Saturday, July 13, 2013


Moneywort and Pumpkin watched the fire around them disappear as they appeared at the warren they presumed was Moonfell.  Birch saw them and ran towards them. 
“Moneywort! Pumpkin! You’re finally here!  Where are Fiver and Moonblossom?”
“Moonblossom and I got together and she’s back in Inle Warren with my kittens until they get stronger and then will be joining us here.  Fiver apparently has some training to do with our master so we’re not sure when he will be coming,” Moneywort said.
“Congratulations on you and Moonblossom becoming mates!  How many kittens do you have?”
“And you Pumpkin? Have you not found a mate yet?”
“No I’m afraid I haven’t Captain Birch. Though I don’t want a mate until this war is over for good.”
“That makes sense. Wait how do you know that I’m a Captain?”
Moneywort and Pumpkin smiled.  “Our master’s Owsla have been watching you and reporting news back to him which is relayed to us.  It gives us great pleasure that you are all well and have aligned yourselves with a friendly warren.”
Birch nodded.  He should have figured the Black Rabbit would send his rabbits to watch over them.  “Blackstone-rah is below ground.  Why did you come here anyway? Were you not happy in the Shadow Land.”
“Blackstone-rah gave Fiver and the three of us the option of living here and we figured he would be worried. Our master also told us to train a little seer that was born on the outskirts of Watership Down.”
“You must mean Hitsuki.  He was a prisoner of Thanatos before he escaped with his guards and there are two more escaped rabbits from Zorn. That’s Thanatos’s new warren.”
“And the alliance?”
“They tried to kill Hitsuki and killed the other rabbits who escaped with him except for a young buck named Vine and a doe named Kori.”
“Our master says little Hitsuki is the one to kill Thanatos. We will follow our master’s orders and assist his fellow servant in achieving this goal.”
Birch nodded and led them underground to Blackstone’s burrow.  “Blackstone-rah there are a couple of rabbits to see you.”
Blackstone came out of his burrow and smiled.  “Welcome Moneywort and Pumpkin to Moonfell! About time you arrived here!  Where are Fiver and Moonblossom?”
“Fiver has training to do in Inle Warren and we aren’t sure when he will be here.  Moonblossom is still in Inle Warren to nurse my five kittens and when the kittens are strong enough they will be coming here as well.  I am not sure about Fiver coming back though.”
“We know nothing of Shingetsu’s reasons for Fiver staying in Inle Warren but trust our master.”
“Congratulations on the kittens Moneywort.  I’m glad to have at least two seers here.”
“We also came to help Hitsuki on Shingetsu’s orders.”
“Good. He’s a powerful little seer and could use all the help he can get. You have some friends from Watership Down who have now become Moonfell rabbits.  Birch will show you where they are.”
Moneywort and Pumpkin nodded to Blackstone and followed Birch back into the run and to where Pipkin, Vine, Kori, Sunset, Zeus and Burdock were.  They were looking forward to seeing some familiar faces even if those rabbits hadn’t been part of their old warrens.

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