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Dark Flame Chapter 7

Jasmine’s Proverb:
My body still hurt with pain from the transformation but at the same time my new senses were starting to take effect. Azul stopped the car in the parking lot and then we got out. I was starving though whether it was for blood or food I had no idea. Azul put his arm around my waist and walked with me into the entrance of the restaurant.
“Now that you are a vampire you should know what we keep in the back. There are humans in the back of the restaurant for us to feed on. I’ll take you back there so you can feed.”
“Do you feed them?”
“Yes. But they only get scraps. We feed them enough to keep them alive until a vampire needs to feed. They are kept in cages. It might be a bit of a shock for you. Are you sure you can handle it? If you’re not ready we can go home.”
“No I’ll be fine Azul.”
The dim lights made it easy on my sensitive eyesight. I was surprised that there were humans working in the restaurant. Azul must have read the look on my face because he shrugged and led me over to the bar. I recognized the human who had tried to date me when I had been mortal.
“Get Jasper.” Azul commanded.
The human broke his gaze with me and quickly left. In a few minutes the vampire who must have been Jasper appeared. He looked at me and then at Azul and nodded. I could feel him enter my head and I jerked back startled.
“Get out of her head Jasper.” Azul warned.
“You made her your mate and a vampire? No wonder my pet looked freaked out.” He turned to me. “I’m sorry Jasmine. I just didn’t believe my pet when he told me you were a vampire and that you belonged to my blood father Azul. Where do you want to sit?”
“In the back is fine. But Jasmine needs to feed.”
“Take your time.”
Azul led me to the back of the restaurant and through a metal door. As we stepped inside I could feel a strange taste on my mouth and saliva started dribbling down my chin. Azul started laughing and let me go. “If you need help getting a cage open just tell me. I could do for a drink myself.”
Azul walked away from me and easily unfastened a lock from a cage a few feet away. He pulled out a human girl and then locked the cage before tossing her into a wall. Then he picked her up and started drinking her blood. The blood made me dizzy. I wandered around for a few minutes looking at the cringing humans in the cages and then dragged out a young boy. I held him down on the floor and lowered my fangs to his neck as he let out a scream of terror.
The sweet taste of the blood was overpowering. It was like I couldn’t get enough of that taste. I needed more. I grabbed another human from the cage and hungrily lapped up its blood. Azul grabbed me and tossed the dying human back into the cage. He threw me into the wall and held me there.
“Enough Jasmine. I know the blood lust is overpowering in you but you can’t drink too much blood at once otherwise you’ll get sick. Come on wipe your face and let’s go back to the main part of the restaurant and order something to eat. You need some food in you as well.”
“But I’m hungry.” I whined.
Azul shook his head and growled a warning at me. “Don’t make me hurt you Jasmine. You are my mate but you are also my blood daughter. I won’t hesitate to hurt you if you defy me.”
I nodded and followed Azul back to the main area of the restaurant. We sat at our table and the young man who I had seen earlier took our order. I was tired. “Azul?”
“Am I supposed to feel tired?”
“Did you sleep at all today?”
“Then that is why you are tired. The transformation doesn’t make you tired. It will make you crazy though. Like I mentioned before, you won’t notice any changes at first. In a week you will start to notice the changes of becoming insane.”
We ate our food and then went home. Azul carried me to his room and laid me on his bed. He sat beside me and stroked my hair. I noticed that he seemed bothered about something. I sat up and rubbed my eyes to keep from falling asleep.
“What’s wrong Azul?”
“Nothing Jasmine. I’m thinking about something.”
“What is it? Please tell me.”
“I’ll tell you tomorrow. Now you need to sleep.”
“Sleep Jasmine. Tomorrow.”
Azul’s Proverb:
“Good morning my love.”
“Azul I had the most crazy dream. I dreamed that I was a vampire.”
“That wasn’t a dream. You really are a vampire. What you don’t remember that?”
“I guess not.” She licked her fangs and her eyes widened in surprise. I shrugged and walked into the kitchen. I started making lunch while Jasmine tried to deal with the realization that she was now no longer alive. A few minutes later she appeared dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. I growled low in my chest as Jasmine came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me. I shook her off and slammed her into the wall baring my fangs.
