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Greystorm and Coldstar sat beneath the holly tree as they looked at each other.  “Forgive me Coldstar for not remembering you.  It was only after returning to Bright Star and Farthen Moor when I got my memories back and then talking to Shingetsu that I discovered that the mate I had as ‘Fiver’ wasn’t my true mate.  I knew nothing of you because I hadn’t gained my memories back and wasn’t a true seer for most of my life on Earth.”
“I don’t blame you Greystorm.  It isn’t your fault that Inazuma blocked your memories and stole me from our warren.  Will we be going back there?”
“Yes. In fact I already have some rabbits that I just need to get Hitsuki to free for me.  I totally forgot about Thanatos’s control over them when I decided to get them away.”
Ember spoke up at this. “Master Greystorm you can also remove the collars and bracelets of enslavement from those rabbits.”
“I thought that was only Hitsuki?”
“It was,” Blaze said.  “But you have spared us and our master from death therefore that power is also yours.”
“However there is a catch.  Whereas Hitsuki removes the collars and bracelets and the rabbits retain their markings and powers from Thanatos’s transformation of them if you remove the collars and bracelets then they will lose their powers and revert back to whatever color they were before being captured by Thanatos.”
“Speak to them and see what they want. If they choose to keep their powers then Hitsuki must free them.”
“Tell me can I take Coldstar from here?”
“Yes however it would be wise to take her after Thanatos is dead so she isn’t put in danger.”
“Has the battle started yet?”
“It has.  The screams of those fools are tearing the Shadow Lands.  We can hear them in Ether.”
“If you will follow us Greystorm then we will show you.”
Ember and Blaze began leading the warrior seer and his mate back to Taiyo when they suddenly screamed and fell to the ground.  Greystorm and Coldstar stared in horror as they noticed that they suddenly weren’t as bright as they were after the death of Inazuma.  “What’s wrong?!”
“Frith is angry and is determined to kill us,” Ember gasped out between screams of pain.  They watched as Ember and Blaze’s coats slowly lost a bit more brightness.
“How is this possible?! I thought Frith couldn’t come here?”
“He can’t.  Neither can Lady Kuu. But at the same Lady Kuu can do nothing to save us or father,” Blaze said. 
“Even though Frith and Kuu can’t enter Frith can send out his light warriors to harm us which is what he is doing.  Greystorm you were not supposed to be awakened or get your memories and powers back.  You weren’t supposed to rescue Coldstar,” Ember said.
Coldstar let out a cry of pain as she fell to the ground.  A slash appeared across her right hind leg. “Coldstar!”
Greystorm turned and stared in shock as the barrier between Ether and Inle Warren opened and the screams of Shingetsu’s servants was heard.  Nuzzling his mate he ran back up to Taiyo and stopped as the fire servants and living rabbits lay on the ground as slashes appeared across their bodies.  Looking for the first time he saw light rabbits attacking the fire rabbits and twenty of them surrounded Taiyo and forced him to the ground.  “Father!” Greystorm shouted and the light rabbits turned to them blood dripping from their claws.  How did I not see them enter Ether!
“Warrior seer you should not have awoken. You should have stayed dead and not been reborn,” a light rabbit spoke.  “You killed Lord Frith’s mate.”
Taiyo screamed and they moved aside so Greystorm could see his father chained to the ground with cuts of varying degrees glistening his fur.  The shine in his fur was slowly leaving him and blood dripped around him.  “Leave him!”
“You can’t stop us!  Our master demands the deaths of the rabbits of Ether and Inle Warren and we will do as we’re told.”
Take the star from the warrior.  Take the living from the dead. Throw them in darkness and bind their souls.  The one of light and born of stars shall set them free when he comes to the land of dreams.
Father what does that mean?
Most of it has already been fulfilled by Frith.  The land of dreams is where Lady Kuu lives and her rabbits of darkness and moonlight survive.   You must go to the land of dreams in order to free the rabbits of Ether and Inle Warren. Frith is destroying both places.  If you don’t stop him we will all die.  I, my fire servants, these living rabbits in Ether and the rabbits of Inle Warren Greystorm.  You must also return to the earth and find Hitsuki to free your warren from Thanatos attacking it before anything else.  Take Moonblossom and her kittens back to Moneywort in Moonfell. Go!
