Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning not sure what I would face. I may be a vampire but I haven’t been to school for one thousand years. “Breeze!” I shouted.
My ten year old human pet came running into my room and knelt at my feet. “Yes Azul?”
“Did you arrange for me to start school today?”
“Yes. Everything is ready. Just go to the main office when you get to the school. It’s down the hall to your right.”
“What about the bottle of blood I told you to put in my bag?”
“It’s ready for when you need to drink Azul.
“Azul if I may ask, why are you going to school again?”
I snarled at Breeze. I wasn’t in the mood to have lengthy conversations with my pet. “I’m not sure myself. A couple nights ago I spotted a young girl when I was out flying. Darkling had to show up and make me lose sight of the human. I want to discover who she is and if she is a threat to me.”
“No one is a threat to you Azul.”
“That may be true at least among humans. But Trieste’s are a threat to my kind.”
“Do you need to eat before you go? I can cook something up really quick.”
“That would be nice.”
Breeze bowed and then left the room. He wasn’t much for conversation but he was loyal. I had bought him at four years old from a vampire slave market. We sold humans as pets and slaves. He didn’t have many faults.
I was one of the few vampires who would let their pets go to school. But it wasn’t a regular human school. It was a school set up by a few vampires for their pets and slaves to learn their roles and the secrets of the vampires and how to keep quiet. They learned how to be obedient and loyal to their vampire masters at the same time, while getting a well deserved education. Of course sometimes a vampire had to kill his slaves or sell them to get rid of troublemakers. Breeze was my only pet.
I pulled some clean clothes on, grabbed my bag and appareted downstairs. Breeze was just setting the pancakes and hash browns on the table before me. He went in another room and came back with a cat. It was squirming in his arms and threw a fit when it saw me. Dogs and cats hate our kind. They can tell that we are different from humans.
“Leave.” I said.
Breeze set the cat down on the table and went back to his room. He would return when I was gone and take care of the grocery shopping and the house while I was away. I grabbed the cat roughly by its neck and fed. While not as refreshing as human blood, the cat blood would settle my hunger until I hunted tonight. Glancing at the clock on the microwave I pulled on my shoes and appareted to the school.
I stared around at the humans. They were oblivious to my powers. They didn’t know that a vampire was amongst them. I walked into the building and easily found the main office based on Breeze’s directions. It wasn’t very crowded this early in the morning. I had decided to enroll in tenth grade again. After all it was highly unlikely that humans kept records of old school children for a thousand years.
“Good morning. I’m new here. My name is Alexander Hamilton.”
“Take a seat and someone will be right with you. Let me print out your schedule.”
I ignored the woman’s order and stood there watching her work. Humans hadn’t made any new technology to use in schools for the past one thousand years. How pathetic can this race get? My kind could have found something useful to make by now.
“Here is your schedule. Just follow the class times and you’ll be fine. Ah Ehud. Please show Alexander to his classes.”
“No problem Mrs. Connor.”
I turned and noticed the other vampire. He jumped startled at meeting an older vampire. He was young though not as young as Jazlyn or Jasper. I followed him out to the hallway and to my locker.
“Greetings. Are you from Crystal’s bloodline?”
“No. I’m from Rancor’s. I’m Ruby’s fledgling.”
“Rancor? I’ve heard of him.”
“So who are you?”
“Jaguar. I’m only five hundred years old.”
“Azul. I’ve been alive for one thousand years. What name do you go by here Jaguar?”
“An interesting name. Are there many other vampires in this school?”
“Ten other vampires here. If you want I can introduce them to you.”
“No. It’s better if we not attract too much attention from the mortals.”
“You have a good point Azul.”
Jaguar looked over my course schedule. “Calculus? They signed you up for that?”
“My pet enrolled me in the school. The humans must pick the classes for their students.”
“A thousand year old vampire in tenth grade?” Jaguar asked with speculation his voice.
