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Dark Flame Chapter 9

“It has been a long time since I have seen you. What brings you to my humble abode?”
“My mate was kidnapped by a Trieste. I killed a few of them and we had to leave. I thought I would ask you for your help.”
“I see.” Rancor got up and walked over to us. He lowered his head to Jasmine and stared at her. “This vampire mate of yours has been in contact with Triestes before?” He asked.
“Yes. There was a Trieste at her school.”
“And it was the Trieste’s family you killed?”
“I can’t believe you finally found a mate after a thousand years.”
“Well this human drew me to her. Though I am still not sure what attracted me to her. Darkling was hunting her.”
“Darkling was a mistake. Even I don’t appreciate Ruby making him. He is the kind of vampire who will get us all killed.”
“Then why don’t you kill him? I know Rancor you have the power to do that.”
“Because then Ruby would whine about it and never let me hear the end of it. I should never have turned her.”
I’m hungry. Jasmine said to me.
You just fed a few minutes ago. I told you it isn’t good for you to be feeding nonstop like that. You’ll make yourself sick.
No not blood. I want food.
You need to sleep.
“Rancor what do you say? Do you mind us staying here?”
“Fine with me. Just wash your mate in the cold spring to get rid of that Trieste scent.”
I led Jasmine up two flights of stairs and led her down the hallway to the fourth door on the left. I shut the door on Jasmine and then went back to Rancor. He was feeding on one of the bleeders. A bleeder was a human who offered their blood to the vampires if they couldn’t feed. A vampire would need to feed on fifteen bleeders if he couldn’t hunt in order to stay alive.
“Are you hungry?”
“I fed a while ago.”
Rancor nodded to himself and then released the bleeder. I ignored the human and sat down in a chair. “Your sister is here.”
“Where is she?”
“I think she’s outback using some slaves as target practice.”
“Are you having trouble with your slaves Rancor?”
“Some of them still don’t understand the point of being silent. I had one slave who actually thought it would be funny to try to kill me.”
“Well I’m going to find Maya.”
“Have fun.”
I located Maya and quickly found her outside. Maya. Quit playing with the humans and turn around.
Maya ran to me and hugged me. The humans took that moment to run back inside. She was my blood daughter and at the same time my sister. I had turned her into a vampire after I had killed her family after being turned by Ruby but I hadn’t been able to kill Maya. I sank my fangs into her neck and lapped up a little of her blood as she did the same to me. It was a common greeting among vampire siblings.
“Where have you been Azul?”
“I recently came back from Greece Maya. How are you?”
“Doing OK. Zachary is here. And so is Sebastian.”
“Is he treating you and Sebastian good? I won’t have any vampire harassing my sister.”
“Don’t worry Azul he treats us well. Sebastian will be happy to see you.”
“I have something to tell you. I finally found myself a mate. She was turned a couple days ago.”
Sebastian was my nephew and Zachary was my brother-in-law. He was a few years older than me. I followed Maya back inside and up the first flight of stairs to the first room on the right. She opened the door and stepped aside so I could enter. Then I was knocked off my feet by Sebastian as he ran to me. Vampire children are a little bit stronger than a full grown vampire.
“Azul you’re here!”
I pushed Sebastian off me and got to my feet. Looking past Sebastian I saw Zachary laying on the bed. “Hello Zachary.”
“Azul.” He nodded.
“How is the hunting?”
“Going well.”
“I see. Maya come with me.”
I led Maya to my room and she followed me inside. She stared at Jasmine who was sitting on the bed. “Jasmine this is my sister Maya. Maya meet Jasmine.”
Jasmine’s Proverb:
“So this is your mate?” Maya asked Azul.
“Yeah. She was human before.”
“Azul she stinks of Trieste.”
“A Trieste tried to kill her Maya. That is why we are here at Rancor’s. Hiding from the rest of the Trieste’s clan. Plus Jasmine has entered insanity.”
“Well that makes sense. The shock of being turned into a vampire and than almost getting killed by a Trieste is bound to make any newborn vampire insane. Where is your pet?”
“I set him and his mother free. He earned his freedom by watching Jasmine for me.”
“What do you want me to do with her?”
“Take her to the cold spring and push her under the water until she is washed of that Trieste. I need to go hunting.”
