Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bright Star

Greystorm and Ochiba wandered through empty fields and forests until they got to an abandoned warren.  Greystorm could sense at once that it was his home. “Bright Star, the warrior seer Greystorm has returned,” Greystorm muttered softly. 
Greystorm and Ochiba looked at the warren.  In the center of the meadow was an old oak tree.  Greystorm stared at the tree and then walked over to it.  The memory of him being three months old making the roots of this tree shoot up from the ground and into the air flashed before his eyes.  He couldn’t believe that this tree in front of him had lasted all those long years.
Going underground Greystorm and Ochiba found themselves in a large burrow.  The burrow appeared to be a large meeting area not unlike Watership Down, the Council Room in Efrafa, or Shining Wire Warren.  Perhaps all warrens have large chambers such as this so rabbits can talk and listen to stories and poetry.
Greystorm looked around at the runs that led off from the chamber they were in.  As he stood there he felt his memories of the place come back into his mind.  He knew where everything was from his time here long ago.  The burrows near the entrance they had come down held the Owsla for they were the first line of defense against any attacks by elil or enemy warrens.  Three runs to the south of the chamber laid his own burrow that he had been born in.  It was also where Wildflower and he had lived when he had rescued the buck from Farthen Moor.
They walked deeper into the warren, their footsteps echoing silently on the dirt floors of the runs.  The warren was medium size.  They walked through the silent warren. Greystorm and Ochiba were amazed that it had continued to stay intact for all this time.
“Master do you recognize your home?” Ochiba asked from behind Greystorm.
“Yes I do Ochiba.  I cannot believe it has stood all these centuries.  I feel as if I never left.  It is exactly as I remember it.”
Greystorm continued walking down the runs gazing about him.  He felt a slight pull to a run that he remembered led to a smaller chamber.  Silently Greystorm walked in followed by Ochiba and the two rabbits stared at a stone table with the same ancient writing he had seen on the wall that led to Ether from Inle Warren. 
Stored away beneath the stone
Speak these ancient words
Let all be known.
The memories of the warrior seer
Shall come to life when he is near
And a warrior revived from sleep
Shall regain all that he held dear.
“What does the writing mean master?” Ochiba asked as Greystorm finished reading the inscription.
“That all my memories and powers lie beneath this stone table,” Greystorm said frowning at the table. He hadn’t remembered ever being in this chamber before yet something had pulled him here. 
“Beneath the stone…,” Greystorm murmured to himself.  Getting onto his belly he crawled towards the stone and saw a run that sloped downward.  Odd.  What is this?
“Ochiba stay up top.  I’m going to crawl into this run here and see what this is about.”
“Yes master.”
Crawling forward Greystorm tumbled down the run and landed in a small cave.  He got to his paws and looked around him before advancing forward.  Instantly he was assaulted by more memories and his long awaited powers flowed into him.  Shivering with power as it crackled around and in him his eyes turned crimson as the elemental twist blasted a hole through the roof of the cave that traveled up through the warren before dissipating in the air.  “I have all I need to slay the mother and father,” Greystorm said to Ochiba who bowed before he collapsed in a dead sleep. 
Hitsuki appeared in the cave that held Joyner and Shadowfax.  The two rabbits squealed in terror at the two Zorn rabbits in front of them.  “We’re not going to hurt you,” one of them said lying down to allow Hitsuki to climb off his back.  “Hitsuki here has promised to free us from Thanatos’s magic and control over us.”
Hitsuki looked at the four rabbits sadly.  The rabbits stared back at the seer.  “I apologize if this hurts,” Hitsuki said and pressed a paw to each of the bracelets surrounding the first guard’s legs.  The rabbit screamed in pain as the he was burned before a yellow light flowed over him healing the wounds.  Then he did the same to the collar and repeated the process to the other three rabbits whose screams filled the air.  A dark cloud of magic swirled above the rabbits before Hitsuki quickly stamped his paws on the cave wall destroying the darkness and with that little bit of power held over the rabbits in front of him.
“You’re free now,” Hitsuki said.  “Thanatos can’t control any rabbit that has the instruments of his torture removed by me.”
“Thank you for freeing us,” one of the guards said.  “My name is Glen and this is Pebble,” gesturing at Hitsuki’s second guard.  Pebble nodded his thanks. 
Hitsuki just nodded and lay down.  The four freed rabbits quickly discussed something quietly among themselves before turning to Hitsuki.  “We’ll serve and follow you Hitsuki-rah,” Pebble said. 
“I’m no chief,” Hitsuki said.  “Besides how can I be a chief when most rabbits detest seers and would seek to kill them or drive them from their warrens?”
“They’re ignorant,” Joyner said.  “They don’t know the gift they were given.”
“If you want to follow me that is fine. But I don’t want you to feel that you have to serve me just because I saved you from Thanatos.”
“We do this of our own free will and partly yes because you saved us,” Shadowfax said for the rabbits.  Hitsuki sighed and closed his eyes before nodding.  If they wanted to follow and serve him then that was fine as long as they didn’t betray them.
Little servant I see you have freed four rabbits from Thanatos, Shingetsu said.
Who are you?
I am your master.  The master and father of all seers.  I am more commonly known as the Black Rabbit of Inle.  I am chief of Inle Warren and am the one who takes the souls of dead rabbits back to the Shadow Land.  The seers are my gift to the warrens of the world and they remain loyal and obey only me.  You need not fear these four rabbits. They will follow and serve you. You have no need to fear their betrayal for they cannot betray you.  I’m glad to see you are free of Thanatos as well.
How can you know this master?
There was laughter in Hitsuki’s mind at the question.  Because little seer it is an ancient law I put into place. When a powerful seer such as yourself frees rabbits from an evil tyrant they can never betray the one who freed them. This protects both them and my servant from harm and death. Now sleep little seer and rest.  Do not trouble yourself anymore with these thoughts.  Grow stronger in body and power because you are destined to defeat Thanatos.

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