Friday, June 14, 2013

Seers of the Alliance

Frost, Twinleaf, Odin and Fern were on a wide patrol outside of Sunstone when they spotted a rabbit being attacked by a mother weasel and her young pup.  The Owsla members ran into the foray and began attacking the mother weasel and her pup.  They managed to fatally injure the mother weasel that took off but was unable to save her pup that fell to the Sunstone Owsla.  This was something that Lightstone-rah had taught his Owsla the same attack tactics that he had taught his Efrafan Owsla when he had been Woundwort.  His Owsla respected him more for his experience as a fighter and chief every day.
“Are you alright?” Frost asked the rabbit who was licking a cut on his front leg. 
“I’ll be fine once the full moon rises.  Thank you for saving me.”
“Odin, Captains Twinleaf and Fern look at this,” Frost called.  The three Owsla members walked over and gazed at the rabbit in shock.  It had emerald green eyes, a silver streak of fur between its ears and forest green vine patterns on its jet black body. 
“Come with us and we’ll take you to our warren,” Twinleaf said to the strange rabbit.  Behind him he heard Frost and Odin speaking quietly to each other.
“This rabbit… it looks like Prince Rainbow’s description of the Sunstone seer to Lightstone-rah at the Battle of Watership Down,” Frost said.
Odin nodded and looked at the rabbit that was in front of them.  Lightstone-rah had told them that if such a rabbit was found to bring it back to Sunstone so he could question it and see for himself it was the seer that Prince Rainbow had promised would come.  All the Sunstone rabbits trusted Prince Rainbow for he had arranged for Lightstone to save them from Cowslip and Silverweed and a life of sadness at the Shining Wire Warren.  Then Prince Rainbow had showed them Sunstone and protected Lightstone-rah when that mad rabbit had attacked Captain Holly of Watership Down.  They would gladly give their lives for their chief and his doe.
The only other incident they had was when Odin spotted a fox lurking near a meadow.  They pressed flat against the dirt and waited for the fox to leave before continuing home.  Finally they made it home and took the rabbit down to Lightstone-rah in his burrow.  “Lightstone-rah!  We have someone we believe may be of importance to Sunstone,” Fern called.  The Owsla positioned themselves around the possible seer and waited for Lightstone to come out.
Moneywort was above ground talking to Captain Avens. The Efrafan seer had come to Efrafa two moons ago and had proved very reliable to Campion-rah and the warren.  He was a huge white rabbit who spent most of his time helping keep watch for elil on the perimeter of Efrafa and making friends with many of the rabbits of their warren.
“Do you sense anything about what is to happen to us?” Captain Avens asked Moneywort.
“No Avens I don’t.  Not at the moment anyway.  If I have a vision of something bad to happen then the entire warren will know and the message will be relayed to Fiver and Pumpkin as well.  I have never heard of a rabbit like Blizzard before. It’s a mystery to me where he gets his power and from what I can see from conversing with Fiver and Pumpkin they have never heard of anything like this before either.”
“How is it you’re able to communicate with Fiver and Pumpkin telepathically?”
“It’s a trait we were given as seers of the alliance.  Fiver and Pumpkin experienced this trait at the time they became aware of my presence three moons ago.  It’s due to their directions that I was able to find Efrafa when it was in need.  It’s the same thing with Pumpkin entering Vleflain six moons ago. Fiver sensed her and guided her to Vleflain where as I understand it she has been received warmly by Vleflain and Groundsel-rah.”
“I just don’t get how you can communicate when our warrens are so far away from each other.”
Moneywort shook his head.  “All I know is it’s a gift given to seers by Lord Frith.  We aren’t sure exactly how it works or how seers are chosen.”
At Vleflain Pumpkin was lying on the grass watching the clouds sail by overhead when her body stiffened and her eyes dimmed as she was suddenly tuned into Moneywort’s thoughts.  She reached out with her mind over the telepathic link with one thought in her mind: The fourth has come.  Stonecrop saw Pumpkin fall and ran to get Groundsel-rah.
Fiver was watching Hawthorn, Marigold and Dogwood when he suddenly received Pumpkin’s telepathic link.  Jerking his head up in shock he staggered away from his nephews and niece and collapsed at the edge of the hill overlooking the down.  His body jerked and his eyes lost their focus as his breathing became shallow.  “Uncle Fiver!” Marigold screamed.  Alerted by the kitten’s screams Bigwig and Hazel ran over to Fiver.  “Fiver! Fiver!” Hazel shouted shaking his brother as the link that connected the three seers overcame him.
Moneywort’s eyes suddenly glazed over and he swayed before being caught by Avens.  The long awaited one has come to the fourth.  Eyes like emeralds and full of moonlight the fourth is a stranger to this world but honest and pure of heart.  Four will make a journey to a place not known on this plane and together the four will bring an end to the darkness.
Moneywort shuddered and his breathing returned to normal though his eyes remained glazed.  Campion-rah came up to Avens and stared at the Efrafan seer.  “What happened Avens?”