“Very well.”
Azul left me alone with Maya. She was about fourteen years old. I stared at her not knowing what to say. Maya tossed her hair about her shoulders as we continued to sit in silence for a while.
“So your name is Jasmine?”
She apparated before me and threw me into the wall. She bared her fangs at me and growled deep in her chest. “If you really loved my brother than why did you talk to a Trieste and let a Trieste enter his home?!”
“I didn’t know the girl was a Trieste until she told me at school! And I didn’t invite her into Azul’s house. I would never put Azul in danger. I love him.”
“Love him? A stupid human girl in love with a vampire?! What do you know about love? You know nothing about my brother or about vampires!”
She released me and then disappeared. Since my tolerance for pain was high my body was already healing. I got to my feet and walked out of the room. I kept walking down the hallway and turned right to go downstairs. Without warning another vampire appeared in front of me and threw me the rest of the way down the stairs. He bent his head toward me and sniffed my hair. With a disgusted look on his face he drew his head back and I could see his eyes had changed to the color of blood. He cuffed me across the face and then wrapped his hand around my throat and apparated us into the basement of the mansion.
“So you’re a new vampire?”
“You stink of Trieste! I hate Trieste’s.”
“Acorn come here.” He called to another vampire.
“What is it Light?”
“Come help me teach this Youngling a lesson.”
“What’s wrong with it?”
“It has associated with Triestes.”
The vampire named Acorn stepped into view and stared at me. He had tousled brown hair and black eyes like all vampires. He stared into my eyes and I felt him search through my mind.
“Light don’t be a fool! This is Azul’s mate and his blood daughter.”
“It’s Azul’s? Well then it is going to pay.”
“You idiot Azul will kill you if you touch her!”
“Then if you won’t help me I’ll find someone who will.”
“I’m not going to allow this Light. Leave her alone and go torture some slaves.”
“Cassidy, Shade, Marcus, Ronnel come here and help me!”
The four vampires quickly appeared and held me down. Light walked over to me and kicked me in the stomach. I cried out in pain and tried to jerk my arms out of Shade’s grasp but he was older than me and I hadn’t learned how to fight yet. Suddenly a tiger leaped at one of the vampires and savagely sank its teeth into the vampire. Two of the other vampires ran to help the vampire caught in the tiger’s bite while Shade continued to hold me down.
“AZUL!” I screamed.
Light knelt over me and buried his fangs into my neck. I let out another scream and somehow managed to kick him in the knees. He swore and yanked me off the ground before throwing me into a mirror. The mirror shattered and the pieces fell around me as I collapsed onto the ground.
The tiger cried out in pain as one of the vampires picked up a desk and threw it at the tiger. The injured vampire sat there and put his hands to his wound as it quickly healed. Light grabbed me and dragged me into another room. I heard a vampire yell in pain. Shade shut the door behind Light and stood there as Light rummaged through a chest. Then he held up a collar and quickly placed it around my neck.
“Do you know what this is?” He asked me.
I shook my head in response. Light started laughing and threw on a switch that was on the wall. I screamed in pain as electricity coursed through my body. Then Light lifted a panel and pressed his hand against it. I saw a flash of red light as his hand was scanned and then the floor opened beneath me. I fell through the floor and landed hard on the cement floor below. Light and Shade jumped down and started hitting me.
“This youngling will lead the Triestes right to us. Shade go help the others.”
“As you wish Light.”
I couldn’t see anything but blackness but I felt a cold breeze wafting through the tunnel. Light undid the collar and dragged me down the tunnel. It was freezing cold. There were some overhead fluorescent lights spaced two feet apart from each other. I could hear laughing on either side of me. So this tunnel must have rooms that led to other places throughout the mansion. But where was I being taken too? And why did I get the feeling that it wasn’t going to be good?
Acorn’s Proverb:
I resumed my human form and snarled as Cassidy and Marcus circled me. I had to help Azul’s mate. He was after all my blood father. I warily watched Shade approach me from the front. I wasn’t sure where Ronnel was. Growling I waited until Shade leaped at me and then dodged him. He slammed into Cassidy and Marcus and the three of them went flying through the air.
