Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 3

I went to my Calculus class. I was the only vampire in the class. I noticed Jasmine sitting in the front row. She waved to me as I took a seat behind her. Her scent was overpowering. I nearly fainted right there but the blood I had drank earlier kept me from losing control. Still it was nearly impossible for me to concentrate on the lesson.

I felt like I wanted to rip her throat out and drain her dry. I wanted to taste her blood in my mouth and see the fear in her eyes as I took her life from her. I tried to ignore her and instead focused on the teacher. When the bell finally ended I grabbed my stuff and left. I wanted to get as far away from her as possible.

Suddenly my body tensed and I snarled a warning. Trieste. What are you doing here so far from your clan?

Old blood? There are old bloods here in this town?

I could tell she seemed startled to meet me. I smiled flashing my fangs and she took a step backwards. I apparated behind her and lowered my fangs to her throat. We couldn’t drink from a Trieste. Their blood could easily kill us. I ignored her scent and slid my fangs down her throat until I got to her jugular vein.

Scared Trieste? We both know I can’t feed off of you. But I can torture you. Now let’s see what you’re doing here.

NO! Get out of my head!

I shifted through her mind. She instantly put up walls but they were weak and I easily tore through them. I snarled and snapped my head up. So this Trieste was here to hunt vampires. I shoved her away from me.

“Where’s your clan then? Or did your clan send you here by yourself?”

“They're around.”

Again I shifted through her mind and started laughing. “Don’t lie to me Trieste. I can see in your mind that you’re the only one here. Seriously you should practice building stronger walls in your mind.

“Anyway I haven’t got time for you. I have what the humans call homework to do.”

I disapparated leaving the Trieste to fend for herself. I was annoyed that a Trieste was in my territory but she was young. Only fifteen years old. Like vampires, Trieste’s were immortal and they had to eat human food just like humans and vampires which made them hard to distinguish from humans. There was only one way to figure out the difference between a human and a Trieste. A Trieste had a magical aura that only vampires could see. If a vampire drank from a Trieste he would die. If he took only a little however he would get sick and his skin would turn gray.

I growled angrily as I appeared in my bedroom. Stupid Trieste. Daring to take on an old blood. It was fool hardy but Triestes had never been smart. I threw my book bag on the floor, yanked my shoes off and fell asleep on the bed.

Jasmine’s Proverb:

I stared at the ground as I walked to the school bus. That boy who had talked to me seemed lonely. Like he had lost something important and couldn’t get it back. I wondered what it was that pained him so deeply. I shook my head and got on the bus.

As the bus rolled away I stared out the window lost in my own thoughts. I had been certain something or someone had been following me a few nights ago or was it just my imagination? My thoughts consumed me and I fell asleep.

I was standing in a field. The moon was shining above me and I could hear the sounds of waves lapping at the shore. I could hear the sounds of the rustling leaves as the wind blew through the branches. Suddenly a wolf appeared before me. He was black all over except for a golden bracelet around his front left leg and a golden tuft of fur between his eyes that was in the shape of a star. I had never seen this type of wolf before but strangely I didn’t feel like it wanted to hurt me.

It sat there gazing at me. And then I noticed the blood on its muzzle. I tried to run but it was like my feet were rooted to the floor. I couldn’t move but at the same time I didn’t want to leave. Then the wolf got up and started walking towards me. I could feel the panting of its breath as it came closer…

“Hey girl it’s time to get up. You’re going to miss your stop.” A voice said.

“Huh?” I blinked my eyes and sat up. The rain was pouring as I got off the bus and walked toward my front door. Then suddenly I noticed a young boy sitting on the steps. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Hello. Are you Jasmine?”

“Yes. Who are you?”

“My master wanted to thank you for today. He sent me to bring you this gift.”

The boy held out a red rose to me. I took it and when I looked up the boy was gone. Strange. I wonder who that boy was? Who was he talking about?

I walked into my house and went up to my room. I pulled out my homework and started working on it.

Azul’s Proverb:

“I did it Azul. She took the rose from me without any suspicion.”

