Friday, July 12, 2013


Renmay was close to giving birth.  Thanatos wasn’t sure how many kittens his doe was having but he hoped she’d be having a strong buck to take over Zorn in the event of his death.  Thorn was pleased that Renmay had gotten pregnant when he mated with her. Of course his magic had also helped.  Blizzard hadn’t thought of that.
A few days later Renmay cried out in pain as she began to enter the stages of labor.  Thanatos watched her for the entire labor which lasted an hour.  There were two bucks and one doe.  Thanatos padded over to the bucks.  He could tell the second one would never amount to much but the first one appeared strong.  “Well there’s no need for the second buck and doe,” Thanatos said as he bared his fangs and brought his mouth down to the second buck intending to kill it.  “Your job is to feed my heir. There’s no reason for you to have any more kittens.”
A white light filled the warren and Thanatos was thrown back across the burrow as dirt from the ceiling came down.  Moneywort and Pumpkin appeared and gently picked up the second buck and doe before looking at Thanatos’s heir. 
What should we do with the heir?
Leave it to Fiver.  I have a feeling that this heir isn’t going to be what Thanatos hopes it will be.
Renmay you are a fool for becoming Thanatos’s mate after you saw how he treats the rabbits.  What possessed you to become this evil rabbit’s mate?
“Who are you?”
None of your concern.  Only know that these two kittens we carry will be protected from Thanatos and Zorn.  Treat the heir with kindness and love.
Moneywort and Pumpkin vanished and the white light faded.  They were back in the Shadow Land where they had been living since they had defeated Blizzard. They brought the two newborn kittens into Moonblossom’s burrow. Shingetsu and Kosetsu arrived upon learning that two of the exiled seers had returned.  “Those are Thanatos’s kittens?”
“Yes master,” Moneywort said once he had laid the buck he was holding down near Moonblossom who had given birth to Moneywort’s three kittens.  Pumpkin laid the doe next to her brother by Moonblossom who nudged the kittens towards her teats so they could suckle and get fed. 
“And the heir?”
“Still in Zorn Shingetsu,” Pumpkin said.  “We figured it would be best for Fiver to take care of the heir.”
“You’ve been in the Shadow Land for a while.  Your friend Blackstone is getting worried as are his rabbits.”
“Really?” Pumpkin asked.  “We’ve forgotten about Blackstone’s offer for us to live in their new warren since we’ve been back.”
“If you go back only you and Moneywort can go.  Those kittens you rescued will need to stay here with Moonblossom and Fiver has to stay here longer.”
“Why?” Moneywort asked.
“Training.  Fiver’s found out something important about himself which is why he hasn’t been around much.”
Moneywort and Pumpkin nodded.  “If Fiver needs to stay here master then we won’t object.”
“Master will I and the kittens be able to go back to the mortal plane?”
“Eventually yes. Those kittens need to get strong though and you need your rest.  Now I’ve taken up enough of your time.  Oh and Moneywort and Pumpkin,” Shingetsu said as he paused at the entrance to the run with Kosetsu by his side, “there’s a young seer named Hitsuki that will need all your help in training. He is the one destined to kill Thanatos.”
His seers nodded and Shingetsu and Kosetsu walked back to their burrow.  “Well I think we should get going then Pumpkin,” Moneywort said. He nuzzled Moonblossom and gazed at his kittens fondly before the two seers vanished in a swirl of yellow flames.

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