Friday, March 8, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 8

“What’s the matter vampire? Scared that I’ll hurt her?” The Trieste spoke.
“Don’t touch her Trieste or I’ll kill you very slowly!” I growled.
“Don’t worry child. I’ll make sure the Old Blood doesn’t harass you.”
I turned and that was when something hit me. I fell to the ground and blinked my eyes to see another Trieste standing in front of me. “Tie him up with the other vampire. Good work daughter.” The woman said.
“So this is your clan is it Trieste?” I spat at her.
“Yes. I told my family that there were vampires here and then when the girl, Jasmine, disappeared I began to suspect a vampire had been at work though I wasn’t sure which one. I had a feeling it was you though so I brought the rest of my family here.”
“Typical. Too stupid to take me on by yourself.”
She nodded and then motioned to a couple of other Triestes who had appeared when I had been on the ground. I was angry now and was going to make sure these Triestes paid for stealing my Jasmine. I took the stance I used for directing lightning and then directed some at the stupid Trieste in front of me. She fell back on the ground stunned. Snarling I whirled to face the other two who were behind me and quickly ripped one’s throat out, being careful to not drink any of the blood and twisted the other one’s head off.
“Jaylee.” The young girl moaned.
I looked at the young Trieste and threw some lightning at her. She screamed and dropped the knife, her body shuddering from the blast. I transformed and flew at the girl and buried my beak into her eyes. She let out another scream and clawed at her face with her hands. Quickly I undid the rope that was bonding Jasmine’s hands behind her back.
“Come on let’s get out of here.” I grabbed her and apparated us away from there. A few minutes later we were in British Columbia. We were standing deep in a forest with trees all around us. I turned to Jasmine and helped her stand up.
“Are you alright?”
“I think so. How did that Trieste know I was a vampire?”
“They call tell who vampires are, just as we can tell the difference between a human and a Trieste.”
“Where are we?
“In Canada. I have a friend here who can help us for a while.”
“You’ll be starting to change soon. In a week you’ll become insane and it won’t be safe for you to be around people for four years. Since I just killed two Triestes and blinded the daughter of a very powerful clan of witches it is dangerous for us to be around humans. And they will make sure to hunt me down and kill me.”
Suddenly Jasmine screamed and fell to her knees. I knelt down and shook her. “What’s wrong Jasmine?”
“I feel strange.”
“You’re probably just hungry.”
“No it’s different. Ah!”
“It’ll be OK Jasmine. Just try to relax.”
“Azul help me!” She was crying.
“I think you’re going through the changing from sanity to insanity early. That is why you’re going through so much pain. Plus the trauma of being kidnapped and almost killed by a Trieste has your body under stress.”
I watched as the insanity took over her mind and body in silence. I had never had a fledgling turn insane so quickly. Could it be possible that she had never wanted to be a vampire in the first place? Had I made a mistake in wanting her to be my mate?
Jasmine’s Proverb:
Slowly but surely my body settled down but now I was afraid. I couldn’t remember anything but then I noticed Azul. He was kneeling over me with a worried expression in his eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that I was alright. Then he bent down and kissed my head. Then my vision and hearing faded.
“Azul? Azul where are you?”
“I’m right here Jasmine.”
“I can’t see or hear you. Azul!” She started crying.
“It’s OK sweet heart.”
I was scared. Somehow I managed to climb to my feet and turned my head left and right desperate to see Azul. The tears were flowing down my eyes and then I started running away.
I was frightened and kept running. I don’t know how long my vision and hearing were gone but slowly they came back. Then I heard the sound of footfalls in the distance. My stomach growled and I felt the strange taste that I had when I had been feeding on the human boy. A snarl escaped from my lips as I heard a gunshot and then ran towards it. Before I knew it I had ran into a hunter and knocked him to the ground.
My fangs were dripping with saliva and I bared my fangs at the man. Snarling I tore into his neck as he screamed in terror and tried to shove me off but my newfound strength held him down. I couldn’t stop myself as I tore open the jugular vein and then tore holes into his body with my long fingernails and teeth, sucking the blood from the man’s body. Azul came up to me at that moment in wolf form and stopped beside me.
“What are you doing?!” He screamed at me as he resumed his normal form.
He grabbed me and threw me away from the human. I flew through a tree and crashed to the forest floor. “Stupid Jasmine.” He muttered. He stared at the human and shook his head. Sighing he buried his fangs into the human’s neck and started to feed. He grunted as he tore off the flesh and swallowed it.
“Jasmine you made a mess of things. “ He sighed. “Still your insane now so I can’t be mad at you. I have no idea why this human was here. Usually they aren’t this far north.”
“No Azul humans have changed since you were mortal. They come into forests in Canada hunting grizzly bears and wolves.”
“Come on let’s go. Take my hand.”
I took his hand. Then I yanked it back. I was surprised that my hands were cold as ice but then I remembered that all vampires have hands as cold as ice. Suddenly we were in front of a mansion with trees all around us. Azul led me inside and nodded to someone sitting on the chair.
“Azul nice to see you again.”
“Hello Rancor.”

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