“Very good Breeze.” I said.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I need to hunt. I’ll be back in a while. Go to sleep. I’ll take care of things when I return. Here’s money for a pizza.”

I tossed Breeze a twenty and then transformed into a wolf before running out into the streets. I had gotten the gold bracelet from a human girl. She had taken me in when I had lived as a wolf at five years old. I hadn’t been able to protect her which haunted me every day of my life. The gold bracelet was the only thing that reminded me of her. She had been killed by a Trieste for taking me in. That day had changed me. I had vowed to never get close to anyone again.

I ran through the streets with the rain pouring down. I ignored the rain and focused on hunting. I snarled in anger and then swung down a dirt road into a field that I liked to visit when I was troubled. Suddenly my head jerked up. I growled as a deer bounded into the middle of the field in front of me.

I sprinted forward and sank my teeth into the animal’s throat. I bit down and felt the deer’s blood gush into my mouth. Lapping up the blood I resumed my human form and hungrily drank. I tore into the animal’s flesh and tore off chunks of the meat. In my wolf form I could eat raw meat but I preferred it cooked. It was easier to chew cooked.

I dragged my prey towards some bushes and continued to eat. Then I lay down and closed my eyes. I hadn’t been asleep for more than twenty minutes when the sound of footsteps awakened me.

My eyes shot open as the scent of the human came towards me on the light breeze. It was Jasmine. But how did she come to be here? I shook my head and then tried to go back to sleep. I backed into a thicket and watched her with one eye while my other remained closed.

I wandered into the clearing and sat down staring at her. She gasped. I cocked my head and stared at her, too tired to read her mind.

“Who are you? What do you want with me?!”

I got up and walked towards her. I was panting because of her scent. Suddenly I fell to the ground. Jasmine ran towards me and knelt by my side. It was like yesterday except she had no idea it was really me.

“Are you hurt?”

Her hands were gentle on my fur as she caressed me. I decided to take a chance and speak to her. Thank you Jasmine. You’re so kind to me. And you have no idea what I am.

“What? Who’s talking to me?” She looked down at me. “Is it you?”


“But how is that possible? Animals don’t talk.”

 I’m not an animal.

“Then are you human?”

No. I’m like a human but I’m also different from a human.

“I must be going crazy. I’m talking to a wolf who is talking back to me.”

No you’re not going crazy Jasmine. Did you see my pet earlier today?

“Pet? You mean that boy? But how did you know he was at my house?”

I sent him there. Tell me something. Did you like my gift?

“The rose was nice. Thank you.”

You’re welcome. I have to go now. I got up and started walking home when she came running after me.

“Wait! I don’t know how to get home. And I don’t know how I got here either.”

Then how did you find this place if you have no idea how you got here?

“I don’t know. I had a dream a yesterday and felt like I was being called here.”

Very well I’ll take you home. Just follow me.

She followed me easily. The rain had stopped pouring which made the going much faster. I could sense that she wanted to say something but changed her mind each time. When we arrived at her house I turned and went home. I threw my clothes into the laundry basket, hopped in the shower and then fell asleep.

I stayed away from school for a week not wanting to see Jasmine again after my encounter with her. What was it about her that made me unable to keep control of my senses? At this rate I would slip up and end up revealing to her that I was a vampire. Though from what she had told me about vampires on the first day I met her, it seemed she wouldn’t have been afraid of me if I did reveal my true nature to her. And I had already taken a big risk when I had spoken to her as a wolf.

Monday morning I returned to school. Jasmine ran over to me at lunch and hugged me. I sensed from her face that something was troubling her. We sat down under the tree where I had attacked the Trieste. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as the noonday sun hurt my eyes.

“What’s wrong Jasmine?”

“Why weren’t you here last week?”

“My parents died. I had to take care of my little brother.”

“Oh! I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. They were old anyway. But something else is troubling you.”

“I have been having strange dreams. When you went home from school I had a dream on the bus where I was in a large field and a wolf was walking towards me. Then I went to that field and I saw the wolf from my dream. Do you think I’m crazy?”

“No. But what types of dreams have you been having?”

