Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 5

During the middle of a test for Physics the speaker came on. Everyone looked up from their tests. “All students please remain in your classes. We have just found a dead student in the hallway. The police have been called and the school is on lockdown.”
I glanced at the clock. 11:00 in the morning. It had taken three hours for anyone to find Jaguar’s body?
“All right class back to work.”
Everyone went back to work. I finished my exam in ten minutes and handed it into the teacher. Then I sat there until everyone else had finished. Half an hour later the school let out for the rest of the day. Our teacher handed us a notice saying school would be closed for two weeks due to an investigation into Jaguar’s death.
“Jasmine we’re leaving. Grab onto me.”
She grabbed my arm and I apparated us back to my home. “I killed Jaguar. He was a threat to you and I don’t take kindly to other vampires harassing my mate. I’ll be in trouble with this from the elders and possibly the ancients. So I have to leave for a while. I’ll leave Breeze with you. The elders and ancients won’t hesitate to kill him because he belongs to me. They will kill you as well.”
“But I’m not your mate. And why can’t I go with you?”
“Why would you want to go with me if you don’t consider yourself my mate?”
“Because I can be your eyes and ears during the day while you sleep.”
“Have you forgotten that I can come out during the daytime?”
“No I haven’t. But if you’re in trouble from the elders and ancients for killing another vampire then it would make sense for you to only come out at night and for me to be your eyes and ears during the day.”
“You’re right Jasmine. But I can’t take you with me. What would your parents think if you went missing? They would probably call the police and start looking for you.”
I went to get Breeze. “You’re going to live with Jasmine for a while. I want you to listen to her and do whatever she tells you. I don’t know when I’ll be back so if something happens to me you’ll pass into the ownership of Jasmine.”
“But she isn’t even a vampire Azul.”
“No but she will be eventually. I can tell she wants to be a vampire but she doesn’t know exactly how to tell me.”
“I’ll do whatever I can to make you happy Azul.”
I transported Breeze and Jasmine to her home and then disappeared. I appeared at sunset in Athens, Greece. This would be my home for the next few months until I got the elders and ancients off my back. Even though I was an Old Blood I was no match for an elder or an ancient. I might be able to beat a weak elder but could never beat an ancient until I became an elder.
I transformed into a raven and flew off searching for a home to live in for the next few months. Even though I hated coffins and didn’t need to sleep in one I figured it would do some good for me to start sleeping in a coffin. Hopefully that would deter the elders and ancients from harming me. Shortly before ten in the evening I found a home in the countryside and flew in through an open window. I could smell the stench of death here. No one had lived here for a while.
I flew back outside and looked for a funeral home. Spotting one I flew in and found a coffin I liked. It was made of cherry with white satin on the inside. I grabbed the coffin and apparated back to my home. As dawn appeared on the horizon I climbed inside the coffin and fell asleep.
Jasmine’s Proverb:
I figured I would ask Breeze more about the vampires and their world since he had grown up as a pet of Azul. I wondered if this was the first time Breeze had ever been away from Azul before. I knew I had to help Breeze and look after myself because there were vampires who wouldn’t hesitate to kill me or Breeze because of our connection to Azul.
“Breeze do you mind if I ask you a question?”
“Not at all. Azul says I have to obey you while he is away and that I will pass into your ownership if he dies.”
“Were you born into slavery?
“Yes. My mother was a breeder and my father was a slave. Breeders are women who the vampires keep to make more slaves. They aren’t really slaves but they aren’t free either. I don’t know how to describe breeders to you. They are just pieces of meat according to the vampires.”
“Did Azul ever talk about you being set free?”
“No. I don’t think he knows what he’s going to do with me when I become an adult.”
“Do you like being the slave of a vampire?”
“It’s not bad. Azul treats me better than most of his kind would. Most vampires beat their slaves for everything they do. For the female human slaves they get raped as well.”
“Did Azul have any slaves before you?”
“He’ll kill me if I tell you this but yes he did. A female human. She was only eleven when he got her. He liked her just the way she was and he enjoyed having her around. But one day Azul left her to fight another vampire who was harassing her. She died at the hands of a rogue vampire. Azul never got over it.”
“Has he ever allowed you to see your mother?”
“The last time I saw her was the night before Azul bought me.”
“Do you know if she is still alive?”
“No. Now can I ask you something?”
“Do you want to become Azul’s mate?”
