Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 12

"We are here to avenge Light," a vampire snarled at us.
"Get out of here!" Acorn spat. "Do you idiots really want to have a battle here with all these humans watching?"
"Doesn't matter to us," the vampire said shrugging his shoulders.
"I think we should find somewhere else," another vampire said.
"Silence Silver!"
"But Cassidy..."
Cassidy snarled at Silver and threw him back into the pack of Light's fledglings. Then he turned to Azul. "Are you going to fight us or not?"
"Fine. If that is what you want. But when these humans get killed and you get hunted down like rats then you'll regret not moving this battle."
They quickly apparated into the forest and Light's fledglings quickly fanned out around Azul's coven. They snarled at Azul's family but then five vampires stepped forward. It was Zachery followed by a young girl, a man who appeared thirty, and two women.
"Silver, Marigold, Daisy, Hannah what are you doing?!" Shouted Cassidy.
"We were forced to become vampires against our will Cassidy. We did not choose this life," Silver said.
"We ask you Azul, if you will take us into your coven," Hannah said.
"If you leave us then we will hunt you down and kill you!" Threatened Cassidy.
"And we will be waiting for you," Silver replied.
Three more vampires stepped forward and the forsakers bowed their heads to Azul. It was an ancient vampire custom. When vampires from another sire broke free and sought to join another vampire's coven they bowed their heads in allegiance to the head vampire. If the head vampire approved of the joining he dipped his head in return.
Azul studied the eight forsakers and then dipped his head. They quickly joined Azul and his coven. "So you would betray your sire?" Cassidy asked.
"Yes. Even if it meant death," Hannah said.
"Death it will be. Take them all!" Cassidy shouted.
Light's fledglings were Earth vampires. The forsakers who had joined Azul were a match for the other Earth vampires. They easily blocked their former comrades which gave Azul and his family easy access to kill Light's fledglings.
The battle raged on for an hour and at last it was over. Even Idris and Christopher did well at fighting. When it was over all the vampires on the other side were dead except for two children. They gazed at the forsakers and then dipped their heads to Azul. He quickly read their minds and then dipped his head in return. They transformed and ran off towards the direction of the Atlantic Ocean.

The forsakers turned to Azul.They didn't seem bothered by having helped kill their blood brothers and blood sisters. They were alive and that was all that mattered to them.
They chatted amongst themselves while two of them kept an eye on Azul and his family. They quit speaking as Acorn loped up to them, followed by Dusk and Christopher.
"Why did you join Azul's Coven?" Acorn asked.
"You heard our answer before we helped you kill our blood brothers and blood sisters," Marigold said.
"Peace Marigold," Zachary said. "He's only asking a legitimate question."
"Many of us were turned into vampires against our will. We never asked to become part of the undead. We lost our families and our entire lives when we died and became born again as vampires." Hannah said.
"So you turned on your sire because he turned you all against your will?"
"I have only seen vampire children. These two were turned?" Dusk asked.
"Yes they are brother and sister. Light thought it would be fun to turn children."
"They were considered his pets even as vampires," Zachary scoffed.
The forsakers startled and grouped together as Azul loped over. He sat down and then transformed into his human form before studying them. Then he nodded and went back over to his mate and Honey.
"Honey is my daughter," Acorn said to Zachary.
"A beauty."
"What can we do to convince Azul to like us?" Silver asked.
"Just be on your best behavior."
"Maybe it is because Azul's family is now too large."
"We have no problem making our own coven," Marigold said.
"Then if you want to make your own coven go ahead," Acorn said. "We already have seven vampires in our coven."
"Marigold and I will stay with you," Zachary said. "I know Silver and Hannah want to leave."
"Then who will be the one in charge of the new coven?" Acorn asked.
"I will," a vampire said stepping forward.
"We should elect on this issue." Silver said.
"Cain should be leader," Hannah said.
"I agree that Cain should be leader," the boy said
"What about you Silver?" Daisy asked.
"No I don't have the ability to be a leader," Silver said.
"Then Cain is the leader." Zachary said
The  eight forsakers shook hands with Zachary and Marigold and headed East. Zachary and Marigold watched them and then went back to Azul. As they crested the hill they saw the Atlantic Ocean in front of them and heard the howls of wolves, a goodbye farewell.

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