Monday, March 4, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 4

Azul’s Proverb:
I dropped the human in front of me and then left the room. I had fed two times tonight in order to keep from attacking Jasmine. I stood there letting the human’s blood calm my nerves and then went to the bathroom to clean myself up and wipe the blood from my face. My skin was full of color due to my recent feeding. Turning the water off I left the room.
Jasmine was sitting on the couch. I noticed that my autobiography was on the couch next to her. Growling low in my chest I picked it up and put it back on the shelf. She moved away from me when I sat down next to her. Almost as if she was afraid of me. But I was a vampire after all. She should be afraid of me. Any normal human being would.
“What’s wrong Jasmine?”
“Nothing," she said rather quickly.
I could sense the fear in her voice and smelled it on her. “So you know what I am?”
“I don’t know what to believe.”
“I knew you were in that closet Jasmine. At first I couldn’t sense you because I was hungry but as I turned I sensed your presence. I told you that Breeze was my pet.”
“Are you going to kill me?”
“No. I have no interest in killing you.”
“Then what do you want with me?”
“I want you as a friend.”
“How old is Breeze? How long have you been a vampire?”
“Breeze is ten years old. I’m one thousand years old.”
“So it’s true. What the Trieste said that you’re a vampire?”
“Trieste!” I snarled in anger. She flinched at the sound of my voice. “Yes it is true.”
“What is a Trieste?”
“Triestes are immortal enemies of vampires. They hunt my people and try to kill us. They are witches. Like vampires and humans they have to eat regular food. A Trieste’s blood is poison to my people. We can’t feed off of them because their blood can kill us. But if we take just a little then we get sick and our skin turns gray. They have a magical aura that only my people can see. It helps us figure out who are humans and who are Triestes.”
“How did you become a vampire?”
“It’s a long story. You can take my autobiography if you promise to bring it back to me when you’re done reading it and do not tell anyone what I am. Otherwise you put me in danger and I’ll have no choice but to kill you.”
I got my autobiography and handed it to her. She put it in her bag and zipped the bag up. Breeze came in and set dinner on the coffee table and then left. We ate in silence for a few minutes before Jasmine spoke.
“Do vampires get married and have kids?”
“Some do. Male vampires can choose to get their slave girls or their wives pregnant. Vampire children are smarter than human children.”
“Do you have a wife?”
“No. I never found anyone that I liked.”
“What about crosses and garlic and holy water?”
“They are all myths made up by mortals. Garlic is unpleasant to vampires because of our strong sense of smell. Our smell is twenty times stronger than the average bloodhound.”
“I thought vampires couldn’t go out in daylight?”
“We can. However the noonday sun hurts our eyes.”
“How do you die?”
“Drinking the blood of a Trieste or getting stabbed in the heart with a stake. Getting our head chopped off also kills us.”
“Did you really live in Greenland or was that a lie?”
“That was the truth. I lived in Greenland for three years as a vampire. Not a lot of humans there so I fed on animals and the wary lost human traveler. But it was away from mortals and Triestes which kept me safe. I preferred being alone. Vampires are dangerous for the first four years of their life. We become crazy due to the changing in our bodies. During our fifth year we slowly regain our sanity and learn to control our new powers. We are no longer the mindless beasts we were four years ago.”
“How old were you when you lived in Greenland?”
“I lived in Greenland for four years.  Five to eight years old I lived in Greenland.”
“Do you get old?”
“As long as we have access to human blood and food we never get old. But if we go too long without human blood then we get weak and are easy prey for the Trieste. We can’t live off animal blood for long. During my form as a wolf I can eat raw meat though I often cook it before I eat it. It has to do with the change in our digestive tract as an animal. We age every year just like humans.”
“Are there different classes of vampires?”
“Yes. Younglings are vampires who are just turned or just born. When a vampire child hits puberty they are called rookies. Vampires who are one hundred years old or older are referred to as Old Blood. If a vampire is lucky to live until five thousand years old they are considered an Elder. Ancients are vampires who are ten thousand years old. Very few vampires make it to ancient.
“Now let me ask you a question. Are you still interested in learning about vampires?”
“Yes. Vampires are my favorite myth to learn about. When I was little I always wanted to grow up to be a vampire.”
I stared at her in disbelief. This human girl was stranger than most of my kind. Who would willingly want to be a vampire?
