Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 6

Azul’s Proverb:
It was good to be home. I wiped the fresh blood from my lips and collapsed on the couch in the library. I had flown all the way instead of apparating. It was a stupid idea so I was exhausted. I had fed in New Jersey before continuing the rest of the way to Acadia, Washington. I wondered if Jasmine had finished reading my autobiography.
I was hungry so I got up and fixed myself something to eat. Breeze had apparently stocked up on food when he found out I was coming home. As I was cooking there was a knock on the door. Smiling to myself I waited until Breeze and Jasmine came in. Jasmine ran into me and almost knocked me down.
“Azul you’re back!”
“I take it you are happy to see me?”
“Yes! I have something to tell you.”
I glanced at Breeze and jerked my head. He quickly went to fix the food as Jasmine and I walked back to the library. I sat down and she pulled out my autobiography and handed it to me. I placed it back on the book shelf and returned to her.
“What do you have to tell me?”
“I want to become a vampire.”
“Are you sure? Is that really what you want?”
“What about the other thing that we talked about?”
“I would be happy to be your mate.”
“That is GREAT news!” I shouted and hugged her.
“Azul how do I become a vampire?”
“I’ll have to drink all your blood and then mix my blood with yours in your final minutes of life. Then I’ll drain the rest of your blood from your body. Your body will then go through changes. Your eyesight will be the first thing to go. You won’t be able to see for half an hour as your eyes turn to black and your eyesight becomes the sight of a vampire. Then your hearing will disappear for two hours. You won’t be able to hear me and your head will hurt like fire as your hearing adjusts. The last thing to change will be your body. It will feel like it is on fire. Your heart, breathing and pulse will stop. You’ll be in terrible pain and this lasts for three hours. After five and a half hours you’ll finally become a vampire.”
“Will I feel different?”
“Yes you will though you may not notice the changes right away.”
“When can I become a vampire?”
“You really want to become a vampire so soon?”
Jasmine nodded. Breeze get out of here! Matter of fact I’ll grant you your freedom now. You have earned it like I said. I can buy your mother and then sit her free. Just give me a few seconds.
“Jasmine I have something to take care of. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”
I pushed her away and went to get Breeze. Then we got in my car and drove for twenty miles until we got to a mansion sitting on the edge of a state park. “Wait here. After all according to this vampire you are still my slave.”
“I understand Azul. Is my mom still alive?”
“That is what I am going to find out.”
I walked into the mansion and noticed a couple of slave children playing in the hallway. When they saw me they immediately stopped and bowed low. I ignored them and continued walking down the hallway and up the stairs to a room in the West Wing. This was the home of a Youngling called Yeager. He was only two hundred years old, yet he had managed to gain a mansion by killing off the entire family.
“Azul what brings you here?”
“Hello Yeager. I have come to buy a slave woman from you.”
“What kind of a slave?”
“A breeder.”
“I thought you only had a ten year old human slave?”
“I do. But I want the boy’s mother.”
“So he can watch while I torture her. Sometimes he doesn’t obey me and if he saw his mom getting beaten then maybe that would make him mind.”
“Yes it is so much easier to control slave children when they watch their mothers get tortured or raped. Makes them think twice about running away.”
“What’s her name?”
“So where is she?”
“Down in the basement with the other breeders. I’ll have another slave bring her up.”
Yeager called one of the children I had seen earlier and told it to go get Breeze’s mother. Yeager offered me a bleeder while we waited and I accepted his offer. I would need all my self control and strength if I was going to turn my mate into a vampire. It wasn’t long before the child had come back with Rosaline. She glanced at me from the floor and then quickly dropped her head as Yeager growled at her.
“How much do you want for her?”
“40.00. She isn’t exactly doing her job.”
“What do you mean she isn’t doing her job?”
“She isn’t popping out as many slaves as she should.”
“You know humans can only have a baby every year.”
“Don’t forget Azul that we can decide how many children to impregnate our mates and slaves with.”
“How many kids are you expecting her to carry at a time Yeager?”
“Five. Means more money for me.”
“Well no wonder she isn’t doing her job. You’re pushing her body beyond its normal limits. Maybe if you only had her carry one child a year then she would bring more slaves into the world.”
“Get her out of my sight.”
I gave Yeager the money and then jerked my head to the door. Rosaline quickly went outside and followed me out to the car. I held up my hand and she bumped into me.
“You are Breeze’s mother correct?”
“Yes Master.”
“Don’t call me that. I have a present for you. Two actually. I have set Breeze free. He is in the car waiting for you. You are now free. I only bought you in order to set you free. Breeze would have been set free at thirteen but I am making my mate a vampire tonight so I decided to give Breeze his freedom three years early instead.
“I have a house I don’t use anymore. It’s in Athens, Greece. I fixed it up while I was living there.”
We climbed into the car and Rosaline grabbed Breeze. They hugged each other and cried as I drove the car to the airport. I had already bought their tickets and handed the tickets to Breeze. Then I got back in my car and drove home.
It was dark when I got home. Jasmine was asleep in the library. I watched her for a few minutes and then decided to clean up the house. I was tired so I carried Jasmine to my bed and covered her up. Then I lay down beside her and fell asleep.
It was nine in the evening when I woke up. Jasmine wasn’t in bed. I reached out to her with my mind and found that she was downstairs in the kitchen. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, transformed into my wolf form and ran down the stairs. I yipped a hello and then sat on the floor watching Jasmine.
“Azul you scared me.”
I whined and lowered my ears. I didn’t mean to scare you Jasmine.
“That’s OK. Where is Breeze?”
I set him free. Him and his mother. That was where I was today at the vampire who had Breeze’s mother. They are living in the house I was staying in while in Greece.
“I want to be a vampire.”
Very well. Are you sure you can handle the changes that will happen to your body?
She nodded with a smile on her face. I resumed my human form and walked over to her. I pressed her against the wall and sank my fangs into her neck. She let out a gasp of pain as my fangs pierced her skin but then wrapped her arms around me tightly. I lapped up the blood that was flowing from her veins and after several minutes quickly cut her along the collarbone and mixed my blood with hers.
As her blood flowed into me my body jerked back but I kept my wrist pressed against her. Then I removed it and lapped up the last traces of human blood from her veins. I carried her back upstairs and laid her on my bed and sat on top of her, holding her down. Some humans as they were being turned fought their blood mother or blood father as their body adjusted to the changes of death and coming back to life.
“It hurts Azul.”
“I know it hurts. But don’t worry this is just the first part. It will be over in a few hours.”
“Make it stop. Please.”
“I can’t make it stop.”
She screamed in pain as her eyesight diminished. I held her down as her body trashed under me. It will be OK. Everything will be better soon. You can do this Jasmine. I know you can. In a few hours her change was complete and she lay underneath me covered in sweat and panting.
I stared at her black eyes and gently kissed her. “How do you feel Jasmine?”
“We can to that vampire restaurant I told you about if you’d like.”
“Yeah that would be nice.”
I got up and went into the closet to get her a strapless dress that I had bought for her from Greece. It was made of lavender silk and came with a set of peach high heels. I held the dress out to her and went outside so she could change. A few minutes later she came out with her hair tied back into a ponytail.
“You may want to get a shower before we go.”
She nodded and hopped into the shower. After she had blow dried her hair and brushed it we got in the car and drove to the restaurant. I looked at her. Already her complexion had changed. There was a glow about her fair skin. Almost as if a light was shining through her. I could still taste her blood on my tongue. The memory of her blood flowing into my mouth made me grimace in pain. Would she hate me for what I had done to her? Would she try to kill me?

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