Monday, July 8, 2013

Night Dusk

Pipkin, Sunset, Burdock and Zeus had traveled months to get away from the alliance.  They had traveled for months until they arrived at a warren called Moonfell.  At first they had been scared that the rabbits they saw would kill them since they were some of the rabbits from Brimstone but the chief, Blackstone, had assured them that they were good rabbits and they were welcome to live in Moonfell.  It had taken a week for them to settle in and get used to the new warren they were in.  Pipkin still wished that he could talk to Fiver. 
Blackstone had to admit that he was worried.  He hadn’t heard or seen any of the exiled seers in a while.  He trusted Shingetsu and imagined they were still in the Shadow Land recovering from their ordeal of having saved his rabbits and saving the alliance even if they didn’t deserve to be saved after how the seers had been exiled by the chiefs.
Meanwhile Greystorm woke up to find himself still in the chamber under the stone table.  Ochiba was next to him looking at him with worry in his eyes.  “What happened?” Greystorm asked slowly getting up. 
“Master when you received your powers and the rest of your memories you collapsed. You’ve been asleep for three days.  I know I deserve punishment for not obeying you but I came down here and haven’t left your side for the entire three days you’ve been asleep.”
“Thank you Ochiba though you shouldn’t have disobeyed my orders.”
“I know that master. The collar ti… never mind.  I was already punished for my disobedience.”
Greystorm led the way back up the run with Ochiba following and made his way out to the field in front of the warren where the master and servant set to eating the grass.  Neither of them had eaten anything for three days-Greystorm because he had been asleep and Ochiba because he refused to leave his master’s side.
After filling themselves with grass Greystorm and Ochiba walked through the veil into the Shadow Land where they met Shingetsu.  “Was your journey a success?”
“Yes master,” Greystorm said.  “I have my powers and am ready to face the mother and father.”
“No you aren’t.  You may have your powers and memories back but you aren’t ready to face them until you have regained control of your powers.”
“But master I made an elemental twist and sent it up through the roof of Bright Star.”
“That was just your body reacting to the power surge in you.  It wasn’t done by your own will.  Sorry Greystorm but you must trust me on this when I tell you aren’t ready.”
“Of course master.”
“Why weren’t you here after gaining your powers? You and Ochiba have been on earth for three days.”
“I passed out after gaining my powers and remaining memories.”
“I see. Yes I can see how that would cause any rabbit to pass out, especially a warrior seer. I should have seen that coming. I’m sorry.”
“It isn’t your fault master.”
Shingetsu nodded and then led the way back to Inle Warren.  He disappeared through the runs to his burrow and lay down next to a pregnant Kosetsu.  “Kosetsu how are you feeling?”
“Tired Shingetsu but other than that I am well.  How is it possible that we were able to have kittens?”
“Lady Kuu granted me that gift when I rescued you. I just didn’t act on it until now as I wanted to give you time to rest and recover from being in the ice pillar for so long and with Greystorm being awoken I needed to focus on him.  Also we are not phantoms unlike the rabbits in my warren.”
“Shingetsu could we not plead with Lady Kuu to give your dead servants their bodies back?”
“I don’t know.  I’m not sure if they would even want to resume their solid forms. I haven’t ever thought to ask.  I may have to when this entire mess gets fixed.”
Elrond had informed Kaolin-rah of why he was at Nightdusk and that his warren was willing to make an alliance with Nightdusk.  Blacksone-rah had been sent for so the alliance could be formed.  Elrond knew that two warrens against four wouldn’t be evenly matched but with some of the changed rabbits against normal rabbits there shouldn’t be a problem if it came to a fight.  Though with Thorn alive and well according to Joyner and Shadowfax Elrond feared for their future if Thanatos wasn’t destroyed for good. 
Blackstone arrived with a few members of his Owsla.  Elrond happily went over to his chief.  “I see you’re well Elrond,” Blackstone said looking at the buck.
“I’ve been taken good care of here Blackstone-rah.”