“Jasmine you’re very strange. Most of my kind hates being vampires. The ones who were born vampires don’t mind as they were born that way but for people like me who used to be human and had our humanity taken from us unwillingly mortality sometimes seems like a blessing.”
Breeze came in and spoke quietly to me. I got up and looked outside. The sun had set and the last traces of color were disappearing into the inky blackness.
“I think you should stay here tonight Jasmine. It’s not safe for you to be out. This time is when some vampires are waking up and hunting. Breeze will show you to a guestroom where you can spend the night. I’ll take you to school tomorrow.”
“I don’t have any extra clothes with me.”
“I’ll take care of that. Don’t go outside and keep the curtains closed. No one will harm you while you are on my property but if you step off of it you’ll be in danger.”
I appareted in Jasmine’s house and then climbed upstairs to her room. I grabbed her some clothes and then appareted back home. I walked down the hall to the room Jasmine was staying in and placed the clothes on the dresser.
“That person who was following you was Darkling. My blood brother. Two of my fledglings are here as well. Jazlyn and Jasper. Jasper owns a vampire restaurant but lives above the restaurant with his wife who is also a vampire. They won’t harm you. Darkling is dangerous so stay away from him.
“Keep calling me Alexander while we’re in school. You should know that there are ten other vampires in school though nine of them are rookies. There is one other vampire who is an Old Blood.”
“What do I call you here?”
“Azul. That is my name now.”
“What will you do with Breeze when he gets bigger?”
“I’m not sure yet. As long as he obeys me and doesn’t tell anyone I’m a vampire then he lives. If he disobeys me I’ll kill him or sell him to get rid of him.”
“Can a vampire’s slave ever be free?”
“That is up to the individual vampire and if he or she thinks their slave or pet deserves freedom. I suggest you get some sleep Jasmine. I’ll leave you now but if you need anything just get Breeze. He sleeps in the room across from you.”
I went into Breeze’s room. He bowed before me, keeping his eyes on the floor. “Watch her Breeze. I’m not sure if she can be trusted yet.”
“Yes Azul.”
I left and then retired to my own room. I stared out the window lost in my own thoughts. Thoughts of events in my past that I would rather have forgotten.
The next morning I got up and went to Jasmine’s room. She laid there with her soft long hair flowing around her face on the pillow. I lowered my head to her throat and inhaled her scent. She was beautiful lying there on the bed. I shook her awake and glanced outside at the sun’s colors appearing in the morning sky.
“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”
“You’re not going to eat me are you?”
“You mean am I going to feed on you?” She nodded. “No.”
She breathed a sigh of relief and then grabbed the clothes from the bed. “Do you mind turning around while I get dressed?”
I nodded and left the room. A few minutes later she came out and came into the library where I was relaxing before going to school. “What’s wrong now?”
“Don’t you have to feed before going to school?”
“Since I fed twice yesterday I am fine.”
“Can I eat something before we leave?”
“I can do better than that. I can take you to get a quick bite tonight at a vampire restaurant if you’d like to attend.”
“Are there only vampires there?”
“As long as you stick with me you’ll be fine. Don’t talk about yourself there and do not go in the back.”
“What’s in the back?”
“That is none of your concern.” I growled. “Come on we’d better go to school.”
I took her hand and appareted us to school. I noticed Jasper looking at us. I growled low in my chest. Don’t even think about touching her. She’s mine. Jasper bowed his head and backed off.
“Jasmine I think you better stick close to me from now on. You see that boy over there?” I pointed towards Jasper. She nodded. “He’s an Old Blood.”
We walked towards Jasmine’s locker. I leaned against the locker and closed my eyes. When she got her things and shut the locker I walked her to her class before heading off to mine. Without warning Jasper appeared in front of me again.
“What do you want?”
“Why do you hang around with that human?”
“Because I like her.”
“What’s wrong with you Azul? She’ll kill us all.”
“She is fascinated with vampires and wants to be one. She doesn’t know I read her thoughts and discovered that. She just isn’t sure she wants to ask me yet.”
“I would watch her really close. You can’t be there to protect her all the time and something might happen to her.”
I drew my lips back baring my fangs but that didn’t imitate Jasper. So instead I threw a flame at him. He snarled as the fire sizzled on his face. Then he lunged at me but I side stepped him. He whirled around and I quickly sank my fangs into his neck. Vampires could drink vampire blood but it was like wine. It made us drunk and made us stronger. I lapped up the blood and then ripped his head off. Then I staggered to my class and walked inside.

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