, and Zeus.  Only six rabbits from Watership Down.”
“I see. Nobody else decided to come?”
“Blackavar, Mist, and their remaining kittens as well as some of Kori’s friends died at the paws of Thanatos’s rabbits after they took the seer Hitsuki and ran from Watership Down.”
“Hitsuki is the rabbit Shingetsu told me would kill Thanatos. Ochiba! We’re leaving.”
“Yes master.”
“Wait! Pipkin misses you Fiver.”
Fiver paused in thought.  “Very well.  I’ll stay a few days but after that I’m leaving.”
Pecan was called and led the two rabbits to a burrow near the Watership rabbits that had gotten burrows together so they could stay in contact with each other easily.  They had all gotten used to being in Moonfell and now being part of this warren.  Pipkin had realized here that he had no place in the Owsla due to being a runt and was content with his lot in life.
Fiver went to Pipkin’s burrow and stamped his foot to get the sleeping rabbits attention. “FIVER!” Pipkin shouted running to his old friend and tackling him to the ground.
“Hello Pipkin.  You look well.”
“I’m so glad you’re back!  I missed having you around to talk to.”
Fiver smiled at his old friend.  “Who are these rabbits with you?”
“Sunset, Zeus and Burdock,” Pipkin said as each rabbit nodded to Fiver.  “We left Watership Down shortly after Oakleaf became chief.”
“One of the rabbits said I was useless to the warren and I didn’t deserve to be in the Owsla.”
The smile on Fiver’s face dropped at that.  “That’s stupid.  It isn’t your fault you were born the runt of your litter.  You’re better than those fools Pipkin.”
“Thanks!  Where have you been?”
“In the Shadow Land.  Bigwig, Hawkbit and Dandelion say hello.  Bigwig also expects you to remember your training from when he was Captain of Owsla or he’ll cuff your ears off when you get to the Shadow Land.”
Pipkin laughed.  “That’s Bigwig for you.  Strict and no fun.”
“Well I must be getting to sleep Pipkin.  I’m exhausted.  Oh and this is Ochiba,” he said pointing at his servant.
“Hello Ochiba.”
At a quick look to Fiver who gave a nod Ochiba nodded to Pipkin.  “Hello Pipkin.”
Fiver and Ochiba fell asleep and woke several hours later. The warren was silent.  Fiver guessed it was nightfall and the majority of rabbits were sleeping. 
What is it Greystorm?
The alliance refuses to believe that Thanatos is alive and refuses to form an alliance with Dusk Moon.  They have sealed their own fates. Blackstone says they will not help the alliance.
I figured they would refuse but it was worth a shot.  Have you made a decision?
Yes master. I will return to Bright Star with my true mate and bring that warren back to life and close Ether upon defeating the mother and father.  Master?
Is it possible to bring back Farthen Moor as well?
Haven’t thought of that but I suppose it would be possible.  Why do you ask?
I was wondering if that warren could be brought back to life as well and together they form an alliance with Dusk Moon so that we will be protected from the alliance.
An interesting suggestion Greystorm.  I will think on it and see but will give you no decision until the current dangers have been eradicated.
Thank you master.
Do you plan on coming back to Inle Warren after having your little reunion with the Moonfell Watershipers?
Yes. That is the best place for me right now until I can kill the mother and father and rescue Coldstar.
Very well.  I’ll leave you to sleep.  I have kittens that demand my attention.  Who would have thought raising kittens would be hard work?
Fiver laughed at his master’s predicament.  “I suppose I’ll also face that problem when Coldstar is reunited with me.”  Fiver got up and left Ochiba in his burrow and went above ground to silflay.  He noticed an Owsla patrolling the warren and quickly turned his eyes yellow which allowed him to see in the dark while also activating his moonbeam. 
Reaching out with his mind he caught the stranger’s mind and twisted the link causing a scream in his head.  What are you doing here child of Zorn?
Please you must help me!
Please let us into your warren.
I am not the chief of Moonfell child.  These rabbits are likely to kill you on sight.
Please!  We  don’t want to be a part of Thanatos anymore! 
You have no wish to fight for Thanatos? Are there others with you?
Twenty of us comprising of bucks, some does and a few kittens.  Please you must help us seer!
How do you know I’m a seer?
Please Greystorm the Black Rabbit told us to come here and that you would help us! 
What do you have to offer me that will cause me to help you?
Thanatos’s heir!  We escaped with his kitten who has been beaten by Thanatos for not turning evil like him!
Where are you?
Forest.  Please!  We also have a warning for the rabbits of this warren.
What is it?
Thanatos-rah plans on attacking tomorrow!  

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