I glanced up just in time to see Ronnel jump down and slash at me with a knife. I staggered back and lashed out at Ronnel with my mind. He snarled and threw my power back at me. Azul I need your help. Light has your mate. I’m battling four of his minions.
“Why do you bother helping that stinking vampire Acorn? What is she to you?”
“She is my blood father’s mate and I will not allow you to destroy her!”
“What has Azul ever done for you?”
“He stayed me with to teach me my powers as a child of Rancor. No other vampire has done that before with their fledglings. He took me in when I was hiding from the Triestes. I owe it to him to protect his mate.”
I lunged at Ronnel and bit down on his throat. He snarled and quickly stabbed me again in the stomach. I managed to keep away from the others as Ronnel and I fought each other. But I was weakening. I hadn’t hunted for two weeks and wasn’t up to my usual strength. Suddenly the door blasted against the wall and slammed into us knocking us away from each other. I looked up and saw Azul standing there in a wall of fire, his eyes a cold steely gray.
“Fuck.” Ronnel muttered. He got to his feet and lunged at Azul but Azul shot a blast of fire at Ronnel and he screamed as the fire covered his body. I watched Ronnel burn to a pile of ash. Shade, Cassidy and Marcus suddenly froze in their tracks. They were afraid of Azul but more afraid of Light. They lunged at Azul and he quickly shot some lightning at Shade which knocked him to the ground. Marcus leapt at him and tried to stab him in the heart but Azul grabbed Marcus in mid-leap and twisted Marcus’s head off.
I turned to Cassidy and quickly buried my fangs into his throat. His blood would make me stronger but also drunk. Where is she? Azul asked me with his mind. I jerked my head towards the door behind me. Azul disappeared and ripped the door off its hinges and then jumped down into the tunnels below the mansion.
Azul’s Proverb:
I had heard Acorn’s thoughts in my head as I was feeding. I dropped my prey and ran back towards Rancor’s mansion. I focused my mind on Jasmine and followed her silent screams to the building behind the mansion. It was an escape route for the vampires in time of need and also led to the cold spring. What the hell had my sister been thinking leaving Jasmine by herself!
I finished off two of Light’s lackeys and ran into the room that led down to the tunnels. Once I got there I followed Jasmine’s scent down the tunnel and ran into the lounge area that led to a meadow a few yards away. The other vampires saw me and quickly left the room. They knew I was enraged and they were not stupid enough to tangle with me.
“WHERE IS LIGHT?!” I shouted to the vampires there.
“He took the side tunnel that leads to the training area.” A vampire named Skylia said.
I apparated and quickly found Light beating Jasmine. There was no way he would live through what I had planned for him. “LIGHT!”
“Oh Azul how nice of you to join us.” Light snapped his fingers and instantly a hundred vampires appeared between us. “You know what to do.”
As one the vampires lunged at me. “I don’t have time for this.” I closed my eyes and focused all of my powers together. Then I opened them and released my balled up powers at the vampires who were stupid enough to tangle with me. They screamed as they burst into ashes.
“Azul help me.” Jasmine sobbed.
“Light get away from her.”
“No. I think I’ll stay here and watch her get turned into food for the werewolf right here.”
“Werewolf?” I asked. Then “NO!”
If that werewolf bit Jasmine she would transform into a werewolf herself. And then she would be a slave of Light’s forever. I quickly generated some lightning and mixed that with a wave of fire and shot it at the werewolf. It howled in pain and then loped over to me. Snarling I kept out of range of its teeth and quickly tore into its flesh. Luckily werewolf blood did not turn a vampire into a werewolf. It was only the bite.
I made a sword out of fire and plunged it into the werewolf’s heart. It screamed as the fire swept through its body and burned its heart up. Then it lay there on the ground still. Light’s eyes widened in horror. Apparently he had forgotten how strong I was.
I threw him into the wall and quickly released Jasmine’s bonds. I used my mind to shield her from the battle that was to come and then turned to Light. He snarled at me and then we lunged at each other, parrying each other’s power.
I kept my mind focused and quickly drew Light’s blood. He tore into my flesh with his teeth and ripped a chunk away. My wound quickly healed and then I used the last of my energy to slay Light. His dying screams sounded in my ears as the room went up in flames and crumbled around us.

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