“Enough!” I screamed at her. “Do you want me to regret changing you and choosing you as my mate? You wanted this! I could see it in your mind when I first saw you in the office when I picked up my class schedule. I can still see it in your mind now.”
“I want to practice my powers.” She looked at me, begging me with her eyes.
“After we eat. You’re still tired from the change. Besides it will take a few days for your powers to start appearing anyway. It is one of the drawbacks about being a newborn vampire.”
I released her and then turned the stove off and served us lunch. I kept a wary eye on Jasmine in case she decided to attack me. It wasn’t unusual for a newborn vampire to attack their blood father or blood mother after being turned as a way to test their new found strength and powers. Thankfully I had never been attacked by any of my fledglings. I believed it was because I stayed with them all for the entire time they were insane which was four years to help guide them in the ways of our kind and teach them their new powers and how to tell who was a Trieste and who was human.
“Can new vampires get pregnant right away?”
“Why do you ask? Do you want to have children in your condition? We haven’t even had sex yet Jasmine. I let you sleep when we got home from Jasper’s last night.”
“I know. I just was wondering.”
“Wondering or thinking about having a baby with me?”
“Both.” She admitted.
“Well no I’m not going to get you pregnant right now. Soon you’ll become insane and then we’ll have to leave here. In fact I’ve stayed here too long already. That Trieste you talked to as a human will most likely investigate or go back to her clan to inform them of an Old Blood here and of the other vampires who are here. She will wonder why you are not in school and begin to suspect that I killed your or turned you into a vampire.”
“I can kill the Trieste easily.”
“I doubt that. You are young and would just get yourself killed. That Trieste is young but is older than you are Jasmine. No she needs to be dealt with by an Old Blood or even an Elder.”
“Won’t her clan attack the vampires who killed her?”
“Yes. But so far we haven’t been in a war with the Triestes yet. They don’t seem to care that we take on human slaves. They just hate vampires.”
“This story is best told to you by an Ancient. They are not fond of leaving their palace. I don’t know enough of the story to tell you.”
“How do you get to see an Ancient?”
“Just go to their palace and ask to see one of them.”
“Where is that?”
“About ten thousand miles away from here. It’s inside a mountain that is hidden in a forest in Romania.”
“Have you ever been there?”
“Yeah I’ve been there five times. It is very impressive.”
I took Jasmine back upstairs to bed and laid her on the blanket. “I should let you know Jasmine that when vampires have sex they bit each other.”
“It has to do with when we have sex we get thirsty and being close to another vampire or a slave as the case may be, our minds become unstable for a while. But if you don’t want me to bite you then I’ll just bite the pillow.”
“How much blood do you drink?”
“Not a lot. Enough to satisfy our blood lust.”
I kissed her and then lowered my fangs to her neck and sank them into her jugular vein. She let out a scream as my fangs pierced her vein and sank beneath the skin. I lapped up the blood and ripped the clothes from her body as I knelt over her and quickly undid my jeans. I was gentle as I entered her and took my time so she wouldn’t be in pain. As a new vampire she was going to be very sensitive to pain for a couple of weeks. Even if I tore her inside it would heal within a matter of minutes, however I didn’t want to hurt her anymore than was necessary.
After two hours I withdrew from her and went to hop in the shower. I licked the blood from my lips and swallowed it as I scrubbed myself with the soapy washcloth. I made sure to wipe myself clean of her blood and then wrapped a towel around myself. As I stepped out of the bathroom I froze. Something was wrong.
I ran upstairs to our bedroom and threw open the door. Jasmine wasn’t there but I could see the place was trashed. I threw some clothes on and then ran downstairs to look for her. Where is she? Frantic I transformed into a raven and flew from the open door searching for her. Where could she have gotten to? As a new vampire it was dangerous for her to be out alone without me. Her powers would take a month to surface and she was going to become insane in a week.
Within an hour I had found a trail and alighted on the ground. I resumed my human body and sniffed the air. Suddenly I jerked back and let out a howl of anger. There was the scent of Jasmine but there was also the scent of a Trieste close by. A Trieste had stolen my mate and been in my house?!
I ran along the path which I quickly realized was a maze of thick brush and trees. Focusing on her mind I quickly found the right way and ran towards her. Skidding to a stop I saw her bound and lying on the forest floor with the young Trieste I had seen at school. She had a knife in her hand and was standing over Jasmine.

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