“I don’t know sir.  We were just talking about seers and the telepathic link they share and then suddenly Moneywort fell and had a vision.”
“Telepathic link?”
“Yes sir. Moneywort said it’s a gift given to seers and the seers of the alliance are able to communicate telepathically even if they are far apart from each other.  Sir do you think it’s possible that Fiver and Pumpkin had the exact same vision?”
“I don’t know but I think it is worth checking at Vleflain and Watership Down.  Take Moneywort to his burrow and have someone stay with him so he can rest.”
“Yes sir,” Avens and Shadow carefully picked up Moneywort between them and carried him down to his burrow in the former Fore Mark.
“How is this possible sir?” Yew asked.
“I don’t know Yew.  Perhaps this gift is something regular rabbits are forbidden to know about.  Send a runner to Vleflain and check on Pumpkin and see if there’s been any news of this happening at Watership Down.”
“Yes sir.”
Pumpkin shuddered and sat up.  Groundsel and Willow were beside their seer gazing at her with concern.  “What happened Pumpkin?”
“I’m not sure Willow.  I was just looking at the clouds and then got connected to Moneywort’s mind through the telepathic link we share and reached out to Fiver before I collapsed.  I’ll be alright in a few moments Groundsel-rah.  No need to worry.”
“I order you to go to your burrow and rest.  Are you saying you were experiencing a vision?”
“I think so sir.  My mind’s a big foggy at the moment but once the fog clears I’ll be able to tell you for certain.”
“Stonecrop please escort her to her burrow.  Then have Kehaar fly to Watership Down and Robin fly to Efrafa to check on Fiver and Moneywort.”
Stonecrop nodded and led Pumpkin to her burrow before emerging to tell Kehaar and Scree to fly to Watership Down and Efrafa.  The two birds took off on their respective missions.  Pumpkin lay in her burrow and tried to relax.  But the sudden vision and image… she shook her head and closed her eyes.
Fiver was assaulted with a fleeting image that vanished before he could focus on it.  He let out a scream of fear and then relaxed as the telepathic link faded and the vision of Moneywort’s vanished.  The three seers had the vision at the same time.  It was still something they were getting used to.  “Fiver! Are you alright?” Bigwig asked.  The Watership Owsla was at attention as they watched their seer, chief and one of their Captains.  Other Owsla members positioned themselves at the top of the hill overlooking the down searching for danger.
Fiver shook his head to get the fog out of his mind and shivered.  His eyes were still glazed over and his voice shook.  “I… I think so.  What happened?”
“Don’t you remember Fiver?” Hazel asked his brother.
“I remember watching Hawthorn, Marigold and Dogwood when Pumpkin and Moneywort appeared over the telepathic link we share.”  Fiver shook his head again.  “I’m sure I’ll be fine after I rest.”
Hazel nodded.  “Go on then.  I’ll make sure nobody disturbs you.”
Fiver nodded gratefully at Hazel and Bigwig and wandered off to his burrow he shared with Vilthuril and their kittens.  Bigwig looked up into the sky and suddenly saw Kehaar flying towards them. 
“What’s wrong Kehaar?” Bigwig asked the sea gull.
“Tha rabbit collapse at Vleflain.  Groundsel send me and Scree to see Hazel and Campion to see about Fiver and Moneywort.”
“Moneywort and Pumpkin had the vision as well?” Hazel asked.
“Pumpkin did.  Groundsel just say to fly to Watership Down and Efrafa to check on Fiver and Moneywort.  See if they have same experience as Pumpkin.”
“Fiver did. He’s in his burrow resting and isn’t able to talk to anyone right now.  What about Pumpkin?”
“Stonecrop take Pumpkin to her burrow.  I saw them before Stonecrop gave me and Scree Groundsel’s order.”
“Thank you Kehaar,” Hazel said.  “Get some rest and then go back and tell Groundsel that Fiver is resting and won’t be up for answering questions for a while.”
Kehaar walked over to his burrow settled down to sleep.  “Have you ever seen anything like that before Hazel?”
“No Bigwig.  There haven’t been any visions from any of them for a while.  Why suddenly now? And why did it hit them so hard?”
“I don’t know Hazel.  It’s strange.  Hopefully they’ll be able to recover.”
“The seers of the alliance are strong Bigwig.  I’m sure they will.”
“Screeeeee,” Scree said announcing his arrival at Efrafa as he landed on a tree branch and looked at the Efrafan rabbits as they scattered at the sight of the hawk. Campion hopped over to Scree.  “Scree is something wrong at Watership Down or Vleflain?”
“Vleflain seer collapse.  Poor bunny taken to burrow.  Groundsel send Kehaar and I to Watership and Efrafa to see about Fiver and Moneywort.”
The Efrafan rabbits who had bolted underground slowly came back up as they saw the hawk of Watership Down that Pipkin had befriended.  Prince Rainbow had put a red ribbon around one of Scree’s legs so the alliance would know this hawk was a friend.  Kehaar had been given a yellow ribbon that was around his leg as well. 