“About me being all alone in a field. I had one dream where someone was chasing me again and then the wolf I saw a week ago appeared and killed the person who was chasing me. Another dream was where I fell into a cave and then I saw the wolf again but when I looked at it you were there.”

“Do you want to know who that wolf was?”

“Yes. I mean I don’t know.”

“Then take your time. But there are things I think you should know about me. Things that may cause you to fear for your life while being around me.”

“What sort of things?”

“Do you remember the conversation we had about vampires and monsters?”


“Do you really believe in that?”

“Yes. My parents think I’m crazy but I think there are things we haven’t proven the existence of all around us.”

“How would you feel if someone you trusted turned out to be one of those creatures? Like a vampire.”

“I think that would be cool. I’ve always wished vampires were real.”

I smiled in response and then headed for my next class. It was going to be easy to bring her into my trap.

Jasmine’s Proverb:

“Hey. You’re Jasmine right?”

I looked up and saw a young girl standing before me. She was a couple years younger than I was. I nodded in response.

“Stay away from that guy.” She said pointing to Alexander’s back. “He’s not what you think he is. He isn’t human!”

“Oh come on now. Of course he’s human. What else would he be?”

“He’s a vampire. His name is really Azul. He’s dangerous to be around. My kind has hunted his kind for centuries. Trieste’s and vampires are at war with each other.” She looked mortified at what she had just said.

“What’s a Trieste?”

“No I’ve said too much already. My clan will be angry with me for letting our secrets out.” She turned and ran away. A few seconds later I saw a gold eagle soar into the sky and fly off into the distance.

A few days later I decided to find out if what the Trieste had said was true about Alexander. When I arrived home from the mall the same boy I had seen earlier was standing in my yard once again.

“My master wants to know if you’ve accepted his invitation.”

“Who do you belong to?”

“A very powerful immortal.”

“Are you a Trieste?”

The boy jumped at the name. I began to wonder if this boy knew more about Trieste’s then he was telling me. If I go with him maybe I can discover something about Alexander. I can do some investigating of my own and find out what Alexander is keeping from me and what that girl was talking about.

The boy relaxed and stood there watching me with intent eyes. Almost as if he were trying to read my thoughts. “No I’m a human like you are. How do you know about the Trieste?”

“A girl saw me to today and told me to stay away from a classmate named Alexander. She said he was a vampire.” I laughed.

“My master won’t like that at all. So are you coming with me or not?”

“Sure.” I followed him down the streets until we arrived at a Victorian style mansion. He led me into the library and then brought food to me.

“Stay here. My master will be down in a bit. And don’t touch anything or wander off.”

I watched the boy leave and then got up. I pulled out a leather bound book titled Chained at Moonlight and brushed off the dust. I carried the book back to my seat and began to read.

Death. It is something unspeakable even among my kind. It is a blackness that envelopes everything it touches and turns them into dust and bones. But for a few chosen we experience an undead death. True death is when you die and don’t come back to life. You just lay in the ground forgotten to all. The other death is something between living and death. It is not true death, yet it is not a true life either. We are the undead or in human tongue vampires. Doomed to live in the shadows far from humanity, feeding on the blood of the living in order to survive. I am a vampire. An Old Blood.

I set the book down and walked out onto the small balcony overlooking the first floor. There was a doorway a little to my right so I went inside and looked around. When I heard footsteps I bolted for the closet and pulled the door almost shut. Then the candles flickered on and two boys appeared in the room. I saw the young boy who had led me to this home and a teenager standing next to him.

The boy sat on the ground and watched the open door. Then a figure appeared and I could see something flashing.

“Where is she?” The person said in a hoarse voice.

“In the library Azul. I gave her some food but I think the Trieste you met talked to her. Of course she doesn’t believe that you are a vampire.”

“Good. Now leave while I feed. Tell her that I’ll be with her soon.”

The boy… Breeze left the room shutting the door behind him. The person named Azul slammed the teenager into the wall and lowered his face towards his prey’s neck. As his fangs pierced the skin the human let out a shout and at that moment I saw the other boy’s face. It was Alexander. My friend was a vampire.

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