Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Discussion with Survivors

Elrond, Kaolin, Blackstone and the members of Blackstone’s Owsla that had come with him to Nightdusk went to the cave where the four freed rabbits of Zorn and the seer were living.  “Joyner! It’s Elrond and I’ve brought my chief as well as the chief of Nightdusk.  Can we come in?”
There was a silence in the cave and then the whisper of voices hurriedly talking with each other.  Joyner squeezed out of the gap between the rock and the cave wall and sat up looking at the rabbits gathered there before them.  “Elrond why did you bring these rabbits here?” Joyner asked his friend.
“We’re here to talk and see the seer,” Blackstone said. 
Joyner turned and bolted back inside the entrance.  Quickly the four freed rabbits squeezed back out of the burrow and stood in front of Elrond and the others.  “What do you want with our master?” Shadowfax asked. The four rabbits got into a fighting stance. They wouldn’t let their master be taken away by these rabbits and were furious at Elrond for outing them.
“What do you mean he is your master?” Blackstone asked. 
“We serve him since he freed us. It’s of our own will and choice.  You’re not going to harm our master,” Shadowfax said and the other three rabbits nodded in agreement.
“We just want to talk is all.  How did you escape Thanatos? Is it true he is alive?”
“Yes he is alive and he’s furious at the alliance and at you rabbits for escaping.  He means to capture you all and enslave you again.  Thanatos is busy building up his warren so you should be thankful he hasn’t found you yet.  We aren’t sure how we escaped but we suspect the Black Rabbit helped us.”
“Can we see the seer?” Kaolin asked.
Joyner slipped back into the cave and spoke quietly with Hitsuki who followed Joyner out.  “What is it you want with me?” Hitsuki asked the rabbits in front of him.  His former guards pressed against his sides as he was still weak from their escape from Zorn.
The rabbits of Moonfell and Kaolin stared at the rabbit before them.  They had never seen a rabbit with a lavender stripe along its back before.  “Who are you?” Birch asked the rabbit before them.
“My name is Hitsuki.  I was born near Watership Down and my marli died a week after my birth.  I was taken in by Captain Blackavar and his mate Mist and raised for two months until our chief found out I was a seer.  The alliance has said that they will kill all seers born in the warren so Blackavar, Mist, their kittens, some other rabbits and I escaped from there but Thanatos found us and killed my friends and captured me.  I was held in Zorn for a while until my two guards took me to safety.  As repayment for their kindness I saved them along with Joyner and Shadowfax from Thanatos’s control.  You will regret killing me. Only I can stop Thanatos for good.”
“How do we know you speak the truth?”
“Blackstone has made friends with my master.”
“Who is your master?”
“The father of all seers.”
“The Black Rabbit is the father of all seers?” Blackstone asked.
“Yes he is.  Seers are only loyal to and only obey the Black Rabbit.  He is our father and our master.  However many warrens choose to ignore the gift of seers that the Black Rabbit gives to the world and instead kill them, don’t pay attention to their warnings or drive them out.”
“Is it true that you are friends with the Black Rabbit Blackstone?” Kaolin asked looking at the Moonfell chief.
“It is true.  Though we are not close friends of course.  I trust the seer.”
“What of these four rabbits with the seer? What should we do with them?”
“If you want my help in defeating Thanatos then you will not lay a paw on them,” Hitsuki growled.
The rabbits shifted nervously looking at the seer.  “He is our best hope of stopping the darkness that plagues rabbits,” Blackstone said.
“What of this alliance that says they will kill the rabbits of Moonfell and the seer?” Kaolin asked. “We’re not enough to stand against two enemies.”
“Then we’ll just have to hope that the alliance sides with us,” Blackstone said.  “Hitsuki do you want to come with us? I believe there are two rabbits at my warren that have been worried about you.”
“Who?  They all died.”
“No they didn’t. There’s a little buck named Vine and a doe named Kori. They arrived at Moonfell a couple weeks ago.”
Hitsuki brightened at the thought of his adopted nest mate being alive as well as one of his friends.  “Yes I’d like that a lot.  Thank you.”
“No problem. Elrond come on.  We’ll see you later Kaolin.”
“I look forward to our alliance and helping each other Blackstone.”
“And I look forward to the same with Nightdusk.”
Blackstone turned and led his rabbits back to Moonfell.  He smiled as he knew how happy Vine and Kori would be at finding Hitsuki alive and well.  And there were also the four other rabbits that had left Watership Down that would look forward to being among a friend.
They made their way back to Moonfell and Blackstone informed his rabbits that the alliance of Dusk Moon was made and forged.  His rabbits breathed a sigh of relief but then Blackstone broke the news to them that Thanatos was alive and they were understandably afraid.  “How will we survive against Thanatos and the alliance? Thanatos has sworn to enslave us again for leaving and the alliance has sworn to kill us,” Blueberry said.
“With the Black Rabbit’s and Lady Kuu’s help we’ll find a way to stop the destruction of Dusk Moon.  And if the alliance refuses to help us then we’ll just have to stay far away from them.  I have found the seer who says he can defeat Thanatos.  Say hello to Hitsuki everyone,” Blackstone said motioning to Hitsuki who was looking at the rabbits before him.  The rabbits muttered a polite hello. 
“We’ll need to stay on the alert for enemy rabbits.  Hitsuki how far is it from Zorn to Moonfell?”
“I don’t know Blackstone.  I was too weak and exhausted from knocking Thanatos out and then strangling the rabbits with tree roots when we made our escape from Zorn.  My guards might know.”
Glen stepped forward.  “Three moons distance from here to Zorn.”
“Then we should be safe if Thanatos keeps to himself for now. He has no way of tracking us does he?”
“No.  Not that we know of anyway.”
Blackstone sighed.  “Go underground and visit your friends Hitsuki.  Take any empty burrow the five of you want. Elrond you show them the way.”
“Yes Blackstone-rah,” Elrond said before turning to the seer and his friends.  “Follow me.”
The rabbits made their way underground and they came across the burrow Kori and Vine were in. “Vine there’s someone to see you,” Elrond called.
“Who?” Vine asked coming out and then stopping in shock as he stared at the rabbit before him. “Hitsuki! You’re okay!”
“I’m fine Vine. Weak but fine.  These are some friends and servants of mine.”
The rabbits nodded to Vine and left their master to play with his friend before following Elrond and taking up a couple of burrows further down the run.  Hopefully now they would be safe from harm.  Hopefully Thanatos was defeated for good.

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