“Moneywort had a vision and collapsed.  He’s in his burrow. Do you know what’s going on Scree?”
Scree shook his head.  “Not know about strange bunnies and their gift. Nothing like it in hawk world.”
“Thank you Scree.  Tell Groundsel that we thank him for wanting to check on us.”
Scree nodded, spread his wings and made his way back to Vleflain.
“Fiver and Pumpkin are you two okay?” Moneywort asked his friends as he slowly extended his mind over the telepathic link.
“I… I think so.  What was that image I saw? I couldn’t see it clearly,” Pumpkin said.
“The image was fleeting in my mind but I saw it as well for an instant.  What was it?” Fiver asked, his frustration apparent over the link.
“I don’t know.  I’m sorry.  You know we can’t control these visions.  I didn’t mean for it to hurt either of you.”
“Don’t worry about it Moneywort.  It’s good that we are connected telepathically. Makes it easier for us to communicate without anyone else knowing what we’re talking about,” Fiver said trying to calm the anxiety and worry of his Efrafan friend.
The fourth has come.  What does that mean?” Pumpkin asked shaking her head to clear the fog that clouded her mind.
“I don’t know. But I didn’t sense any danger from the flash.”
“Should we tell them that we’ve been receiving flashes of Brimstone?” Fiver asked
“No.  It’s best we remain quiet for now. Otherwise we may be driven out. But we need to find the fourth. Perhaps the fourth can tell us.” Slowly Moneywort withdrew his mind and the telepathic link closed so the three seers could rest.
Lightstone hopped out of his burrow where a pregnant Harmony was sleeping.  After several moons of trying she was finally pregnant with his kittens.  He was excited but worried for his warren and his upcoming family due to the threat of Blizzard even though Sunstone would be safe from Blizzard.
“What is it? Harmony is resting and doesn’t need anyone disturbing her,” Lightstone said casting a quick glance back at his burrow.
“Very sorry Lightstone-rah but we found this rabbit being attacked by a mother weasel and her pup and we noticed she resembles the description Prince Rainbow gave you,” Odin said.
Lightstone looked at the rabbit and his eyes widened in shock.  Could this be the long awaited Sunstone seer? She certainly looks like the brief description I got though Prince Rainbow didn’t mention anything about her fur color or that she’d have a silver streak between her ears.  “Who are you and where do you come from?” Lightstone asked the doe.
“My name is Moonblossom and it is not for you to know right now where I come from Lightstone-rah.  Only know that I mean you and your warren no harm and come as an act of faith in your time of need.  You need not fear me nor any other rabbit at Sunstone for I come to help you.  I am the seer of Sunstone that was spoken of many moons ago.”
Lightstone looked again at the doe before him.  After his mistake with Silverweed he didn’t want to risk Sunstone again.  Prince Rainbow is this the seer of Sunstone?  An image of the doe flashed in his mind before vanishing with the words: Do not fear her. The words I spoke to you that day at Watership Down are true. She will be a true friend to Sunstone.
Lightstone nodded.  “Thank you for finally coming Moonblossom.  Captain Twinleaf will explain the rules of Sunstone of which I expect you to follow them.  Take her to a burrow.”
The Owsla nodded before they led her down the runs with Twinleaf explaining the rules of Sunstone and of the magic that protected them from elil and harm.  “I want this burrow,” Moonblossom suddenly said.  Twinleaf looked and saw they were beside Silverweed’s old burrow.
“Are you sure Moonblossom?  This burrow belonged to another seer and…”
“Silverweed of Shining Wire Warren.  Yes I know.”  Moonblossom stared into the burrow and her eyes flashed midnight black as a light filled the burrow before diminishing.  She turned back to Twinleaf and the other Owsla members, her eyes once again their normal color.  “The evil has vanished.  Please may I have this burrow Captain?”
Twinleaf looked at Fern, Frost and Odin and shrugged.  “Alright if you want it you can have it,” Twinleaf said.  “Welcome to Sunstone and may you be different from Silverweed.”
Moonblossom hopped into her burrow and watched as the four Owsla vanished up the run.   Turning back to the burrow she inspected every inch of it from where she sat using the moonlight between her ears and nodded as she no longer sensed any anger and darkness that had permeated the burrow since Silverweed had claimed it for his own moons ago. 
Master I am in Sunstone.
Good.  Do they know of whom you are my servant?
No Master.  Only of my name and that I am their seer. 
Did you face any difficulties at all on your way to the warren?
A weasel and her pup attacked me but the Owsla fatally injured the mother and killed the pup. The Owsla brought me to Sunstone and I cleansed Silverweed’s burrow after claiming it. 
That is unfortunate that you were attacked.  Your powers will be weak until the full moon in two days.  What of the three?
They have sensed my presence master but do not know who I am or where I am.
Very good Moonblossom.  Keep a low profile until they come to you. Serve Lightstone and Sunstone in any way you can without letting them know about you until the time is right.
Yes Master.

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