Sunday, June 16, 2013


Fern helped Honeysuckle to her feet.  When they crossed back over to the river Moonblossom peered at the doe.  She recognized small traces of her master’s magic on the doe.  Peering into the doe’s mind she brought up her last moments in Brimstone.  As the images flashed through the doe’s mind she also got the doe’s name. 
“This doe needs to be taken back to Sunstone Fern. We should get her there quickly before she dies.”
Fern nodded and they helped Honeysuckle to her feet and made their way home. Moonblossom was worried for her master.  He had spent a lot of power to protect the doe and send her through the magical barrier that covered Sunstone and the one hundred five yards.  She knew Blizzard was slowly draining her master’s power and energy.  She had to find a way to rescue her master before his power was drained and he died. 
The three rabbits made it back to Sunstone and took Honeysuckle down to Snowberry’s burrow.  Moonblossom placed her paws on Honeysuckle while Fern went to find Snowberry or Enya and quickly sent her master’s power back to him.  Nobody could find out about her master or her until the time was right and that wouldn’t happen until the three contacted her. 
Harmony was breathing heavily.  It was finally time for her kittens to arrive.  Lightstone was in the burrow pacing as two Owsla members sat outside guarding their chief’s burrow so his mate could birth in peace and quiet.  Harmony finally delivered the first baby which was a buck.  Fifteen minutes later followed twin does and another buck.  She licked her kittens dry and looked up at Lightstone who had stopped pacing when he had heard the first kitten’s cry. 
“What do you want to name them Lightstone?”
Lightstone looked at his kittens. They appeared perfectly healthy.  “How about Granite, Emerald, Iris, and Apple?”
“I think those are perfect.”  Harmony watched as the kittens nuzzled up against her teats and began nursing.  “I should rest.  Go tend to your duties as chief Lightstone.  We’ll be fine,” she said nuzzling Lightstone who took a last look at his kittens and went out the burrow.
“Congratulations Lightstone-rah,” Thyme said.  “Are you going to tell the entire warren?”
“Yes I am.  They need to know not to bother Harmony. This is our first litter and sometimes does will attack and kill their kittens. I don’t anything to happen to my family.”
“Don’t worry sir.  Anybody who thinks of harming Harmony or the kittens will have to kill us to do so.”
“Good.  If anything changes one of you come get me,” Lightstone ordered and then hopped off to gather his warren above ground. 
In Vleflain Willow had been in labor for an hour.  Groundsel was nervously watching his doe as she struggled to give birth. He knew that there was nothing he could do to help her but he was worried all the same.  Finally Willow cried out as she delivered five kittens.  Groundsel breathed a sigh of relief and checked over the kittens.  Three does and two bucks. 
“River, Snowdrop, Mallow, Dew, and Sparkle,” Willow said between breaths.  Groundsel nodded.  If that’s what Willow wanted his kittens to be named then he was happy. He was just glad the labor was over and the kittens and Willow appeared healthy though Willow was exhausted from the labor. 
“Aren’t Campion and Hazel supposed to have kittens as well today?” Groundsel asked Willow as she nudged the kittens towards her belly.  “Yes and Lightstone as well. Funny how we’re all having kittens on the same day,” Willow said laughing.
“It will be Hazel and Hyzenthlay’s second litter being born,” Groundsel said. 
“Yes it will.  I wonder how their first litter will deal with having new siblings?”
“I’m sure they’ll be fine.  Maybe all our kittens born today will be great friends to each other.”
“We can only hope,” Willow said.
Thyme was just entering the beginning of her labor.  Campion was a nervous wreck which many in Efrafa thought was funny as they had never seen their chief a nervous wreck even when he had been a captain under Lightstone.  The Efrafans were careful to stay far away from their chief’s burrow. His nervous wreck was making him rather snappy at any rabbit that happened to wander past his burrow. 
“Thyme do you need anything?” Campion asked. 
“How about you quit pacing like a jackrabbit and lay down so I can concentrate on giving birth?!” Thyme snapped at her mate.  Outside the burrow an Owsla Corporal sniggered.  What was it with does when they were in labor?  Sadly for the Owsla Corporal Campion heard the snigger and cuffed the rabbit across the face knocking him back into the run.  “Seriously not helping any Campion!” Thyme shouted having heard the Owsla Corporal get knocked into the run. 
Campion went back to watching Thyme and after what seemed liked hours but was only thirty minutes she gave birth to three kittens who they named Yucca, Coltsfoot, and Spark.  In Watership Down Hyzenthlay had just given birth to four kittens they named Daisy, Shula, Nettle, and Light.  They moved their first litter to another burrow as they were now old enough to be on their own. 
“Lightstone-rah I don’t mean to disturb you but an injured doe has been brought into Sunstone.  Fern and I found her at the river on the other bank,” Moonblossom said.  “Congrats on your kittens by the way.”
“Is the doe alright?  Has she spoken?”
“No Lightstone-rah.  Fern went to get Snowberry or Enya and have them tend to her wounds.  She seems to be coherent though and alert.”
“Thank you for telling me Moonblossom about the doe.  How did you know about my kittens?”
“Well Harmony has been pregnant for a month now so I figured they were bound to come soon.”
Lightstone looked at Moonblossom and shook his head before calling a meeting above ground. He still wasn’t sure what to make of the seer.  Everyone congratulated Lightstone on the kittens.  They all consented to give Harmony a few days to recover before they started badgering her to see the kittens.  Using Kehaar and Scree the four warrens soon knew that all the chief’s does had delivered healthy kittens. 
“How are Campion and Groundsel’s does?” Fiver asked Pumpkin and Moneywort.
“They’re fine,” Pumpkin and Moneywort said in unison.
“How’s Hazel and Hyzenthlay?” Pumpkin asked Fiver.
“Good.  My nephews and niece seem to be taking it okay having new brothers and sisters.”
Suddenly a strange mind entered the connection.  “Do not be afraid seers of the alliance,” the melodious voice said. 
“Who are you?” Moneywort asked.
“I am the fourth,” the voice replied.

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