Greystorm threw the darkness in him towards the light rabbits who screamed in pain.  “You can’t kill us Greystorm,” they sneered.  “We’re protected by Lord Frith!  We are the sons and daughters of Inazuma and Frith!”
Greystorm turned and hurried through Ether and into Inle Warren.  He searched with his mind to Moonblossom and connected.  Moonblossom!  It’s Fiver!  We need to get out of here now!
Fiver what’s going on?!
I can’t explain but we must get you out of here along with the kittens. Where are you?!
In my burrow!
Stay there!  Ochiba!
Get to Moonblossom and take them to Moneywort in Moonfell!
Yes master but what about you?
Ochiba jerked as he heard the fear in his master’s voice and broke the mind contact before he sprinted through the warren to Moonblossom.  “Moonblossom my master says you’re to come with me.”
He ushered the kittens to their feet and took them back to Moonfell. Moneywort looked up and ran to his mate and kittens.  “What’s wrong Moonblossom?!”
“Something is happening in Shingetsu’s warren!  Fiver ordered this rabbit to take me and the kittens here.  They’re being tortured Moneywort!”
“What in the name of Kuu can possibly torture dead rabbits?!”
Pumpkin and Shizun who had come to spend time with Moneywort and Pumpkin stared in horror at Ochiba’s revelation.  “Who is this?”
“My name is Ochiba. I am the servant of Fiver,” Ochiba said. 
“Where is Fiver?”
“I think still in the Shadow Land.”
“What in the world is he doing there?!”
“Master!” Greystorm shouted as he ran into Shingetsu and Kosetsu’s burrow.  “Master get up! I can take you to Bright Star or Farthen Moor! Please master!” Greystorm shouted as his voice choked in fear and sobs wracked his throat.
“Greystorm you must return and get Hitsuki to Bright Star in order to save them. We cannot leave.  Frith has bound us here. With my rabbits in pain my power is being drained.”
“Father says he didn’t mean to harm you. It was mother,” Greystorm said.
“I’m sorry to hear that Taiyo has been bound to Ether.  I wouldn’t have thought Frith would do that.”
“I’m the servant of Lady Kuu and the first seer Greystorm.  Control your thoughts and emotions for Frith will use them against you! NOW GO!”
Greystorm nodded and disappeared from the Shadow Land and back to Earth.  “HITSUKI!”
Hitsuki appeared in front of Greystorm. “Master warrior seer what is it you wish of me?”
“Come with me to my warren.  We must give the rabbits I saved a choice.”
“Yes master Greystorm,” Hitsuki said.  The two rabbits disappeared and Greystorm summoned his warren. 
“Greystorm-rah! What is it?”
“This is Hitsuki.”
“The seer that was kidnapped? We are sorry you had to be enslaved young one.”
“No harm done,” Hitsuki said to the rabbits in front of him.
“I can remove your collars and bracelets as can Hitsuki.  If Hitsuki removes them you will retain your coloring and powers from Thanatos’s transformation.  However if I remove them then you will lose those powers and go back to being normal rabbits. It is your choice but decide quickly.  Time is of the essence here!”
The rabbits quickly conversed.  “The does want to go back to being normal but we bucks want our powers intact so we can better protect Bright Star and our chief,” the lead buck said.
“Fine,” Greystorm said.  Together released the does and Hitsuki released the bucks from their enslavement.  A snap of twigs sounded and twenty more rabbits shifted nervously before them.  Hitsuki growled and snapped his power out at them.  “What is it you want?!”
“Please Hitsuki free us!  We escaped before all this trouble.”
“Greystorm what should I do?”
Greystorm latched onto their minds and shifted through them looking for any signs of a trap or deceit.  “They’re pure rabbits who are just scared.  Whether you free them is up to you Hitsuki-rah.”
Hitsuki raised his paws and light shot from them and surrounded all the rabbits as the bracelets and collars disappeared in a cloud of smoke. “Where should they go?”
“You can leave them here where they’ll be safe though I can’t figure out how the hell they got here so quickly. Hitsuki you know your destiny is to destroy Thanatos don’t you?”
“Then go to the alliance and kill him.  Those rabbits don’t deserve to be saved but at least end the evil that plagues us all.”
“Of course Greystorm and what of you?”
“I have to free our master.  Good luck Hitsuki,” Greystorm called as he disappeared.
“Good luck Greystorm.  Please free our master,” Hitsuki said to the silence.

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