“What makes you say that?”
“Azul thinks you want to become a vampire but you are afraid of dying.”
“Well I would love to become a vampire and be with Azul but I’m scared of dying. I’m afraid that he won’t like me anymore when I become a vampire and I don’t know anything about vampires.”
“Azul would still love you if you became a vampire. He would protect you and keep you safe from the other vampires but he would never force you into becoming one if he thought it would make you uncomfortable. I have seen the way Azul looks when he talks about you. He is in love with you. He has been since he first saw you.”
“Would you become a vampire if given the chance?”
“Slaves are not allowed to become vampires. It is against the vampire law. Even if I was free I wouldn’t want to become a vampire. I would rather die as a human than live forever without my mother.”
“Do you think Azul will come back?”
“He’ll come back eventually. He just has to stay away until the elders quit looking for him.”
“Who are the elders and ancients?”
“Elders are vampires who are five thousand years old or older. They are responsible for upholding the laws of the vampires and are responsible for killing off any rogue vampires or disobedient vampires from among the Younglings, Old Blood and Rookies. A bad slave goes to an Elder for punishment and a slave’s life depends on how merciful his master is and whether the Elder thinks the slave will not make trouble for the vampires. For example if a slave was considered a threat to the vampire existence and might expose the vampires to the humans or ally with the vampires’ enemy the Trieste, then he would face death immediately.
“Ancients are vampires who are ten thousand years old or older. There are only twenty ancients in the world. Ancients are like princes among the vampires. They are of royal blood and monitor the activities of all the vampires in the world. A vampire of a lower rank can become royal by marrying an ancient, however the vampire spouse of an ancient will not become an ancient themselves until they turn 10,000 years old. Once a year the vampires of all divisions get together to enjoy each other’s company and discuss important matters relating to the vampires secrecy.”
“It all sounds so confusing.”
“It will be easier if you decide to become a vampire and become Azul’s mate.”
“How do the Elders acquire slaves?”
“The Elders take humans from their families or they take runaway teenagers and prostitutes off the streets. The Elders make sure their slaves have no family to go back to when they take someone away from their family. Then the Elders train the slaves into serving the vampires and send them out to vampire slave markets where they are further trained and then eventually sold to a vampire.”
“What are slaves trained in?”
“We are trained to be loyal to our vampire master. We are expected to know how to shop for food, find wary humans and animals for our masters when they are sick, cook, clean the home, stay out of the way when a vampire invites other vampires over, not to spill the secrets of the vampires to anyone, how to spot a Trieste and make sure the Trieste doesn’t follow us home, close our mind with strong unbreakable walls that the Trieste can’t crack, have to refer to a vampire who is not our master as “My Lord” or “My Lady”, and how to come at our master’s beck and call.”
“Do vampires sleep with their female slaves?”
“Some do. A human slave is at the mercy of their vampire master. A female human slave is supposed to allow her vampire master to take her whenever he feels the need for her. There are some half vampires born that way. A half vampire is when a vampire has sex with his human slave and he doesn’t hold himself back so she gets pregnant. Male vampires can choose whether to get their slave or mate pregnant.”
“How are vampire babies born?”
“They are born the same way human babies are born.”
The sun was sinking beneath the clouds so Jasmine decided it would be a good idea to sleep. She lay down on her bed and fell asleep. Wondering what it would be like to be a vampire and the mate of Azul.
Four months later:
“Azul’s coming,” Breeze said when Jasmine opened her eyes.
“How do you know?”
“He sent me an e-mail. Come here and look.”
Jasmine opened her eyes and went over to the computer. Breeze moved aside so Jasmine could read the e-mail. It read:
Breeze. I am coming home from Greece. I explained to the elders why I killed Jaguar and they agreed that it was best for everyone that he died. I didn’t tell them about Jasmine but told them they were harassing my new slave girl instead and I felt it was necessary to defend my property. I’ll be back around 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time. I am glad you have been listening to Jasmine. I have decided when you reach thirteen I will set you free. You have earned your freedom by watching over my home and Jasmine for me.
Jasmine turned to Breeze and hugged him tight. “Breeze you must be so happy that you’re going to be set free in two more years.”
“Yes I am. Azul will be happy to hear that you are willing to become his mate.”
Jasmine nodded and her eyes with shining with happiness. Soon Azul would be back. The question was would she be ready for when the time came for her mortal life to end?

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