“Was Kaolin mad about you being a spy?”
“No sir.  He realized that it was smart with the dangers both warrens had faced at the hands of mad leaders.”
“Good. I wouldn’t want to have to go to war with another warren on top of the alliance.”
Blackstone, Elrond and his Owsla continued walking through the warren until they came to a dark gray buck.  “Greetings Blackstone, chief of Moonfell.  I’m glad you could make it to Nightdusk and hope your journey was well?”
“It was uneventful thank Kuu.  I hope Elrond here hasn’t been any trouble.”
“None at all.  None at all.  Now I understand from Elrond that you wish to make an alliance with Nightdusk?”
“That’s correct. Has Elrond informed you of our past and that we made enemies of four warrens?”
“Yes he did.  I can understand why you didn’t come to me sooner about forming an alliance. In these dangerous times it’s best to learn about potential allies first before making alliances with them.”
Blackstone nodded and looked around. “Your rabbits appear healthy and happy Kaolin.”
“Yes we’re better off now that Cowslip and Silverweed are dead. They can no longer manipulate our minds and control us.  I assume your rabbits are happy to be out of Brimstone?”
“Indeed we are.  That place was horrible.”
Kaolin nodded in agreement.  “It took us a while to get over the mind control. We were lost once Silverweed was killed and the spell over us was broken. I was one of the few affected by Silverweed. He found that he couldn’t easily control me.”
Blackstone nodded to himself not saying anything.  He figured it was impolite to admit that Shingetsu had shown them memories of Shining Wire Warren. 
“Blackstone-rah there’s something I must say to you and Kaolin-rah.”
“What is it Elrond?”
“I found a couple of rabbits from Thanatos.  Apparently he’s alive.”
“ALIVE!” Kaolin and Blackstone shouted together. 
“What do you mean he is alive?” Blackstone asked.
“Sir it is just as I said. I found a couple of escaped rabbits from a warren called Zorn, that’s the new warren Thanatos and his rabbits created after the destruction of Brimstone, and they said they wanted to be free. When I went there a couple of days ago I found two other rabbits and a seer.  The funny thing was the two rabbits I made friends with had their collars removed and so did the other two rabbits with the seer. I gather that the two new rabbits were guards of the seer in Zorn and somehow the seer freed all four rabbits from Thanatos’s control and power because the collars and bracelets on their bodies disappeared.”
“Collars and bracelets?” Blackstone asked.
“Yes sir. Thanatos appears to have gotten the idea to put every rabbit from kitten to buck under the power of bracelets and collars that will strangle them to death if they disobey Thanatos, try to kill him or betray him.  Joyner and Shadowfax, the two rabbits I befriended are really nice.  I’m not sure about the two guards as I haven’t talked to them much.”
“Where are they?” Kaolin asked Elrond.
“In a cave not far from here Kaolin.  Shizun has given me leave to take flayrah from his burrow to them so they have something to eat.  They couldn’t come into the warrens without altering Thanatos to us so they’ve been living in the cave. They followed me from Moonfell.”
“Elrond you should have told Kaolin or me about this as soon as you discovered them.  Now we have Thanatos to deal with on top of the alliance that wants us dead.”
“I’m sorry Blackstone-rah.  I was afraid you would kill them so I didn’t say anything and I… I didn’t want to believe that Thanatos was still alive.”
“Well now it’s important that we form an alliance though with two warrens I don’t know if we’ll stand a chance against Thanatos and Zorn,” Blackstone said worriedly.
Kaolin was silent during the conversation between the Moonfell rabbit and his chief.  “I agree with Blackstone that you should have told us about this as soon as you heard and not kept it from us.  Blackstone is right the alliance must be formed.”  He looked at his rabbits that were above ground and watching the meeting between the two chiefs.  “The alliance of Dusk Moon is hereby formed. If one warren is attacked then the other must come to their aid. No rabbit in either warren is to be harmed in either warren.  Is this agreeable Blackstone?”
“It is Kaolin.”
The bond was sealed and then the chiefs turned to Elrond. “Now Elrond let’s meet these rabbits and seer.”

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