“I only look sixteen after all. And tenth grade was the last grade I was in before Ruby took my humanity from me.”
“Have you met Rancor?”
“Once when I was very young.”
“What was he like?”
“Intimidating. Intelligent and impulsive. He rescued me from a Trieste.”
“I have three pets. A fifteen year old, a five year old and a twenty year old.”
“My pet is ten. I bought him when he was four.”
“Well this is history. Should be a piece of cake for you.”
“Thank you Jaguar.”
“You’re welcome Azul.” Jaguar walked off to his class leaving me at the door.
I walked into my classroom. I easily recognized another vampire. He nodded to me and then turned back to the teacher. Most of what humans wrote in their history books was wrong. Vampires had taken place in plenty of wars. Of course since humans didn’t believe in vampires they naturally thought we were humans who had mysteriously vanished. In reality we had simply fought, fed and gone our separate ways.
The rest of the day went smoothly. Then at lunch I saw her. The human who I had been following until Darkling and Jazlyn interrupted me. I walked over to her and sat down beside her. She looked up at me, almost as if she knew me from somewhere. Is it possible she knew I was following her?
“Oh hello," she said to me in a sad tone.
“Hello. Why do you seem so sad?”
“A man was chasing me when I was going home from a friend’s house the other night. I felt like someone was following me even though I couldn’t see him and then when I turned the corner there was a man in front of me. I ran back the other way but he grabbed me. He was so strong.”
I searched her mind and growled low in my throat. So Darkling had been hunting her and had known I had been flying after her. That was why he stopped me.
“My name is Alexander.”
“I’m Jasmine.
“I see your new here. How do you like it here so far?”
“It is an interesting town. I moved here with my parents a month ago. I used to live in Greenland.”
“Wow. Was it difficult living there?”
“The cold was hard to deal with but I’m used to it. Not a lot of human contact though. My father used to hunt seals in the Arctic Ocean. We got around by using sled dogs.”
“Do you miss Greenland?”
“I miss the quiet and the beauty of being surrounded by wilderness. I don’t miss the people there.”
“What do your parents do now?”
“My father is a lawyer and my mom is a seamstress. I have a younger brother named Jet. He’s only ten.”
“I have a younger sister and an older brother. I don’t get along with either of them. My parents don’t understand me at all. They have so many restrictions on what I can and can’t do. Sometimes I just wish I could disappear.
“This might be a strange question. Don’t laugh OK?”
“I promise.”
“Do you believe in monsters?”
“What kind of monsters?”
“Like vampires and centaurs.”
“I don’t believe in centaurs. As for vampires… well it wouldn’t surprise me if there were actual vampires. I believe that some people die and come back cursed as a vampire for the sins they committed while they were alive.”
“I believe in them. At least I think I do.”
The lunch bell rang and I got up.
“Thank you for listening to me. I enjoyed the conversation.”
“You're welcome.”
I turned away from her and had barely walked five steps when I swayed and fell the ground. I looked up at the pounding feet running toward me and saw Jasmine. She kneeled down beside me, a concerned look on her face. I smiled. Humans didn’t know of the dangers there were in befriending a vampire. I could have easily killed her with my mind but decided to humor her.
“Are you ok?”
“I’m fine. I don’t know what happened. Probably something I ate.”
I knew what it really was. I had sensed the magical aura of a Trieste. Only one of their kind could bring down a vampire and most of them were foolish to tangle with an Old Blood. An Old Blood was a vampire who was 100 years old or older. I removed my book bag from my shoulders and pulled out the bottle of blood that Breeze had given me.
“Do you need to go see the nurse?”
“No. I’m fine. I just need to rest. Thank you Jasmine for your concern but you should probably get to class. I’ll meet you there. I just have to rest for a bit.”
She looked at me one more time before getting up and walking to class. I uncorked the bottle and drank it. The blood made me calm which was good because I didn’t want to risk exposing myself. I put the empty bottle in my book bag and walked to class.

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