Tuesday, July 23, 2013


What do you mean he is attacking tomorrow?
Thanatos-rah is going to slaughter the alliance!
Well that isn’t our problem. I offered them the help of Dusk Moon but they refused. No rabbit will help them.  As for the rest of you my old warren needs to come back to life.  I’ll take you there myself and with me you’ll all be safe.
Thank you!
Greystorm slipped past the sentries easily, went into the forest and stood in front of the crowd of rabbits. “I’m amazed the Owsla and sentries of Moonfell didn’t catch you out here. They’re wary of strange rabbits entering their warren and borders.”
Greystorm ordered the rabbits into a group with the kittens surrounded by the does and bucks and then they disappeared from Moonfell.  “My warren is far from the alliance and far from Zorn so you have no reason to worry about being attacked,” Greystorm said to the rabbit beside him. “So how did you meet my master and discover my true name?”
“Shingetsu saw us escaping Zorn and told us to go to Moonfell where his most powerful servant, a rabbit named Greystorm, would help us get to safety in a new warren far from Thanatos’s clutches.  So we followed a strange light and came here.”
Greystorm nodded and they continued on towards Bright Star.  After a month they made it to Greystorm’s home.  “I’m the chief of Bright Star.  I was born here long ago and from a long line of warrior seers.  My powers and memories were locked until I came here a few weeks ago.  I have to rescue my mate from a place in the Shadow Lands but will return once that is finished. You’ll be protected here.”
“Thank you Greystorm-rah,” the rabbits chorused. 
Shingetsu was waiting for Greystorm outside.  “I see your rabbits made it here safely.”
“Master I’m surprised they would readily accept me as their chief.”
“They should considering how you saved them from being killed by the rabbits of Dusk Moon.  As to your request earlier about bringing Farthen Moor back to life I can grant that.”
“Thank you Shingetsu.  How are the kittens taken from Thanatos?”
“They are doing well and getting stronger by the day.  Soon Moonblossom and her kittens will be able to join Moneywort and Pumpkin at Moonfell.”
Greystorm went back to Moonfell and informed Blackstone-rah that Thanatos was going to be attacking the alliance.  Blackstone said nothing about that and sent a messenger to Nightdusk.  After all we tried offering our help but they refuse it so it’s their own graves that they are digging. 
“Fiver!  What’s up?”
“Shingetsu says that Moonblossom and the kittens will be able to come to Moonfell soon.”
“That’s wonderful!”
“Yes it is.  I’m leaving now with Ochiba.  I have my own battle to take on.”
Moneywort nodded and wished Fiver good luck.  As Fiver made his way back to the Shadow Land he stopped by Watership Down.  Every buck from the alliance was on the hill watching as Thanatos arrived with his enslaved rabbits.  Screams of horror rent the sky as the battle began.

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